I Hop#

I hop

I hop that the elastic on the next pair of socks I buy do not try to cut my legs off at the ankles.

I hop that the next time it rains that the power doesn’t go down in the middle of a post I am writing. cloud-01

I hop that I drink my next cup of coffee before it gets cold.


I hop that all our wishes come true.

I hop that the next time I watch the television news that I can smile at the fun the whole world is having.

I hop that Dellicia, my laptop, never crashes.

I hop that rabbit up there doesn’t have babies in my blog


What do you hop for ?


Six Months in WordPress Dot Com

My idea of what blogging is all about
My idea of what blogging is all about

Six months ago with a backward twist and two somersaults I dived into my first experience of blogging. I belly flopped into the murky waters of the Dashboard and  straight away crashed WordPress for 12 hours. Honestly Sir WordPress and Lady Dot Com I was only playing with my widget and everything stopped dead. People were shouting and screaming in the Forums with a Lemming mentality of mass suicide if they couldn’t get their blogging fix. Yes. It was all my fault. I don’t play with my widget any more.

I never knew where I was heading with Bluefish Way. Post after post I just wrote about what ever came into my head which I thought might be amusing or interesting. After a while I found that the posts were a sideline for my experience. It was the comments which thrilled and excited me especially as a few, now friends, came in and we had fun. The thrill was the not knowing who will come and what will they say. A simple post drew a multitude of comments with such variety that amazed me.

I have learned a lot over the last six months.  I have learned to make friends from all over the world, to be kind, to help where I can, to smile and cry with others. I have no direction. Just drift where the current of WordPress takes me. I have been through a recent storm where overdoing it nearly drowned me. I have many followers and follow many. I may not be able to visit you all ever again, but I thank you for travelling with me in my life and my thoughts.

So my first six months have come to a close. I have learned so much about my life and of many others, and as the picture shows above I believe that I am not here for myself but it’s all about helping each other in our thoughts, experiences and most of all our love and affection for each other. We are different but the same in many aspects. So if you are falling I hope I am there to grasp your arm as you grasp mine, helping each other whichever way we can.

I wonder what the next six months will unfold. I hope that I will still be with you, as you may be with me.

What fun awaits ???

I Lost Star !!

I have just had One of those weekends !!

Bookmark bar
Bookmark bar


A bored monkey in Firefox decided to ruin Ralph’s weekend by upgrading my Firefox. Hi Ralph, we have a lovely upgrade for you. Press this and everything will be better but you may lose a few Add-ons. So I pressed this. He he. Got him!! My Firefox browser went mad. My lovely theme disappeared. All those quick links (see picture above) vanished and I had a full screen of blue. Whatever I did. New themes. He he. Your old theme won’t work now and the add-ons as well. Time I ate another banana.  Add-ons. Oh this is fun. Blue screen. You’ve made my weekend !! After a couple of hours trying this, that and the other I went back to Firefox to try another theme and my original lovely one was back for me to use. I got to go back to my cage now. Here you go. I put my theme back and everything worked. Sorry! No you are not but I forgive you ….. this once !!



At the same time my baby rescued kitten Star vanished. I searched high and low. Now you know what it’s like when you lose a set of keys. You retrace your steps, pockets, place where you last used them and eventually you find them in the door lock. Star was a set of keys with legs and a mind of her own. She had vanished without a trace. I searched everywhere, in rooms and cupboards  not opened since the Ice Age. Yes even the fridge and washing machine was looked in to. I peered over the balconies three floors up expecting in horror to find a splattered kitten on the road out  front or in the field out back. But no. Nothing. No Star. Panic !!

And then I heard a ding from an empty terracotta pot.

Star. My little flower
Star. My little flower
Star. My little flower
Star. My little flower

There she was pretending to be a little flower. Relief !! Whew !!



I hit overload this weekend. I type as fast as a snail on a go-slow. A post to write. 40+ blogs to visit. 10 long emails to answer. Firefox throwing a wobbly and Star gone. I exploded. Poof !! Blog Mountain became too steep for me to climb any more. So I had a day or so off, answering and writing the basics and I watched some TV which had been gathering dust since I started blogging. But now I’m back. I am not sure how to approach blogging from now on.


Have you ever reached overload ?

Who Am I ??

Who am I ??
Who am I ??

What a wonderful comment. Thank you Wanda (<link)

What a gift of a post from my new sweetheart from Poland. As usual my mind was blank and I felt I needed to come up with a subject for a new post. Nothing. Absolutely no idea. Then in walked Wanda. She filled my notifier with likes, a follow and this comment. Her very first visit filled my mind with possibilities for this post. Please come again dear Wanda when my mind takes another vacation.

I have been given two gifts. “Who am I?” and the “many friendly men in Old Estepona, Spain”. I may have to leave the second gift alone for when I first read her reply my mind wandered somewhat into the back streets of Facebook, which will possibly be the result if I wrote a post on it. But knowing the majority of my dear followers this is the subject that you want me to write about and the rest of this post will be soooo boring !!

So who am I in the blogosphere? What a word!! Blogosphere. A new page could be added to the Oxford English Dictionary, including such words as , Blogoholic, Blogotomy, Blogology, Blogism, Bloggy, Blogger and Blog itself. But the question of who am I, alludes me.

Ralph in the blogosphere
Ralph in the blogosphere. I stole this from somewhere. Was it you?

So who am I in the blogosphere? Maybe I am a stowaway, for I am no photographer, artist, writer, cook, gardener and anything else you can put a name to. A nameless  stowaway on the way to …….. not a clue !

Do you know who you are in the blogosphere??

The Big Day

dianaAesoppaying it forwardkindnesssayingshow them

I was taught a lesson that I would never forget. A lesson which changed my life forever. Many years ago I was selfish. I never recognised it at the time as I was young, full of beans and only interested in what I could get out of life.

I was in a queue in a general store to buy a packet of cigarettes. I only had enough money on me for that purchase. The queue was long with an old man at the checkout. He wanted to buy a pastry meal but the checkout girl refused him as he didn’t have enough money on him.  So he left empty handed. It wasn’t until I got home that it hit me. I could have given him the extra that he needed for his meal and I could have bought a smaller packet of cigarettes. I suddenly felt guilty and it ate at me for a long, long time.

Since then I make it my duty to look out for incidents such as this. The same situation has happened twice over recent years and this time I have stepped in to help.

Today is a Big Day for two bloggers. Both told me of wishes and dreams that would never be fulfilled. A couple of years ago I came into some money. It took over a year for the legal issues to be sorted out which was annoying, or was it? Was it meant to be that the legalities had to drag on ? In retrospect, yes, the exchange rate moved into my favour over that year and I gained so much more than I would have got if the transfer was immediate. I have read many, many blogs and there are a lot of people in trouble. Some tell you directly on their posts and others infer or keep quiet. I have helped these two bloggers to achieve their dreams and today these dreams are a reality for them.

But there is a third blogger that I have helped in the past who really needs practical help now. This is why I have written this post. She lives in Brighton CO, USA.  I had an email from her this morning and in it she said that she is so cold that she has spent most of her time in bed. She has a permanent migraine, she makes blankets to keep the needy warm which she has been unable to do for the last couple of days as the cold has stopped her because her hands are so cold,  she has no thought for herself and is in desperate need of help though she doesn’t ask for it. Do you live in that neck of the woods or know someone who does? Can you help her to be warm?  THIS IS URGENT !!

So, please be kind to someone, a neighbour, a fellow blogger, an old man at the checkout. It gives you a lovely warm feeling to do it. There is no reward except people suddenly become kind to you and to others. It is contagious.

Bring a little of heaven to earth and be kind. Ralph xx

Ralph’s Guide On Arguing With Women

with thanks to Roxie who I will never argue with

Now that you have seen the training video I would now like to discuss the method I use on arguing with women.

As I am living alone I will not be thumped, not spoken to for a week or find my dinner in the dog. So here goes. I have been involved in a few arguments with women over the years which usually starts over nothing  something trivial such as

Which colour dress shall I wear this evening. Oh. I think the red one looks really nice 🙂 What’s wrong with the green one ? There is nothing wrong with the green one, they are both lovely, you choose then. Why can’t you make a decision. You always leave  it up to me ! The green one. Definitely the green one. But you said the red one just now. You are so indecisive. Men ! I can never get a straight answer from you !  Okay the red. I am sticking with the red. It looks really great on you. I can’t wear the red because I wore it 3 months ago at Jane’s party. oh for goodness sake  Then it will have to be the green one then. It looks smashing on you. Oh no ! *tears* I wore that at Jenny’s party. Waaaaaaah ! I have nothing to wear tonight…….

The argument has now reached the crossroads

  1. Come here let me give you a hug. Go away it’s all your fault !!
  2. I am sure you will find something nice. Nice !! You don’t listen do you. I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR TONIGHT !! GOT IT !!
  3. I am just going to check to see if the car is okay. You and your car ! What about me ?!??!
  4. Haven’t you got anything ? I should have listened to your Mother when she told me about ……….
  5. Okay. I’ll cancel………….. CANCEL !! *Posturing* This is my special night and YOU want to cancel !!

My response at this point is to walk away. Take the goldfish for a walk. Fix a blocked drain in my best suit. Anything !! Return in a few minutes very quietly. If I hear …and then you took my best cup and dropped it ……   Which happened ten years ago ! Walk away again without being heard or seen. Return after a few more minutes. And if there is silence. Peep into the room she is in and hopefully, yes, she is wearing the RED DRESS !!

Are you like her ? Are you like me ? Or are you different ? A cat on a hot tin roof or a purring pussy cat ?

If there is a resemblance of any blogger being recognised here by their partner it is purely intentional. Fight !!

2012 in review

Happy 2013 everyone. Ralph x 🙂

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 10,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 17 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

I Will …………

No New Year's Resolutions
No New Year’s Resolutions

Many New Year resolutions are broken in a matter of minutes. Therefore I will make no new resolutions then they will NEVER be broken.

So I won’t say :-

I Will ………..

  1. Not give up smoking. I will smoke for another 50 years then have a cigarette.
  2. Flirt with anyone who makes a comment whether he, she or it is a 38 year old dream woman or a 250 lb Sumo wrestler pretending to be a 38 year old dream woman.
  3. Find myself a woman friend whatever it takes. No chance !!
  4. Eventually buy my apartment, do it up and cool out on holiday. Where though ?
  5. Think of good posts which will amuse me ………… and no one else ??
  6. Join the French Foreign Legion Pensioners Regiment.
  7. Have a bath 3 times a year and they are due next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday !
  8. Think of something sensible to say this year. No chance !

What have I missed or got wrong ? It’s time for your help

Star the Mystic Kitten

Star the Mystic Kitten
Star the Mystic Kitten

Hello human bloggers. My name is Star and I am a special kitten. You humans will be celebrating 2013 and I have the ability of reading your future from what you write in the comments. I am usually asleep on Daddy’s lap until he wakes me up to tell me what you have written. I then consult my feeding bowl and then tell Daddy my answer to your question by my extraordinary psychic powers and telethought. I usually know the answers before you ask. But I will wait for you to talk to me first in this case.

Ask me a question !!!!!

Love Star …… *purr* 😉

My Christmas Message

Christmas is not about presents but the gifts of friendship and the birth of Christ
Christmas is not about presents but the gifts of friendship and the birth of Christ

I would love to send you all one gift and that gift to me is special, has meaning especially over this Christmas holiday period. The gift I offer you is my friendship, love and respect. There is no bright packaging, no ribbons, no tree, no shopping, no present, no stress and most of all no conditions, just my hand out in friendship.

So I wish you all, in whatever country you live,  or religion, or colour, or language you speak, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year and may that wish with peace and love continue forever.

My love and hugs. Ralph xxx

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