358: She’s A Keeper

~The science of finding a wife~

Over the years I have had my ups and downs with many women.  Not understanding one iota of how they function. This video explains it all.

Your turn.  Where on the crazy/hot chart below do you or your partner hang out ? 

Right click on above pic and Save Image. Mark or scribble your crazy/hot location/s using your Photo Editor. Upload to your Dashboard Media Library. Copy image URL and paste the URL on a new line in your comment below this post. Then we can all have a good laugh.

Or, if you wish, you can vote as many times as you like in this poll.

~Practical science proof~

There I was, minding my own business, setting up the photographs for this post, when up popped a new post from Pamela’s blog in my Inbox.

QED !  She must be psychic !

~What’s a girl ?~

My first few years of life were okay … exploring on my own.  England’s green and pleasant land was my playground.  No other kids in the valley except my sister.

She had two hobbies, horses and getting me into trouble.  Later on in her life she admitted to our parents that she used to egg me on to do something naughty, she would tell our mother and when Dad got home from work he’d beat the crap out of me and send me up to the attic where I stayed all night with nothing to eat or do.  I spent many hours sitting on the window ledge staring along the valley.  So, to me, girls were to be avoided as much as possible and the English countryside was my haven.

Junior school had girls, boys and myself, all from far away villages.  There was a no talking policy in school and my knuckles were rapped with a ruler many times for breaking that rule.  For hours on end we were taught to chant the Times Table in unison …… seven times one is seven … seven times two is fourteen … seven times three is … Don’t know ?  Google it !  (no Google in those days).  Playtime was 15 minutes of mayhem.  No time for girls.

So girls were off my radar.


And then …. wham ! …. at the age of 12, my parents buggered off to West Africa.  I was assessed to be intelligent enough to be sent to a boys only boarding school for 5 years.  

To me, the school was a cross between a penal colony, Oliver Twist and psychological warfare.  Girls ?  Nope ! 

One subject I didn’t understand was Latin.  It was all Latin to me !

Yes, he did look like him !  I became adept at evading incoming blackboard rubbers that he threw at me.  There were a multitude of chalk marks on the wall behind where I sat.  

Incoming blackboard rubber

I also enjoyed being removed from the Latin lesson and made to wait in the corridor outside, which was okay as it was the school museum with things in glass cases and had an area I found for a no-no cigarette.  Daydreaming of doing sports or roaming the countryside during utterly boring History lessons was also a no-no  …..

…… resulting in my visiting the headmaster. A cordial affair, but a bit one sided.

“Ralph … tut-tut, tut-tut-tut, tut … Here again ?  I might as well move your desk in here.  Bend over !  As a non-violent man, this is going to hurt me more than you.”  

Idiot !

WHACK !  x6 ( I was good at Maths !)

Now look at the school.  Girls everywhere !

It’s dripping in girls (probably with their noses in Facebook drooling over horse selfies).  Neigh !

~A soldier’s heaven~

Eventually I finished school with certificates (not Latin or History) at the ripe old age of 17.  As I was an expert at surviving a cross between a penal colony, Oliver Twist and psychological warfare, I signed on to another cross between a penal colony, Oliver Twist and psychological warfare …. The British Army !

I hadn’t a clue, no understanding at all of what my fellow newbee soldiers were bragging about, mainly women, parts of women and what they did with those parts (no Google in those days) .. until …

…. I got posted to Cyprus, working 24 hours then 3 days off, based a stone’s throw from a young soldier’s heaven. Famagusta !  A place where hot, sometimes crazy women fused into …. well, that’s another story !

After those 3 years of heaven, followed decades of ups and downs with women smoothing out to nothing …. until I met Natascha.

~She is a keeper !~

That says it all !  She IS a keeper !

There is an update concerning Murli’s toothy-pegs here

Are you hot and/or crazy ?

Ralph xox ❤

357: To The Vet

~Heck, not the vet !~

Over time, all three of our cats were showing signs which required visits to the vet.  Natascha will explain all in this post in her blog.

Murli grumbles, “I just HATE going to the vet”
Samantha squeaks, “Going to the vet TERRIFIES me”
Brave Sonic says, “I love going to the vet ‘cos as a wounded soldier I get a Purple Heart medal”

~GoPro movies~

A couple of weeks ago we decided that the tiny “GoPro Hero 7 White” camera would be a great present for Natascha’s birthday.  Perfect for her daily bike rides to the pharmacy. The results are so stable, no shaking at all !

Natascha carried Murli to the vet by taxi and tram, Sonic both ways by taxi.  Both cats were as quiet as mice.  Samantha was a different kettle of fish, noisy, and as the day was lovely for February, Natascha decided a bike ride was the way to go. 

Sonic is hiding under the blanket in The Carrier

You are welcome to ride along with Natascha and Samantha through Graz in Austria.  (The GoPro is clamped on the handlebar and, sorry, the bike brake cable is in the foreground of this video.)

How many meows in the video ?  No prize, but heck, you must be really bored at work to count them !

What do you think Samantha is saying.  Have a go at the Poll.

Do you have a travelling to the vet story ?

Ralph xox ❤

All credit must go to Natascha, not only for the photographs and GoPro videos, but her unwavering love, care and attention towards all pussycats. 

356: Valentine’s Day. Crazy Or What ?

~Private Message~


Hello my darling wife Natascha,

Happy Valentine’s Day !

No one reads my posts (they either Like on Reader, or scroll down so fast that their devices smoke).  So this message is just between the two of us …… Nooo !  Don’t scroll down so fast that your laptop smokes.  It’s smokin’ !   Oh well, just me talkng to myself then !   I was going to say ….

“I am still amazed on how we hit it off a couple of years ago, got together and became an item.  Yes, it is almost 10 months since we went through all those upsets and then the joy of getting married.   Natascha, you are awesome !  A real pussycat mummy and also a mummy to the wild birds in the garden.  Perhaps most of all is the way you care for me.   My hands make me pretty useless in doing most things and you are always there for me when I need help.  You never complain, just get on with doing almost everything even when you are not feeling well or suffering with a migraine. You are awesome !  Murli, Sonic, Samantha and myself love you to bits, lots and lots and lots. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart  ❤ “


~Crazy Lovers !~

There’s this woman who married a ghost pirate.  She is now divorcing him.  Who did she call ?  Ghostbusters ?

And this woman is planning to marry her duvet.  LADY !  Don’t we all !

Then there is this woman who is engaged to a chandelier.  I think that she loves Bud Light too much !

Finally, a woman has a boyfriend called Schatz.  He’s a Boeing 737-800 !  She loves his thrusters.  Don’t upset him Lady, because he may dump you ….. from 30,000 feet ! 


As it is Valentine’s Day, it’s time I gave Samantha a big hug

This is what Samantha thinks of me giving her a hug. “Mummy, get me out of here !”

What Object Would You Marry ?

I know that most of you are married to your coffee pot  😉

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone !

Ralph xox ❤

Ralph and Samantha photographs taken by Natascha

355: Electric Fashion

~Free Electricity~

Yippee !!

On the arrival in our new Austrian apartment,  the electricity provider estimated a fixed monthly payment for us.  At the end of the year we were notified that we had paid too much,  therefore we can have free electricity for the first 6 MONTHS of this year.  Yippee !!  So, we are thinking of lighting up the World !  🙂

Ooops !

Perhaps not !

~More Snowflake Education~

QUIETEN DOWN CLASS !!  Welcome to this, my Biology Lecture at Snowflake University.  I am Professor Ralph ……. Resa, stop photographing the SKOOL SUCKS grafitti on the wall and Natascha, please put those 15 cats back in your bag.

Right !  Biology !  New research, straight out of our Snowflake Labs.  A white woman believes she is now a black woman after skin colouring injections turned her white skin to black.  Because she looks black she is adamant that she is going to have,  not white,  but black babies.  Snowflake science in action !

Click pic for the fool … full story

Homework tonight !  Dye your hair pink and you will morph into a My Little Pony,  then stand under a rainbow where you will become gay.  Class dismissed ! 

~I Need A Haircut !~

Yep, I need a haircut !

Perhaps not !

Rats !  It’s winter in Austria.  Got to keep my neck warm.  Maybe I’ll get it cut in the summer.

~Fashion NonSense~

I was given a clothing store gift voucher for Christmas.  What will I get ?  Something to show that I am not Gender Neutral ? …….

…… or, something for the summer ?

Aaah !  Perfect !  Something nice and warm for these cold Austrian winters.

What do you think ?  Or should I get a little something for Natascha instead ?  😉

~Cat Call~

Have You Had Anything For Free ?

Ralph xox ❤

Photographs of Samantha and myself taken by Natascha

354: Happy Birthday Planet Earth, Snowflake Soldier, Netflix & Cats

~Happy Birthday Planet Earth~

Twitter is becoming the education centre of the “great unwashed”.  Maybe I need to open a Twitter account,  get educated and be really happy.

Click pic for the story

And I thought it was all about the New Year.  Live and learn !

~Snowflake Soldier~

Taking the mickey out of your mates is part and parcel of being a soldier.  You know, you drop your bayonet and stab yourself in your foot on parade, you will never live it down.  Simple fun.  You give it out and you take it as it comes.  Not for this Scots Guardsman.

Click pic for full story

The British government paid out £1.5 million to some dopey advertising agency to increase recruitment for the British Army and they used this serving soldier’s face on this snowflake poster. A soldier’s career of guarding the Queen and fighting in Afghanistan has been torn to shreds. I think that I would resign as well.

Scots Guards

Give me £1.5 million British government for your recruitment campaign !  Done !  Pay up !

Dads Army ….UK TV series
Still from the film Zulu

I have every right to stand up for this soldier as I served 15 years in the British Army.  It was a time when men were men and women were women.  Simple !  A time when queers, paedophiles, transvestites etc. were not even talked about, mainly because we didn’t know, as big corporations such as the BBC, churches, law, politicians etc. kept these things under wraps. It was a time when I would lay down my life for my mates ……… and any young lady who was willing to take my virginity 🙂

Ralph in Cyprus 1971

Thank you Aer Lingus for supplying a layover stewardess for me.  I didn’t need to die anymore ! 🙂

This Army photograph was used in my local UK County newspaper at the time. I wonder what could have been said with it and what would be written nowadays.

Up at 6 AM. After a full English breakfast went on a 10 mile march in the rain and mud. Repaired electronics in the afternoon. Changed into civilian clothes and went to the pub with my mates. Got drunk, had a fight with local men, took advantage of a local woman out back. We all staggered back to camp and on the way had a pissing contest to see how high up the wall we could pee. I won ! The local woman lost  😉

Didn’t really want to get up this morning. Text the other soldiers in the barrack room to see if they were awake. Decided to miss breakfast of Himalayan goat yoghurt. Didn’t want to go out as it was rainy and muddy which would ruin my boots with glitter hearts. So laid on my bed all day texting, complaining that women soldiers have camouflage bras and the men soldiers are not issued them. Slept all afternoon and spent the evening texting about if we should go out, but decided against it as we couldn’t find anything to wear over our rainbow mankini panties. Stayed in !

Oh boy !  Shoot me someone !


Many, many years later I am happily married.  Still got things to do in the apartment such as putting up pictures and lights.  We have been in this apartment for 15 months and as a Christmas present we decided to unbox the big 49″ TV I brought from Spain.  Neither of us are interested in getting Austrian TV programs, but both of us enjoy movies, so it was a no-brainer to sign up for Netflix TV shows and movies. 

Our TV now up and running
Netflix supplies a different number of TV shows and movies to each country. Click pic to find out how many you can see in your country

I’ll tell you what,  the Internet is a heck of a lot cheaper here in Austria compared to Spain.  I was paying €45pm for unlimited Internet (10Mbs) and €45pm for IPTV movies in Spain, whereas here in Austria we are paying €25pm for unlimited Internet (30Mbs) and €13pm (first month free on the Internet) for HD Netflix movies.  How does your pricing compare ? 

~Samantha Tidy~

Have You Had Your Face Plastered All Over The Newspapers ?

Knowing my readers, probably in the Most Wanted column  😉

Ralph xox ❤

Photographs of the cats taken by Natascha.

353: The Real Words Of The Song “The 12 Days Of Christmas”


Christmas !  Late afternoon, hot toddy in hand, feet up, stomach full, dozing by the fire, cuddling a pet or loved one. All is well in the world !


Instrumental credit here


On the first day of Christmas
Officials gave to me
An excessively large gas bill!

On the second day of Christmas
Officials gave to me
Two well torn gloves
And an excessively large gas bill !

On the third day of Christmas
Officials gave to me
Three French fries
Two well torn gloves
And an excessively large gas bill !

On the fourth day of Christmas
Officials gave to me
Four calling scammers
Three French fries
Two well torn gloves
And an excessively large gas bill !

On the fifth day of Christmas
Officials gave to me
Five cold call rings !
Four calling scammers
Three French fries
Two well torn gloves
And an excessively large gas bill !

On the sixth day of Christmas
Officials gave to me
Six politicians lying
Five cold call rings !
Four calling scammers
Three French fries
Two well torn gloves
And an excessively large gas bill !

On the seventh day of Christmas
Officials gave to me
Seven bins abrimming
Six politicians lying
Five cold call rings !
Four calling scammers
Three French fries
Two well torn gloves
And an excessively large gas bill !

On the eighth day of Christmas
Officials gave to me
Eight days to pay up
Seven bins abrimming
Six politicians lying
Five cold call rings !
Four calling scammers
Three French fries
Two well torn gloves
And an excessively large gas bill !

On the ninth day of Christmas
Officials gave to me
Nine lawyers robbing
Eight days to pay up
Seven bins abrimming
Six politicians lying
Five cold call rings !
Four calling scammers
Three French fries
Two well torn gloves
And an excessively large gas bill !

On the tenth day of Christmas
Officials gave to me
Ten dollars a month
Nine lawyers robbing
Eight days to pay up
Seven bins abrimming
Six politicians lying
Five cold call rings !
Four calling scammers
Three French fries
Two well torn gloves
And an excessively large gas bill !

On the eleventh day of Christmas
Officials gave to me
Eleven words of warning
Ten dollars a month
Nine lawyers robbing
Eight days to pay up
Seven bins abrimming
Six politicians lying
Five cold call rings !
Four calling scammers
Three French fries
Two well torn gloves
And an excessively large gas bill !

On the twelfth day of Christmas
Officials gave to me
Twelve headaches drumming
Eleven words of warning
Ten dollars a month
Nine lawyers robbing
Eight days to pay up
Seven bins abrimming
Six politicians lying
Five cold call rings !
Four calling scammers
Three French fries
Two well torn gloves
And an excessively large gas bill !


~PC …. Humbug !~

It’s Christmas !  Not a time of Season or Holiday.  It’s Christmas !  A time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus.  So what’s with all this Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays tripe ?  PC dictates that we must not upset the Muslims by openly saying Merry Christmas.  Schools in Europe are banning Nativity plays …  mustn’t upset the Muslims !   Well, if the Muslims are upset, then they should bugger off back to their own countries and carry on celebrating their own traditions of whining and beating the crap out of each other over there, not here in Europe. I am also totally against those idiotic control freak lawmakers as I am not going to be told by some drunk unelected politician or snowflake that I cannot celebrate Christmas, talk about it, enjoy it and keep our traditions.  Merry Christmas everyone, inc. Muslims, drunk unelected politicians and snowflakes !

~Our Christmas Card For You~

And yet again, Merry Christmas dear ones !

Is This Song Your Christmas ?

If so, or if you know someone in this situation, reach out to them as I am doing to you.  All I can offer you is love and hugs from Natascha, myself, Murli, Samantha and Sonic.   Take care my friend.

Ralph xox ❤

The original song lyrics were slightly altered by Ralph. The Christmas card was created by Natascha.

352: Notary & Winter Fuel


A few weeks ago Natascha and I visited the local Austrian Notary to obtain a piece of paper certifying that I was alive and that I am who I am for one of my pension providers.  While there, I wanted him to draw up a simple Will for both myself and Natascha.  As my hands are completely unable to write, I also asked him to draw up papers to allow Natascha to sign for me on any document.  He said that it would take a while.  Being a local, Natascha was simple, but being British, I was more complicated due to Brexit.

Brexit !  Basically, the British people voted to leave the European Union.  No more European dictatorship and ties.  Simple !   For the last two years the politicians on both sides whined and wined, changing their minds every five minutes while collecting huge salaries.  With three months to go before the UK leaves the European Union, nobody knows what the heck is going on, except that the UK will leave, but probably will still be under the European Union thumb and the UK will have to pay a divorce bill of £39 billion to the EU for the pleasure of leaving, but staying.  Santa Ralph is really upset with these politicians.  They have been very naughty and are on Santa’s naughty list.

Anyway, back to the Notary !   The other day we got a phone call from the Notary.  He said he could do it, but it will cost us €1500 (about the same in US dollars).

“What !”

Yes Murli … WHAT !! …  €1500 for two bits of paper !   Natascha and I decided to stop it right there.  What would you do ?

~Winter Fuel Allowance~

A couple of months ago, (even though I live in Austria,) as a UK pensioner I found out that I may be entitled to the UK winter fuel allowance.  A one-off annual payment to help with the home fuel bills. So, by phone, I applied.  I was grilled for an hour, question after question.  When I hung up, I was left totally drained.  Two things could happen.   Firstly, I might get a letter of rejection, or secondly, I might get some money credited to my account on the 15th of December.  That’s today !  No letter, so fingers crossed ! 

“Great !  I love being nice and warm.”

Yes, Samantha, you will be kept nice and warm whatever happens !

~What Are You Cats Up To Now ?~

“Just watching paint dry.”
“I found our sweeties.   Mummy, come here and feed me … NOW !”

You two girly cats have been good this year, BUT Sonic (the little boy cat) has been naughty.  He pooed on the bed !

“What !”

 Santa Ralph Asks, “Have You Been Naughty This Year ?”

Knowing my readers, it’s a stupid question, but, hey, fill up the comments with all your juicy details !

(That’s me banned from WordPress then. Oh boy !)

Ralph xox ❤

Photographs of the cats taken by Natascha.

351: Ralph’s Snowflake University

~I’m Not Shouting At You !~

Unless something dramatic happens I usually don’t have a clue what I am going to post about next.  This post could have been about nothing until I read three UK newspaper items which triggered my imagination and developed into my usual craziness.

It all began with an article about University professors being told not to use capital letters to emphasise the point as it may upset snowflake students. Capital letters in texts means that you are shouting at them and they may cry. The professors were also told not to use the words ” do” and “don’t”.

I am sure that I have many snowflake readers who are really upset by seeing that my post title is in capital letters.

It’s not my fault. I’m not shouting at you. The theme developer made it this way.  I wrote normally …

… so don’t cry.  Are you crying ?

~The Play~

The next two newspaper articles were even crazier, so I decided to write a play about Ralph’s Snowflake University.  The Trumpet University is not in my league.

~The Scene~

 Ralph, that’s me, the Dean/Don of Ralph’s Snowflake University sitting behind my desk in the Oval Office.  Students call me Ding Dong, I’ve no idea why.  Anyway, it’s the first day and I am interviewing my one and only student.  At US$1 million per week, I only need one student. Her Dad pays an unrefundable bucketload covering the full 3 years in advance and the student usually only lasts one day.

~The Encounter~


Come in !   Take a seat !

Dragging noises across the floor.

No no !  When I asked you to take a seat, I didn’t mean for you to leave my office and take it home with you.  Please sit down and make yourself comfortable. 

Bwaaaaaa *sniffle*   The knocking was in capitals and you told me ….

I know.  I’m sorry.  I should have made myself much clearer to you … umm …

*shuffling through papers*

… Mandy Manning from Many Mansions, Manchester, England.

Bwaaaaaa *sniffle*  No, I am Dy Ning from Y Sions, Chester, England. I hate … I can’t say it … M-A-N or M-E-N, so I am a womxn or a wo. Please treat me that way Ding Dong.

That’s okay Dy.  Womxn or wo it is then.  I think we may have a problem with what course you are going to take to get your degree at this wonderful University.  As you know the University has a directive that students may opt out of any subject which may upset you.

 *shuffling through papers*

History, yes, a degree in history should suit you Dy.

Bwaaaaaa *sniffle*   Noooo !   Someone got killed in 33 A.D., so I am opting out.

Okay, that’s Religion down the toilet.  I really do have the feeling that you will opt out of the rest of the degrees that our fantastic University offers, such as Business MANagement, Chinese MANdarin, politics in OMAN, horse breeding where you would be up to your elbows in se…

Bwaaaaaa *sniffle*   My Dad wants me to graduate with a degree.  Is there nothing for me ?

Well, we do have a degree in vegetarian diet, including growing MANgos. How about that ?

Bwaaaaaa *sniffle*   Not really.  I am a vegetarian, but love to eat cheese.

Sorry Dy, our gorgeous University doesn’t have a degree for vegedairyans.  This was difficult, but, I have the perfect degree for you, Dy, and you can graduate with honours today. Congratulations, you have graduated with a degree in Pathetic Excuses, which is perfect for a career in Insurance Claims, Politics or working in the Benefits Office.  You should do well.  Congratulations Miss Dy.  Good bye.

Bwaaaaaa *sniffle*   I am not a Miss !  I am Ms … Mizzz !

With that parting remark, Mandy flounced out of my office.  I hit the intercom button.

Amanda … oops, sorry … Ada,  I will be leaving the University for the airport. Please contact my pilot and ask him to prepare for my arrival.  I am leaving for the Cayman Islands !

~ For Sale~

Ralph’s Snowflake University.

Make Universities Great Again !

I hope you didn’t cry.

Ralph xox ❤

350: Sun & Samantha

~ Solar Update~

Heck, the forecast says that we, in Graz, Austria, are in for a cold, snowy beginning of the week.  But, hey, a little bit of us, well, our names, are toast.  The Parker Solar Probe flew past, really close to the sun this month and our names are on board.  I hope they put out their deckchairs, wore sunglasses and have sploshed sun cream all over.  Gives you a warm feeling, doesn’t it ?

~ Natascha’s New Laptop~

Ever since I have known Natascha, she has been struggling with her old computer.  The USB ports entered the spirit realm months ago, she could not play her home building game any more and Stained-glass Windows constantly played up.  So, off we went to the store and I bought her a new laptop. She is really thrilled to bits with it, happy as well by gaining a new desk and office chair (where a cat is constantly curled up in).  And now she can play her game !

Natascha in a happy twirl !

“No ! You can’t have the mousie.  It’s MINE !”

~Chicken Tonight~

Whatever Natascha or I do, Samantha Boss Cat wants to help.  She eats everything, metal cupboard handles, cushions torn to shreds, you name it, she eats it.  Chicken breasts in a pot, Samantha is there, in charge !

“Come on Mummy !  I want my chicken NOW !”

Do you want it, whatever it is, now ?

Ralph xox ❤

Cat photographs taken by  Natascha

349: More Flood Pics And An Apology

~River Overflowed In Spain~

Toñi sent us more photos of the flooding in my Spanish village during October 2018,  so I thought that I would share them with you.  Got your raincoat on ?

The rain came and the river Guadiaro flooded Estacion Cortes de la Frontera

The flood at its height
Same view when the water receded
Clean up

For sale. Delightful small house with river. Boat mooring and fishing throughout the house

~That Didn’t Work !~

There is a lot going on in the river Mur, Graz, Austria, near our home.  Then it rained !

Here are some photos in case you can’t watch videos.

Last week on the River Mur, Graz, Austria
Work going well …..
…. and then it rained …
…. and rained !

Well, that didn’t work !

~”I Must Answer Comments !” ~

Many of you who have written comments in my previous posts may have noticed that it has taken me days to reply.  It’s important to me that I do reply to every comment as you have put yourselves out,  you were bored at work,  escaped from your partner/kids/cats/dragon,  you’ve got nothing else to do,  or you’re drunk.  Knowing you, it’s probably all these things combined !

There are two reasons why I take so long in replying.

Firstly, as I have shaking hands, I use a psychotic voice/typing app to reply to comments.  I say something like, “Thank you Ute for liking my blog.”  and it types, “Think you beauty for licking my clog.”  I am an expert at correcting typos by TYPING !

Secondly, concentration !  As most of you know, it takes hours to create a post like this and I am pretty well brain-dead when I click “Publish”.  I love replying to your comments and can only cope with 5 max at a go.  Then I need a break.  Time after time I say to myself, “I must answer comments !” and my brain disappears into a singularity;  a one-cell world of its own.  Then !  Sometimes days later !  I’m on top form and can blitz comments.  So, I am sorry, grovel-grovel, for not answering your comments straight away.

I wonder what the cats are up to ?  I must go into the kitchen and give them a stroke with my shaking hands. 

“Who wants a stroke, pussycats ?”

Do you think that I should water down my posts a bit ?

Ralph xox ❤

Thank you Toñi for the Spanish flood pics and thank you Natascha for the River Mur video and pics plus the photos of the cats. 

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Welcome To Nicki © 2019

Just Another WordPress.com site..

Pacific Paratrooper

This WordPress.com site is Pacific War era information

Larisa Hernández

Illustration is the passion of my life!

My Window

Sharing my thoughts, poems, travel & art

Significant Anonymity

Opinions are mine, thoughts are yours, comments most welcome. ZERO affiliates, paid advertisers or political partners. Nine years and still here.

Widdershins Worlds


Baffled Mum

Writing from a Baffledheart

Charliecountryboy's Blog

My reflections of life in general.

Curmudgeon at Large

Short bursts of curmudgeonry on any topic.

Empty Nest Adventures

Life after the kids are grown

Think Ahead

Des' Online Journal

The Cvillean

The adventures of little read writing Hood

Julia Streetstyle Blog

Fashion Blogger, Designer, Globetrotter


Growing older with silliness, high spirits and a lot of heart.

Blog Woman!!! - Life Uncategorized

Mother, Nehiyaw, Metis, & Itisahwâkan - career communicator. This is my collection of opinions, stories, and the occasional rise to, or fall from, challenge. In other words, it's my party, I can fun if I want to. Artwork by aaronpaquette.net

Walking With Scars

My daily dance through a creative life as a female artist and photographer with lifelong depression.

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