Poetry – An Ode for the Future

Ralph Whillier 24 July 2012

The billowing trees shed long black shadows

Across the quiet leaf carpeted floor.

Silence envelops the pine tree forest,

A windless haven of animal spore.

The Stag alert. His antlers held high,

Looks around through searching fear.

An Eagle sways high on branches green,

His eyes a-drooping. The night is near.

Noises waft up from roads far below.

Faint purrings of cars, wheeling in haste,

Are strange to the forest, which, in thousands

Of years knows only the silence.And now is faced

With the prospect of dying quite soon

It lives unwaveringly in its cool.

The Stag and the Eagle cares not how

Man will fatten all, wielding a Tool.

Where will the Birds go; the Stag and the Deer;

When in his wisdom Man builds motorways here.

Why here ???

39 Comments on “Poetry – An Ode for the Future

    • Thank you so much for your uplifting comment Pastor Dumitru. I wish you well and I hope you have a great week. Ralph 😀

      Google Translate

      Vă mulțumesc foarte mult pentru dvs. înălțătoare comentarii Pastor Dumitru. Vă doresc numai bine si sper ca aveti o saptamana mare. Ralph 😀


    • Uh oh !! I am in big trouble for missing this comment my friend. Still, 6 months is a record for me 😉 Thank you so much Penny. Big hug. Ralph xox 😀


      • No worries Ralph. You are still on my (and Christina’s) short list of really cool people – just so you know, my friend! Thanks for the hugs, Big Hugs back to you, Penny 🙂 xox

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  1. Thank you so much Mirna. I must visit your blog again as your poetry is so good and I need to read more to work out where you are coming from. It’s good though. Ralph xox 😀


    • Hello Cybele 😀 Guardian of the Forest ! Wow ! What an honour ! Thank you so much. Ralph xox ❤


    • Bună dimineața Daniela. 😀 Va multumesc foarte mult pentru comentariu. Este o astfel de rușine că sunteți în imposibilitatea de a traduce acest poem, așa că am să-l fac pentru tine aici. Să aveți o zi minunată. Ralph xox ❤
      Copacii tălăzuire vărsat umbre lungi, negre

      Peste frunze covor liniștit.

      Tăcerea învăluie pădurea de pin,

      Un paradis windless de spor de animale.

      Alerta Stag. Coarnele sale a avut loc înalt,

      Se uită în jur prin căutarea frică.

      Un Eagle leagănă mare pe ramuri verzi,

      Ochii lui o-bleg. Noaptea este aproape.
      Zgomote adiere de vânt de până la drumuri de departe de mai jos.

      Purrings slabe de mașini, Wheeling în grabă,

      Sunt ciudat de pădure, care, în mii

      De ani stie doar silence.And acum se confruntă

      Cu perspectiva de a muri destul de repede

      Trăiește fără ezitare în rece sa.

      Cerbul și Vulturul nu cum îi pasă

      Omul va ingrasa tot, inarmati cu un instrument de.
      În cazul în care va merge păsări;Cerbul și Deer;

      Când, în înțelepciunea lui Man construiește autostrăzi aici.
      De ce aici ???


      • Iti multumesc frumos de efort, dar nu e aceeasi dulce limba care spune viersurile in adevarata lor splendoare! Programul translate o face cum stie el nu cum suna defapt poemul, la asta ma refeream….cand vorbesti engleza alt inteles capata un frumos poem cum e asta 🙂


      • Sunt total de acord cu tine. Dumnezeu știe ce Google Translate a transformat aceste cuvinte și poezie în! Nu este un lucru bun, care a venit de la utilizarea traducătorul, cel puțin ne ajută să comunice, o limbă la alta, cultură la cultură, care este o binecuvântare.:D

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    • Hi Stephanae 😀 I wrote this a while ago. I should really get down to writing some more. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Ralph xox ❤

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  2. My dear friend, this is the first time I have seen your poetry and it is just beautiful and brilliant and this poem says what is needed to be said in such a compelling way. You must write more poetry, please?

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    • Thank you Daleen for your kind words. I wish I could write all the time. Maybe someday I am able 😀 Ralph xox ❤

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    • Hi Chantal ( and a stroke for Shekinah). Thank you so much. Wow !
      No, I haven’t written a book. I just love to play with words and photos, so blogging is perfect for me to try things out, push boundaries and have fun.
      Love your blog. Such a variety of posts. Ralph xox ❤


  3. Nature suffers setbacks all the time, even for motorways. In the end, though, nature recovers and adapts much like people. I frequently mourn the poor creatures displaced by fires caused by lightning strikes. It’s good that there are protected wild areas which cannot be touched.

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    • I totally agree with all you say here MaryAnn. Nature will always win in the end. Luckily we have not had any fires in this valley for a couple of years so the wildlife has had a good long break. Ralph xox ❤

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      • May it stay that way in the future years. We are fortunate in Upstate NY with abundant rain and snow so wildfires like out West are very uncommon if at all. Wonderful weekend to you.

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  4. So I just finished reading your plays Ralph…could not find where to comment on how enjoyable I found them. That I am still laughing.. Must have been the champagne offered by those who did find the way to the comments.
    All my best to you Ralph.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so sorry JoHanna. I had my Dashboard / Settings / Discussion comments set to switch off after 365 days. I’ve unchecked that and all of my 273 posts are now open permanently for comments.
      I am so pleased that you enjoyed the play. I’ve just reread it myself and enjoyed it too as I’ve not seen it since 20/05/2013 when it was published.
      Thanks for your lovely comment. Ralph xox ❤

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