368: When God Dished Out Brains


When God dished out my brain it was okay until life screwed it up.  I don’t know whether it was stress, or my military life repairing high powered radios which used klystrons and magnetrons, or just living in today’s polluted world that caused my Essential Tremor.  It’s getting a lot worse.  It’s almost impossible for me to use cutlery, hold anything like a cup and to do anything that needs concentrating effort.  Because of this, I find it practically impossible to answer comments.   My voice/typing app is next to useless.  Even though I possibly won’t reply to your wonderful comments, I will like them with a heart felt click.  I thank you in advance, just in case I can’t reply.

Here are some examples of my typing (gifs are on a loop).

Typing 3 letters normally.

Using Caps lock to type one capital letter.

Single Caps key to type an exclamation mark.

Alt key for a Euro sign.

What fun I have drafting a post !  Anyway, I am so lucky to have Natascha to help me when I need it.

~Facepalm Friday~

God missed issuing brains to these people.

This man is starting his own Coffin Making business.

I wonder why there are no children in this apartment complex.

Rest rooms are on the fourth floor.

Take the stairs to get to the Restrooms. I am dying to go.


Ladies and disabled.

~ Her Wedding Hat Is The Dog’s Dinner~

~I Have The Power !~

Murli at her finest !

Do you have THE POWER (or brains) ?

Ralph xox ❤

Ralph’s hands videos and photographs of Murli taken by Natascha.

57 Comments on “368: When God Dished Out Brains

  1. Dearest Ralph, I’m sorry to hear your tremors are getting worse. I, for one, appreciate the time and effort you take to post at all. It also sounds like you need a new voice typing app.

    I don’t know the quality of the doctors you had in Spain or have now in Austria (assuming you’ve been going to the doctor😁), but I know there are effective treatments for essential tremors. Even if it’s Parkinson’s disease (I remember the days it was referred to as St. Vitus’s Dance), there are good treatments out there. I realize affordability may be an issue for medications, though. While I realize things are different here in the US, I’m sure they have very good doctors in Austria. Should you choose to print and share it with your doctor, or just read it to give you an idea of what to ask, this is a link from the Mayo Clinic – THE top-notch diagnostic and treatment clinic in the US. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/essential-tremor/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20350539

    It may sound odd, but I highly recommend you try marijuana. Because I’ve seen the positive results of smoking marijuana in the treatment of essential tremors and Parkinson’s, I looked up the laws in Austria. You’re lucky. it is legal to grow cannabis plants AT HOME and it is not a criminal offence to smoke cannabis in public. However, buying, selling, gifting or possessing cannabis is a criminal offence,

    Best wishes and prayers to you my friend. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  2. That tremor is a real bother Ralph, can you try singing while you type. Sing out the letters. (This is purely experimental) but sometimes the weirdest things help.

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  3. Wow, Ralph, understandable you have a challenge typing out comments. Do not expect more than a like click! Funny video! Quite a first, I’ve never seen a woman marry her dog. Yep, must be something lacking in the woman. Take care of yourself Ralph. And keep blogging when you can with Natascha’s help. We want to keep connected. 📚🎶 Christine

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  4. Ralph, so sorry to see that you are having such difficulty with the tremor in your hands. No return comments required, my friend. 💛 I hope that with Natascha’s help, you will be able to keep posting when you feel up to it.

    I love the steps up to that throne. So elegant, so sophisticated. Should give one a real sense of importance. 😉

    Murli is a complete comedian. 😉

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  5. Dear Ralph, your sense of humour is also your strength and savour. Still,
    it must be very hard to cope each day with the handicap you have been dealt for whatever reason. My heart goes out to you. Your dear Natasha will be your hands at times as you are her strength.

    Your post is so funny though. The guy sawing that tree might need a coffin and where did you find the pictures of that apartment building? Unbelievable.

    Big hug


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  6. Wonderful that you have Natascha there to help out when you need it. Hope you have more good days rather than not good ones.
    No need to reply at all. Just know I love reading your blog, and wish you the best. ❤

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  7. Great examples of bad brains, Ralph! I appreciate your taking the time to share your difficulties with the keyboard. As always, I appreciate your posts as well as your likes. Thanks for being there, my friend. Des

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  8. Sending you lots of healing energy, Ralph!
    Common sense sure seems to be in short supply these days. The examples you posted are hilarious! 😀 Cats will soon be in charge of the world! 🙂

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  9. Hi again Ralph. I just read, right now, about a treatment for Essential Tremor, which are able to help mostly of the people, who receive this help. It is called Focused Ultrasound and this is able to get in Europe. They wrote about it in a Danish newspaper, because of some people there have got this treatment i fx. Spain, and it helped so much. So now they talk about to get this too to Denmark. Maybe it is possible for you to get this in Austria too? All good luck.

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  10. Reading the all the previous comments should be proof enough how much you are appreciated and admired by us all, Ralph. Sorry the tremors are holding you back. However, you get me laughing out loud just with your pictures! You have a knack for finding photos that illustrate what I’ve been saying all along. This world is crazy!!

    Say hi to Natascha and thank her for helping you keep in touch with us all.

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  11. Of course you have the power and are a goddess. They through the mold away after they made you. Your one of a kind. Just remember this, God doesn’t make mistakes. Also, you’re a work in progress.

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  12. I’m so sorry that your trembling has worsened. That must be extremely frustrating. Sending hugs.
    On a funnier note, we (my daughter and I) both think Murli is indeed a goddess and a very cute one too! 💕😊

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  13. Hello Ralph!!
    I read this yesterday, but as I missed out on the brains thing, I went to look for some.
    OKAY, no luck finding some brains for me, but I found some love ‘n’ stuff.
    I send some of the love ‘n’ stuff I found to you, and to your lovely family in Graz!
    xoxoxoxo ❤ xoxoxoxo

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  14. Dear Ralph,
    I can’t begin to imagine your frustration with your tremors, but I am sure everyone will be happy with your posts and your likes. We will miss “chatting” with you via comments, but I’m glad you are not giving up! Such funny pictures today! Big face palm! I hope you and Natascha are enjoying the weekend.
    Your wifi,

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  15. I love your posts. I wish I’d discovered them a lot sooner. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by many, obviously.
    My favorite from above: “I wonder why are there no children in this apartment complex.” LOL !!!!

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  16. Thank you for still bringing your humor to your adoring fans. Not sure about brains or power. I’v been hiding them for so long, not sure where I left them. 8)8)

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  17. Murli is truly a goddess!

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of the auggestions for help reducing that tremor, might work?

    Hugs to all of you.

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  18. Lots of love to you Ralph. Sorry to know you’re dealing with such a frustrating issue.
    You made me smile with your photos – thanks for sharing 🙂
    Regarding brains, well I like to think my brain is brilliant! Also, my second toes are extremely long (much more than my big toes) – I’ve been told this is a sign of genius!
    Bug hugs!

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  19. Ralph, sorry to hear your shaking hands are getting worse. Do keep going and keep your humour. There might be a better voice recognition program to download, so you could write easier again. Also, as someone mentioned, cannabis is really good for this too and it even seems legal in Austria.
    Sending you best wishes Ralph, also to helping Natascha ♥

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  20. Ahh Ralph, I’m sorry to hear about the tremors and the fact they are getting worse.
    I used to cause tremors when I walked but thanks to the feckin gallstones they are not as traumatic as they once where. Sending love and hugs your way, beacuse I ate all the Malteasers! ❤️

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  21. 0nce again grovey photos.. I noted your warrior kitty obvious of the AlanaKalanian tribe… I ♥️ 🐈 🐈🐈🐈🐈 especially the warrior kind.. 😉

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  22. Ah, Ralph, what a poignant post, and loaded with good humor. I’m so glad you’re tapping out what you can, when you can. It’s always a lift to see I had a visit from you. Keep taking good care. ❤

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  23. Hi, my dearest MFR, I hadn’t heard from you in so long, and have been so out of touch myself, that I worried that something might be terribly wrong. I was right. I’m so sorry that your hands are getting worse. They are your mouthpiece so it is like a concert pianist having the same problem. Thank goodness for Natasha. Thank her for me for taking such good care of you for the rest of us who love you to pieces. Your post made me laugh, of course. Love the coffin builder. I wonder who took the picture? I think they were egging him on. Do it, do it. I dare you! Anyway, have a great week. No need to write back, just know that you’re in my prayers and thoughts. Love, RVBFM 🙂

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  24. My next-door neighbour has the same hand tremors, Ralph. She struggles to eat and drink as well as to use her phone. I feel so sorry for her. She has also tried several so-called cures but to no avail. Glad to see that your sense of humour hasn’t suffered though. Sending hugs to you and Natascha. You seem to have somehow become ‘unfollowed’. 😦 I’ll try again.

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  25. Was thinking about you today and just thought I would drop by and say hi 👋. Hope you are having a good day. 8)

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  26. Ardent hugs, my friend. So grateful you have Natascha and the fine felines to assist. I smile away when I visit your blog and want you to know you are loved by a certain old toad from across the sea. Thinking of you, dear Ralph. Jubilant cheers- Autumn Jade

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  27. Hello Ralph and Natasha (and cats)! I am popping in to say, Thank you Thank you for the wonderful computer you helped me with, I cannot remember what year ago it was now! It is finally dying, the cpu fan or something and in december will no longer have support, It’s geriatric now! I am SO SO pleased it lasted this long AND that my bank just gifted me so, I am getting a new one this week. Best blessings again for the gift and aide that kept from being so isolated all this time! Bows and tips hat!

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    • By now you should have your new computer up and running Elisa. I am so pleased that I was able to help you a few years ago.


  28. Hi Ralph … I see when you ‘like’ my posts, so I know you’re still alive and kicking 🙂 … I don’t have any other way to just drop in and say ‘Hi’ so I’m putting it here. 😀 … I hope the five of you are all well and having great adventures. Take care, dude. 🙂

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  29. Thanks for hanging out and still visiting my stories! Hope your December is going well and the new year is kind and generous my friend. 8)8)8)8)

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  30. Hi Ralph
    You have been missed.
    I am sorry about your troubles. My mom is having some issues also so I understand the frustration. I pray it gets better.
    I am sending you, Natascha and the kitties many blessings for a wonderful, healthy, peaceful and loving Holiday season! ♥♥♥

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  31. En God Jul & Ett Gott Nytt år önskar jag dig och din familj
    från mig och min familj… Kram Nicki

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year I wish you and your family
    from me and my family … Hug Nicki

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  32. Hello Ralph: I am so sorry to read about your Essential Tremors getting worse! I;d actually NO idea you suffered from this condition! I just found out today a friend of mine in Seattle (USA) also has this condition. And my Cousin Bruce also has had this for years but I did not know what was wrong with him. Thank you for educating me & for sharing.
    I am so glad you found Natascha & you are together with the cats.
    It has been a while now since Murli left this Earth….she was such a cutie pie! I think about her often.
    {{hugs}} & good wishes Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

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