365: Hands


I think I am pretty well organised.  Well I thought so.  When I left Spain about 20 months ago for Austria, I informed every Spanish government office, including Spanish social services that I was out of there. I thought that the only thing I had left to do was to sell my Spanish apartment then everything would be done and dusted.

My Spanish apartment, now up for sale

 Over the years that I lived in the apartment, Toñi, my neighbour, was a godsend. She did almost everything for me, washing clothes, cleaning and cooking.  She was in tears the day I left.  I will miss her and her husband, Pedro, who did countless handyman jobs for me.


Anyway,  months before I met Natascha, Toñi thought that it was a great idea that I had someone from the Spanish social services to give me a hand when she was not around.  As most of you know I have trouble keeping my hands still.  If I pick up a cup of coffee my hands shake so much that the molecules in the liquid decide that they have had enough and jump out all over the floor, committing suicide.  Toñi filled out the form and on returning that day from the Spanish social services she told me that it may be up to 10 months before I am assessed for assistance.  I imagined that help from a handmaiden or belly dancer would be all that I needed.

But knowing my luck …….  say no more !

Nora Batty in the UK TV series Last Of The Summer Wine

A few days ago I received an email from Toñi.  She had found a letter in my letter box from the Spanish social services.  It seems that I had a visitor.  My assessment for help !  Of course they did not phone or email before banging on my door.  Two years it took them to have someone come round.  For heaven’s sake I could have been out for the day, dead, or cleared off to Austria, got married, gained an extra cat, learned how to yodel while wearing tight fitting lederhosen.

I don’t think that I will arrange another appointment. Haha, appointment ?  Because I would hate to think of someone banging on my door in two years time when I could be out for the day, dead, or cleared off to Austria, got married ………. etc. etc. !  BUT, what if the Spanish social services decided to give me a handmaiden without seeing me ?  I might receive a letter in two years time saying that a handmaiden has been assigned to me. Two years after that she would knock on my Spanish apartment door and get no answer, thinking that I have been out for the day, dead, or cleared off to Austria, got married, gained an extra cat, learned how to yodel while wearing tight fitting lederhosen, she would leave a letter in my letterbox stating that I must re-apply for assessment. How many years would it take for the Spanish social services to decide to sell my apartment to pay for my handmaiden ?


Anyway, thank you so much Toñi and Pedro, you are awesome friends.

~Fathers day card~

A few days ago was Father’s Day when I received this lovely card from the pussycats. They had mesmerised Natascha into a catatonic state who made the card to the cats’ specifications.  Thank you so much my awesome family !

~ Natascha’s photographs~

 Natascha has taken wonderful photographs of the birds in the garden from the balcony.  Here are a couple of them.  Handsome creatures !

Sparrows feeding during a rain storm

~ Reach out and touch somebody’s hand~

My cats are plotting something.

I have worked out what they are up to.  They are reaching out for a tummy rub !



Hand in here and don’t be late or Samantha will pat you on the head.  She is boss cat !  Or just comment as normal. 

How handy or useless are you ?

Ralph xox ❤

Cat photographs taken by Natascha and the empty apartment photograph by Toñi.

63 Comments on “365: Hands

  1. lol. Cats never lie dear Annette, except for the 23 hours a day sleeping in a warm place 😉 Ralph xox ❤


  2. Hi, MFR, Lots of funny business in this post. So you are still waiting for your apartment to sell? Yikes. I’m glad you haven’t had to wait this long for someone to help you! Thank goodness for Natascha!!! Much better than either the dancer or the weird sock lady!. You’re much better off without her. Toni looks so beautiful in her model shot! Wow! You always took pictures of her working her tail off, like our neighbor’s cat. I’m sorry she cried her eyes out, though. They are hard to replace. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes, I think it will take a while for my apartment in Spain to sell. Anyway, we are in no rush.
      It is amazing that Natascha came into my life at the perfect time. Both Natascha and Toñi are a dream.
      Take care MVBFM. Ralph xox ❤

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    • Indeed ! If you are lacking, I can send you some for free Yvonne. I am generous like that. Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Don’t wait on the government in any country. 🤔😂 I think Toni and Natascha are better than any government supplied handmaiden. Wishing you a wonderful weekend—lederhosen et al.
    Your wifi,

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  4. Woodpecker and sparrows are the best “) Cats are either relaxing or eating but never plotting 😉 Good luck for house sale!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Indeed they are and I will miss them a lot. Big hug for you my friend Lynette. Ralph xox ❤


  5. Dans ton cas il est préférable de prendre une aide de ménage c’est tout de même plus de confort pour toi même . Merci pour les photos. Bel été Ralph ☀️☀️

    Liked by 2 people

    • À l’époque, quand je vivais seul, c’était une bonne idée de faire venir quelqu’un. Maintenant, j’ai une femme adorable, donc inutile. Bon dimanche Georges. Reste calme ! Ralph 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes Widdershins, it was lucky that it was benign. I would hate to think what rabbit hole I would have ended up in. Ralph xox ❤

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  6. that’s great that they acted so quickly and sent your helper around right away. 2 years? you must have known someone in the system to get such speedy service. I think the cats are hanging out just waiting for your helper to return. and I love the card they made you for Father’s Day

    Liked by 2 people

    • lol. It is lucky that it has not taken two years for me to reply to your comment Beth. What with the heat in Europe, my crazy hands and a psychotic voice to typing app, I am amazed that I am able to reply to you at all. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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  7. It’s quite possible that standard procedure is for social services to ignore people in hopes they will go away 🙂
    I love the card the cats made! Lovely bird photos!

    Liked by 2 people

    • You are probably right dear Magick Mermaid. Well, in my case, it worked, as I did go away. lol
      Wonderful comment. Thank you my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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  8. You’re not the one that’s not organized but they’re very disorganized. That’s not very courteous at all just to show up. They need to call first. Photos are great. Glad you have friends like that. Hope things get straightened out for you. Love cats.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much Crystal for your wonderful comment. It is all straightened out now. Happy Sunday from all of us. Ralph xox ❤


  9. WOW! Whew!
    I thought this was going to be like that TV show…. The Handmaids Tale.
    Here, Samantha, Murli and Sonic would all be dressed in identical shrouds with hoods.
    They would wander around cooking and cleaning and shopping… in their shrouds and hoods.
    They would get fantastic ratings and some awards.
    It’s all quite complicated, but I am happy to see thy are the same cats as always.
    MORE OF NATASCHA’S Pictures, please!
    Lve to you all! -Resa xoxoxoxoooxoooxoxoxo ❦❦❦❦❦

    Liked by 2 people

    • I am so sorry that it has taken over a week to reply to your comment dear Resa. I have been hiding behind the sofa from my cats wearing shrouds and hoods 😉 Seriously, what with Europe being so hot, my hands doing their own thing and a mad voice to typing app, I just gave up replying to all comments this week.
      I am sure that there will be plenty of photographs from Natascha in my future posts..
      Love from us all. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • NO WORRIES!!!
        No apology needed, ever.
        So, the cats have formed a cult, eh?
        Jeep and Johnny are wondering if they can join? Love to you, the beautiful Natascha & the cult! xoxoxoxo ❤

        Liked by 2 people

      • Yes, of course they can my friend. I think it’s about time our cats met up again and that I did a new post of their conversation. What do you think ? ❤ xoxoxo

        Liked by 2 people

  10. Lucky you didn’t send out a request for food or oxygen. I doubt you would have lasted for 2 years waiting for it, lol !!

    Liked by 2 people

  11. It seems Spanish social Services work rather fast. Surely with others it take 4 to 5 years…… who knows. Spanish just take it easy… and have more siestas. 🙂 Lovely to see a picture of lovely Toni. She is a gem and very hard working.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes dear monkey (this is my crazy voice to typing app in my eyes (I) spend most of my time correcting typos) I will start again.
      Yes, dear Ute, the Spanish do take things easy, don’t they ? Oh well, at least I don’t have the worry about having a government help that (helper). And yes, Toñi is a dram (GM … Jim… jam…gem). I must get a secretary ! Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes my friend, I was so lucky. Have a wonderful Sunday dear Charlotte (it worked !). Ralph xox ❤


    • That’s true dear Valentina. At the time when I was alone a belly dancer would have been most welcome 🙂 And then Natascha came into my life and I had no need for outside help any more.
      I am worried about you all in California with the ground shaking so much.. Stay safe my friend and no jumping up and down 😉 Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ralph, we jump up and down almost every day here. Yesterday, I noticed a new big crack in the cement patio in my garden. 😱

        Liked by 1 person

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