354: Happy Birthday Planet Earth, Snowflake Soldier, Netflix & Cats

~Happy Birthday Planet Earth~

Twitter is becoming the education centre of the “great unwashed”.  Maybe I need to open a Twitter account,  get educated and be really happy.

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And I thought it was all about the New Year.  Live and learn !

~Snowflake Soldier~

Taking the mickey out of your mates is part and parcel of being a soldier.  You know, you drop your bayonet and stab yourself in your foot on parade, you will never live it down.  Simple fun.  You give it out and you take it as it comes.  Not for this Scots Guardsman.

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The British government paid out £1.5 million to some dopey advertising agency to increase recruitment for the British Army and they used this serving soldier’s face on this snowflake poster. A soldier’s career of guarding the Queen and fighting in Afghanistan has been torn to shreds. I think that I would resign as well.

Scots Guards

Give me £1.5 million British government for your recruitment campaign !  Done !  Pay up !

Dads Army ….UK TV series
Still from the film Zulu

I have every right to stand up for this soldier as I served 15 years in the British Army.  It was a time when men were men and women were women.  Simple !  A time when queers, paedophiles, transvestites etc. were not even talked about, mainly because we didn’t know, as big corporations such as the BBC, churches, law, politicians etc. kept these things under wraps. It was a time when I would lay down my life for my mates ……… and any young lady who was willing to take my virginity 🙂

Ralph in Cyprus 1971

Thank you Aer Lingus for supplying a layover stewardess for me.  I didn’t need to die anymore ! 🙂

This Army photograph was used in my local UK County newspaper at the time. I wonder what could have been said with it and what would be written nowadays.

Up at 6 AM. After a full English breakfast went on a 10 mile march in the rain and mud. Repaired electronics in the afternoon. Changed into civilian clothes and went to the pub with my mates. Got drunk, had a fight with local men, took advantage of a local woman out back. We all staggered back to camp and on the way had a pissing contest to see how high up the wall we could pee. I won ! The local woman lost  😉

Didn’t really want to get up this morning. Text the other soldiers in the barrack room to see if they were awake. Decided to miss breakfast of Himalayan goat yoghurt. Didn’t want to go out as it was rainy and muddy which would ruin my boots with glitter hearts. So laid on my bed all day texting, complaining that women soldiers have camouflage bras and the men soldiers are not issued them. Slept all afternoon and spent the evening texting about if we should go out, but decided against it as we couldn’t find anything to wear over our rainbow mankini panties. Stayed in !

Oh boy !  Shoot me someone !


Many, many years later I am happily married.  Still got things to do in the apartment such as putting up pictures and lights.  We have been in this apartment for 15 months and as a Christmas present we decided to unbox the big 49″ TV I brought from Spain.  Neither of us are interested in getting Austrian TV programs, but both of us enjoy movies, so it was a no-brainer to sign up for Netflix TV shows and movies. 

Our TV now up and running
Netflix supplies a different number of TV shows and movies to each country. Click pic to find out how many you can see in your country

I’ll tell you what,  the Internet is a heck of a lot cheaper here in Austria compared to Spain.  I was paying €45pm for unlimited Internet (10Mbs) and €45pm for IPTV movies in Spain, whereas here in Austria we are paying €25pm for unlimited Internet (30Mbs) and €13pm (first month free on the Internet) for HD Netflix movies.  How does your pricing compare ? 

~Samantha Tidy~

Have You Had Your Face Plastered All Over The Newspapers ?

Knowing my readers, probably in the Most Wanted column  😉

Ralph xox ❤

Photographs of the cats taken by Natascha.

54 Comments on “354: Happy Birthday Planet Earth, Snowflake Soldier, Netflix & Cats

    • Intriguing ! I am so pleased that you did survive as I do enjoy reading your Angel Messages posts dear Annette 🙂 Ralph xox ❤

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  1. The earth is 2019 years old?! I sometimes wonder if the intelligence factor of our species is diminishing and then I read Twitter and I’m convinced I’m right.

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    • Spot on Pamela ! I am sure that in the future Mensa will accept people with an IQ of three 🙂 Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

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  2. I think we pay more for internet. I have an ongoing battle with our service provider, Ralph.

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    • You don’t really need that, do you Leslie ? The Internet is becoming a necessary part of life for most people and it is a shame that the providers still try to squeeze as much money out of users as possible. I hope things sort themselves out in your favour soon my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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  3. I’ve been in the newspapers! However, the only plastering has been in the Papier-mâché area.
    Ralph, you were amazing handsome when you were young.
    Out Internet/cable rates are through the roof in Canada.
    I’m in the process of re-thinking, re-tooling and re- drooling.
    Love to all! xoxoxo ❤

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    • I am so pleased that you said that you have been in the newspapers, dear Resa, as you are so creative. Of course, the items could have been completely different. lol 🙂
      *blushing, wringing hands In a leg bending sort of way* 🤗 Thank you my friend.
      Sounds like you need to sack the roof tiling Internet provider. That should work 🙂
      Love and hugs from us all. Ralph xoxoxoxo ❤


  4. Good things take time; like setting up your big TV. My unlimited internet plus landline cost about the equivalent of 80 Euro a month. Twitter and Trump are hand in glove so that about says it all for me re Twitter.

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    • Wow ! That is a lot of money for a pensioner to pay out every month my friend 😦
      Yes, I agree dear Gallivanta, Twitter and Trump are a bit kooky.
      Take care. Ralph xox ❤


  5. Seeing your image of 1971 I can see why Natascha lubs you! 😉 😉
    Nope, my face has not been plastered all over the newspapers – well, not yet anyway! 😂😂
    Interesting how pricing differs country to country. Here in Oz we pay approx. 38 Euro unlimited internet – 7.5 Euro Netflix. We luv Netflix. We’ve found quite a few very good movies plus some quite good series to watch. Well; I should qualify that. My man K has found quite a few series he enjoys. I generally give up; they go on and on and on forever – Boring! But, that’s a ‘girls’ point of view. They, the series, are generally quite violent. I can do without them! But, you know what the TV is like these days – reruns upon reruns! So Netflix is a good alternative.

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    • Natascha lubs me lots and lots. My two cats swung it I reckon 😉
      That’s a shame that you have not been in the newspapers dear Carolyn. You never know, the press may pick up on your dancing 🙂
      That is interesting about how much you pay for your Internet and Netflix. As you say, each country is different.
      I think we have seen only three movies since Christmas and I agree with you about the content. Many are not good. I think we will stick with Netflix and see how it goes anyway.
      Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

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    • Je dois encore vous remercier d’avoir commenté Georges. Celui-ci est spécial. Pour une raison inconnue, votre commentaire figurait dans le courrier indésirable de mon tableau de bord. Oh bien, je vérifiais tous les jours, alors ton commentaire a été libéré très rapidement. Bonne journée. Ralph 🙂

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  6. This is beyond the pale, Ralph! For the army to piss away 1.5 on such a namby-pamby advertisement is the height of embarrassment to an otherwise legendary service. I’m sure the heroic lads lying in their graves from battles past would be so proud of today’s top brass who would green light such a travesty.

    On a more positive note, when I first saw your picture, I thought I was seeing the poster of the leading man in a hollywood war epic! That’s the picture the army should have used in the advertisement. Only three words would have been necessary “sign up now!”

    As far as I’m concerned, the army should be concentrating on recruiting good dedicated women instead of male flakes. Let them stay home in their safe spaces while real men and women get the job done for them.

    P.S. We love Netflix. Also Amazon Prime. You should check into it.

    Say hi to that sweet wife of yours!

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    • Ludicrous, isn’t it Al ? There are many stories that came out of World War one and two where soldiers were full of compassion towards themselves, the enemy and civilians. So there is absolutely no need for this advertising campaign for Snowflakes. I agree with you about women being recruited. There are many in action in Afghanistan and similar problem countries. Gutsy girls !
      lol. I am no John Wayne 🙂
      We discussed other movie providers and I think that we will stick with Netflix for now.
      Thank you for your great comment my friend. Ralph 🙂

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  7. You have my head spinning Ralph. Earth 2019 ! Years old. 1,5 million on a poster ??. The handsome young soldier should have done it 😊. Mind you, you really got up to no good.

    You better pick out a good film for tonight after all these traumas.
    Have a wonderful evening all of you.


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    • Sorry that I have your head spinning like an owl dear Miriam 😉 🦉 Shush, I don’t want the whole world to know that I was up to no good 😉 No time for movies tonight as I have a load of comments to answer. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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  8. Heavens to Murgatriod! … weren’t you a handsome lad back in the day! 😀

    2019 years old, eh? … ** shakes head and walks away** … idiots!

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    • *blushing* Thank you dear Widdershins. You made my day !
      Yep …. Idiots !
      Take care my friend. Ralph 🙂

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  9. I’ve read a little more about this British recruitment effort, which really showcases the government’s pitiful approach towards national defense. That is an awesome picture of you back in the day, in great contrast to today’s recruitment posters. I guess Great Britain would prefer “snowflakes” who think the planet is 2019 years old! BTW, that snowflake on the poster looks like J-Roc from “Trailer Park Boys”, the low-life Canadian TV series, if you’ve ever had had the pleasure to watch it on Netflix. LOL! Always enjoy your posts, Ralph. Des

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    • Thank you for your great comment Des. It seems that advertising agencies have only one thing on their agenda. PC !
      That sort of series is way below my radar. That reminds me, MASH was one of my favourite series.
      Take care my friend. Ralph 🙂

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  10. I’ve had my picture in the local paper, a few times. lol Once for being the 100th or whatever person through the doors of the supermarket, and as an artist in the college exhibition and when working on the school newspaper. oh and when we were at the Up Heila (Shetland new years celebration when they spend all year making a long boat and someone is chosen to be the Guiser Yarl, frontman then they set the boat alight) we were not in Shetland but it was the Orkney and Shetland association who gave the dance. So, urm, yes we were all dressed up as Vikings or picts and got our picture in the paper. xxx

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  11. Wow! This post was all over the place. Nice picture of you. Why do cats dig? Only one of ours is a digger. It is so odd (I think). Happy New Year!

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    • That’s me, all over the place as usual. I don’t like to post to often mainly because answering comments for me takes forever and one big batch every couple of weeks is enough for me. Also, I usually have a few ideas which makes for a long magazine style post.
      I think the reason why Samantha digs is either to make a nest or she does not retract her hooks which catch on fabric and she drags the material around until released.
      Happy Monday dear Terre. Ralph xox ❤


  12. Funny, my photo was in the newspaper when we dressed up. I went as a … yes, a snowflake…… and it was in the local paper. My dad had cut it out. It was probably 50 years ago though.
    You love Samantha really, so tidy I must say!

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    • Heehee. Maybe you should send the photograph to Army recruitment dear Ute 😉
      Yes, even though Samantha is a little rascal, we love her to bits.
      Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

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  13. You were a very good looking soldier, Ralph. We are of an age, so if I’d joined the army, we might have met on patrol, or even during pissing contests. 😀 I was in the newspaper, playing the piano for a church choir; my sister, however, was a page three girl wearing nothing but panties and a strategically placed feather boa. Guess which sister was the naughty one of the family. 🙂

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  14. “Thank you Aer Lingus for supplying a layover stewardess for me. I didn’t need to die anymore!”

    Ralph, that’s a classic line!
    Take care —

    Neil Scheinin

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    • Thank you dear Shera, it’s okay so far, as I hope your weekend is. Hugs. Ralph xox ❤


  15. Yes, I was on the front cover of the local newspaper for saving someone’s life.

    I was also in the Mirror online newspaper about being an Asexual cougar.

    2 very different things.

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    • I remember you telling me about you saving someone’s life, Sandra. Awesome ! Definitely 2 different things 🙂 Hope you are having a great weekend my friend. Ralph xox ❤


  16. Only a bit bit behind on a new post aye? I know it will come, like the sun the rain and my morning coffee, …

    You sure never have a delay in commenters though -to post a comment it takes me a good hour to scroll to the bottom to post my own. lol, Always happy to see how you are loved my dear friend, and in which case I am so happy to know you.. Hope it is not too cold in the bitter cold winter of Austria, but trust me, I’m freezing my butt off here as well! oxo Spring is close by, or it is lost forever, lets hope not the latter..

    I know you are busy WB when you can….hugz

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    • I am so sorry that it takes you so long to scroll down through the comments before you write. I do have the option of putting the newest to the top, but I know most people like to get the feel of what other people have written before commenting. So I think I will leave the format as it is.
      Sorry that it is cold where you are. I hope you have heating within your home. It is cold in Graz at the moment, -10°C at 8 AM this morning, but the apartment is lovely and warm.
      Enjoy your morning coffee dear Alana. Hugs xx


      • Don’t you worry, I will scroll to the bottom of the earth if need be to leave you a comment…

        hey, it sounds pretty cold where you are as well. How’s the skiing there? Worth a trip? (Avid skier here) Although, it has been a while.. 😦

        As for the cold weather,there you are a warrior, you will prevail.. 🙂

        I did note that my friend, (you) used to post something almost daily, even if he had one extra minute in his busy day. You loved it I thought, and I enjoyed reading your fun, and super cool posts. Not so much anymore aye?

        Hoping you are well my friend. Keep in touch..

        Hugz to you and Natasha,..oxo

        You are in my thoughts..
        Happy you are happy.. And of course I did not forget those happy cats..

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    • Thanks James. Am following your blog as I like what most are scared to say. No holds barred with you, eh ?
      BTW are you related to Jim & Doris Nelson whom I stayed with in Julian, CA, in 1986. He worked for AT&T and loved acting. I met him in Saudi Arabia. Doris ran the travel agency in Julian. They have a daughter Penny. I lost touch. Shame really.
      Anyway take care. Ralph 🙂


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