347: Don’t Give Up !


Video credit:  Reddit

What a year !  One thing I have learned is to not give up, especially when things become difficult, looking hopeless and seems to have no end.  Do you remember the weeks of emotional stress, the €800+  payment that Natascha and I had to endure to verify three bits of paper and that I was free to get married ?  We didn’t give up and got married.  Immediately after, were weeks without bank statements being sent to me, resulting in my trying to close my bank account in Spain.  Complaints to their head office did the trick and the account was eventually closed.  I didn’t give up. THEN I went through the headache of cashing in an old pension plan. They sent a UK cheque to me in Austria which took six weeks to be credited into my Austrian bank account.  Yay, at last ! 

All unnecessary bureaucrazy, but we never gave up.  I think the garbage truck above did give up, don’t you ?

I have read many of your posts, problems with all sorts of things, from medical issues to publishing books and most of you don’t give up.  Some do.  Giving up is the easy way out and can become a habit.  From then on you become a victim of your own weakness.  Stay strong and write in your blog about it.  Your readers love real life stories and their comments can really give you a boost when you need it most. You have helped us get through, helped us not to give up. Thank you my friends.

~Murli Never Gives Up~

Video credit:  Natascha’s post

~My Sweet Sonic & Samantha~

I wonder what my two loveable pussy-cats are doing ?

I heard that !!!!

Have You Ever Given Up ?

Okay, I know !  Reading my posts !

Ralph xox ❤

Cat photographs and cat video taken by Natascha

92 Comments on “347: Don’t Give Up !

    • I agree with you Glen. The grabber on the truck seemed to have human qualities. Emotional confusion at the beginning and finished off by saying, “Sod it !” and dumped the bin into the truck. Brilliant !
      Take care. Ralph 🙂

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      • Hi Ralph,

        I picked up a new word the other day – ‘anthropomorphic’. It means the attribution of human traits, emotions or qualities to non-human entities.

        I reckon that garbage truck is 100% ANTHROPOMORPHIC!!

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      • An excellent word Glen, but I haven’t enough keys on my keyboard to write it or enough brain cells in my head to remember it 😉 🙂

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    • We moved from Canada to Australia in 1966. Our trip was by boat (3 weeks, we couldn’t afford airfare)> In San Francisco, we stopped to take on more passengers, and I’ve never forgotten the sight of an elderly Russian man coming up the gangplank, bottle of vodka tucked under his arm, shaking his head and muttering “Bureau-crazy, bureau-crazy.” It has become a family catch-cry.

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      • I’m glad you made it to Australia Yvonne. Loved the story of the Russian ! I expect he slept during the whole voyage. Hugs. Ralph xox ❤


    • That is really kind of you to say Lynette. Natascha will be very happy when she reads your comment. Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

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  1. How can we ever give up on your posts Ralph, they are sunshine in the midst of chaos. Yes, I remember all the bureacrazy:) , personally I believe it is there to test the strong from the weak. Who survives. Resilience, patience and humour. Yep, that is what it is. 😊.

    As to those cats of yours, what would you and Natasha do without their wisdom?

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    • That is really lovely that you are never going to give me up dear Miriam. Cue for a song, eh ?

      Thank you so much for your wise words my friend and turning my cats into gurus.
      Have a lovely weekend. Ralph xox ❤

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  2. i always remember that things will work out somehow, just not how i ever imagined them though, which is the fun part of the ride –

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    • Precisely dear Beth ! It’s like being on a ghost train, never knowing what is going to happen next and scare you silly.
      Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

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  3. That was a touching acknowledgement to your readers who cheered you on, Ralph. It’s true, sometimes other people’s victories provide just enough inspiration to motivate someone else to succeed. That’s one thing I like about blogging. Have a great weekend, Ralph!

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    • I agree with you totally Des. People do need inspiration, I know I do. Thank you and have a great weekend yourself my friend. Ralph 🙂

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    • Persistent is the right word YC (my voice/typing app just threw my reply to you into spam. So I had to edit it. Oh boy !). Ralph 🙂

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  4. Hilarious, Ralph. Those naughty cats talking behind your back should be in “time-out” for a while!

    Glad your readers were able to provide some morale boost to your frustrating year. For cat lovers, how ironic that you and Natascha get the Doggedness of the Year award!

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    • Thank you for your great comment Al ! I can never win with my cats and I am sure that there is more to come in future posts, oh dear !
      Yay, we have finally won something, not the Euro Millions, but your award will do my friend. Ralph 🙂


    • Like a heart shaped helium balloon dear Annette ! Come back and stop playing around. lol. 🎈
      Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

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  5. I don’t give up, however, I may postpone the project until I figure out how to succeed.

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    • Spot on Leslie. I needed your comment to explain why it has taken me a week to reply to your comment. Whenever I tried to get on answering comments something else happened, but I am here now. Thank you and have a lovely evening my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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    • Oui Georges, j’aime beaucoup les chats (quand ils sont gentils avec moi 😉 ). Passez une bonne soirée mon ami. Ralph 🙂

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    • Thank you so much dear Magick Mermaid and I absolutely love your comment my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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    • Thank you dear Ortensia. We were happy that the cheque arrived and got finally credited into my account. I really do appreciate your comment my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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  6. Fun post. I especially liked the words of wisdom from your cats. Boy, do they have your number! I’m glad you didn’t give up. Everything you pushed for was worth it. Have a great weekend, Ralph, Natascha, and cats!

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    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment dear wifi Linda. Giving up is not in my dictionary. Happy Saturday my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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  7. Yes, never give up!!! 😜Of course giving down is whole other thing. 🙃However, I’m not quite sure what that is. I suppose giving around would be like,,,you’re charitable. 🧐Giving in is a questionable move, but not as final as giving up. What about giving out?🍷🍷 From too too much work or wine.. like you’re tired, or would it be more like giving out Hallow’een candies at the door? 🎭🐝I’m going to be a bee this year!
    An evocative post, for sure, dear Ralph!🤓 Love to all, Resa xoxoxoxoxoxo

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    • Oh, give over, dear Resa ! You really do love to give in your comment, don’t you ? 😉
      Of course you are going to be a bee this year. You must be as you are quite a honey and always causes a buzz. S’wat else could you be ?
      Bug hug. Ralph xoxoxo ❤


  8. Writing is a savior for many my friend. I know it kept me sane for years. It’s a medium to express our thoughts instead of keeping them bottled up. Venting by pen or keyboard. 🙂 ❤

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  9. I wondered why no-one got out of the garbage truck and just put the bin in the right place … too much work I suppose! 😀

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    • Yes dear Widdershins, doing work is too much for some individuals. Anyway, the video clip would be really boring, wouldn’t it ? Ralph 🙂

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  10. Yay for marriage and forever Love! 💗
    Yay for bureacacy being Overcome!
    So happy the cats accept and love their Mummy! How could they not love Natascha? 🤗
    Thank you for your message and supportive Likes, Ralph. My grandson is going to be 13 and is battling Ewing’s Sarcoma, a form of cancer which has created 3 small masses and one rather big one which has pressed on his spine and behind his ear (3×4×5 cm) He has begun chemo treatments and yes, I have Faith for him! 🙏 🌟 🌈 Thank you for sharing your love with us, R + N! 💏

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    • First of all thank you so much for your wonderful first three paragraphs dear Robin 🙂
      I will always follow and support you my friend 🙂
      Oh no, how awful ! Your grandson is a brave lad to go through chemotherapy at his age. I hope the treatment works so that he can become a normal teenager without the worry of medical problems. It must be distressing for you as well dear Robin. Thinking of you. Big hug. Ralph xox ❤


    • You may have thought that I have given up replying to your comment dear Ute, but no, just a little delayed. I agree, don’t give up !
      Have a lovely evening my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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  11. As long as I keep the faith I won’t give up. I don’t think I ever gave up completely but if I did it was when I was really young and I don’t remember it.

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    • That’s right ! Don’t give up ! I hope it all works out for you my friend. Ralph xox ❤


    • I do hope that your crazy week wasn’t quite as crazy as you thought dear Katie 🙂 Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

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  12. This post came at just the right time. I’d read a letter from a publisher who had my novel and they rejected it, so when I read your post it was just what I needed. Thank you and love to all the cats, and your lovely lady. xxx

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    • Thank you dear Amanda 🙂
      Blogging, talking about things on WordPress and especially receiving such wonderful comments as yours, do help tremendously.
      Have a lovely evening my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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  13. Thanks for the dose of inspiration, Ralph!!! I needed it. So happy you are settling in and persevered, even when it was painfully challenging. Anything worth having, is worth the fight though, right? :)​

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    • We all need a little bit of encouragement now and again, don’t we dear Tanya ? I am so happy to read that this post helps you a teeny-weeny bit my friend.
      Yes, anything worth fighting for must be special.
      Big hug. Ralph xox ❤


  14. You are right, Ralph, never give up! What is a life without perseverance and persistence? You are so brave and enduring so much, you are a good example, my friend.

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    • Great ! I am so pleased that you had a smile my friend.
      And yes, never give up !
      Ralph xox ❤


    • Thank you so much for your kind offer of an award Anjali. As you can see on my sidebar I don’t do awards. Anyway, thank you so much my friend. Ralph xox ❤


    • Hello Alana 🙂
      It is lovely to see you here and all your Likes on the other posts. Thank you my friend. I have been around your new blog and it is nice to read about your countrymen.
      I am fine and happy with my new wife here in Austria. I took a gamble, a big gamble, by leaving my comfortable home in Spain for a completely new life and it has really worked out well for both of us (and our three cats).
      I hope that you, my great warrior friend, are well and happy.
      Take care. Ralph xox ❤


    • The gif was a lot of fun, wasn’t it ? Thank you for commenting. Ralph 🙂


  15. The trash can issue actually happened to us. The truck devoured our recycle can. So far it’s been three weeks and we are still not recycling. You do have the persistence of a saint. The cats look well satisfied.

    V has become a cat person. I brought home three kittens (actually five, but two died.) from next door. (Our neighbor has about 60 cats, mostly feral.) He protested so much at first, I thought he was going to burst a blood vessel in his neck, but he didn’t. Now he has a webcam so he can watch them while we are on vacation.

    We gated off our breezeway between the garage and house, creating about a 270 square foot outdoor room for the cats so they will be safe at night. Then they have a cat door to go into a 40 square foot cage in the garage if it gets too cold (or hot). It’s heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer.

    We hired someone to come feed them while we vacation. Our old cat, Scardy, is allowed (V’s rules) outside during the day. He sleeps and paces around the house waiting for us to come home. The babies (now six months old and fixed) are confined to their room while we are gone. They don’t seem to mind. We watch them playing, and they have a new tower (I assembled it.) for them to sleep and play on. They have two tunnels, two outside cages, blankets, doggie beds, a table, three bathrooms, toys, and a food tree for between meal snacks. They eat Fresh Pet chicken while we are gone (expensive cat chicken).

    I thought cats were for catching mice, gophers and snakes, and you kept some food out for them, but I’ve learned that for the last seventeen years I’ve been doing it all wrong. So there is a new protocol at the Ingrao house and it has the cat stamp of approval. 🙂

    Take care my dears. V is ready to vacation some more, so I must gol. xxx

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    • Awww ! That is really nice of you to take in more pussy cats. I am sure that they will have a loving home now.
      I hope you get a new recycle bin soon or you may be fined for not recycling correctly 😉 Councils are crazy enough to do it even when it is their own fault. Ralph xox ❤

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