Summer Party

The other day I received an invitation …..


….. to go to David & Hilda’s home here in southern Spain for a party.  Yay !


It just so happened to coincide with a full moon on the Summer Solstice.  The next full moon on a Summer Solstice will be in 2062 when I will be 116 years old and probably will marry a 21 year old super-model that day unless one of you ladies out there sweep me off my feet first.  Well, you have 46 years to work on it.  😀

Click for original solstice full moon photograph. Normally I would have deleted the original straight away as a finger was half over the camera lens, but I could see an unusual result. So with a bit of cropping these two pictures emerged. Great, aren’t they ?



Welcome to the party !






Ralph talking to Thierry who is French and doesn’t understand what I am gibbering about.
Mary and Louise talking intently about wallflowers
Breda and Hilda admiring the wallflowers
Wallflowers John and Adrian
Breda and Louise conversing about wallflowers.
Breda’s wine glass being topped up by Carmen……again !
Carmen the barmen
Jim made a boob in taking this photograph.


As you can see this party had no cats.





 The food was great.


Ana is so slow in serving the paella !
David the host and chef



Mary, Ralph 2, Margaret and Brian



 The music by Marcus was brilliant ……


….. to dance the night away to.

Louise & Ralph
Max clinching Ralph




Ralph and Hilda

I bet you would have loved to dance with me.  I must learn how to Jive so that I can swing you over my shoulders and between my legs at the bar before the music starts. 😉


 Then, of course, the company of friends enhanced the evening.

Bill and Max
Jim & Louise. Did you notice Jim's magical appearing spectacles ?
Jim & Louise. Did you notice Jim’s magical spectacles ?

Thank you David & Hilda for a wonderful party 😀


Will you dance with me at least once within the next 46 years ?

I’m unavailable 20th of June 2062 as I’ve probably just met a 21 year old super-model that day and I’ll marry her the following day.  Got to work fast when 116 years old  😀


Ralph xox ❤



131 Comments on “Summer Party

    • Hi Annette 😀
      Of course I will let you know where I am registered, the island of Bali at sunset would be a good place and thank you so much my friend for thinking about a wedding gift. Perhaps a light body might be useful for a 116-year-old man 😀
      Ralph xox ❤

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  1. I’ll dance with you MFR. What a beautiful location for a party. Looked like a lot of fun. 🙂 Have a great weekend. 🙂 xox

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    • Oh wow. I would dance with you too MVBFM. Yes, the location of the party was perfect for a fun evening. Thank you and have a lovely weekend yourself my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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    • Off topic. I have just replied to your very long comment in which you found one of my comments in your spam. I tried replying and my reply has not shown up again, so I will copy/paste it here.

      “Hi MVBFM 😀
      I know nothing about WP Org. Does Akismet catch spam in there ? If so, try contacting them here and explain your problem >>>>
      A year or so ago all my comments in other blogs except my own ended up in their spam. I contacted WP Com Forum and a member suggested that I contact Akismet directly, which I did. Within a day or so all my comments returned to normal on other blogs. BTW your blog is the only one where my comments disappear.
      Thank you so much for explaining what you have been up to with your blogs and comments. I am so pleased that in some way I have been some help for you.
      Have a lovely weekend 😀 ❤ "

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      • Yes, does use akismet, and thanks for the idea. I will contact them. Yours is the only one of my friends that goes into spam. In fact, yours was the only spam in my folder at all! That is soooooooo weird. I will definitely contact them today. That is more than annoying! Thanks again, MFR for being such a great friend. 🙂 xox

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      • Thank you MVBFM for contacting Akismet. I do hope that they can fix the problem mi amiga 😀 xox

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      • I have just commented on How To Choose ….. post and as usual it has disappeared. I commented, saying >>>
        “Because my blog is becoming more popular, i.e. 100+ likes, 100+ comments ( 50% being my replies ) and 250+ WP emails, all generated from one published post, I had to cut back on my posts. I am now publishing once a fortnight which takes a lot of pressure off of me, which means I can reply to comments, visit everyone’s blog who has liked or commented, draft a new post and have plenty of real time. I have also cut back on blogs I follow which has helped tremendously in reducing my inbox. 😀 ❤ "

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    • Hi Shey 😀
      Ah, big problem. At the 46th year point I will be a married man with responsibilities such as staying alive. I think 100 years is pushing the envelope somewhat, but there will always be room in my little book for a dance with you my friend.
      Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

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    • Hi Cindy 😀
      I totally agree with you. Over many years David and Hilda have converted what was basically a shed into a gorgeous home. A lot of work, but the end result is worth it and it makes a lovely place for a party.
      Ralph xox ❤

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    • Hi Kate 😀
      Normally when I visit David and Hilda there are cats everywhere as they have rescued a dozen or so and are now pets. Because there were so many people and so much noise they had all disappeared from the outside except for the one in a quiet corner so I had to take a photo of it just for you my friend. Yes, we did have a fun time and the paella was as tasty as it looked.
      Thank you so much for your AMAZING comment my friend and do have a lovely weekend. Ralph xox ❤

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      • Thanks Ralph. The weekend is going along well. I did a postal vote, so am happily watching our elections on TV without having to go out and face the queues and the crowds.

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      • That is good news Kate. I do hope that you have voted for the party that gives you loads of money, no taxes and 365 days a year paid vacation. I am wondering whether you live in the outback where meeting up with one person a year is classed as a crowd 😀 ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • I voted in a way that will make sure whichever major party wins there will be someone there to “keep the bastards honest” as we say here. I am a city slicker at hart but live in a regional beachside area. It is a long way from those places in Oz that are mostly uninhabited, though I do see the appeal!

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      • That is quite a party slogan, “Keep us bastards honest”. They are bound to win 😀
        Wow, oh wow, how lovely for you to live in a beachside area Kate 😀

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    • Definitely ! A good time was had by all indeed. I am sure that you would have loved the paella Widdershins 😀 Ralph xox ❤


    • It surely was a wonderful party Katie. LOL, being British in EU Spain could be quite confusing when going home. Do I stay or do I go ?
      Thank you so much my friend and have a lovely weekend yourself. Ralph xox ❤

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  2. Wow, Spain and the parties look great and lots of fun! maybe I’ll hop over there for a visit and grab that dance before the queue starts!

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    • Yes, the parties here are usually a lot of fun as the hosts really put themselves out to make it so. You are very welcome to visit and grab that dance Amanda ……. or anything else. lol. Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

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    • Hi Carolyn 😀
      Thank you so much for your very magical comment my friend and I am so pleased that you spotted Jim’s magic glasses. Do have a magical weekend.
      Bye. Poof !
      Ralph xox ❤

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  3. Holy Macaroni! What a swell party that was. Hey I couldn’t see the boob Jim made. Is it one of those puzzles for the extremely slow people? If so, I win.

    Your photos of the moon are so darn good, I’m impressed. Hugs, etc. from Oz, where it’s election day. Very exciting that is. oxo ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    • (I eve on…….for heavens sake, this Dragon 12 voice activated typing !!)
      Hi Yvonne 😀
      Holy Paella ! It was a swell party.
      She was wearing a black sweater and you can see her shirt collar on the top left of the photograph. Because of my hands I recruit a cameraman for the party and somehow Jim managed to take a boob photo. You win !
      Thank you so much my friend, the moon photo was a total accident. No change there then !
      Wow, you are the second Australian to comment here about the election. As I said to Kate (Photobooth Journal) two Australians in the outback must be classed as a crowd, perhaps I should mean in these comments ! Stay excited my friend 😀
      Ralph xox ❤

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      • @ Caroline
        lol. Thank you so much. Yes, many of us do have a great life in Spain. We all hope that Brexit won’t mess us about too much and that we will be able to continue our lives here without too much hassle from the Spanish government and banks.
        Oh dear, I hope I don’t have to wait 46 years for a relationship with anyone ! 😀
        Have a lovely weekend my friend. Ralph xox ❤


    • Merci beaucoup pour vos grands commentaires Georges et je suis heureux que vous avez apprécié les photos disponibles. Merci et un grand week-end vous. Oh, je vous remercie pour la photo aussi bien. Ralph 😀

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  4. Seems like you went to an amazing party! I wish I were there…I would’ve loved to dance with you. Yes, you may have to learn to jive first though 😉
    Loved the post and your spirit Ralph! Keep smiling. Cheers and have a lovely day.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Awww, you are so sweet for writing such a lovely comment Aishwarya. I would love to dance with you too and it should take me 46 years to learn how to jive. Would you be 21 years old then ? Just asking. lol. 😉 Ralph xox ❤

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  5. this looks like a wonderful party, full of fun and mayhem! now that i know you’ll be marrying when you are 116, i am working out more and getting ready for my dress, thanks for giving me plenty of notice.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you so much for your great comment my friend. I am so pleased that you noticed that I gave you a little notice of my impending nuptials. Wow, as you are working out more and preparing your party dress I may have to to reconsider marrying a 21 year old supermodel. Just giving you notice Beth 😉 Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

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  6. Now that was a party and a half! You were up dancing and all. Good friends, the food looked good too, that and un poco vino rojo made for a wonderful evening.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Wow, what a great comment from you Leslie. You read all the post ! Sorry that it was so long, but there was a lot to fit in. Cheers my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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  7. The comments gave me a good giggle Ralph – but that party was somethin’ – just wonderful to have a community like yours.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Lara 😀
      I am so pleased that you had a good giggle and enjoyed the post my friend. I just love the way fellow bloggers join in the fun with their comments. I never know what you will say. Sometimes I have to really think about an apt reply. What fun !
      I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Ralph xox ❤

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  8. Fabulous post Ralph and as always you’ve made me chuckle and it’s great to see you having fun in the sun and dancing the night away to live music! I’m having a great night here in Manchester – it’s never stopped raining, we’ve actually had hailstone this afternoon it was so cold brrrrrrrr.. but tonight the sun is shining in my house having eating a delicious curry – recipe courtesy of blogger Sumith and now a belly laugh courtesy of your Party post! I’m still on the weightloss journey so belly really was ‘wobbling’ (particularly after the curry – not sure this really helped the diet!). Hopefully by the time I’m 116 I may have lost the belly! 1 stone down 3 more to go… Dream on….

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Wendy 😀
      Wow, what a long comment ! I am so happy to have made you chuckle and to read that you have enjoyed this post.
      Oh boy, the British summer is really having fun with you, isn’t it ? Heck, it is July for goodness sake and you should be enjoying sunny days instead of brrrrrrrr, hail and constant rain. I have forgotten what those three are as it was about 37° C this afternoon, hot, hot, hot !
      I am so pleased to read both here and in your post of your delicious curry. I am not a curry fan. When I was young I used to travel from the boarding school on the Isle of Wight to Nigeria for holidays as my parents lived and worked there. Every Sunday there was a meal laid on in the Bauchi Club for all the expats. In one such meal I picked out a small sardine looking fish from the buffet, ate it whole and I reckon it was solid curry powder. Yuk !
      Oooh, it must be awful to be constantly worried about your figure, but I am glad that you enjoyed your curry anyway my friend.
      Have a great Sunday. Ralph xox ❤


      • Hahahaha – You just continue to enjoy every minute of that glorious Spanish Summer Ralph – I’m not jealous or anything!
        Yak – I’m not surprised your experience of eating the ‘curry powder’ put you off curries for life!
        Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow too and I’ll think of you from under my brolly (sadly not the sun shade that you’ll be looking for..)
        Cheers! x

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  9. wow what a wonderful party it looked. Full of dancing, food, love and wine. p.s. I hope the cats did not throw a party of their own when you were away. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hello dear Adele 😀
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I must agree with everything that you say about the party. When I got home the cats were waiting at the door for me and told me off for arriving home sober, not having lipstick on my collar and not bringing home a female lap for them to sleep on. lol. Ralph xox ❤


  10. Dear Ralph,
    I always like it when you go to a party. You have so many pals, fab scenery, wine, food wine, fun & wine!
    However, I miss your 3 cats. I understand why you don’t take them. Cats don’t whether well at parties. Fortunately, I was pleased to see 2 cats at this party. I especially appreciate that one of the cats came in a dog costume.
    June 20, 2062…. unbelievable!!! I have a date with an aged rock star on that exact day! I don’t care how old he is exactly, as I will be too, old to know that numbers mean anything.
    Well, well, things are progressing quite nicely. Much love, as always, Resa xoxo ❤ <#

    Liked by 3 people

    • Heehee. I just love your comments dear Resa especially the part about a cat in a dog costume. lol.
      Amazing ! I was thinking about taking up a geetah and becoming a rock star, forming a band, Elastic band I think I will call it and fall passionately in love with a very young looking costume designer who had worked with me for 46 years. As you can see I am a fast worker. 😀
      Great ! Not long to go now. You must be very excited.
      Love and hugs. Ralph xoxo ❤ #<


  11. A Party again with all your lovely friends, I believe it was great at Hilda’s. And the wallflowers must have been a great topic. Bit jealous here…. sun, music,dance, wine…. super!

    Liked by 3 people

    • I’m so sorry to make you jealous dear Ute. At least you had experienced one party in this village.
      Hey, you had sun in London on Sunday. How did I know ? I watched Formula-e motor racing in Battersea Park on ITV and it was sunny. Yay !
      Thank you so much for your super comment my friend. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, you are right, we had Street party and Caribbean Carnival going on next to my road. It was lovely and so beautifully sunny and warm. I do wear that Vineyard T-shirt and always remember the great time with you and your friends, they are all so welcoming. You lot are a great bunch! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s wonderful Ute, sun with a street party and Caribbean Carnival. Amazing !
        We all remember you too my friend, in the best possible way 😀

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  12. Oh Ralph, with so many Belles around queuing for you what chance do i have?
    I shall have to be contented to secretly lusting at your photos in your posts
    for the next … 45 years!… and just dream of and of that glorious Moon.
    (Terrific Photo by the way!)

    And talking about Photos, a few nights ago i saw one of my man’s favourite
    photos of a much younger Me on his PC revolving screen saver
    and i thought ‘I know this woman from some past life but can hardly recall
    who she was’ then another thought followed ‘Every Person has a Story…”
    So now with the Photos, the Past and the Future etc i am just wondering,
    would you be prepared to Dazzle us all with a Favourite Photo of Yourself
    from any stage / time in your life, one that you can remember fondly
    or identify with most? I have constructed one in my mind of you as
    around 21 yy or so and i am curious to see as to how close (or far) i have been.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hello Sonata 😀
      Thank you so much for your very long comment. Wow !
      I really do wish that I had photographs of my life. I lost them. Over time I have moved home many times and somehow either the photographs got thrown out or destroyed on one of the moves. Oh well.
      Isn’t that lovely that your man as a younger you on his screen saver. So sweet.
      I really have to think back to remember what I was doing when I was 21. How old was I then ? I was in the British Army in Aden, Yemen, for two years. What a place to have one’s 21st birthday. lol.
      Have a lovely week my friend. Ralph xox ❤


      • Well Ralph, guess what!
        Searching for your email to send you something funny.
        I saw in your Profile your Young Boy Photo! It had not entered my mind to imagine you as a child. What a Treat! You were such an absolutely Handsome Sweetie and I can see in all your photos the same heart melting smile and the youthful sparkly look in the eyes! A great blessing that some things neither time nor events can ever alter…

        Edited by Ralph >>>

        Here is the fun Australian Voter’s dress code image you sent to me by email Sonata

        Pussy Magnet

        Liked by 2 people

      • Thank you for your email Sonata. As requested I have no need to reply as I can say what I have to say here. Yikes, is he one of your party leaders ? If so, no wonder Australian politics is in a bit of a mess 😀
        Thank you so much for your lovely comment about me. *blushing* 😀 ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well…now that i think of it …that was the daily image -Truly!- of the previous PM Tony Abbott. If you do not believe just Google: ‘tony abbott in swimsuit’ and you ll see man list appealing to most Aussie women.

        Liked by 2 people

  13. Thanks for bringing us to the party Ralph. It seemed like a swell time. Yum, that paella looked delish! And how do you make those hilarious animations on the photos? Fantastic! 🙂 Hope you are feeling well, xo ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hello Debby 😀
      Happy, happy that you enjoyed this post of the party my friend.
      Hey, you have given me an idea for my next post on how to create the animations. I am sure my cats will be involved somehow.
      Thank you. I am fine at home with no pressures of having to go to hospital any more and am ticking along quite happily. I do hope that you and hubby are okay and that hubby is improving.
      Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for the wishes my sweet friend. Gratefully, hubby is on the mend, a slow but steady climb. Thank you for asking. And now, that is a post I am really looking forward to! I hope Sam and Sonic won’t try and steal the show though. LOL 🙂 oxox<3

        Liked by 2 people

      • That’s good news Debby. It’s nice to read that hubby is moving in the right direction.
        Oh yes, the cats will surely steal the show 😀 ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  14. Wow… I will dance with you Ralph
    Enjoy your post with beautiful pics
    thnak you for your share
    Have a very happy week
    🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Georgia 😀
      Indeed it was a lot of fun my friend. Thank you for enjoying the post. Ralph xox ❤


    • Ciao Shera 😀
      Sì, grazie amico mio, sto bene. Grazie al cielo che ho preso la decisione di non andare ai medici o in ospedale più come ha preso la pressione di dosso completamente e mi sento molto meglio. Sono sicuro che l’assunzione di tutti i diversi farmaci in passato mi stava facendo più male che bene. Al momento sto cercando di trovare un riflessologo locale.
      Spero che tu stia bene e felice con la vostra vita e vi ringrazio tanto per il commento.
      Ralph xox ❤


  15. I’m delighted that you’ve all enjoyed the party that we hosted, Ralph you certainly have a gift in making this amusing.
    Now, as you will be celebrating a BIG birthday in around five months time why don’t you invite all of your friends here to give you some ideas for your special party ?
    And for all you cat lovers, i am sure that Ralph has told you in previous posts that we have 11 little furry friends around the home but sadly only Fandango wanted to be photographed !

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Hilda 😀
      I had a great time and everything went so well, didn’t it ?
      Five months to go ? Doesn’t time fly ? What a good idea to ask my Internet friends for their input. Maybe next post.
      You are so kind in looking after so many cats my local friend.
      Hugs. Ralph xox ❤


    • Hi Carmen 😀
      Old boy. That poor cat ! If that happened to me I would probably switch off and look at the prettiest girl at the party with a glazed look in my eyes. I may need you to be at one of my parties one day just in case 😉 lol
      Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Looks like a fun party and I didn’t see any wallflowers despite how everyone was talking about them 🙂 In fact, everyone looks pretty loose! The poor confused dogs cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh. 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Diana 😀
      Funny that, I didn’t see any wallflowers at the party except for a couple of men sitting on the steps. Strange that !
      The two dogs were rescued and the one that thought it was a cat arrived at David and Hilda’s home just recently and spent the whole evening shaking with excitement at all the attention it was getting from the party goers.
      Glad you had fun reading this post my friend.
      Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Dear friend Ralph,

    Of course I will dance with you! I will have you know that I took ballroom dancing for 3 years when I was in high school. I have to admit that I was not a willing particitpant – my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to learn social graces that way. No comment on whether or not it worked. 🙂


    Liked by 3 people

    • Hello dear Nancy 😀
      I won’t ask whether it worked or not 😀
      Oooh, that is nice of you to offer to dance with me. It’s a date then ……. sometime within the next 46 years ? 😉
      Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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  19. Oh my goodness, are you saying I have to put up with your torturous comments for another 46 years, holy crap, where’s Carmen at, I need a glass of wine!
    (On the udder hand, me being such an evil cow and all, I might adopt the motto if you can’t beat then join them, I’m just away to Google what torturous means lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes, you are doomed, doomed I say to another 46 years of my comments Juls. Sit back and enjoy what is about to come. Ralph xox ❤


    • It was Wendy. Indeed we all had a great time. We are very lucky to have Marcus in our area, aren’t we ?

      Boy, it is hot this afternoon ! Today is the first day I have my air-conditioner running this year. My cats are loving it.

      Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  20. Pingback: Fourth Birthday Bash – Bluefish Way

  21. I would love to dance with you and also in much sooner than 46 years and we will be a great dance couple and we will have great fun !!! I’m sure of this 🙂 !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, we did have a lovely party and it would have been nice if you were there my friend. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. I think I have answered them all. Do have a lovely end of the week Serach. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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