Ali Gaiter

Wow !  A package for little ol’ me in Spain, all the way from a dear blogging friend in Florida, USA.

That’s strange, it’s got air holes all around the box.










“Cats !  Help !”

















My cats are now scaredy cats and revolting (no change there), so Ali Gaiter has a new home, sleeping with a neighbour, a 4 year old Spanish boy, who just loves the toy  😀


Do you remember this ?


Well, Katie owned up for sending the parcel.  Not giving up, she sent it again and this time the gator walked on its own into my home.  Thank you my friend.




The Urban Dictionary defines a “Gator” as


So are you a Gator, Cougar, a 21 year old, or are you married to an old croc(k) ?

I’m an old single crock 😀



Ralph xox ❤


 I would like to ask you to visit Katie‘s and Belinda‘s blogs.  Why ?  Because they are both suffering from the horrendously painful 24/7 Lyme Disease which has no cure.  Please give them a big hug.

97 Comments on “Ali Gaiter

    • ( Word Press has gone totally insane. The comments here were unusually quiet with only two bloggers writing. When I woke up this morning I checked my dashboard spam and found 10 comments from 8 bloggers hiding in there. All have now been released and I will keep checking my dashboard today in case new comments are lurking in there. Sorry that you had two goes at writing your comment Leslie. I have a good mind to send a real alligator as a present to the Word Press monkeys ).

      Oh, I am so glad that my cats are safe. I do hope that little boy is okay. He has been very quiet recently 😀 Have a lovely weekend my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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  1. Lovely to stumble across your post, Ralph. So fun as always. Too bad the cats couldn’t deal with Ali Gaiter, but I’m sure he has a wonderful home next door. On another note, I love how Donald Trump is now a joke all over the world. LOL. Hope you are well, my friend.

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    • Oh dear, I hope you didn’t scrape your knee when stumbling across my post Diana.
      When the little boy saw Ali Gaiter he hugged it and wouldn’t let it go. So what were the cats and I to do ? My cats cried with happiness when the little boy took him out the door.
      I agree. Donald Trump is a joke, a very scary joke if he wins. Mind you Clinton is just as bad. A scary time for America and the rest of the world.
      I am fine thank you my friend and I hope everything is good with you. Ralph xox ❤

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    • (This comment was in my dashboard spam. WP has gone mad)

      Yes, he came all the way from Florida. Another illegal immigrant I expect 😀 He may show up later, who knows ? Take care YC. Ralph 😀

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  2. Too old to be a cougar? Oh my. I guess I’m a gator. Sorry hear about your friends’ battle with Lyme Disease – my aunt suffered terribly from that disease.

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    • Oh my, I don’t know whether to compliment you or to pity you Jan 😉 LOL
      I am so, so sorry to read about your aunt, it is a terrible disease and I am absolutely amazed at how people who have it can cope and carry on with their lives even if it is at a reduced level.
      Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

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  3. Gaitors are better off next door out of the way – you wouldn’t want to scare off any visiting nurses! I am glad that you look well.

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    • ( Your comment was one of eight different bloggers’ comments I found in spam. Word Press monkeys are smoking weed again 😀 )

      Visiting nurses ? I should be so lucky. Thanks Bill, I am a lot better at home not worrying about ever going to have any more hospital checkups. I hope you are well and happy my friend. Ralph 😀

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  4. Send a pity party my way too. What is the next step after being an alligator, I wonder?

    Lyme disease must be a really awful disease to cope with. We take our health so darn for granted until something threatens it.

    baci xxxx abbracci oooo ❤

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    • (What were you doing with seven other bloggers in my dashboard spam ? I bet you are having a party Yvonne at my place and I wasn’t invited 😉 )

      As you asked, pity heading your way. I really have no idea what the next step after gator is. Yeti perhaps ?

      I agree. Lyme disease is one of the worst and really needs a cure to be found. I hope your health is okay my friend, I know your sanity is ……. ummm 😉

      Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

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  5. Very cool that the cats and Ali spoke the same language … otherwise that could’ve turned out rather different, specially the sniffing bit. 😀

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    • (Your comment was also rescued from my dashboard spam Widdershins)

      Amazing isn’t it that my cats, including China Cat, speak English to a Florida toy alligator. I agree that things could have been a lot different otherwise *sniffles*.

      I do hope that you are having a lovely weekend my friend. Ralph xox ❤


      • What a funny post – at first I thought the gator was real! The pictures of it and the cats are hilarious! I really must look into getting a cat my house is totally empty of living things – apart from a hamster I looked after for a week. I’m thinking of getting a lodger as they are easier to deal with when you go on holiday than a cat…

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      • Hi Caroline 😀
        Thank you so much for your kind words. The gator does look real, doesn’t it ? I am glad it is now in a good home.
        Well, I do hope you make the right decision. Cat or lodger, lodger or cat ? Decisions, decisions !
        Have a great weekend my friend. Ralph xox ❤


    • (WordPress threw your comment into my dashboard spam. I just had to rescue you as you are the main theme of this post Katie)

      Oh, you really love the way my mind works ? I love the way your mind works too my friend. Yep, gators are the new cougars, I am so pleased that you sent me a toy gator and not an Urban Dictionary one. I don’t think I could cope with one of those 😉 Thank you so much Katie for thinking about me and sending me such a great gift which is now being enjoyed by a young Spanish boy. You are a great friend. Ralph xox ❤

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      • Thank you for coming to my rescue!! To confess, I tried to send an Urban dictionary one but she ran off with the mailman. That’s the true reason why the the first one did not arrive. =~>. 8)8)

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      • I’m a regular knight in shining armour aren’t I ? I accept your confession and I am so glad that she ran off with the mailman as my shining armour would become rather tarnished. Anyway, the knight inside is rather rusty himself 😉 lol

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    • Has WordPress gone totally mad today ? This post was written this week in June and you are told that it was written in April ? Time has no meaning any more. As it is mid day here in Spain I wish you good night my friend 😉
      Other than WordPress making us loopy today, I do hope that you are well and happy Lucie. Take care. Ralph xox ❤

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      • LOL. Well, WordPress is enough to make anyone loopy at the best of times.
        Yes, I am fine as I hope you are Lucie 😀

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  6. I’m the woman that Insanity Bytes writes about. I don’t know if you are aware… but she goes around antagonizing younger women and then writing horrible posts about them. She has been writing about me since September (sometimes linking to my site).

    Just saying… if you want to truly understand what that blogger is like, you will never know because she hardly ever links to the people she’s ridiculing.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I am really, really sorry to read that you have been under attack Stephanie. I have just commented on that person’s blog, saying that I don’t like what is going on and I hope she can find it in her heart to apologise and make friends with you. I am not going to return to that blog again after reading about what’s going on. You are the second female blogger that I know who has been attacked this way and the other blogger almost gave up blogging because of the unwarranted and incessant harassment. She is still blogging after receiving a lot of support from her followers.
      Chin up and thanks for telling me about what is going on. Big hug. Ralph xox ❤


      • Hi Stephanie. I have asked IB to visit here and reply to you, which is neutral ground for both of you. I don’t know how this all started, but I hope it ends here as you both seem to have similar problems with each other. I hope she does come and that you can come to an understanding and leave as friends.

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      • I’ve seen other women quit blogging altogether also 😦 My husband’s really supportive and even involved as much as his work schedule allows him to be, so thankfully I don’t feel intimidated, just thought you seemed nice and like you’d actually be interested in knowing more. Thank you!

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      • It is really wonderful that your husband is so supportive Stephanie and that you are able to discuss with him how you feel. I live alone with two cats and when I discuss things with them they fall asleep. Oh boy ! 😉

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      • Oh sorry, just saw your second comment.

        It all started when she attacked me on a manosphere male blog for weeks (unprovoked) saying that I was cheating on my husband emotionally because I read male written blogs. I finally lost it and said something rude to her, but it was after a couple of weeks of her attacking me publicly and relentlessly, and attacking my marriage’s integrity. She wouldn’t let her commenters read the actual link of what happened back then because she didn’t want them to know what she had been saying *before* I finally said something back. It’s just yuck and very sad.

        If you want to see her in action in going out of her way to harass another younger female blogger, here she is just yesterday:

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      • In reply to your LeeLee comment Stephanie, I honestly believe if you feel you are being attacked you do have the editorial power to remove such comments in your own blog using the edit/move to trash facility at the top of each comment, or using the moderator. Words in the comments are one thing and meeting face-to-face is another. It does seem that both IB and LeeLee have their own ” truths” and neither want to back down. Because of this, written conflict is bound to escalate. I honestly think that they both enjoy it. I know you don’t Stephanie, so I cannot advise you what to do. I think you know in your heart what is the right thing.

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    • Merci beaucoup Georges. Mon blog fond, je pense que des œuvres. Lorsque vous commentez vous ajoutez toujours ces belles photographies. Merci beaucoup et ont un grand jour vous-même.


  7. I’m a Croc-o- dile. Better than being a croc-o -other things. Sure China cat will love Ali, ( Dunno about Gator) My friend, as always you make me laugh xxxxxx Have a great weekend As for Lyme Disease, I personally was lucky to escape that….long story.. so big hugs to those ladies x

    Liked by 3 people

    • LOL. Thank you Shey, you and your blog always make me laugh too.
      Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend yourself …… not by yourself as I know you are surrounded and overrun by the Hammies. 😀
      Wow ! That must be quite a story about how you escaped from having Lyme disease my friend. Thank heavens for that. I am sure the ladies are very grateful for your big hugs. I pinched one …… hug that is, not the lady ! 😉
      Take care Shey. Ralph xox ❤

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  8. Hilarious Ralph!
    If i were to give a ‘Like’ for every point i laughed, you‘ d get a ‘dozen’ so to speak.
    Ali’s Political sense is a 10ner in itself!
    As for the Crock and Gator Skin and many associated male female ills,
    i tell the sad story on my sites…
    Have a Great Catventurous Weekend 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for your ” dozen” likes Sonata. One is enough for me thank you. I did have a lot of fun setting up this post about Katie’s gift, didn’t I ? Thank you and have a lovely week yourself. Ralph xox ❤

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  9. Lol, I’m glad ‘Ali’ found a new home after flying around the world and back. You’re kitties are certainly a picky lot and have much to say, lol. xoxo 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello Debby 😀
      Yes, Ali has a new home and seems to be very happy there, as are my cats by him not scaring the claws off of them. They do talk a lot don’t they ?
      I hope you are having a lovely week my friend. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh boy ! Is that “My oh my !” in agreement, or against what Ali said, or, the third option, that I am first in line to be shot when he becomes president ? 😉
      I hope you are having a lovely week Georgia my friend. Ralph xox ❤


  10. Well, I am not old enough to be a cougar – my old man thinks I am eternally young 🙂 but I am fast heading that way…have fun in the sun, Ralph xx

    Liked by 2 people

    • Heehee. I agree with your husband Wendy as your avatar photo suggests you are eternally young.
      Oh, I love the sun and warmth ! Thank heavens winter has gone for a few months !
      Take care my friend. Ralph xox ❤


  11. What a lovely gator. Bet the cats are happy it is with the neighbour. Do take good care of the cats with that gator around… 🙂

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    • Hi Ute 😀
      Yes, Sonic and Samantha were so relieved when Ali left as they didn’t fancy being the main course for his lunch. 😉
      I hope you are having a wonderful week my friend.
      Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Yamada-San 😀
      Indeed, it has been a long time. Thank you for visiting and commenting. BTW your English is very good. Take care. Ralph 😀


    • Hi Anjali 😀
      Thank you so much that is really sweet. I’m glad you had fun with this post. Have a wonderful weekend.
      Ralph xox ❤

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  12. I just dropped by to say hi! HI!I read the post awhile ago, but have not many brains left to comment with. I really miss Jeep & Johnny. July 9 is the day of the big reunion! Take care! Resa xoxo ❤ #<

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww. That’s great of you to take time to stop by and say hi dear Resa. I can imagine how taxing for you your work has become and being away from home for so long. I bet Jeep and Johnny miss you too. Just over three weeks ago and I am sure the days will zip by. Chin up my friend. Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning Tracy 😀
      Thank you my friend. The photos I took of my cats and Ali Gaiter were perfect for this post. I was so pleased the way it turned out.
      I hope you are having a lovely week my friend. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Robin 😀
      Oh no, Ali Gaiter is not cute. Oh well, you and a four-year-old Spanish boy think he is cute, so he must be ….. or not 😉
      My cats ARE revolting. Heehee.
      Big hug for you my friend. Ralph xox ❤


    • 素敵などの言葉。コメントありがとうございました。ラルフ 😀


    • I counted 3.142 grins dear AJ, or did I eat too much pi 😀
      Glad you had fun my friend. Love and bug hugs. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • I trust that figure is 3.142 MILLION grins, my dear Blue Ralph Fish. Or billion, as Sagan might muscle in and say. Always a pure delight prancing through the Ralph Galaxy, yet again. I thank you. Buzzing hugs and gurgling embraces,


        Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for enjoying this post my friend. Even though I live in the country the skies have been very hazy for the last few nights and stars are difficult to see. Maybe there are fires in the countryside somewhere. That is normally the problem. Take care dear Serach. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Haha I missed this post! The Ali Gator certainly had its way with you, Ralph 😉 I’m hoping he behaves better with the 4-year-old boy you gave him to as a gift… And I laughed at your use of the word “stuffed” hehehe 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello dear Christy 🙂
      I am so pleased that you commented on this post as it is great for me to go back and read my old posts which I probably would not have read again. I am so glad that you enjoyed it and took time to comment.
      Take care my friend. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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