Do Cats Like The Same Things As Women ?

Carmen ….


…. in my previous post asked me this >>>


I replied, “no”, but I found this similar video >>>

Sandra ……


…. chipped in by saying >>>


Which got me thinking.

Do cats like the same things as women ?


~Toilet seat up~

Being a man and living alone, it’s easier for me to have the seat up.Β 

Katie …..


…. jumped on that and broke the seat when she saw a bathroom photo a couple of years ago.







I have always liked to be clean shaven.Β  I did try a beard and moustache many years ago and didn’t like it.





~Dress sense~

With the handicap of cats ripping up my clothes, I still try to dress well.



You may borrow my hatΒ  πŸ™„


Did you vote ?Β  Or did you get yourself in a spin ?Β 








One thing I am not is messy.Β  My cats try to change that !Β  Oh boy !






…. but there are times when a mess is unavoidable.







~Playing games~

I think that we all like to play.Β  This was Star at her best.







~Useless gadgets~

That’s me then !


Ute ….


….. gave me this box as a gift.Β  One day in the future I will open this box and show you what useless items there are therein.





I’m an in and out type of shopper.Β  No lists, sometimes forgetting things.Β  I would rather look than buy.







My cats nod a “yes, okay” after checking my bag of recently bought cat food, saunter off to their baskets and fall asleep, while dumbo has to pack it all away.




~Past cats & love affairs~

I don’t think cats are interested in the past as they live in the now.Β  Women on the other hand love to hear about all the details of past pets and love affairs with other women.Β 

Well, there was this time when ……




~Sleep or chores~

Although chores have to be done, I think that we all love sleeping.






I love both cats and women.Β  I think I’ll let them fight it out for what they like or dislike.



Put me straight !Β 

Have I got your likes all wrong ?


Ralph xox ❀


~Mail screw-up~

I have to ask ?Β  Has anyone of you sent me a package ?Β  The delivery driver has visited my home twice, left notices on the street door that I wasn’t in and has returned the package to sender.Β  The annoying thing is that my neighbours and I have been in at home.Β  I’ve not ordered anything or even expecting a package, so I must askΒ  😦



All these above photos come from amongst the 289 posts in this blog.Β  Don’t ask me which posts !

112 Comments on “Do Cats Like The Same Things As Women ?

  1. Great videos, Ralph, I enjoyed watching them. Was that the Carmina Burana for music?

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    • Thanks Leslie. I had fun making videos before my hands put a stop to that.
      The music is similar. Era- The Mass.
      Ralph xox ❀


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    • I completely understand why you’ve said that Widdershins. Big smile. πŸ˜€ Ralph xox ❀

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  2. All I can say is that i don’t wreck the furniture, I don’t ask for food ALL the time and I don’t go crazy at 9.00pm and rush around with my tail in the air. πŸ™‚

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  3. Women, cats, interesting. However the important thing is what to do about your bloody postman?! Mine is the same. Leaves a card without actually knocking at all. To hang, draw and quarter them is a bit old fashioned ( maybe a bit extreme, too? ), leaving a trail of tacks around the letter box to puncture their tyres, is a violence free option, but could injure someone else unintentionally, so how about sicking the cats on him/ her on a regular basis? I will do the same with my dog at this end. At least then they will have an excuse for not trying to determine if we are home. I feel sad that you missed your parcel!

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    • Oh boy ! You have really got it in for your postman Kate, but I don’t blame you.
      My Spanish neighbours did the phoning for me. SEUR had recordings, numbers to press, passed on to other numbers, told that there was no record of the package on their computer, then another person said it’s been returned to sender. Luckily my home phone has
      free local calls ! Oh boy !

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    • lol. I wish that was true Ute. Sonic huffs and puffs, sits and meows and Samantha scratches at wardrobe doors until I relent to them both. πŸ˜€ Ralph xox ❀

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  5. Ha ha. Brilliant post, my friend. I rekcon YOUR cats would kick ass if any female came into your life. You have them well spoilt xx

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    • Thanks Shey πŸ˜€
      Really ? Do I have undercover kung-fu cats ? I’d better be more nicer to them then.
      Ralph xox ❀


  6. Wonder if the delivery man just have an on-going practical joke for you – he just want you running behind his car screaming “I’m home I’m home I’m home”… πŸ˜€

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    • Heehee. I would have probably done that if I knew he was downstairs outside the street door πŸ˜€ Ralph πŸ˜€

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    • Hi Beth. I can see a theme running through these comments. Cats Rule ! Ralph xox ❀


  7. Glad women still have your vote – your two cats are adorable though! Loved the video and your answer to it…Your post has me laughing as usual. Oh, let us know how the mystery parcel delivery pans out.

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    • Thank you so much for your uplifting comment Annika. I will let you know the outcome. None of my blogging friends have said anything so far. Ralph xox ❀

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  8. Ha ha! Well, I asked the question if you had read the book, that was to see if I could add an image to the comments. Now you’ve turned it into a whole post! See what you can do with this … πŸ˜€

    ❀ carmen

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  9. BTW How BIG is that MAN TIN Ute gave you? Doesn’t look big enough, my husband needs a double garage for his pointless stuff!!! πŸ˜€

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    • Heehee. My garage is just a little tin. I wonder what’s in it ? Ralph xox ❀


      • I dunno, a lota junk and no room for a car. I must confess, I have lots of stuff in there too, but my stuff is valuable and organized. πŸ™‚

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      • lol. Now that garage IS organised πŸ˜€ I live 3 floors up with no garage so a Man Tin is all I have πŸ˜€

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  10. The hat certainly stole the show for me
    The cats what cats? … have to have another look πŸ™‚

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  11. Big LOL. Love the mantin. And now if you’re getting suspicious deliveries, perhaps it’s those cats ordering online? πŸ™‚ xo

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    • Of course you may borrow it. I’ll send it to you disguised as a pie Liz. πŸ˜€ Ralph xox ❀

      Sorry I've not been commenting. I had flu for a couple of weeks and am gradually returning to be human again πŸ˜€


  12. I enjoyed “The BIg Fight!” That’s too funny. You’re kitties sure are a cuddly bunch. Mine keep me company. I don’t know if they like the same things as women, but I sure love them. Hugs, Ralph! xoxo

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    • I must totally agree with you Amy. I love them too ….. and I love the cats as well πŸ˜€ lol. Ralph xox ❀


  13. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

    UPDATE 13 March 2016

    Just after I published this post I was knocked flat by flu which is still ongoing. Added to that I snapped my back changing a rubbish bag in the kitchen. So, I’m in a bit of a mess.

    Thank you for all for your wonderful comments. I hope normal blogging will be resumed some time in the future.

    Ralph xox ❀

    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


  14. Hey, I did send you a stuffed alligator and Valentine’s themed toilet paper πŸ™‚
    At least I know the address I used worked. πŸ™‚
    I’m too dense to copy the image but I saw a poem a while back and thought of your award winning film
    Mad kitty, angry kitty
    Little ball of claws.

    Hissy kitty, Spitty kitty
    gnaw, gnaw, gnaw

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  15. Huh? I did not get an email notification about this post.
    Jeep is quite upset. Johnny is still asleep since our last communication.
    Nonetheless, I think cats should win. I mean… who are we to disagree with cats.
    I just melt when I see all the cute pics of Sonic & Samantha. & that other cat in the video is totally adorable.
    Well, I vote cats, & me…. well I am half cat! MEOW!!! xoxo _Resa ❀ #,

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    • Oh no ! What would I do without your comment dear Resa ? WP has a lot to answer for !
      Samantha and Sonic send their love to Jeep and Johnny. Even though they are both asleep by the fire this evening, S&S asked me to tell J&J that πŸ˜€
      Big stroke for my half-cat πŸ˜€ Ralph xoxxox ❀ #<


    • Hi Christy πŸ˜€ Wonderful, wonderful comment dear friend. Cats & women, you are all so sweet πŸ˜€ Ralph xox ❀

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  16. Any more posts like this, and us ‘poor neglected women’ will not only go the way of the dinosaur, but Adam’s going to regret giving Eve his (spare) rib. Wonder if that came with bar-b-que sauce? πŸ˜€ xox ❀

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  17. Hi MFR, Hope you are doing well. We haven’t chatted for such a long time. Thanks for continuing to visit me. I’m writing a book about blogging, and I’ve included about 28 of my own posts with comments. Some of yours are included if you don’t mind. Let me know if I have your permission to keep them there. πŸ™‚

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    • Not so well MVBFM. Sorry that I haven’t commented on your posts as I’m finding it difficult to sit in front of my laptop for more than a few minutes over the last few weeks. I hope to be better soon. Thanks for asking my friend πŸ˜€

      Of course you have my permission Marsha. Can’t stop the wheels of my favourite author now, can I ?

      Happy Easter. Ralph xox ❀


  18. Unlike my cat, I do not love to shove my anus in people’s face!! So I’d have to say – no, women don’t like the same things!

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    • lol. Sonic (my black cat) does that all the time when getting into bed with me ! Ralph xox ❀


  19. Love cats like you do and I remember me very well when my cat went to sleep on my bed …………………it was the whole same process like I saw in the last video …… hahaha !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello my friend Serach πŸ™‚
      LOL. I am so pleased that I am not the only one with cats on or in the bed. Luckily for me it’s getting warmer at night and Sonic does not want to come in under the covers for the last few nights, so I am managing to get proper sleep.
      Have a lovely weekend. Ralph xox ❀

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    • LOL. A very wise answer Amleta and an a way I must agree with you. Have a lovely day. Ralph xox ❀


      • Thank you so much Amleta from the cats and myself. We are having a lovely Sunday, the cats are asleep and I have been sunbathing on the balcony. Now I am answering comments. Do have a lovely day yourself πŸ˜€ Ralph xox ❀


  20. How could I have missed this Ralph. I can’t believe I am in a blog post with you, and YOU are naked!!! Oh! Er! Missus!! Or Mr! In your case. Loved it. Glad it got you thinking and finally I get to be in your blog post, what an absolute honour, thank you my friend. I love the first cat video, what a sporting champion!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sandra πŸ˜€
      This comment of yours was in my dashboard spam as well. Oh boy !
      Of course I was naked. Photographed especially for you my friend πŸ˜‰ I can send you the original which you can get blown up into a poster to hang on your wall. LOL.
      I am glad that you managed to be mentioned in this post. I do try to link to other bloggers if relevant to the post and in this case here you are.
      Thank you for liking this post and commenting, you are a friend.
      Big hug. Ralph xox ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Sandra. Wow ! I am going to have to add you to a future post after such an accolade. Keep them coming ! πŸ˜€ ❀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Ralph, Oh, yes please! I would love that. Just don’t use one of my quirky Ace videos! I won’t tell you it seems to be on a page with naughty pictures – and I was wearing a towel at the time! You just can’t get the viewers!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • No, I won’t use you wearing a towel Sandra. I see you have a new post in my emails, I wonder what you’re wearing this time πŸ˜‰ lol πŸ˜€ ❀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh! That’s a good video. One of the expert groups I am a member of, saw that video, and has now arranged to record a podcast interview with me in the latter part of July, that should be aired 3 or 4 weeks later. You are the first person I have publicly told about this, as I will be sharing it nearer the time.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, well done ! Should be interesting. So I’ll look out for it at the end of August then ❀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Ralph, yes. It’s being recorded on 22nd of July. But I’m not going to be ‘publicising/promoting’ it as such, until nearer the time.

        Liked by 1 person

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  22. I somehow missed this post. I’m not sure I like you sharing your hat with thousands of other women. Hmmmm not sure, but I doubt if the cats care whether you have a hat of not. 😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    • I see you are really busy in the museum MVBFM. πŸ˜‰ lol
      That’s right, cats don’t care if I have a hat or not πŸ™‚
      Have a lovely week my friend. Ralph xox ❀

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