Americans have a way of talking using the first letters of words in a phrase which only they can understand.  Abbreviations !    I have to Google OMG, BTW etc.  to find out what the heck they are on about.

Oh My Google.  My cats are at it now !!








( Licking my lips ! )





( Rolling on the bed, laughing my tail off  ! )


( Immobile on the floor, laughing my glaze off ! )




( Sitting on the bed, licking my tail off ! )



( Oh my kittens ! )



( Rolling on the bed, laughing my tail off  ! )


(Propping up Daddy’s door, laughing excitedly ! )





( I want to disappear where the sun does not shine )





( Pushing on our door, laughing endlessly ! )



What is your pet’s favourite joke ?

No abbreviations please.  You will.  I know.  I asked for this !


Ralph xox ❤


124 Comments on “ROBLMTO !

  1. Okay, the cats are cute but as an American I must say that many of us do use full words. Except in our places of business where I worked as a WFPS (Workfirst Program Specialist) for DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services) for the SOW (State of Washington….okay I made this one up). I administered programs like AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) which during my tenure became TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families….heavy on the temporary). Having now been retired for two years I have no desire to go back to the world of everything being written in code.
    Did you note that there was not a contraction even in my entire message?
    I think I’m just afraid that at my age I would make a mistake and use letters that were offensive….like the ones that to me would mean “follow up” but to someone else would have a totally different meaning.
    So you may be assured that although you may occasionally need a dictionary because I use big words you will never have to figure out WIM (what I mean).;-)

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    • Wow ! No wonder you are happily retired after all that Michelle. Thanks for explaining, or my eyes would have glazed over and I would have lost the will to live.
      I do have a dictionary (UK/English) so that would be no help. Oh well, at least we sort of understand each other. 😀
      Ralph xox ❤

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      • At least it is not like when I was in Scotland! Really, I love them but they have a very funny way of speaking English. Or at least they said they were speaking English.

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      • Heehee. I better not say anything as I have at least one Scottish reader of my blog. There’ll be a wee beet of trubble in the Trossocks 😀 lol

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      • Don’t worry….I have at least one friend who lives in Scotland and I’m descended from Saint Margaret Queen of Scotland!
        Actually I did not have as much trouble understanding as my husband.

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      • Oh wow It must be nice to visit your roots in Scotland even though your husband has a few problems in understanding 😀

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      • I wish I had known about those “roots” when I was there in 1985. My husband passed away in 1990 doing what he loved (flying his airplane)…I’ve been a widow since then and obviously living my life.
        Since I’ve been researching my ancestors it is amazing who I’m related to. I must be distantly related to the current Royals but I’m not expecting tea at Buck House anytime soon.;-)

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      • Sorry to read about your husband Michelle. My mother spent the last of her years researching our family and had a lot of fun doing it. I hope you are the same 😀

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      • Ralph, I really just got started with a little over a year ago and I’m having a fabulous time. My mother was from Pennsylvania and my father from Arkansas and were married and had children (and raised them) in California so I never got family stories growing up. A year ago for my birthday I got myself the DNA test because I kept coming up with Italian ancestors that I’d never heard of…pretty far back but still. Anyway, I’m a real combination 47% Great Britain, 16% Irish (a few warrior princesses in my background) and…10%Italian.(including Charles I and Charles II, kings of Naples which at the time was the entire southern half of the boot of Italy)…then it goes on to 5% French/German….and lesser amounts for the Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia and Russia and even found some in Turkey…which at the time was the Byzantine Empire. I really never expected the amount of royalty (my Italian class is calling me La Princepessa) but that is the reason why I’ve been able to trace people back to Roman senators in …320 AD.
        Yes, I’m having a great time.

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      • Well, at least part of it. I don’t have anyone in Asia or the Southern Hemisphere….but all of Europe seems to be my oyster. My first ancestor in the US came over from England to Boston, MA in 1635…not very long after the first colonies here were established and his decedents kept wonderful records.

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    • Groan ! But there is no way that I am going to groan at your comment Annette as I prefer to give you a wonderful thank you instead. Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

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    • Bwaaahahahaha ! Summer ! Hot dog ! Bwaa…………

      Sorry Beth, I’m back, after removing Sonic from the keyboard. Heehee.

      Hugs. Ralph xox ❤ Summer ! Hot dog ! Bwaahaha…….


  2. For Spanish cats they have a very good command of the English language… with or without abbreviations…

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    • Heehee. Yes, their English is brilliant RMW as they were born in my home on the Costa del Sol, Spain, 13 years ago and they have never mixed with Spanish cats.
      Thank you so much for commenting. Ralph 😀

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  3. OMG, seriously ROFLMAO! Yes you did ask for it lol. I do have to google my friends’ text abbreviations about 1x/week. 8)

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  4. Ralph, OYOTO…outdid yourself on this one! So funny…LOL…Love Sonic & Samantha & the brilliant white cat! 😽 Happy week, MF…my friend…Chryssa

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  5. Omg, Ralph! I’m not going to say LOL, because I literally laughed out loud. I think I terrified my dog, who was SOCSAL (Sleeping on couch, snoring a little.) 🙂

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    • How lovely Ute. I have Sonic on my lap with his head and front paws buried in my dressing gown under my left arm. Right handed typing for me at the moment 😀
      Samantha & Sonic send Thomas their love. Ralph xox ❤

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      • Oh no ! Stay warm my friend ! I leave a floor heater on by the cats’ baskets overnight for two reasons. One, to keep the cats & apartment warm and, secondly, Sonic doesn’t bother coming in and out of my bed all night 😀 lol

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    • I love your “lalal” Adele. I am so pleased that you had fun my friend. Ralph xox ❤


  6. Oh, you KNOW someone is going to get even with you for this one!! 🙄 FOMCLMAO (falling off my chair laughing my A*S off!)

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    • Wow ! That’s a lot of “haha’s” Lottie. Thank you so much my friend. A belated Happy New Year to the both of you …. or maybe the New Year has just reached your part of Spain. Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

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  7. This is Soooooooo Funny Ralph considering what what a certain MP in the opposition had to say about his cat…
    Have a great week.. Love and Blessings to you all.. xxx

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    • Thanks Sue. I haven’t been following politics in the UK so I hope what he said was nice.
      Thank you my friend and have a lovely week yourself. Lots of hugs. Ralph xox ❤


  8. LOL. Americans didn’t always abbreviate everything that way. It’s a modern technology thing. Less letters to text and some social media has limited characters allowed. Probably started with the cell phone generation that grew up texting under the desk at school with the old flip phones that had 3 letters per number – and those kids could text away without looking.
    SOFMDLE (sneezing on fur my dog leaves everywhere)

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  9. MOL…you two are to funny, Samantha and Sonic..and thank you for all the translations of the abbreviations, because we don’t understand a word of it either 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

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    • We are so pleased that you enjoyed our bit of fun Binky. Abbreviations are awful, aren’t they ? Our slave says hi to Granny. Lots of love. Sonic, Samantha and the china cat ❤ ❤ ❤


    • OMG>>> Oh My Gollygosh ! There is no way that I can decode that dear Resa. The cats are ripping up paper and patting pens around the floor trying to decipher it as they secretly work for the FBI>>>> Fluffy Bunny Institute. Love and big hugs. Ralph xoxoxo ❤ #<


    • Thank you so much dear Robin. Amazingly I can understand your Spanish. It’s all good today then ! Big hug. Ralph xox ❤


  10. It’s hilarious!!! My kittens’ idea of their joke is to accidentally break something and point their paws at one another, while maintaining their innocent look.

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  11. Omg this was hysterical!!!!!!!!! Love the talking cats, and now they’re picking up bad habits it seems. What next? Testing? LH (Laughing hysterically) ! xo ❤

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  12. This may be your most hilarious post yet, and that is really saying something. I have no jokes, I only know how to laugh and abbreviate. LOL. I’ll leave the joke telling to the expert, MFR. 🙂 xox

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  13. “The teacher asked, Why is your cat with you in school.?
    Kid says (crying), “I heard daddy tell mommy, I’m eating that p*ssy when the kids leave!”

    What else, I would say… 😀

    I have heard this about which pet have to be the best.

    Dogs adore us so we cann’t honor the worship.
    Cats disdains us so we can never achieve recognition.
    Pigs regard us as an equal, so they must be the best pet… 😀

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  14. I have a friend who kept signing off her messages with lol…I had to explain that it didn’t stand for lots of love, it should really 🙂 Sabi my cat’s favourite joke? Not sure, but when he is sat on one of us so we cannot move we say we are in-cat-pacitated….lol

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    • I agree with you Wendy. LOL should be Lots Of Love 😀
      Heehee ! In-cat-pacitated ! I must remember that. Have a great Thursday. Ralph xox ❤

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  15. Ooh you make me ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) and this was a GR8 (great) post and your cats are really hhhhhh (very funny) ! Nor I’ve learned new things and IOW ( in other words) Ralph THX and XO (hugs and kisses ) 🙂 !

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    • OMG >>> Oh My Giddy-aunt ! What are you doing to me Juls ? I guessed it all except for the “IIFIF”. Has it got something to do with IFF>>> Identifying Friend or Foe ? Hugs. Ralph xox ❤


      • WordPress did not notify me of your reply…what an arse! Which coincidently a hint to IIFIF. Hmmm should I be eveil and keep you guessing or just tell you. I’ll tell you most of it, mainly because I don’t mind typing dwear words on my blog but try not to on being suck an angel and all *coughs*
        IIFIM – If I fart I’m f…………. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Liz. I loved setting up this post and watching it evolve. I am so pleased that you enjoyed it. Ralph xox ❤


    • Thank you so much Dagmar. I do have a lot of fun with them in these posts. Have a lovely weekend my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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      • Wow ! That’s unusual for London this time of year ! I hope you are enjoying today then Dagmar. I have another blogging friend who lives in N London and last week said it was cold. So make the most of today my friend.
        No skiing I’m afraid. It’s too hot ! 20+C today. I even got some sunbathing in this morning.
        Hugs xoxx ❤

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  16. Hi Ralph, I love your blog and this post was hilarious! Before I started blogging I had no idea there were people like me all over the world– growing up there weren’t too many people that got my humor. By day, I am undercover as a Human Resources professional. By night, I document stories about ChocoBandido and the shameless band of neighborhood cats under the control of a cat who refuses to move out of my house– Mr. Fluffles. I can’t wait to read more of your posts. Now on the abbreviations– I was a late adopter of texting. I too googled the abbreviations for awhile. Then I started making up my own and assigning my own meaning to the one’s I didn’t know. After an epic Facebook thread with one too many SMH (they said it meant Shaking my head or something like that) my friends decided typing out the whole word was best with me 😉

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    • Oh wow ! Hi Estela ⭐

      Thank you so much for visiting and putting your time out to write such a long and informative comment. Wonderful 😀

      I have not really studied your blog as yet, but will do tomorrow. Promise !

      Yes, I agree. I do hope you have still got that humorous streak in you. It took me ages to realise that humour was my talent and I am so happy to make my readers smile, even just for a couple of minutes. Many of them have a lot of problems and need so much more happiness in their lives.

      I’ve got to ask, as you say, ” By day, I am undercover as a Human Resources professional.”. Does that mean you sleep in all day ? lol 🙄

      Yes. Typing out the whole phrase works for me 😀

      I hope you are having a great weekend my new friend. Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

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  17. OMGYHMCUH 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    (Oh my goodness! You have me cracking up here.)

    xx Saludos y Abrazos xx

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    • Merci beaucoup pour votre belle Georges commentaire et photos. Et s’il vous plaît avoir un grand week-end vous-même. Ralph 😀


  18. Very, very sweet. I love it. BTW, I have to look up those pesky abbreviations too. It’s the kids these days. They have trouble composing sentences in English class as a result of their online lives. I’m a teacher and have seen a dramatic drop in grammar and basic sentence structure in recent years. It’s horrifying.(Eye roll) As if Americans don’t get enough flak for ghettoizing the English language.

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    • Oh wow ! Hello Amy ( ummm … Miss Amy. Well, you are a teacher ! ). Welcome to my blog 😀

      You poor thing in having to educate “online” kids. I hope you don’t bang your head on your desk too often. I would !

      Thank you so much for your lovely words in the first sentence and your enlightening comment as a whole.

      Have a great week. Ralph xox ❤

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  19. Thank you for visiting my blog. I found this so funny. So your clever felines have their own acronyms! You could start a website for smart cats – oh but you already have it seems! Lol!

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    • You’re welcome Wendy 😀
      Yep ! I think there has been a kitty coup d’etat. Will I ever write a post of my own again ? 😀
      Have a lovely week. Ralph xox ❤

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  20. I think I’m with Samantha “PSMS” and No, I’m not saying I have a dyslexic form of PMS, I’m advising you to “Please, Shoot Me Someone”.
    I think Samantha, needs to ‘CDS’, or ‘Consider, Disappearing Sonic’.
    Lol 😀 😀 ❤

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