Scroll Along To Bill’s Party


1:  This post takes approx. 3 minutes to experience properly.

2:  Do not microwave this post.

3:  Do not take your laptop with you if you sing-along in the shower.

4:  If you hear shouts of “Can’t you shut your dog up !” STOP singing !


PRESS PLAY for your complete psychotic experience.

Then scroll down as you sing-along to MY lyrics of

The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There





















Come. Dance with me !


Wait !  Wait !  There’s more !



Wait for it !  Go !












IT’S A SONG !  I didn’t get any black eyes …… yet !


And some more photos of Bill’s party.





Where did you sing-along and were you arrested for doing so ?


Ralph xox ❤


Thank you so much Bill & Max for laying on a great party.  The meal was fantastic …. I had the Thai (she didn’t complain).  Marcus and his band (plus Bill) were outstanding.  I must also thank M for the selfies and the fun we had (where’s your email ?)



103 Comments on “Scroll Along To Bill’s Party

  1. Ralph, Still singing right here at the computer! What a great, fun party! Your humor always the best! A very Happy Birthday to you! Now where were Sonic & Samantha? Home cooking up a birthday surprise? Hope they’re not making a mess of a cake! Ha! Chryssa

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    • Wow ! That’s great Cryssa. Still singing. Not quite my party, but what the heck, it’s fun. Bill is a local English friend and as he’s reached 70 he seems younger 😀
      Love the idea of the cats and the cake. What a mess that would be ? Ralph xox ❤

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      • Ralph, read that wrong! Not your birthday! Got distracted in the singing! Well, anyway, happy you had fun! A party is a party for everyone! When is your birthday? Chryssa

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      • Never mind my friend. Yay, a party is a party. You started it Chryssa as they’re all saying happy birthday to me now. lol Mine is the 15th December 😀 ❤

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      • Oh No! Hey, everybody, Ralph’s birthday is December 15th! See, Ralph all that singing got everyone in a party mood, and nobody was paying attention to whose birthday it was. Just assumed it was yours, you were the party star! Chryssa

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      • Shush ! Don’t tell everybody as they’ll expect a plane to bring them to my party 😉
        lol. It’s fun to party, isn’t it ? 😀

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  2. Hey, Ralph, so it was your birthday. Happy Birthday to you. You must be feeling better if your up and dancing. Good stuff!

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    • Hi Leslie. Noooo ! It wasn’t my party ! Can I publish this post again ? It was Bill’s party !
      Yes, I do feel better. I loved to dance again !
      Ralph xox ❤

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      • Teehee. No. I think once is too many, or everyone is on the wine 😀 lol
        Thank you my friend 😀

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  3. Ok, I did sing, but I’m alone at the moment so only the cats ears were inconvenienced.

    I will tell you where all the single ladies are if you tell me where all the single men are…ok,truthfully, I have no clue about any of that except myself LOL so, nevermind!

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    • Awww Not ! A big hug for both you and your now deaf cats 😉
      It’s a shame we live at opposite ends of the universe. Being single is not fun ….. sometimes. Ralph xox ❤


  4. Dear Ralph,
    Yes, I sang along.
    I’m in jail now. There’s no bail, so don’t send money.
    They say I will never see the lights of a rock concert again!
    xoxo<# ❤

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    • Oh no ! I’ll get you out ! Can’t have my dear friend locked up forever because of me. I’ll sneak in a file. I think a YouTube music file should do the job. Oh, while you are there would you make me a glam gown out of sack cloth. I’ll visit in disguise with the file. Big hug. Love Ralph xoxox #< ❤


      • “Lol” A file folder should do it! Nonetheless, gowns remain a problem in prison. xxoo <#<3

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      • Teehee. Oh well. I’ll have to visit you sometime, somehow, somewhere ! Got a song going on here 😀 xxoo #< ❤

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  5. How fun, Ralph!! Happy Birthday!!! Even if you should have danced with her mother…or another…Oooooh! It looks like you had great fun! xoxo ❤

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    • Hi Amy 😀
      Heck ! You’re all on the wine tonight. It’s not my birthday. The headline may give you a clue. It’s Bill’s birthday ! heehee.
      Love your singing Amy, especially my favourite ooooh bit. Yes, we did have fun. Ralph xox ❤

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  6. Great photos, Ralph and it looks as if there was plenty to drink. You are such a jokester. 🙂 Over here, it is the same, most of the cute chicks are married or have boyfriends. It’s hard to find someone of your age category. Oh, but I forgot, You like them young and gorgeous. 🙂

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  7. What a fun party that was, I can see, and I sang all the way…. no one complained, phew! It is still fun dancing even with married women, dancing is fun in any way!

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    • Whew ! I am so pleased that no one complained about your singing Ute. Danny wishes you hadn’t though 😉 lol
      I know you love dancing and you would have really enjoyed doing your thing to Marcus and his band.
      Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

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    • Hi Wendy. Marcus and his band is everywhere. Wow, even down your way ! He now has a great team of musicians and the quality of his songs is excellent. Cooler this week isn’t it ? Ralph xox ❤

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      • Yes, we have seen Marcus on his and with his band many, many times…he is always very good. I like him best with his band when they rock out a bit more!
        It is cloudy but i am not so sure about cooler here, very humid I think. W x


      • Yes, their rock & roll is brilliant !
        Had some loud claps of thunder, but the rain was just north of us. ❤


  8. Well, I tried to stop singing when the neighbors yelled for me to shut my dogs up, but I just couldn’t. lol…. They’ll get over it. 😉 Wonderful party, Ralphie. Too bad all the ladies were married. Bet they thought so too after dancing with such a suave and handsome gent as yourself. Love and kisses. ❤ ❤

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    • Awww ! I bet you were a howling success at singing along dear Elizabeth. I expect all the British Bulldogs had their ears pricked up. I know this one would 😉 lol
      You are very sweet my friend. Thanks for your lovely words *blushing*
      Love & kisses back. Ralph xox ❤

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    • Fantastico. Il mio giocattolo ragazza è a Roma. Che romantico. Spero che si stanno avendo un grande momento con i vichinghi romani. amore Ralph xox ❤

      PS That should keep you busy ! lol 😉 xox

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      • Wow ! You can read Italian Shey ! …… ummmm …. not ! 😉

        It said, “Fantastic. My toy girl is in Rome. How romantic. I hope you are having a great time with the Viking Romans. Ralph love xox” 😀


    • Hi LB 😀
      Yes, the party was great fun. Shame about the single ladies. Maybe next time, eh ?
      Ralph xox ❤


  9. That looked like a really great party, Ralph. But, alas, you didn’t seem to have much luck with the ladies on this occasion. 😦 Don’t give up… there’s always next time. Loved the way you fitted the words of the song to your photos. Such a fun post, with great sing-along, foot-tapping music to kick off with. 😀


  10. Dear Ralphy, what a party animal you are 😀 Don’t you worry my friend about the ladies at the party, who cares! You have all the ladies you want here, in WP!!
    Great post as always, loved the new song and your pics ~ Love & Kisses P***

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    • Oh Pelly, you always bring me down to earth. Of course. WP ! You are all so sweet to me and are treasured 😀 Thank you for your lovely words dear friend. I will save the last dance for you next time.
      Love & Kisses back. Ralph xox ❤


  11. You’re quite the artist Ralph. Now you’re trying to upstage the Beatles! LOL. Great party, and at least you got some kisses. 🙂 xo

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    • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahhhhh ! It was a great party Debby and, yay, the kisses were sweet. That was the last I saw of her …… I wonder why ? Ralph xox ❤


    • Oh ! Okay Julia ! I know where this is going ….. into a bad boy image 😉 lol
      Well, she should have put her wine down while kissing 😉 😀
      Ralph xox ❤

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  12. Pingback: My Article Read (9-7-2015) | My Daily Musing

    • I don’t know. I have one half of comments thinking it’s MY party, the other half too drunk on wine to comment properly, AND the third half don’t speak English, AND NOW you’ve microwaved this post Ellen. There’s always one ! At least you are original. Yay ! lol
      Welcome Ellen. Ralph xox ❤

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    • Wow ! Thank you so much for your great comment skd. I am so happy that you had fun. Ralph xox ❤


  13. How fun… I wonder how long did the party last as there are pics which seem to have be taken during the day and others… more by night!?… I bet it was a long party!…
    Very cool, dear Ralph!. Love and best wishes to you! Aquileana 😉

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    • It was a long party of fun Amalia. 7:30pm to 02:30am. We don’t do things by halves here 😀 Oh, and it was cool later when I put my sweater on 😉
      Oooh, thank you ! Love and best wishes to you too dear friend. Ralph xox ❤

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  14. Hey Turkey! What ‘cha been up to since you got these here black eyes??!!! 🙂
    (Seriously, how ya doing, Buddy???) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heehee. Hello Lucie. What have I been doing ? Well, I had my cover blown while working undercover in Janice’s blog and I’m still being given the needle in Gibraltar. Otherwise I am fine my friend. Thanks for asking. Ralph xox ❤

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      • One day at a time, my friend…..glad to see that you get out “once in a blue moon”…..<3 Lucie

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  15. That’s hilarious. Glad you didn’t get black eyes. I go an older guy customer say to me in my work the other day, about me, that he thought all of the pretty ones were married. He previously said he was waiting for his wife, as she was attending an interview in the store and then made a joke that was loosely connected to marriage, that’s when I said I was happy being single. A lot or married people don’t seem to happy to be so, if that’s any consolation Ralph. I am glad you had a dance.


    • Glad you enjoyed this post my friend. It was a great party and I did have fun setting up this post.
      What a great story and compliment for you Sandra. You must have been thrilled.
      Have a lovely day (raining here. Yay ! ) Ralph xox ❤

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      • You’re overdoing it again Sandra. Don’t forget the Mars motto – “work, rest and play” 😀 ❤

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      • Yes Ralph, you are right. I played at Snow’s Birthday Party tonight, so apart from recording a video I have done virtually zilch work. I have photos to post and the video is longer than normal, but a real treat for my piggie fans. It’s got them both munching, and a surprise for me at the end that will make you laugh. Just over 18 minutes long and will take overnight to upload. I am sniffling a bit tonight, so it’s post photos time, then bed, to sleep.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Ralph, nothing good bugs won’t fix – and a few hours sleep. It’s gone 4am and I am a bit pooped tonight/this morning.

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