Dr No




You would have thought it was the easiest thing in the world to walk down to the clinic and hand in a letter to my local doctor.   Not in my Spanish village !  The doctor visits two mornings a week.

To see the doctor I had to go to the Town Hall THE DAY BEFORE his visit at midday to put my name on the list and get a number.  There is no Reception just a woman in the waiting room with a pen and a blank list who would not write anything until midday.

I was third in the queue which means I’ll be #3  to be seen by the doctor.   ( I have to get a number, as the last time I saw the doctor with a letter from the hospital Neurologist he moaned and muttered for 10 minutes about me not having a number.   It didn’t matter that I was still in the hospital ward the afternoon before.)

Midday.  The woman started writing down the first name.  They chatted in Spanish and another four names were added to the list.  Okay, I’ll be #7 then.

Unbelievably the person in front of me added not only her name but another three to the list.  Okay, I’ll be #10 then.

As I approached the pen wielding woman ANOTHER Spanish woman walked into the waiting room and proceeded to add names to the list.  I was ignored.  Eventually I was the proud owner of #14.  Not bad for #3 eh ?


The following day I got to see the doctor and handed him this letter (which I Google Translated into Spanish for him).  He laughed at the last sentence and said he will talk to the Neurologist that afternoon.

Yay.  Letter delivered.

Dear Doctor,
Please can you inform Dr *********** (Neurologist, ***** Hospital) that I do not wish to continue with any more chemical treatment for the “Lewis Sumner”. There has been no improvement and I cannot see any in sight. My hands are still useless for picking up small items, doing buttons, writing, eating with knife and fork etc. and my balance is still poor.
Although I am not leaving the Spanish Health Service I need to try other options outside that may be possible treatments for my hands and balance, such as Acupuncture etc.
Please thank her for trying over the years. Cannot win them all.



I did not make this decision lightly.  Over 2+ years I have been diagnosed as having Parkinsons’ then it was genetic and recently Lewis Sumner.  I had the full battery of tests which really found nothing related to my hands and balance.  I reckon it’s a reaction to stress and lack of female company 😀

The treatments produced no improvement.

  1. Initial course of tablets made me sleepy
  2. Next type of tablets my feet blew up like balloons
  3. 25 bottles of IvIg drips. A week in the ward. No change.
  4. Finally, a course of drips with side effects ranging from death to disability which may knock my immune system for six.  No change.


So for me, enough is enough !

Here are some ideas which you can help me with. 

Vote as many times as you like.


What do you think I should do ?














Like this ?







Cats !


Ralph xox ❤


117 Comments on “Dr No

  1. Try acupuncture and also homeopathy if you can find a good homeopath there. England has some brilliant ones. Also try rebirthing if you can find one in Spain. Lots of British ones. Get some medical marijuana. Can’t hurt at this point and check it out on Youtube. Treats all kinds of illnesses. You can eat it, or use as a vapour or even make brownies. You do not have to get a high from it.

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    • Thank you so much Lynne for suggesting these options. I have researched the major local Spanish towns. The Practitioners speak Spanish. Exact communication is important so I am looking further afield. I have not thought of medical weed 😀 Ralph xox ❤


  2. So sorry to hear about your medical challenges. I voted and hope you’ll take your readers’ advice in addition to acupuncture. All the options sound good. Take care 🙂

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  3. hope you’ll be feeling better sooner rather than later, and for the record, i voted for the chicken option.

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  4. Ralph, I vote for acupuncture, homeopathy, and keep Sonic & Samantha close! Animals have healing power! Sorry that your medical treatments did not work. Feel better! Christine

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    • Three brilliant suggestions there Christine. At the moment I am looking for any treatments along the Costa del Sol where English is spoken a lot more than inland. Ralph xox ❤

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  5. You’ve the patience of a god, allowing them to shove you down to #14 when you had been #3. I like what Lynn wrote above. Some good suggestions. I am adding my good thoughts and cyber hugs to the mix and hope that you feel better and continue to. Love, Paulette

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    • That is really sweet of you to send me good thoughts and cyber hugs Paulette. Your comment is also so valuable. Ralph xox ❤


  6. Hi Ralph, sorry to hear that the drip didn’t help. How about the stem cell treatment? Goodle it and see what is out there, and where they are doing the research.

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    • I just love your comments Leslie 😀 lol. Made my day ! Your stem cell suggestion needs a lot of research (or a visit to a garden centre 😉 ) Ralph xox ❤

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  7. I admire you for being willing to try different treatments. I believe in the medical system works but when it doesn’t work look elsewhere. I firmly believe that the pharmaceutical companies control most of it. And I believe they want to keep us sick.
    I voted and checked all of the options except live with you because I have a husband and trust me, he is more than I can deal with most days.
    I think being a house cat must be Nirvana.

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    • Hello Birdie (lovely name !) welcome to my blog and thank you so much for commenting 😀
      I must agree with you concerning the medical drugs. In my case the system hasn’t worked and I really haven’t a clue which alternative treatment will be the best for me.
      Thanks for voting. At the moment “ravish him” and “hypnotise him as a chicken” are neck and neck winners. Love the comment about your husband 😀
      I hope you have great day. Ralph xox ❤


    • I am so pleased that you have commented Willow as your comments were switched of and I couldn’t say “hi”, but I can do that now. “Hello my friend 😀 ” Thank you so much for your love and hippie vibes. Big hug. Ralph xox ❤


  8. Oh.. rats! I wish you were better, or a cat. If you were a cat you could go on strike.
    Seriously, alternative medicine may offer you a lot more than the 0 that the medical industry is offering.
    Feeling very cat-like myself… so it’s off for another nap just in time before I go to bed.
    Sigh, and hugs & kisses! Resa ❤ <#<##>#># (keeping it classic!)

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    • Oh Resa, you sound absolutely exhausted pussy–cat. I bet you are glad it’s the weekend ! No sigh, just hugs and kisses back to my classic friend. Ralph xoxox ❤ <# <##< #< ( where are my glasses ?)

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    • I just love that “reflexed chicken” Melinda ! Much better than a “ravished chicken” 😀 😉 Ralph xox ❤


  9. Definitely acupuncture or some Chinese medicine, I think they will help or at least make it better!! Good wishes hugs!

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    • Ah ha ! This looks like a trip to Hongkong or maybe China mainland ! Thanks for your Chinese advice Ute. Plus, I think a #3 and a #14 with spring rolls 😉 Hugs and wishes. Ralph xox ❤

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  10. Hang in there, Ralph. I think you did the right thing by writing that letter to your doctor. I hope they can figure out a way to help you pronto! Much love, Amy xox ❤

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    • Hi Amy 😀 Hangin’ ! I think I have found a centre with all sorts of weird and wonderful treatments. I’ll email them once this post has settled down and let them choose what they think may be best for me as I haven’t a clue. Love back to you my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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  11. Your slDad has a good insight, Sonic and Samantha. There are a lot of possibilities with acupuncture indeed, but also homeopathy and phytotherapie can do a lot for him and when he is able to do it, Kundalini Yoga. Whatever his choice may be, we wish him all the best to keep Alzheimer’s in balance. Of course we can help him and hypnotice him, we’re best in that, right? It doesn’t even matter if he is no chicken…MOL 😀 Well guys, continue your strike..I think I’ll join you on that now 😉 Healing Pawkisses 🙂 ❤ ❤

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    • Hi Doctor Binky ! Wow ! You are so clued up on these things. Is Kundalini Yoga the neighbour’s cat ? Yay ! We like the idea of hypnotising our slave. We are working on staring him in the eyes, saying things like, “feed us !”.
      You are welcome to join our strike. Cats rule okay ! Love Sonic & Samantha (and him) xxx ❤ ❤

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  12. Try the acupuncture, Ralph. Pete’s going to give it a whirl for his tinnitus. Hope you find some relief from it soon. As for the queue to make the Doctors appointment, I’d say that was par for the course. Very Spanish 😉 xox

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    • Okay Lottie. I hope it works for Pete. I have a very mild tinnitus, not normally noticeable unless I think about it. I know it was caused by firing off thousands of 7.62 and 9mm rounds when the Brits pulled out of Aden, Yemen, in the late 60’s. Working in a shipyard didn’t help.
      Hopefully I won’t ever have to see the local doctor again 😀
      Have a lovely Sunday evening. Boy, it’s hot at the moment.
      Ralph xox ❤


  13. Ralpha, we are needing to get ya ha woman! A nice lady. End of. I’m off down south for a few days. You take care my friend. xx

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    • Thanks Chantal. Oh yes, a lovely woman. Plan A and tall would suffice, unless of course you are bored, haven’t a lot to do and not fussy. Oh, and we love cats 😉 lol
      Love back to both you and Shekinah my friend. Ralph xox ❤


  14. Yeah “Get him drunk”
    – perhaps he allready was.? 😀

    “Hypnotise him as a chicken”
    – why not as a doctor rather than a chicken… 😉

    Best wishes from here… 🙂

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  15. Reflexology and acupressure were the two treatments which helped me with general ailments, including asthma. Acupressure is good because you can do a lot of pressure points by yourself. I am sorry that your health problems have not improved. Perhaps start your new approach with a spa holiday…..hot pools, massage, relaxation, ….?

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  16. I’m so sorry to hear that, Ralph. I think seeking alternative medicine is a great idea! I see a naturopathic doctor, and I trust his insight more than most modern medical doctors. If I lived close, I would give you massages. xoxo

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    • You have given me something more to research and think about my friend.
      Awww ! That’s a real tease Rene. How could I resist a massage from you 😀 Move house !!! 😉 Ralph xoxox ❤

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    • Ceci est probablement le meilleur commentaire que je l’ai jamais reçu. Merci beaucoup Cenwen. Gros câlin. Ralph xox ❤ ❤ ❤


  17. Well dang.
    Maybe Costa has an integrative center so you have all the options in one place. Good luck on your search. Xoxoxo 8)8)

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    • Well dang indeed Katie 😀
      I have found such a centre in Gibraltar which is quite a way from here, but they speak English. I will get in touch with them tomorrow. Still searching ! Ralph xox ❤

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    • Thanks Michael. If you still in touch with Sandra can you ask her to help you with your Gravatar and other links as there is no way I can access your blog. Your comment email has no links as well. Ralph 😀


    • Wow ! So many recommendations for acupuncture in these comments and yours is the best Julie. Thank you soooo much. Ralph xox ❤


  18. We Brits are too darn polite, and when you live in Spain you have to learn not to let folk push in, cuz they will, especially little old ladies….
    I am a skeptic, and I have to say there is no hard evidence that any ‘alternative’ treatments actually work, however I would say if you do try anything try not to hand over too much cash 🙂 Hope you are staying chilled in this heat. x

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    • Heck ! It was an old Spanish lady ! You know me. I am soooo polite 😀
      I must try something different than being filled with chemicals which has done absolutely nothing for me. As far as handing over too much cash I will make sure he’s not a Nigerian. There is a centre in Gibraltar that I am going to approach by email tomorrow.
      I’ve been having the air conditioning running from noon to about 9pm so both the cats and myself are chilled out even though it’s set for 28C.
      I hope you both are okay Wendy. Ralph xox ❤

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  19. Maybe look for a naturopath. Herbal remedies often seem to do better than chemical drugs and the side effects can be beneficial rather than worse than the original condition. For instance when I broke my elbow joint I went to the local store that sells herbal remedies and got a joint health supplement. Neither the doctor nor therapist had much hope for my arm initially (at first visit the therapist showed me things like a knife on a rocker you could use with one hand). While that arm will never be 100% it far surpassed any expectations either of them had, to the point that the doctor said maybe he should recommend no surgery to all his patients. Now, just over a year later, the arm functions well enough that other people would not be able to tell it isn’t normal. Another point for herbals – recently I had a bit of skin cancer removed and again went to the herbal store and got a cancer fighting supplement and tea. No idea if I have any other cancers lurking about, but I have had a benign tumor on each leg for years and one is nearly gone now and the other shrinking.

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    • Oh boy ! That is some list ! I am so pleased for you that the herbs are helping you overcome them. I do wish you well LB. Take care my friend. Ralph xox ❤


    • Have done Georgia and they would like to send their greetings back to your kitty. Ralph xox ❤


  20. Sorry to hear your treatment isn’t going well. but good for you for knowing that you need something else and opening yourself up to exploring those options. Enjoyed the kitties as always.

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    • It’s almost like a weight has been lifted Diahann. After over 2 years of continuous visits to the hospital I now have control of my life back. See what happens next !
      Oooh thanks. The kitties say hi 😀 Ralph xox ❤

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  21. I want to put in a formal complaint for not putting you at 3 where you belong.
    How dare they!!!
    Personally – I’d have you at #1 though. 😉
    xx Saludos y Abrazos xx

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    • Awww ! #1 ! How sweet !

      Formal complaint not accepted as it must be in rainbow ink, double spaced, in triplicate, stamped by the notary and garbage man and presented with a $100 note between each page. Welcome to Spain RoSy 😉 lol

      Ralph xox ❤

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  22. Ralphie, I’m sorry that you’re treatment has come to nought, but I would be doing the same & walking away from it all, although, I’d definitely be looking at alternative therapies. I’m not sure about homeopathy though, because there was a recent Australian study, in which; it didn’t fare too well.
    Contact the White Eagle Lodge in the UK (enquiries@whiteagle.org) and ask to be put on their absent healing list, and whenever they do a healing circle, they’ll send healing energy to you.
    Take care sweets ❤ xox

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    • Oh wow ! Thank you so much for your lovely comment Indah and your vote. Have a lovely evening. Ralph xox ❤


  23. Hmmm for what it’s worth (as a nursing student) if conventional medicine has done nothing for you then go with alternative medicine but word of mouth is always good for finding a therapist. Personally I wouldn’t touch Chinese herbal stuff – unregulated & could be toxic and damage your kidneys/liver :(( reflexology, aromatherapy, massage & Indian head massage – they should take full medical history & may not feel confident to treat a CNS disorder could help your overall feeling of well being : ) Homeopathy a reputable therapist would be worth a try. Reiki would be safe – no direct contact. Hypnotherapy or acupuncture I would also try. A holistic approach is always good all the stuff that is no fun but good for you – hydration, nutrition, sleep, exercise & relaxation… XOX TTS

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    • Thank you so much for your very long and informative comment TTS (I did splice the two comments back together). Personally I am in favour of hypnotherapy or acupuncture. There is a centre in Gibraltar and I am waiting for a reply from them. See what happens.
      I hope they are not working you too many hours. I bet there is so much to learn. 😀 Ralph xox ❤

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      • Button operation failure – only God is perfect & I’m away relying on my iPhone 😀
        I hope the Gibraltar contact works out and is reputable. I trained in holistic therapies (whilst working as a scientist) and I know a GP who has done his hypnotherapy training. So I might be biased. Also think about your treatment goals, e.g. improving symptoms may be more realistic than a “cure”. Be good to hear how you get on OXO
        Hoping to resume adult nursing degree this autumn. I look forward to barely having time for a tiddle between Uni and placements! 😀 TTS

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      • Gibraltar hasn’t replied. I’m beginning to wonder whether the centre is still up and running, or maybe my message has been passed on to individual practitioners which may cause a delay.
        Good luck with your degree in the autumn. Talking of degree it’s been over 40C the last few days, the village water was cut off last night and WordPress went down for a few hours last night. The fun of Spain 😀

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  24. Well, that wasn’t happy news. But, like all your other FFs, or even mostly FFFs, I hope your search will find something that will give you some relief.

    I was so jealous of Cenwen, so I have to top her : ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (Competitive? Who, me?)

    Oh, and for Sonica and Samatha ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heck ! I am Dismal Swamped with ❤ . I never had so many in one go. I like blogging !
      Thanks for your comment Yvonne. Kisses and hearts work for me 😀 Ralph xox ❤


  25. Well, Little Buddy, I vote for getting you stickin’ drunk, myself, but what do I know? I’m not a drinkin’ kind a gal! Hell, Ralph, at this point maybe being hypnotized by a chicken WOULD work! Certainly couldn’t hurt you, could it? These weird “illnesses” are frustrating for all…trust me, I can “intimately relate”….guess we just gotta keep our sense of humor in tact and keep putting one foot in front of the other. (Seriously, Kiddo, I feel terrible for you, but don’t know what to do to make you better. Sending you a HUGE hug and much love, Little Buddy!!!!) 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Lucie for your great comment and support. I am having problems accessing my blog. The Dashboard is fine. I have no idea whether this reply will work. I hope so. Ralph xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • No problem, Kiddo. Sending you hugs and strength . wish i could wave a magic wand and give you good health. Take care, RAlph!!

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  26. Hey sweetie, I don’t know that I’d want to be hypnotized as a chicken with Samantha and Sonic around. How about a cat, then you’d have lots of fun with them. 😀 Seriously though, I’m truly sorry you’ve not improved and I don’t blame you a bit for stopping those treatments. I’d definitely try alternatives. Acupuncture and medical weed are options worth checking out. At this point they couldn’t hurt and would be better than all those chemicals. Take care me darlin’. Love you. Big smoochies. ❤

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    • Hello dear Elizabeth. Yay ! Maybe a cat ! Purr. Acupuncture and medical weed sounds delightful. I’ll put them on my list. Love you back. Ralph xox ❤

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  28. Hi Ralph, I think that is a good decision. One needs tablets to counteract tablets – but you still need to get alternative treatment asap. I take herbal remedies Kelp/Digestive enzymes for the prevention of hypothyroidism and a digestive problem that I ended up in hospital with – the latter I was on 8 tablets a day from the doc – now no meds and my digestive is the best it’s been in years. I have to have two capsules of both, every day, for the rest of my life, and I put money aside in a separate account for them each month. I did a ton or research on the internet for these and they work, despite docs saying they wouldn’t, and poo, pooing the idea. I buy Viridian, the purest form, with no chemicals or allergens. I also take Hylak from my homeopath – the are billions of good bugs in liquid form to quash the bad bugs, plus I have Potters natural cough medicine, as and when, I have a sore throat, to prevent a chest infection – after the 21st of this month, I will have had no time off sick from work for a year and a half – which is amazing for anyone, without a low immune system like mine. Plus, I take my usual does of staying up to all hours, not sleeping or resting much, living my quirky, unconventional life, and never felt happier or better – Okay, so a little, tiny, weeny bit tired, just a squidge – An exclusive quote of mine from my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book – ‘Throw away the rule book and create your own’ – this is also on my http://www.quirkycoaching.co.uk site. So a homeopath, kinesiologist (ooooohhh I spelt that right first time), a herbalist, acupuncturist may help – A homeopath and my own research has helped me to most. Balance can be to do with ear probe/vertigo too. You need good bugs that’s for sure – but the ones from supermarkets/tablets are not so good because a lot of them die off in transit, or are mixed with additives. To get your immune system better, you would probably need two bottles a month at least. I keep some now and take them regularly, but not necessarily everyday. Whenever someone is ill around me at work, I top up. I used to have less of them, and used to get in. My new system is better. Love and hugs to you my friend Ralph xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry for the typos at the end, I am admitting I am a little tired and about to clean Snow and Chestnut, then head for bed. I have checked a lot of my book hyperlinks tonight and am out with my friend later tonight (Fri) after work, then book work again on Saturday x


    • Wow, oh wow. You really have yourself organised Sandra. There is no way I could do all those things you have done. I am glad that you are happier now. Thank you for your thoughts and advice.
      I have been busy with emails today and I now have an acupuncturist in Gibraltar starting for 2 hours next week followed by another 6 sessions. See what happens. I also get a day out in Gibraltar once a week for 7 weeks. Can’t be bad. Just hope the heat cools a bit.
      Have a lovely weekend and love & hugs back to you Sandra 😀 Ralph xox ❤

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  29. Ach no…that’s all I’ve got 😦 Kinda not sure about the whole human pin cushion thing though, I’d probably deflate and whizz around the room. Here’s hopeing however, that you find something that works for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no ! Is that what I’ve got to look forward to Juls as I am going to an acupuncturist next week. Yours whizzingly and deflatedly. Ralph xox ❤


      • Just remember, no baked beans or fizzy drinks before the date of first insertion. That’s what my ex used to say, I’m fairly sure he was talking about acupuncture lol

        Liked by 1 person

    • I just found your comment in my Dashboard spam and released it. I will visit. I don’t do awards, but it’s your thought that counts. Thank you so much BB. Ralph 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  30. Ralph, I’m sorry that all you’ve been through didn’t seem to help your condition. 😦 I’m glad though, that you’re leaving the chemical stuff behind. I try to live my life holistically, and I can tell you that having an excellent naturopath and acupuncturist has helped me enormously on many occasions. Maybe it’s time to consider healing your body from within with a naturopath than with drugs that only mask problems. Oh ya, and don’t trip on the cats! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Debby for your comment and advice. I am going on a course with an acupuncturist in Gibraltar starting this week followed by another 6 sessions over the next few weeks. I hope it works. So long as I am not walking around looking like a hedgehog I will be happy 😀 Ralph xox ❤

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  31. The letter was a great idea, Ralph. if all the treatments you’ve had so far haven’t worked, it seems pointless continuing them. Some people rave over the benefits of acupunture, so it could be worth a try. You could do with discussing homeopathic remedies with someone in the know because I doubt if any of the remedies you’ve listed to ‘vote for’ would work. Unless you’re turning into a rabbit, I suggest you don’t try rabbit food.
    I hope you do get something sorted out soon. The symptoms you’re still suffering need alleviating. Take care of yourself. 😀

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    • Thank you so much for your long and informative comment Millie. I am starting acupuncture in Gibraltar this week, probably the first of 7 two hour sessions. I’ll make up my mind after this week whether to carry on with the other 6. Ralph xox ❤

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