A Close Shave

Men CAN multi-task !


Just to prove it, I am going to have a shave with a wet razor and take selfies at the same time with trembling hands.

Are you belted in as these photos whizz by really fast ?


Before (with stubble)


Foamed up and ……



…… GO !!!







Whew ! I must take a break for a second !


This reminds me of a story.

Β A few years ago a female friend suggested I shaved my parts that other women try to dare not reach.

I listened to her and acted accordingly.


For a week I walked around bow-legged …….


…… because I was in agony due to a hedgehog rolling in cacti ……


…… in my underwear !



Ready ?

Resume shaving !












Whew ! That was fast ! A 3 second shave !


And the final result is ?


Ooops ! Wrong photo ! ….. the final result is ?



My favourite photo in this batch ( as seen on America’s Most Wanted πŸ˜‰ ) is …..



I expect you have seen men pulling funny faces at different times !

So, when do you pull a funny face ?

…. other than your normal look πŸ˜€


Ralph xox ❀


(The egret, cacti and Clooney photos were found on a Google search and are not mine. The rest are mine. *making a funny face*)

PS. In four days time it will be the third attempt of having the long awaited Rituximab drip. It all depends on the results of the latest ECG and blood test. Oh boy ! The first two adverse side effects in this link are death and disability. I’m bound to have something worse ! πŸ˜€

117 Comments on “A Close Shave

    • Thank you so much Quaill. I hope so too. I also hope you are having a good day today. Ralph xox ❀


    • lol. What do you suggest HT ? Bungee jumping from the shower head into my bath ? πŸ˜€ Ralph xox ❀


    • Oh Leslie ! I have corrected your name naughty girl ! Thanks for the two hopes. I need them ! Raph xox ❀ πŸ˜‰

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    • Heehee ! Well I like to pretend being grown up JF πŸ˜€ Thanks, and to you ! Ralph πŸ˜€


    • That’s very sweet of you to say Christine. I still have an email from you to answer. I will get round to it ! Ralph xox ❀

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  1. My how you can amuse! And you really surprised me with Clooney. He’s got nothing on you however. Along with everyone else, I wish you all the best with these upcoming procedures. You have too much to keep posting here for us enjoy to be deterred with these medical things.

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    • You are so lovely Stephanie. Thank you so much for your comment. I’ve got to keep you surprised and on your toes just like you do to me my friend πŸ˜€ Ralph xox ❀


    • Ce est une chose vraiment gentil de dire Fanfan. Merci beaucoup. Je espΓ¨re que vous avez une semaine heureux. Ralph xox ❀


  2. Well, changing into George Clooney after shaving…. not many men can do that! That is what I call multitasking….
    All the best with the next drip. !

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  3. There was an article the other day suggesting that women should shave their faces, as it made the skin nicer. Maybe I’ll have a go…. πŸ˜‰ good luck with the drip, Ralph xxxx

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    • Thank you so much Skd. I like the idea of coming out strong. Saves weightlifting ! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for caring. Ralph xox ❀

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  4. Just when I thought I could stop the medication for vertigo …

    Sheesh, good luck with that medication, Ralphie. oxo ❀

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    • Thanks for the good luck Yvonne.
      Dr Ralph knows why you have vertigo. It’s living 6 months upside down down-under and now you are in Europe. That’s enough to give anyone vertigo. That will be $100 please πŸ˜‰
      Ralph xox ❀

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      • I still can’t figure out how we don’t fall off the world, Down Under. I know all about gravity, but it does my mind in! Where did I put those pills? oxo ❀

        Your $100 is attached to the pigeon. Watch for it.

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      • Oh no ! Not on a pigeon ! It’s bound to be shot down by a local peasant who will think he’s got a bonus when finding the $100 and they’ll all be at it thinking money grows on birds πŸ˜‰ ❀

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  5. Pingback: My Article Read (3-8-2015) | My Daily Musing

    • I did it ? Really Katie ? I think the band aid gives me a clue. Not even a plaster of paris in sight πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for caring my friend. Have a good week. Ralph xox ❀

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  6. Good luck with your medical issues. The side effects sound a bit scary. Kind of like all the drug ads on TV where after they list off the possible side effects the original condition doesn’t sound so bad.

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    • I totally agree with you LB about the side effects. I must stay away from Googling medications ! Ralph xox ❀


  7. I enjoyed this blog post. Looks like you’ve found a way to make shaving fun. And please do take care during your next drip. Sending you healing thoughts!


    • Thank you for telling me that you enjoyed this post Diahann. I usually have to use both hands to hold the razor so camera & razor is a first for me. Thank you for your thoughts my friend. I need them. Ralph xox ❀

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  8. That was certainly the most entertaining shave I’ve ever seen, Ralph, and I have to say, on the photo of you hopping around bow-legged, your legs look dangerously stick-like. Did you prove to yourself that men can multi-task? Great pics, anyway. Seriously, though, I hope all goes well with your coming Rituximab drip. Take care of yourself.

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  9. Dear friend Ralph,

    I knew you were talented, but I never dreamed you were this talented. πŸ™‚

    What’s next? Live videos of you eating making and eating breakfast. πŸ™‚


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    • Talented ? You have taught me everything I know dear Nancy ! I don’t think breakfast videos are next, but you have given me an idea for a future post my friend. Ralph xox ❀

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  10. Dearest Ralph,
    My shaving photos look very similar to yours! Sigh!!
    Nonetheless, I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to report I have a new job that has nothing to do with facial (or other) hair!
    OMG! My new Design job is awesome!
    Love and love,
    Resa xoxo <# #< #<
    (Big Star in my new show!)

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    • So when are you going to publish a shaving post my friend ? Oh, you can’t borrow my razor ! πŸ˜‰
      Fantastic news Resa ! I am so thrilled for you getting a new Design job. BTW I hope the big star in the show realises that there is an awesome Bigger Star dressing him/her ! πŸ˜€
      Love back to my ⭐ Ralph xoxxo ❀ #< #< #<


  11. If you do plan on a ‘fate worse than death’ I don’t recommend the hedgehog/cactus route when preparing….thinking of you, as always. Take care hun ❀ xox

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    • I totally agree Julie ! I was thinking that a “fate worse than death” would be something like a sudden hate for chocolate or liking freezing weather ! On the brighter side I will still have you to talk to amiga πŸ˜€ Ralph xox ❀

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    • You are so sweet to care about my health and my shaving disaster which will never be repeated. No more OUCHY πŸ˜€ I hope you are keeping well away from cacti and hedgehogs. Have a lovely smooth day my friend. Hugs. Ralph xoxox ❀

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  12. Priceless, but maybe too much info? LOL kidding. Now, I’m only seeing this a week after you posted, so four days have passed and I need to know how you are doing? xo

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    • I’m leaving for the hospital in a few hours. I’m only going to give me something to post about next week πŸ˜‰ lol. Thanks for caring my friend. Ralph xox ❀

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  13. Wishing you the very best for the drip – Poor Ralph, I’d so hoped that you’d be over all your medical worries 😦 anyway, just to say that I am thinking of you and sending hugs and fingers crossed for your speedy recovery. p.s very impressed with your multi-tasking and laughed that you shaved off all your pubes! it’s so damn itchy – next time try a wax!! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope the drip works Lottie. I am waiting on this so I can organise a holiday and go with steady hands. Wax ? Do you know where Ruby lives ? πŸ˜‰
      Wonderful weather isn’t it and the exchange rate is brilliant. Β£1 = €1.42. About time too !
      Hope all is waxing and not waning in your part of Spain Lottie. Ralph xox ❀

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  14. Hello Mssr. Ralphie! I am cackling and getting tears in my eyes cause I’m old and they do that, no wait I was watching the I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore Video!!! I would also laugh at your images, but I fretteth about you cutting yourself! My images of myself look a lot the same as I am blind while doing it and the whole body sways. Do you have the sway too? I have shock and alarm at the treatment today! I thought you had to wait 6 months? Uhm maybe that was weeks, or cookies or something.

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    • Sorry to hear that you are swaying Elisa. I do have balance problems sometimes. Ralph xox ❀


  15. Dam, Ralphie! I “go away” for a few days and you’re trying to kill yourself?!! I know you were upset when you found out that I was gay and that you couldn’t marry me, but had no idea that you’d try to kill yourself!!!! πŸ™‚ You silly goose! πŸ™‚

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    • I just took a gander at your comment my friend and have to ask you this question. Are you psychic Lucie ? How did you know ? πŸ˜‰ Ralph xox ❀

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  16. Hi lovely MFR. You look so much better with those scratchy stubbles off your face. πŸ™‚ You don’t kiss nearly so well with cacti face. I make my funny faces at Kalev. She seems to like them. πŸ™‚ Have a great day, defuzzied face. xox

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    • Heehee ! Once a day except maybe the odd Sunday I get in a lather, Mouse πŸ˜€ Have a lovely weekend. Ralph xox ❀

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  17. I don’t want you to die or have a disability. You make me laugh so much and brighten up my day – and that is a good thing for you and for myself. You can live with a disability, but not the former. However, some people do come back to life. So if the worse should ever happen and I hope it never does, I hope a cute nurse will give you the kiss of life and shock and thrill you into coming back to life.

    I couldn’t see much stubble in the first place, but the selfie were so funny. Thanks for everything my friend. I love having you as my blogging friend. Always remember that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a wonderful comment Sandra. It has made my day. I do enjoy you telling me of your happenings. Thank you for your lovely words. Ralph xox ❀


      • I am glad I made your day. You deserve to have a great day, every day. I am finally going to get an early night, before 1am. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. I have lots of blog comments to catch upon. I have just printed out my student list for Monday and have a full house of 8 students, for my Blogging as an aid to recovery course on Monday. Hope you feel well soon my friend. X

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      • I read this out of context then and thought you meant you were literally feeling faint or had fainted, now I ger it, you were in shock from what I said.

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  18. I hope all is going well with the drip….know that we’re all thinking of you and LOVING you and your amazing zest for life. ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are so sweet Jami. Thank you so much for your lovely comment my friend. Hugs. Ralph xox ❀


  19. Oh, Ralph… look how the angels gather ’round you! That’s how much you’re loved. And cared about. XXXXX ~meredith

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  20. Oh my goodness dear Ralph. You kill me!!!
    You shaving selfies are the best. And – your tid-bits of info & commentary only add to the fabulosity of your images.
    Looking goooood – my friend. πŸ˜‰
    xx Saludos y Abrazos xx

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  21. I have to say you ‘clean up good,’ Ralph! I also wished to say, “Your camera’s blurry photos made me laugh out loud!” ha ha! Hugs, Robin

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Robin. Maybe I should clean up my posts next πŸ˜‰ Hugs back my friend. Ralph xox ❀


    • Okay Julita my friend. Not to worry though as I use a 5 bladed razor which has not cut me as yet. Happy Sunday πŸ˜€ Ralph xox ❀


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