CATch Us If You Can !
























































So what do your pets, kids, partners, grandparents get up to when you are out of the house ?


Ralph xox ❤


87 Comments on “CATch Us If You Can !

    • I totally agree with you Yvonne. When they purr it is so nice….. and they know it and use it to their advantage ! Ralph xox ❤

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  1. lucky you have the cats to keep the house running. funny, my post for tomorrow is all about something my cat nacho has been up to…..)

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    • I don’t know about my cats keeping the house running Beth as they are more like the cabaret ! I am looking forward to reading what Nacho has been up to. Ralph xox ❤

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    • You’ve caught me YC ! They are my ghost writers and photographers 😉 Ralph 😀



  2. My sweet kitty cats eat tomato seedlings, knock down flower pots, and play with anything rooted. I guess the sunbeams are not for sharing. They also terrorize the BIG dog.Shred bags, Open all cupboards. They love flour bins–and carry toys there. Shriek!

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    • Oh boy Alice ! How do you cope with them ? I would shriek as well ! I had blood taken for testing at 8am this morning and have returned to my two curled up in their prime sunbathing morning spots. Thank heavens they haven’t wrecked my apartment ! Ralph xox ❤


  3. Looks like your cats have it all under control!
    My cats have it all wrapped up.
    Seems like the cats are all in it together.
    I’ll catch them…one day!!
    Love _Resa xox #, #, ♡♡

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    • Yes. I am sure you will catch them one day my dear friend. Got to be sneaky like they are ! We are sad aren’t we ? Single with cats ! Love and hugs. Ralph xox ❤ #< #<


  4. Hmm… it’s bad enough what I get up tp. Never mind anyone else. As for bills, let’s not mention them. xxxx Great post my friend. Had me giggling.

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    • LOL Shey ! I am sure that you are a barrel of fun !
      Bills ? Yuk ! They’re in Spanish here and happily rip off 21% in taxes. Maybe I’ll let the cats pay them in cat litter 😉 Ralph xox ❤

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  5. Aw, Samantha looks just like our Sabi (even though he is a boy…) Sabi’s favourite sport is pulling all the books off the bookshelves 😉

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  6. (When I lived with my husband) our cat got up to giving poor innocent mice tiny heart attacks, then leaving them near our shoes…she seems to think they are like small gifts of affection.

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    • Oh no ! That must have been a shock as well for you, waking up in the morning Jami. My cats just leave toys where I am about to tread. Maybe they want to see me flat out on the floor at their level 😀 Ralph xox ❤


  7. Well, that settles it. I’ve got to get a cat that’s willing to do my bills and purrr me into a sense of false security. 😉 I don’t know what my big dog does when I’m gone other than lay on the sofa where he knows he isn’t supposed to be, but he always gets down and is laying innocently on his own bed when I walk in. 🙄 My hubby likes to turn his rock music up until the house is jumping and the windows rattle while he dances. 😛 xoxo ❤

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    • I really laughed at your two anecdotes Elizabeth. Yes, you’ve got to get a cat. They are great for getting unfit, as you don’t have to take them for a walk twice a day and you can’t move once they curl up asleep on your lap, or on you in bed. So endeth my unfitness lesson 😀 Ralph xox ❤

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  8. Ralph, like most cats, your moggies are just too darned clever. They’ve got you well pegged out, too. This little conspiratorial scene plays out perfectly – and all that phoney purring works a treat. Aren’t cats just wonderful. I really miss our two. They both died a couple of years ago at the ripe old age of 22. I can see you treasure yours. 🙂

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    • I am so sorry to read that your two cats have gone Millie, but 22 is a brilliant age for cats. Mine are 11and have been with me since their birth.
      Does that mean another 11 years of devious plots and house wrecking ? That’s enough about me ! 😉 I do love them anyway.
      Ralph xox ❤

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  9. Lol, when daddy’s away, the cats will play. So lovely though that you have taught them how to blog on WordPress, lololol xo

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    • I’m sure they do play when I’m away Debbie as I usually find something knocked over when I get home 😀
      I expect you have seen, as I have, dog & cat bloggers. I am following Manny, a teddy bear blogger. I must get a life ! Ralph xox ❤

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  10. I’m glad you are. It’s freeeeezing here! 😦 My beautiful Caribbean vacation that I returned from only a week ago, almost feels like a very distant memory. ❤


    • Oh dear ! That’s the second time I’ve read the same tale of woe. The other blogger lives in Canada and has also just returned from the Caribbean. 😦


  11. Ah, those kitties are up to trouble, aren’t they? Mine catch birds and drag them into the house. I know that’s supposed to be a sign of love, but enough already. xox

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    • Oh no ! Birds in the house. Yuk ! They do like to give their owners presents. Mine give me their toys. Sometimes if I have been on the laptop for a while I find at least 3 toys by my feet ! Dance on my friend 😀 Ralph xox ❤

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    • Heehee. I would love to see that ! Lego repo men at the door ! My cats and I have no financial worries so it shouldn’t happen. Do you have a pet Julie ? Ralph xox ❤

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      • Not a pet of my own, but I am the; family dog-walker, cat-sitter etc….I love all animals, they give us so much. You’re so lucky to have your feline family ❤

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      • That’s so nice to love all animals Julie. I know you love birds after reading your latest post. I am lucky. Thank you my friend. Ralph xox ❤

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    • I wonder what she does get up to while you are away Kat. CDs on full blast, dancing to Cat Stevens perhaps 😉 Ralph xox ❤


  12. My head is spinning! Just got home from the nominees reception. (wine)
    ……………..And the award for best performance in a leading cat role goes to…. BOTH of Ralph’s Cats…. YAY!!! (confetti) YAY! xoxo #<#< YAY!!!

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    • I am so, so pleased that you got to the Nominees’ Reception Resa and drank all the wine. Gala next ! I expect you can get used to all these parties 😀

      “Oh ! So unexpected ! We would like to thank the academy for this award” *patting it around the stage* 😀

      Have a fun week my friend. Ralph xox ❤ #< #< YAY !!


    • Sneaky indeed SDHD ! Ah ! The cats wouldn’t cook as my Spanish neighbour has been cooking all my meals for over 2 years, but they are good at keeping my lap, bed and slippers warm 😀 I hope you are keeping warm my friend. Ralph xox ❤


  13. Soooooo glad your paying your bills, as was confirmed here 😀 Very funny – as always, Ralph! I don’t have pets but I think sometimes my dolls come to life while I’m out of the house hehe

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    • Oh yes Christy, got to pay the bills or the cats’ litter tray might be repossessed ! I would be right in it then 😉
      I hope there’s no little tiny footprints on your ceiling ? Now that’s just spooky ! lol Hugs. Ralph xox ❤


  14. Uh…where the hell did my comment go? Oh for Pete’s sakes! Ralphie, I can’t take this techno-incompetence any more! I write a comment, I push “send” and who the hell knows where it goes?!!! 🙂 Whatever! Love you! 🙂

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    • I have no idea where your comment went Lucie. I checked everywhere, even under my desk and the cats aren’t patting it around the salon. Maybe it turned up on an Indonesian’s blog somewhere in Greenland. This one arrived okay though. 😀 Ralph xox ❤

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  15. I can relate to this post because my cats are very curious and like to climb everywhere inside of the house. Your post reminded me of a time when I saw one of my cats sitting inside of a file box I use to keep the bills. He was able to get in it because the top is open, and he was staring at me from inside the box like nothing was wrong. 🙂

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    • Of course you are Sheri. I would expect nothing less from you. So tell ?? Love your purrrrr 😀 Ralph xox ❤ and a tummy rub 😉

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  16. Dear friend Ralph,

    Your darling cats think a lot like our chipmunks. I wish I could tell you what they would be up to when we’re not around, but alas they have not yet awakened from their big winter sleep.

    As soon as they make an appearance, I’ll let you know. I will probably feel compelled to write a blog post about since I’m sure everyone is as interested in chipmunks as I am! 🙂

    Your pal in the States,

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    • Oh ! Yes please ! I would love to read about your chipmunks my friend. I bet they are fun ! So when do they wake up Nancy ? Ralph xox ❤

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      • Dear friend Ralph,

        In past years, they have awakened on February 22. But since we have about 8 feet of snow on the ground, they have postponed their appearance. Who knows when they will appear?

        Although Mr. Ken did shovel away some snow near their chipmunk holes just in case they want to come out. 🙂


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    • Oh yes ! They have trained me well. I am house trained now 😉 Big hug for you my friend. Ralph xox <£


  17. Very lovely played and they could win an Oscar 🙂 ! They ‘re helping you a lot also if you didn’t knew it, I think they deserve a regard ……..something like a weekend in some Cat-spa 🙂 !

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    • Both Samantha and Sonic asked me to say thank you for your lovely words on their behalf Serach. Cat-spa ! No way, they say, as a drop of rain on them on the balcony they are indoors like a flash. No worries of rain today as it was a sunny 20C and the cats loved the sunbathing. Ralph xox ❤

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  18. This post made me smile. 😀
    Fenway claims that he sleeps while he’s home alone.
    I think that I believe him.
    xx Saludos y Abrazos xx

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment RoSy. Maybe it’s the only time Fenway can get some sleep 😉 heehee. Ralph xox ❤

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  19. It’s almost ‘deja vu a la Goldilocks!’ Who’s been sleeping in my bed? Who’s been sitting in my chair? Who’s eaten my porridge?’
    Although she attempts to look innocent, it is always obvious our dog Coco has been on the bed.
    A funny post Ralph! Thank you for the return visit and for ‘liking’ my posts.

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    • Thank you for visiting and your lovely Coco story Wendy. Pets can be fun or annoying sometimes 😉 Ralph xox ❤


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