Cat Woman

Hello ! My name is Samantha.


My twin brother, Sonic …..


…… and I have lived with daddy for over 10 years from our birth.

(Sonic is the black blob by daddy’s hand).



We lived in 4 different houses in southern Spain and hopefully this is the last move !





Sonic and I got our heads together about daddy’s hopeless attempts at trying to find a woman to possibly live with him here in southern Spain.

He’s useless ! He tried you bloggers and failed dismally. THEN he tried online dating and ended up with a Nigeria man who robbed him blind. So now is the time for us to step in !

What he needs is a cat woman !


Preferably someone pretty who LIKES cats !


But Sonic thinks a woman in black would be perfect !



I’m getting excited at the prospect that our idea is the right one.


Daddy must find a woman just like us as he loves us a lot.


She must like to be stroked from head to tail.


She must be able to purr when spoken to.


The cat woman needs to sleep all day.


Then at night wake up. Help daddy to get undressed by chewing the end of his belt.



Then help him turn out the bedroom light.




Sonic on the other hand thinks differently.

He says if the cat woman gets upset she must throw up a fur ball…..


 ….. and hide her toy mouse under the bed where daddy can’t find it.


She mustn’t  forget to bury the fur ball !


Sonic says that cat woman must sit or sleep in daddy’s office chair all the time, ……


….. but she mustn’t rub up against the internet cables.



And when in the bathroom …….


……. cat woman would have to inspect the porcelain …..


……. and have a drink if thirsty !



I am sure that our idea of daddy finding a cat woman is the right one.

I, Samantha, will be answering your comments as daddy doesn’t know about this !


What do you think ?


Love Samantha ❤


82 Comments on “Cat Woman

    • Hello Ms Dana. Thank you very much for saying that about my post. I think you deserve a rub against your leg. Love Samantha ❤

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  1. Hi Samantha,

    Since I have given up on dating, I am determined to be a Cat Lady, which isn’t quite the same thing as a Cat Woman. Not even close.

    I totally understand your daddy’s frustration in finding a mommy for y’all, and that you want him to be happy, but let’s face it: you want another human to give you food on demand and a warm lap to sit on. It’s OK though; you’re a kitty and you’re cute. You can get away with it.

    Good luck!


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    • Hello Ms S. So you are like daddy ? Given up online dating ? I hope you do become a Cat Lady like me then we can both be special. As a kitty I think two laps are better than one which gives me more choices to keep warm. I get away with everything as you will too when you become a Cat Lady 😀 Love Samantha ❤

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  2. Well, Samantha, I don’t want to rain on your catnip. I hope your scheme works, but make surethis cat woman trims her claws, just a bit, so she doesn’t hurt your ‘daddy’. Good luck. oxo ❤

    Would she be a bit like this?

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    • Hello Ms Yvonne. Our kitty scheme will work I am sure of it ! Thank you for the video. I daren’t show it to daddy as he’ll be in a catatonic state for weeks after watching it and we won’t get our supper. Yes, I’ll make sure her claws don’t scratch daddy if a cat woman turns up. Love Samantha ❤

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    • Hello Ms Gallivanta. Oh yes ! Indeed so ! To have two human slaves looking after us would be fantastic. What daddy and cat woman get up to is none of our business so long as they get their priorities right and look after us cats first ! 😀 Love Samantha ❤

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    • Hello Ms Katie. What a fantastikitty comment ! Daddy usually goes and makes a coffee while thinking of a funny answer to your comments. I just had a catnap. Easy ! 😀 Love Samantha ❤

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    • Hello Ms BroadBlogs. Felix is a lovely name like mine. I am a Lady Cat and never drink out of the toilet, but my brother Sonic does all the time. Love Samantha ❤

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  3. Samantha, I had no idea you were so mature. I would have guessed you to be a much younger kitty. You must share your secret of looking so young. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to be more help with your Daddy, but we just had an old friend drop by our house and move in for a bit. You might like him. His name is Cross-Eyed Kitty, and he has been around since we moved into our house 13 years ago. We hadn’t seen him for 3 years, and he showed up the other day starved for both food and affection. Should I send him to Spain?

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    • Hello Ms Marsha. Of course I am a very mature and sensible cat. Not like my brother Sonic. Wow ! That’s nice to have Cross-Eyed Kitty staying with you now. No. Don’t send him to Spain as he loves you. Love Samantha ❤

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      • I’m afraid I’m a bit of a tease, Samantha. I would never send Cross-Eyed Kitty to Spain. I’m glad to have him back. I love him, too. Just like Ralph would never send you over here to California even though I like kitties. I tease your dad all the time, I forget that you don’t know me as well. Enjoy a nice catnap beautiful girl. 🙂


  4. Just watch out, Samantha, that he doesn’t get a crazy cat lady who moves in with 20 other cats of her own and you get neglected……


    • Hello Ms Wendy. That is very worrying, but daddy says that 3 cats in this apartment is a total max. Our friend David & Hilda are looking after 13 cats and one dog but they have a finca. Love Samantha ❤

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    • Hello Ms Masgautsen. You are so sweet to say that about my post. Thank you ! We hope to find daddy a friend soon. Love Samantha ❤

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  5. Great idea Samantha, you keep looking for your dad, it will be the ideal woman, a cat loving woman!


    • Hello Ms Ute. I remember you. You were that nice lady that visited us with Danny. Sonic and I didn’t see much of you because you were out with daddy nearly every day. Sonic and I know you love Thomas which is nice ! I hope daddy does find a nice cat woman. Love Samantha ❤

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  6. so it looks like you are all looking for a momma cat, look in the cat ads and you may find the kitty you seek -)


    • Hello Ms Beth. We have a big problem here in the mountains of southern Spain. We have no newspapers here for daddy to read and for us to lie on while he is trying to read them. Love Samantha ❤

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  7. No Samantha No. Please!! The cat woman will purr you out of the house, drink your share of milk, eat your biscuits and wouldn’t let you share your dad’s bed. On the other hand a real woman would. So please drop your idea 😀


    • Hello Ms skd. That would be very true. We would hate to have a cat woman eat all our biscuits etc. but we will make sure that daddy finds a nice lady that loves us as well ! Love Samantha ❤

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    • Hello Mr Frank. Daddy has not seen the video yet and I’m not going to let him ! It’s nice to be reminded of your lovely cats. Maybe you will get some more which would be nice for both you and the cats. Love Samantha ❤

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    • Hello Ms Elizabeth. Yay ! That’s lovely that you agree with us and a sharing cat woman would be perfect for daddy. Love Samantha ❤

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    • Hello Ms Joey. No, no, no ! Daddy doesn’t know anything about this post. I’m doing everything. See ! Love Samantha ❤




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  8. These cats have this all sewn up. Do you think they really want Daddy to get them a momma? Hugs. Great post. Oh and of course I hope they do get you one!! xxxxxxxx


    • Hello Ms Shey. Of course we want a momma and a friend for daddy. As I said before, “two laps are better than one !”. And we would love to play with your hamstahs. Love Samantha ❤

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    • Hello Mr Marc-André. We do have bowls of water which I drink out of, but my brother Sonic drinks from plant pot drip trays, the toilet, cups, the kitchen sink …… anywhere except the bowls ! What a boy ! Thank you for your comment and I see you have a lovely cat blog which daddy will visit. Love Samantha ❤

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      • Haha. Thank you for checking out my blog too ^^. We have a weekly blog roll on tuesdays and love guest posts so feel free to join us occasionally 😀

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    • Hello Ms Indah. Oh yes ! We are lovely and smart cats ! I agree. We would love to have a cat woman living with us. I know daddy will ! 😀 Love Samantha ❤

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  9. I love that you are these cuties’ cat daddy. I almost imagine them sniffing out their future cat mama/your love and telling you if they think she is the one. We have four cats – they are quite individual personalities.


    • Hello Ms Diahann. That’s right ! As kitties, we are all different. I am a lady, but Sonic, being a boy, is always in trouble by getting trapped in cupboards or locked out on the balconies. We will know when the right cat woman arrives for daddy. Love Samantha ❤

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  10. Dear Samantha,
    I am most impressed with your writing abilities, your wit and above all your scheming on behalf of your daddy -:)! I have been following your daddy’s dating (miss)adventures for some time and after all has been said and done – I am glad you are taking the matter into your capable hands! In that way daddy will remain safe from any future dating calamities! Now where I am writing from cats (and cat women) are rather plentiful and mostly good natured even if a little ‘rough around the edges’ -:)! So your daddy should try ‘down under’ – witty gent in search of kind-hearted lady must love cats, beautiful Spanish scenery and loads of affection! What do you think Samantha?

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    • Hello Ms Daniela. Thank you for your kind words. Daddy is always getting into trouble. I don’t think he does it on purpose, but he does get in a fix all the time. That’s why us kitties have stepped in. I don’t know if we want daddy to go “down under” as he has been away 3 times now for over a week each time and we did miss him a lot, but maybe an advert in the paper may help, under “pets” of course. Love Samantha ❤

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  11. I would love to sleep all day, I am not keen on Sonic’s idea of sleeping in a computer chair though, perhaps a patch of sunlight could be considered?

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    • Hello Ms Ella. We love to sleep all day especially in the sun where it’s nice and warm. You should definitely try it ! You are bigger than us, so maybe the computer chair is not such a good idea, but a sofa in the sun is ! Love Samantha ❤

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  12. What a sweet & catful thing for you to do Samantha.
    Best of luck!
    And – I hope your search for Cat Woman doesn’t turn into a CATastrophe.
    xx Saludos y Abrazos xx


    • Hello Ms RoSy. Thank you so much. Daddy does need a firm hand as he is totally useless on his own. We do our best, but we are cats and work is not in our vocabulary. Love Samantha ❤


  13. You have written a masterpiece, Samantha, so sweet and caring 🙂 My Granny is like that woman you describe, but she’s already taken, but your dad has you and that’s the best Cat woman anyone could wish for 🙂 Extra Good Vibes Pawkisses are on the way 🙂


    • Hello Binky 😀 Thank you for your lovely comment. I hope you got Granny back. Where was she taken to ?

      Cat to cat talk now. It’s nice to own humans isn’t it ? They are great aren’t they ? A purr wraps them round our little paw and they’ll do anything for us. I love my human as you must love yours.

      Love Samantha ❤

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  14. Samantha, I think you cats are onto something with the fur balls and sleeping all day! Just in case daddy finds this secret post, let me add, meow, mew, mew meow, gurgle prrt mew-mew!


    • Hello Ms Resa. I love the way you are in tune with our way of thinking. Daddy still doesn’t know about this post. Love Samantha ❤

      DADDY ! I've found a Cat Woman ! 😀


  15. Ralph, what is it about kitties and toilets? I keep the water bowl perfectly clean with fresh water daily. The moment a guest leaves a toilet seat up, it’s as though someone rang the water bell. And the confounding part is that my babies are so picky about everything else!


    • Hi Mary 😀 I know ! They are rascals where drinking is concerned. I also have to sweep through the apartment at least twice a day as they love to run around after using the litter tray leaving a contour trail of stones behind them 😀 Ralph xox ❤


  16. I think you sweet cats are terrible right about how to search for daddy a new, warm, tenderly spinning cat woman who will loves Ralphy with all her cat-heart ! Compliments for all the lovely cat pictures !! 🙂


    • Hello Serach 😀 You are sweet for saying those lovely things. No cat woman on a hot tin roof as yet 😉 Ralph xox ❤

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  17. Best. Post. Ever. !! =)

    And I just have to say it… you live in the south of Spain, are wanting someone to live in that paradise and have no takers yet ?! What the hell is wrong with women these days ! =)


    • Hi Tish 😀 You tell ’em ! Daddy here ! They are great those cats of mine. So caring 😀
      I have just been reading about ten posts of yours. It’s gone1am here in Spain and I daren’t comment …… yet ! ….. I will come back though, when I have snapped out of being mesmerised by your escapades.
      Have a great weekend. Ralph xox ❤

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      • Good morning, Ralph… =)
        You are too kind, and thanks for referring to my particular brand of insanity as “escapades”… I swear, I never MEAN to get into trouble, it just seems to find me ! =) Enjoy your weekend… kiss the kittens from me ! =)


      • I’m pretty much the same Tish, always in trouble, but it makes for good posts 😀
        I hope to be over to your blog later as I am wading through the jungle of New Posts and comments at the moment. See you later 😀


  18. Hello Samantha 🙂 nice to meet you. Wishing you the best of luck on your pursuit of finding your daddy his catwoman.


    • Hello Ms Cindy. It’s nice to meet you too. It’s a hard slog for me, but I will find daddy a cat woman. Love Samantha ❤


    • Hello Ms Claire. Maybe that’s it ! Sonic, my brother, thinks he’s a dog ! Daddy has given up telling him off for drinking from the toilet.
      Sonic ! Sit ! Nope, he’s not a dog as he’s just curled up to sleep in the sun.
      Glad you love us kitties. Love Samantha ❤


  19. Dear Samantha, You obviously have the smarts between yourself and your brother! Just make sure you keep an eye on Sonic and your Daddy and everything will be fine!
    p.s. I absolutely love your guys blog. 🙂

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    • Hello Ms Amanda. It’s been over six months since I wrote this post and nothing has changed. My brother Sonic is always a handful and Daddy still slaves away for us. There is no Cat Woman on the horizon. I think Daddy has given up. I know I have.
      Have a lovely Sunday. Love Samantha ❤

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      • Dear Samantha, you sound like a lovely sweet girl. Please don’t give up on your Daddy and din’t let him give up either. A cat woman could be around the next corner! ❤

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      • That is very sweet of you to tell us to keep positive Ms Amanda. Got to go to sleep now. Love Samantha ❤


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