Pack It In !!

3 days to go !! Panic !!


Yes, it’s 3 days to go before I take off from Malaga airport, Spain for Tel Aviv, Israel and I haven’t packed yet !!  Wanna help ? I need it !!  Hey, I’m a single guy on my own with hands that love to do their own thing !! And I haven’t a clue what to take or where to begin. Heeeeeeelp !!


Okay ! Open suitcase and in jumps Sonic my cat !! Great ! Packed ! Done !


A sniff around………


Nope ! He’s outta here ! No help for me at all !!



Which hat to take ?  I have no idea !!


I may need a sweater or two as it might be cold in Jerusalem in the evenings. It could rain !! Ah ! There’s a corner in the suitcase for boots and shoes ! Ooops ! Slight problem ! Damn thing won’t close !!



Now this bit I am good at !  My laptop bag ! Laptop, cables and charger plus an adapter for Israeli power outlets. The bum-bag ? I haven’t a clue.  Fill it with bums, I suppose !!


I had better take the pot plant…….. just in case !!


I think I’ll pack it in today as I need ……



Ralph xox ❤


89 Comments on “Pack It In !!

  1. A toothbrush, an extra t-shirt, a pair of clean undies and an extra hat
    – something else needed, I do not think so… 😀 😀

    Best wishes from here… 😉


    • Hi Drake 😀 A great list to consider. Maybe I should add a girlie to it ! 😉 Ralph 😀


    • Hello Sylvia 😀 Kitchen sink ? OMG. Has the hotel I’m staying at have no sinks ? I’m sunk !! No room for it !! Ralph xox ❤


  2. I thought single guys only needed and extra pair of underwear and a pair of socks. Although, one Sonic would make going through security a lot more interesting. 8). Have fun!!


  3. favorite hat, toothbrush, underwear, sandals, shorts, tshirt, jeans, sweater. done. oh, and an nice little black dress if you so choose, it’s so versatile, you can dress it up or down. have a wonderful adventure, ralph )


    • Hi Beth 😀 I love your list ! Now about this little black dress. Oh dear !! That means I’ll have to nip out quick and buy a strapless bra and girdle to go with it !! I could wear it on the plane I suppose 😉 Ralph xox ❤


  4. Don’t panic! Everything will be fine… and Think positive 🙂 Take a breathe and smile… nothing important than you 🙂 Good Luck, have a nice travel, love, nia


    • Hello Nia my friend 😀 Thank you so much for your lovely, uplifting comment. Maybe I can face packing again !! Love Ralph xox ❤


  5. Over the years I have made a list of everything that I need. At the very least, don’t forget your passport like a friend of mine did. She missed her whole trip.


    • Hi Georgia 😀
      Good point !! My passport will be velcroed to my forehead. Then I’ll be searching my bags looking for it !! 😉
      I have a local friend’s wife who makes lists, lists of lists. Lists coming out of her ears. I have three days to pack so if I think of something I just go and get it and put it on the pile.
      Ralph xox ❤


  6. Don’t worry whatever you forget you can buy there…. so no panic! Enjoy your vacation thoroughly!


    • Hello Ute my friend 😀 As a seasoned (I shouldn’t say that to a woman 😉 ) traveller ……. ummm….. well travelled (nope !!) …. well you know what I mean !! You know automatically what to pack. So, thank you for the guidance …… I have an idea. Take nothing and buy it all there 😉 Have a great weekend. Ralph xox ❤


    • Hi Jake 😀 Great suggestion ….. take myself !! Didn’t think of that !! Ralph 😀


  7. Wait! Have i missed a post? I thought you weren’t going because of love….Anyway, have a fab old time xxx


    • Hello Wendy 😀 No, I don’t think you missed anything. As she has no firm date of arrival and I have no hospital appointments, I am going. It would be a shame to miss such a holiday on the chance that she may come here during the 2 weeks. Ralph xox ❤


  8. Oh, please take that snappy white hat in the upper right of the photo. Otherwise, I think you’ve got it about right for an overnight trip! Just use some bungee straps to hold the darn thing together. If you’re staying any longer, then you need to cram more in. I’ve never given you bad advice, have I? Have I ever given you any advice? (I take less than that for 3 months in Venice, by the way.)

    Sonic is so shiny, he must have someone taking good care of him.

    Have you let your credit card company know you might be using the card outside Spain?

    Don’t forget to wear clean underwear, have a clean hanky, go to the loo before you leave.

    Have a wonderful time, Ralphie. Hugs from Down Under. oxoxox ❤


    • Hi Yvonne 😀

      As you know, I always take your advice, so I’ll holiday in Beth’s little black dress 😉

      I look after Sonic. He’s a permanent house cat and never goes outside except on the balconies, so he is healthy and doesn’t pick up ticks or fleas.

      Credit card company ? No !! I’ll ring my bank on Monday to warn them. Thanks for the tip !!

      Yes Ma, I won’t forget those things. And I promise to be a good boy. *fingers crossed behind my back*

      Thank you my friend. Hugs from Spain. Ralph xox ❤


      • I just phoned the credit card company and I was right to do so. Thanks again Yvonne ❤


  9. Ralph, I look forward to your posts while there, but don’t worry if you don’t have time.

    Sorry if these are silly questions:
    Are you jewish?
    Can anyone easily enter Israel?
    Do you have family or friends there?
    What are your thoughts of the Palestine-Israeli conflict?
    Sorry, maybe too many questions!

    I do like the white hat and grey one in the middle 🙂

    Have a wonderful time…


  10. Ralpha you take all the cats all the hats AND the kitchen sink. For God’s sake what is wrong with you!! When I think of how those trying to lift my suitcases—plural– suffer broken backs, I am shocked by this disclosure. xxxxx


    • Hi Shey, my favourite toy girl 😀
      That’s why I need your help. How can I put 3 tons of stuff in an allowance of 22kg ?
      So no hope of a porter then as you broke all their backs ! Women !! My holiday is going from worse to worser 😉
      Ralph xox ❤


    • Hi YC 😀 Thanks. I hope I do.
      No. The cats are being looked after by my neighbours.
      Have a great weekend. Ralph 😀


  11. Have a safe trip and a good time.
    Make sure to leave Sonic a large tuna and a cow for fresh milk daily.


    • Hi Forrest 😀 Thank you.
      As my Spanish neighbours are watching out for the cats they will probably feed them paella and sangria 😉 Ralph 😀


  12. Omg Ralph, where goest thou? We are going to miss you. Will you be blogging? What about the cats? take as many photos as you can and wish you a pleasant flight and a delightful stay….best wishes!


    • OMG Liz 😀 I goest east to the Promised Land …… a Ralph Crusade so to speak 😉
      I hope to be blogging. The cats will be house sitting for me 😉
      What sort of photos ? 😉
      Thank you my friend for grilling me 😉
      Hugs Ralph xox ❤


      • Everything Ralph: Food, monumental buildings, landscapes, great touristic sites and any other interesting stuff. I hope you enjoy yourself. Maybe one day I shall visit the promised land too!!!!


      • Okay. Will do my friend. I hope you do manage to get there one day. 😀


  13. So, does this mean you’re going? Woo hoo! Definitely take the potted plant, the cat, the cream-colored hat and the sweater. I can’t see that you’d need anything else! Maybe the kitchen sink? But seriously, I’m so excited for you – can’t wait to hear about your trip!! Good luck with the packing. 😉


    • Hello SDHD 😀 Yep ! 2 whole days to go before I fly ! Woohoo !

      Okay. I’ll take all those……..except what you suggested 😉

      You’re excited and I’m excited. How exciting for both of us !

      Have a lovely weekend my friend. Ralph xox ❤


    • Hi Mary 😀 lol You’re the second to have brought up me in speedos over the last few weeks, the other blog suggested pink ones. Heck ! I’m going to Jerusalem ! Hugs. Ralph xox ❤


  14. Nice hat collection Ralph, and important to take one for protection from the sun as well as a fashion statement, it’s your trademark! 😉

    I used to wait till the last minute to pack, but not this time, I’m already getting my outfits ready for NYC trip this summer!

    Have a good time! And take lots of photos!

    ❤ carmen


    • Hello Carmen 😀

      Thank you for your kind words. I may take two hats as I think that I can make room for one in my suitcase 😀

      From what I’ve read on your blog I think you will need the summer to select your outfits from your massive collection of clothes 😉

      I hope to have a great time in Jerusalem.. I’ll try to post while there.

      Have a great Sunday. Ralph xox ❤


      • Yes, you’re quite right, it takes time to select, especially since I am a minimalist when it comes to packing for a trip because I like to take only a carry-on: no lineups when leaving at the airport, no baggage pickup at arrival and I have room for clothes that I will buy in NYC. No woman can go to NYC and not buy any clothes. 😉

        Have a fabulous time in Jerusalem! 🙂

        ❤ carmen


      • That’s a great idea. Take nothing and bring back a truck load of clothes 😉
        Thank you my friend. ❤


    • Hi Diahann 😀 Hah ! Enjoying packing is not quite my style. Mind you I have finished this evening, just my razor and laptop to pack. I want to have fun and have fun yourself my friend. Ralph xox ❤


  15. How fun for you, Ralph! Have a blast. You’ll need at least 10 pairs of shoes to go with all your outfits.


    • Hi LuAnn 😀 It is exciting as it’s my first holiday for years and going alone ! I’m having some pre-holiday nerves as it’s now only 32 hours before I leave home. I hope you both are having a lovely time. Hugs. Ralph xox ❤


  16. Oh, Ralph you’re ready to go and your cat probably would not want to leave you or would accompany you.
    You have a splendid time, Ralph and per the return to share with us your experiences.

    All the best to you, Ralph! 🙂


    • Hello Ştefania 😀 Yes. I am ready to go and I will miss my cats but they will be well looked after while I am away. I want to share my experiences while I am in Jerusalem, so I will publish posts if the wifi is good in the hotel. Have a lovely week ahead my friend. Ralph xox ❤


  17. Lol as always Ralph and yay for you, you are going! I personally love the grey hat! 🙂 xo Safe travels . . . don’t forget to write! ❤


    • Hi LB 😀 I haven’t a clue what I am up,to !! Which is normal for me. 😉 Ralph xox ❤


  18. The packing stage…Oh how exciting!
    Have a wonderful time Ralph.
    xx Saludos y Abrazos xx


    • Hi Sheri 😀 I must have done it well as I’m here, on holiday, now………blogging ! Well, it’s 9pm, so I’m allowed !! Ralph xox ❤


    • Okay my friend. I am fit as a fiddle so far……and I’ve eaten a salad !! Ralph xox ❤


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