It’s All My Fault !!

world work & holidays

Countries that I have visited

Countries where I have lived and worked


Yesterday I received this comment which got me thinking about where I have been in the world during my life and in the following lists, things happened to the countries within WEEKS after I moved out.

BB comment


Political Changes

(in no particular date order)

Yemen……… British handed over Aden to Yemen

West Germany………  The Berlin Wall came down

Hongkong……….. British handed  over Hongkong to China

Iran………. Ayatolla took control

Italy……… Government always changing. Hehe !!


War  or Confict

(in no particular date order)

Northern Ireland………….  The Troubles

Saudi Arabia…………. Gulf War

Cyprus…………. Turkey invaded

Nigeria……… Biafran Civil War

Lebanon……… Civil War


A couple of these incidents were expected, but the majority came out of the blue.

I reckon it’s all my fault !!


I had a wonderful time in every country I have worked in, lived in and visited !!!


I am thinking of leaving Spain to go somewhere on holiday this year

May I come and visit your country ? 🙂


Ralph xox 😀


92 Comments on “It’s All My Fault !!

    • Hi Loving 😀

      Yes. I have been to some lovely, yet so different countries……and……

      That’s me !! All over the place as far as choosing where to go on vacation 😉 Ralph xox 😀


  1. hmmm. perhaps if you come to north america, you should plan to visit canada or mexico? they are both wonderful. the united states is very boring and you would not like it here and we’ve already had a civil war, many years ago, so no reason to bother yourself with our little country )


    • Hello Beth 😀 The US is near the top of my list for a holiday as there are a few blogging friends who I would like to see. Don’t worry. I have been there before and nothing much happened when I left. I spent 6 months in California and I didn’t trigger the Big One 😉 Ralph xox 😀


      • okay, well i guess that is the litmus test then. somehow, i thought maybe you had snuck in this winter with the crazy polar vortex we’ve been experiencing.


      • No. I’m not one for snucking Beth, though I have liked and commented on many US blogs. Does that count, do you think ? 😉


  2. Hmm, based the facts that you just told I am afraid you should not leave Spain. Please do not go anywhere to keep your current place in peaceful state. I am so concerning 😉


    • Good morning YC 😀 Oh, don’t worry. I will be returning to Spain unless some lady sweeps me off my feet while on vacation. She’ll need a big brush to do so 😉 Ralph 😀


    • Hi Gallivanta 😀 I am sure that Spain will be okay as I have my home & cats to come back to. Ralph xox 😀


    • Hi Georgia 😀 My all time favourite country was Cyprus as I worked 24 hours then 3 days off at a Troposcatter station (similar to this).

      I spent most of my time off in Famagusta……

      …..with my Triumph Spitfire sports car.

      I spent many hours racing Lark sailing dinghies…….

      …….and had a lot of fun with the air stewardesses from Aer Lingus

      Ralph xox 😀


  3. Err-umm, Australia has been doing relatively well so far. How be we meet on neutral grounds, maybe Fiji or Hawaii? I’ll bet you’d look good in a grass skirt. 🙂

    Cheers. oxo


    • Good morning Yvonne 😀 I had visited Venice many years ago. A funny place as all the streets are flooded and people had to get around on boats 😉
      Okay. I’m game !! I don’t mind wearing a grass skirt, but please keep your lawnmower at home 😉
      Have a lovely day. Ralph xox 😀


  4. You’re quite the international man Ralph!
    I say spin a globe – close your eyes & see where your pointing finger lands. If you don’t like where it landed – just try again. 😉
    xx Saludos y Abrazos xx


    • Hi RoSy 😀 Okay. I’ll try that……Chicago !! Try again……Chicago 😉
      Are you up to your neck in snow again my friend ? I hope not. Ralph xox 😀


      • LOL – Chicago it is. But – you may wanna’ hold off for better weather.
        Not quite up to my neck – but mid-calf.
        My calendar says spring is just around the corner. She better show up on time!
        xx Saludos y Abrazos xx


      • I do hope that spring soon springs for you RoSy as you must be getting fed up with the cold and ice. Fancy an ice-cream ? 😉


  5. You have to visit Corsica and Andorra, my friend
    They won’t panic at all, they are so calm… “lol lol” 😉


    • Hi Drake 😀 I never thought of going to those two places. Can you give me a reference, in case I go, to give to the local Godfathers 😉 Ralph 😀


      • Just call me “Don”… “lol lol” 😉

        Actually it’s one of my favorite books and Marlon Brando one of my favorite actors (the female list are much longer)… 🙂 🙂


  6. You have seen quite some bits of the world, the world is your oyster, go wherever you fancy, there are still many places not red and blue… colour the map in!


    • Hi Ute 😀 To be honest there are not many countries left that I really want to visit, except Israel. There are many others that I would like to return to, especially the USA. So. It’s between those two at the moment. I hope you are having a relaxing weekend. Ralph xox 😀


  7. Signor Cosmopolitano, look at you! I don’t know where to suggest Ralph, there are so many great places to visit. The world is your oyster, innit! xox


    • Hi Lottie 😀 Good evening…..well, not quite as we have horizontal rain here.

      I google earth Innit and found a few businesses scattered around the world called Innit, but no town. 😉 So I can’t go there 😉 Oyster hunting for pearls in the Red Sea maybe ?

      I hope you are snuggled in, nice and warm. Ralph xox 😀


  8. Merhaba benim çok iyi arkadaşım Ralph 🙂
    sizin güzel dostluk için teşekkür ederim..
    mutlu ve güzel bir pazar diliyorum
    sevgi ile kalın 🙂


    • Seçil! Tekrar merhaba! Ziyaret ve bana gerçekten takdir ediyorum sizin güzel yorum bırakarak için teşekkür ederiz. Bu yazarak bile sizinle konuşmak çok güzel. Öptüm. Ralph xox 😀


  9. You are more than welcome to come here to the US. You might like Keene Valley in New York. It’s gorgeous. But since you’ve never visited Canada, I vote for them. I visited there years ago, The mountains and valleys in the southeast part of the country are awesome and so is the area around the St. Lawrence Seaway. And the people are the best. Wherever you go, You’ll be most welcome I’m sure, despite the trouble you may leave behind. 😉 Hope you have a lovely vacation. XOXOX


    • Hi Elizabeth 😀 Thank you so much for the link. It looks like home from home for me.
      This is the area in your link

      And I live in the big building, centre of the photograph

      Not a lot of difference. But, again, thanks for sending it. Ralph xox 😀


      • Well, I guess that place is out then. Although it’s always nice to feel at home when visiting a new place. You are most welcome to visit us here in Indiana, but you’d better bring a dog sled so you’ll be able to get around. But I still think spring will arrive eventually. I envy the beautiful setting for your home, Ralphie. I’d never want to leave. HUGS and KISSES. 🙂


      • Oh no !! Not you as well, knee deep in snow !! Poor thing !! I usually see a sprinkling of snow on the mountain tops above my valley, but nothing this year.

        I have made up my mind where to visit this summer…..Israel… I have always wanted to see Jerusalem, but, hopefully, the USA next year as there are so many places and bloggers I would like to see 😀 A nice warm hug & a kiss for you my friend. Ralph xox 😀


  10. Hi MFR, It looks like CA faired pretty well after your visit, so the invitation still stands! 🙂 I think I can trust you. 🙂 xox


    • Hello MVBFM 😀 I am so pleased that you trust me as I can’t trust myself 😉 Ralph xox 😀


      • My suggestion is that you give it a try. Right now the town of Santa Barbara is flooded, and you are nowhere in sight, so I wouldn’t take these things too personally! 🙂 xox


      • Oh dear. Maybe I have liked or commented on a post of a blogger who lives in Santa Barbara 😉 😉 xox


      • You’d better check all the disasters of the world, King Ralphie, or maybe we’d better start calling you something higher??? xox


  11. Good living Ralph! You may want to consider checking whether or not we will even be getting summer this year here in Canada, lol. Unless you love snow and cold, I would advise a warmer destination. 🙂


    • Hi Debby 😀 Oh, definitely a warmer destination as I hate the cold ! I did learn to ski….sort of…..until a small fir tree placed itself between my skis when I was going downhill at 90mph……ouch, it hurt !! I liked skiing at the bar from then on 😉
      So warm it is !! I hope the Polar Vortex has kept clear of where you live. Ralph xox 😀


      • The polar vortex is residing here in Toronto! 😦 And I also had a short skiing career when I as well hit a tree, decades ago, lol. The end. 🙂


      • Oh dear !! Maybe you should talk to the PV nicely and it will go away, but not to here please 😉
        I agree. Skiing…..the end 😀 xox


  12. Paddleboarding the Panama Canal?
    We tend to have sink holes and hurricanes here. Might be risky. 😉


    • Hi Katie 😀
      Is it okay for me to strap a jet engine to the paddleboard as I feel the need for speed 😉
      No requirement for me to visit Florida then 😉 Ralph xox 😀


      • We will name a hurricane after you.

        Just use a seatbelt! I heard someone talking about a UFO they saw a few nights back. It was going crazy fast. Was that you on your jet powered board? 8)


      • Hurricane ? No. Something more permanent like a sink hole 😉
        Oh, I was seen then !! I’ll bring loads of friends next time. Should be quite a show 😉 You can have exclusive video rights Katie !! xox


    • Hi Julita 😀 From what I have seen of your posts Poland looks really nice. I agree with you……peace !! Hugs. Ralph xox 😀


    • Hi Patricia 😀 Such great countries and lovely people. I was so lucky to have been to them. Have a lovely day. Ralph xox 😀


  13. Wow, you are well traveled. I hope I can say that some day. I’ve been to like 3 places outside of the US. So depressing.


    • Hi Megan 😀 Don’t be depressed as you have been to 3 more countries than most Americans. You never know you may be on another trip soon 😀 Hugs. Ralph xox 😀


      • Ha, thanks for the motivation 😀
        I would love to visit every country in the world. It probably won’t ever happen but its nice to think about. Keep of the traveling and remember to post pictures so that followers that are less traveled can enjoy your adventures!


      • You are still young enough to dream it and do it. You better give up when you reach 110 though 😉 😆
        I will remember to post about my travels. Am resting at the moment after 3 non-stop years. Thanks for the reminder 😀 xox


      • That’s probably a good idea (resting). Seriously though, I would love to see some pictures whenever you have time to post them. 😀


  14. LOL… Noooo! Don’t come here! 😉 I didn’t realize you’ve visited and lived in so many places. Wow! A world traveler! 😀


    • Hi Rene my friend 😀

      Noooo ???? Oh well, I’ll have to visit La-la-land instead 😉 Have a great day…..even if it’s without me 😉

      Ralph xox 😀


    • Hi Georgia 😀 You are to be commended for lighting the spark of an idea for this post. Thank you. I wonder what else you have in store for me 😉 Hugs. Ralph xox 😀


  15. So great to see the places you have gone and the world with the countries featured where your travels have taken you! I enjoy the way you incorporate a world view and silly humor all in one blog! You are a fun man, Ralph!! Smiles, Robin


    • Hi Robin 😀 I have finally settled down in Spain now…..but….I am going on a summer holiday this year to a new country 😀 Have a lovely weekend my friend. Ralph xox 😀


    • Hi Mike 😀 Thanks for visiting Bluefish Way and enjoying this post. Have fun with yours. It’s coming on. Ralph 😀


  16. Hey Ralph, you’re really a very cool traveller, what many different places did you see, have you already been in Italy ? 🙂


    • Hi Serach 😀
      Yes, I have been to Italy twice. Once when I was 7 years old, in my school uniform with a brown label tied to my blazer, stuck overnight in departures at Rome Airport waiting for a flight to Nigeria. Nobody about !!
      The second time when I was all grown up I became a tourist in Venice. Loved it !!
      Big hug. Ralph xox 😀


  17. I would like to make a map like that. A very good idea.:-) Please, can you share how you did it? and
    What was your work that took you all over … a geological engineer, or military, maybe?.. as a coupla guesses. Does your map include childhood, (Britain)? I imagine constructing the map brought back lots of interesting memories. Enjoy Israel 🙂 Bear


    • Hi Bear 😀

      Thanks for your question…….umm….questions. I saved a map by googling “blank world map pictures”. Click on one and dozens come up. I saved the one I liked and used Paint or a photo editor to fill in the colours.

      Most of my work was military and contracts. A comment above explains one military position I had in Cyprus for three years from 1969-72.

      Yes. Loads of memories and thanks, I hope to enjoy Jerusalem.

      Have a lovely weekend. Ralph xox 😀


      • Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions so thoughtfully. I wish you, also, a lovely weekend. 🙂 May I use your map idea? … er … modified a bit 🙂


    • My parents lived in Nigeria for 22 years and I visited them many times as a child and when I was in the military. I never lived there as I was either in boarding school for a few years, or the military doing things soldiers do.

      Thanks for asking 😀


      • Aiii. Parents as people to VISIT? Rather than Mother’s heart as home, wherever it geographically was? I am sorry for this sadness in you life. I am glad you were resilient. But saddened by what sorts of strength you were required to develop to cope. Helpful though they have been as an adult. I’ve tried to make it be, with my own boys, that wherever I, Mama, am, that is HOME. Mama IS home. As well as I wanted them to be able to feel comfortable with the “wherever I hang my hat” description of home. I, myself have a chronic case of



    • Hi Ashley 😀 Of course !! Whatever I do something always happens. I mean by just following your blog you have turned me into a stalker which is new experience for me. I have absolutely no idea what it means except read your New Posts (which I am looking forward to). See you !! 😉 Ralph xox ❤


      • I think that’s a great start to stalking lol! You can also buy my books (shameless plug) to further your stalking repertoire. 🙂


      • Is a shameless plug a bath plug with an all seeing eye ?
        I hope your books have lots of pictures. I like picture books 😉 ❤


  18. Hi Ralph,
    Well traveled, that’s great! I’d say come visit me in Texas, but I never know I’ll be home. I love to travel too. 🙂


    • Hello Captain Jill 😀

      Thank you for travelling all the way from Texas to the mountains of southern Spain to make such a lovely comment. I have sort of been to Texas in the ’80s on route 62 from El Paso to Carlsbad Caverns, the straightest road ever and should be called Nothing Here. Halfway I was stopped by a patrol car and the cop was more of a tourist guide as he wrote out a warning for going 3mph over the limit. He must have had the most boring job ever patrolling that road.

      I would love to visit Texas one day, visit you and I must read more of your blog.

      Have a lovely day. Ralph xox ❤


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