Kindness & Lemons



In my  previous post I said:

Please be kind to each other from now to the End of Days.


Almost immediately after publishing a little birdie told me:


On the subject of the village community, Julie was telling me about Pepi ( her neighbour who did your painting), how she basically survives by having a “tab” at Dori’s supermarket. 

I know that when she worked for you that you kindly offered her an overpayment, but her pride took over, how about considering to pay her ” outstanding tab” at Dori’s , a wonderful Christmas present should you be able to?

Julie and I can arrange it if you should so wish to do so. Just thought I’d mention this gesture to you – hope you don’t mind, but I know that you get great pleasure from helping others. Love Hilda x”



So, I decided to practice what I preach this morning and toddled off down to Dori’s micro-supermarket to pay off Pepi’s debt of around €200 (US$ 230).


I had enough spare cash to do the deed and was willing to pay it off.


Normally all calculations are done by a pen and a piece of paper in this store. But !! Out came the state-of-the-art calculator.  On tapping away, half way through, I noticed that the sub-total was nudging towards €300. I could see that the final total would be well over €600. As I am a pensioner I decided to halt it there and pay the €300 taking some weight off of her massive debt.






On the way home I couldn’t resist taking these photos of the lemon tree in the courtyard of the local Catholic chapel. For your information modern kiddies. Lemons grow on trees not in boxes in your local supermarket.

You learn a lot on my blog !! 🙂


Did YOU know that lemons grew on trees ??


Ralph xox 🙂


85 Comments on “Kindness & Lemons

    • Thank you so much Ann. 😀
      I am just one of many thousands who prefer kindness than trampling over others. I recommend that you and every one else to follow the Kindness Blog which shows us countless posts of kindness to others & animals.
      Big hug. Ralph xox 😀


      • I do follow that, Ralph. We all need as much kindness as we can get. Thanks for spreading it around !


      • That’s great and nice to know that you are following The Kindness Blog 😀


    • Good evening Alice 😀 So true. It’s such a shame that debt is paramount in most people’s lives. I detest it !! Shouldn’t be allowed in the way it has become. Take care. Ralph xox 😀


    • Hi Ren 😀 There are so many doing similar acts but keep quiet about it. It should be shouted from the rooftops so that it becomes a normal way of life for everyone. Have a lovely, fun holiday. Ralph xox 😀


  1. What a wonderful gift. And it probably raised your spirits almost as much as hers. Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Good evening Georgia 😀
      Actually, it’s becoming a normal way of life for me, but for Pepi it will be quite a good shock. I can’t pay her debt off totally but it will ease her worries a little over Christmas. I was initially told that it was €200. I sort of planned that I would pay that off and add another €100 as credit for her in the store. But it didn’t work out quite the way I hoped. Never mind.
      Have a lovely Christmas my friend. Ralph xox 😀


  2. Oh, Ralphie, your Florence Nightingale is so proud of you. If only there were more people like you in the world, what a wonderful world we’d live in. To paraphrase Charles M. Schultz “You’re a good man, Ralphie ……… ” (Insert surname there.) Many hugs to you, from me and the kangaroos in the back paddock. xxxx 🙂


    • Hi Yvonne 😀 My surname is “Insert Surname there”. How did you know ?? 😉
      Happy hopping Christmas ‘roos and to you and your family my friend. Ralph xox 😀


  3. PS I was just thinking that the owner of the micro-supermarket has benefited from your generosity, also. It will probably let him pay off some outstanding accounts. And, I wonder how many other people he has on a credit account, wondering when/if he’ll be paid. So, he’s another kind person. xox


    • Yes. I agree. The store owner should have cut back on her debt to help her in the long run as she is a bit over her head now. But it’s an almost mediaeval system in our village where shoulders are shrugged and it doesn’t really matter. Yes, he is kind. xox


  4. Ralph, I’ve always found that the lift of spirit I get after doing an anonymous good deed outweighs the deed itself. Keep it up.


    • Oh, you are really lovely Mary !! 😀 I felt I had to publish this story as a lot of people don’t even think. They are so busy with themselves and maybe, just maybe, someone may pick up on the idea of kindness and put it into practice as they have never done it before. Big Christmassy hug. Ralph xox 😀


    • Hi Katie 😀 Action man here !! No need to pocket lemons as there are so many trees around here that one only has to ask and get a bag full. Want one ? Ralph xox 😀


      • Not as strong as my little finger that’s on sick leave at the moment 😉
        Goodnight my friend. It’s 2am here and time I hit the sack 😀 xox


  5. That was really sweet of you, Ralph. She will be so happy! Very kind. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year. xox


    • Hi HD 😀 Yes. She is overwhelmed. I have just received an email from Hilda and part of it said :
      “Just to say that Dori and Juan have told Pepi about your wonderful gesture, and as you can imagine Pepi is gobsmacked that anyone would do that for her. Julie told me that she doesn’t know how to repay you ! Basically she has told her that it is not necessary and that you take pleasure in helping those who are less fortunate.”
      Have a great time over the next few days my friend. Ralph xox 😀


  6. Merry Christmas, my kind kind friend!

    All the best to you and your loved ones in year 2014.

    Cheers!! 😀


  7. What a kind thing to do, she will have a better Christmas knowing that the tab is lower. As for the lemons…. I took the same picture when i was there. Your country is amazing…I did learn a lot.


    • Hi Ute 😀 It took me a while but I think that this is the one you took :

      I hope that you and your boys have a lovely Christmas. Ralph xox 😀


      • No picking today as it’s raining, part of that storm over Scotland. I hope you are okay. 😀


      • Sorry to hear that. I have been watching events unfold in the UK on Sky News. it looks like we are going to have a bad few days coming up. Same storm system. Still, I’m in the warm 😀


  8. Did you know that fish swim in water? 😉 😉 Lemons on trees… you’re kiddin… I thought lemons are dug out of the ground like potatoes… (I live in the land of Jaffa oranges, remember …;-) )


    • Merry Christmas Heila 😀 I learn a lot from you. I thought Jaffa oranges grew in boxes in supermarkets. Live and learn 😉 hehe
      Wow !! Fish swim in water as well !! I had a sheltered life 😉
      Big hug. Ralph xox 😀


      • Now you really made me LAUGH Ralph!! BTW, I’m working (translating a document), no Christmas here in the Holy Jewish Land…only the Christian Arabs in Jerusalem and Nazareth celebrate Christmas, and there are lots of tourists visiting the oh so holy places. HUGS!


      • Israel is one of the countries that I would like to visit in the future. See how my health goes. xox


  9. Christmas night holy aside worries and sorrows. Open your heart and gets a touch of blessing that flows over the world tonight!

    Whether this year’s holidays will fill your heart with joy, confidence, hope and love. And Santa will bring the most desired and unexpected gifts and those close to you.
    Merry Christmas


  10. You are kind indeed and one can learn a lot on your blog … not to mention laughter!

    Merry Christmas my friend and all the best in the New Year … above all may it bring you health and love!



    • Hello my dear friend. Thank you soooo much !! I hope you are having/had a lovely Christmas in Hobbitsville and I wish you the same pleasantries for the New Year. Big hug. Ralph xoox 😀


  11. Every time I visit here you have found new and interesting ways of giving kindness to others. If I’m half the pensioner you are by the time I get there, that would be something. May the universe smile on you, this coming year and beyond 🙂


    • Hi Alarna 😀 Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I really do appreciate it. Have a great holiday. Ralph xox 😀


  12. What a lovely post. So appropriate for today and this season for Giving. Kindness can manifest in so many ways and not necessarily when we believe it is so. Kindness can be a part of the small acknowledgements we may show to folks, known and unknown. That sheer act of waving to the person who gives you way or keeps the door open for you to come in. Who is being kind here really?

    Merry Christmas.



  13. Lovely story Ralph… I love hearing about random acts of kindness – ( and doing them of course!). My uncle who was always doing the same sort of thing would say he didn’t want thanks, he just wanted the ball of kindness to keep rolling on – happy Christmas Ralph,Vanessa….


    • Good Morning Victoria 😀 I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the holiday. What a great Uncle you had !! Happy New Year my friend. Ralph xox 😀


  14. Will wonders never cease? Imagine that, lemons grow on trees…amazing. I always thought you had to wait to be handed one, so you could make lemonade. 😉 I always learn something new when I come here. You are such a kind and generous person. That was an awesome and selfless thing to do. BIG SMOOTCH.


    • Hi Elizabeth 😀 Yes, I was astounded to see lemons superglued to trees 😉
      Woah !! Big Smooch ! *faint* 😉 More please !! Ralph xoxoox 😀


  15. Greetings and Merry Holidays, Ralph,

    I am back blogging! Grand to be reading all these wonderful posts.

    That was super great you helped pay off your neighbor’s grocery debt. I hope she can get some Govt help to buy food. I do not know what Spain has for food for those in financial straits.

    We have helped a lad here relocate to FLA a few years back now. It is a great thing to be able to help others in need.



    • Hi Steve 😀 Happy Holidays to you and AJ !!
      That was a lovely help that you gave to the lad. Well done !!
      There is a government benefit system which only pays for a few months. Local bars have been collecting food from customers to help people in need that they know of. There are so many in trouble.
      I hope you both are having a great holiday. Ralph 😀


      • Greetings Ralph. Thanks for writing back.

        That is sad that the government benefits there only pay a few months for those not working. It’s uplifting to see the local bars collecting food for people in need. I know unemployment in Spain is much worse than here in the States. Our govt has just cut off extended pay for those long out of work. Millions do count. Hope you are having a super holiday. Sirfelion


      • I feel that very soon that governments who serve themselves will be forced out or do a U-turn and work like charities, solving the problems of the people, everything !
        And also banks will serve the people, not themselves. I just know this will happen.


      • Great response! I am seeing this here-our Congress finally sat down and passed a spending bill and committees are actually cooperating to allocate the 1.03 trillion bucks, much to help those in need. Tea pot people seem to be being less an issue now, good thing. Pendulum is swinging back a bit. Anything like this is positive and optimistic. So I agree things will start to u-turn, or else the people will rise up and turn them out.


      • I do agree with your last sentence. I was going to say it but thought I had better not 😀 May you both have a great New Year.


      • Thanks. We are having a quiet New Year Day here, rainy, odd for the dry season in FLA. And a great New Year to you.


  16. What a wonderful thing for you to do Ralph!
    Tienes un gran corazón. 🙂

    Ahhh…I bet those lemon trees have a refreshing & therapeutic scent.

    xx Saludos y Abrazos xx


    • Hi RoSy 😀 Thank you for your lovely aromatic comment. Sorry I’ve been so long to reply. I caught a bug which knocked me out for a couple of days. Am okay now !! It was nice to take a break from blogging !!
      I hope you are having a fantastic holiday my friend. Ralph xox 😀


  17. When you come to see us. Ralph, you will feel right at home. We grow tons of lemons, oranges and grapefruits in our immediate area of the Central Valley. Thank you for such a zesty post. By zesty I mean inspiring! You are such a sweetie pie – lemon that is. May God rain down lemon juice rather than lemons on you, and may you have the best year ever. xoxox Lots of love, RVBFM xox


    • Hi MVBFM 😀 I am looking forward in seeing you all next year. Oh, I just love lemon meringue pie !! I hope you all have a lovely New Year. Big hug. Ralph xox 😀


  18. “I know that you get great pleasure from helping others.”

    Indeed you do matie, what a superlative quote. Beautiful.

    Excellent post. Er…I will NOT say I experienced the same sour-eyed mistiness from reading this post as one may often experience also from gnawing away at a freshly sliced-open lemon…

    AH a much loved topic, that- lemons- why there are so many here I frequently trip over them and take a spill, as I attempt to trespass, I mean, walk along on the er…sidewalk…pilfering moments wi’ me ol’ camera. 😉

    A gorgeous New Year to you my kind and giving friend. Will be popping the cork of the ol’ Fre in your honour yet again. It is a tradition now, after all.

    Warty hugs,

    -a wee smiling toadie


  19. Hello my friend 😀 I know that you love your lemons, squeezed but not stirred or was it lime fruit ? I honestly didn’t take any lemons when I took the photos. No need !!
    I will make a toast to you and all my blogging friends at midnight, which is now less than 5 hours away. No party for me tonight, just nice, quiet and warm at home. Have a lovely night AJ and a fabulous 2014. Big hug. Ralph xox 😀




    • Hi GP 😀 I hope you are having a great New Year’s Day. Thanks for your comment I will be over to your blog when I can. Ralph 😀


  21. You don’t need much to be kind and it’s have such a great results 🙂 ! Yes I knew that, we had some lemon threes at my ex work ones, such a wonderful plants ! Wish you a very pleasant evening Ralph 🙂 !


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