Image In A Comment — The Recipe


Many of you are scared to death of working with your Dashboard, worried that you will mess up your page and lose the lot, but would like to make your page prettier, your sidebar the way you want it with all the gizmos others have. I have been asked many times how I put a picture, cartoon, animation into a comment. You are worried about codes, widgets, tags etc. So I hope to help you by putting a photograph in a comment as a cooking recipe. Yes. I’m mad !! But it’s easy as making an apple pie. Let’s make an apple pie and show it off in a comment.

NOTE: You can only use this recipe in your own comments. Not other blog comments.



Pastry and an apple



The pastry is a simple piece of code which wraps around the apple

<img src=” ” />

You use this for every picture, drawing, cartoon, animation that you want to show up in a comment.



The apple is where the photograph etc. is located.



I will now go through this step by step in pictures. It’s easy to do. Try it yourself in your own blog.

We already have the pastry  <img src=” ” />

Now to get the apple……the photograph of an apple pie from Google

I typed into Google Search..... apple pie pictures. It gave me this selection
I typed into Google Search….. “apple pie pictures”. It gave me this selection. I left clicked the picture in the middle of the top row then I right clicked the big picture which opened up. Save Image into my Downloads file as “ap2”


. I left clicked the picture in the middle of the top row then I right clicked the big picture. Save Image into my Downloads file
.The picture of the apple pie is now in my laptop Downloads file


I always keep every picture, music etc, in my Dashboard Media Library for ease of access when building a post or adding to a comment. So I need to get the apple pie into the Library.

Open the Dashboard/Media/Add New. Find the apple pie in the laptop and Open.

.The apple pie picture is now in the Media Library. But it’s too big. I have to make it smaller. Left click on the picture. Then left click “Edit Image” beside the picture on the right.


.This page will open. Click on blue “Scale Image” in the centre row.


.Instead of 2700 I use a standard 400 for comments. So I change the 2700 to……….


……….400. No need to change the other number. It does it automatically. Left click the blue “Scale” and “Update” on the Right of the page.

separatorSo the ingredients are all ready for assembly in the baking dish (the comment)

As this post is not yet published. I will put this apple pie picture in Gallivanta‘s comments in my previous post  as she asked:



Click Reply and add the pastry



I need the apple now, the location of the apple pie picture in the Media Library, what shelf it is on.

I like to use lots of tabs on my browser so that I can easily switch from the comment to my Dashboard.

Click on the apple pie picture in the Media Library and click “Edit Image” on the right hand side of the page



The apple pie Edit Media page opens



On the right hand side. File URL. Right click/Select All/Copy


I now have the apple to put into the pastry.


Return to the comment (the baking dish) and Paste the apple into the pastry between the inverted commas


Post Comment


Cook for 10 hours at Gas Mk 20


ap12aYippee !!



Note: A picture  File URL must be copied from your own Media Library. Copying this post exactly will not work as you do not have access to my Media Library .

  1. Copy   <img src=” ” />  into the comment
  2. Upload your picture into your Dashboard Media Library
  3. Ensure the picture size is not too big for the comment.
  4. Open Edit Image. File URL. Right click/Select All/Copy
  5. Paste the URL into <img src=” (paste here) ” /> between the inverted commas.
  6. Post comment


I need a drink after all this !!



Did you manage to add an image to your comment ??


Ralph xox 🙂


90 Comments on “Image In A Comment — The Recipe

    • I did it just for you Jenn. Hours and hours in the laptop kitchen, slaving over a hot stove thinking of you lost without an image in your comment 😉
      I haven’t been bookmarked before. I didn’t feel a thing !! Ralph xox 😀


  1. Very good info. Never wanted to insert a pic in a comment but will keep the info. It is appears that you are a “marked man” now.

    yvonne xox


    • Uh oh !! From a Texan, I am worried. I’ll head for the hills now and wait for the posse to find me 😉 Ralph xox 😀


    • You are very welcome YC. Don’t forget to put a clove in with the apple … hehe !! 😉 Ralph xox 😀


    • Hi Shiro. 😀 Take your time, have fun with it. And have a fun weekend. Ralph xox 😀


  2. Thanks for this pie, I always wondered how to do it. Shame though it can’t be done on someone else’s comment. I shall try out one day!


    • That’s okay Ute, take a bite 😀
      You can put a YouTube video in another blog’s comment, as YouTube has the Share facility, whereas WP Media Library does not. Your Library is also private. The YouTube size is quite small and can easily fit in the width of a comment, whereas a photograph can be huge.
      Have a lovely weekend my friend. Ralph xox 😀


  3. I went through the whole thing and understood nothing, but when I got to the final summary, then suddenly there was an “aha” moment and I understood, everything. Why didn’t you just start with the summary? By the time I reached there, my brain was fuming and croaking. Thanks Ralph. Next week I shall add an image as instructed here. Have a lovely weekend! I am off for the weekend!!!


    • Maybe I should have started with the summary Liz. I tried to explain how to do it to bloggers who open their Dashboard and faint in terror. It is the first time I have done such a post. I tried to explain the process step by step as WP Support basically tells you to shut up, it’s easy, do it, because we are geeks. Next time, if I do a next time, I will take your advice.
      Have a great weekend my friend. Ralph xox 😀


      • The one you posted for inserting videos is much easier to follow. I got it in a tick. Thanks for sharing your skills. Skills are only useful when shared out. Have a good night!


  4. Wow – You know magic & how to bake apple pies!
    xx Saludo y Abrazos xx


  5. Yippee! It worked, and I left an image for you in reply to your comments. Thank you, kind sir. Yes, the summary made it crystal clear, and I’ll be boring people to tears with images in the comments. Baci a te, Ralphie! xxx


  6. Oooo apple pie ala Chef Ralph 😉 !! You’re the bestest….I shall save this for someday when my brain isn’t in “discombobulation mode”….I think that the next title for a poem…”Discombobulation….” well it’s fun to say anyway haha! Thank you my good sir for this valuable cooking lesson! 😀 xoxo


    • Discombobulation ?? Can two play at that as it sounds like fun ? 😉 You may join me in the laptop kitchen when I will be making String Theory stew with croutons Christina 😉 Happy Saturday my friend. Ralph xox 😀


      • ROFL!! Yes! I always wanted to be a “Theoretical Physicist” ……Theoretically 😉 Oooo the fun to be had discussing while fixing String Theory stew with croutons(!)…you never cease your #charmingways hehe 😀 !! Happy Saturday Indeed!!! Same to you my good sir! xoxo


      • My. You ARE deep Christina !! I mean, discussing whether there is a theoretical theory theorising “Theoretical Physicists” (Say that quickly … 😉 hehe). Happy Sunday my friend (well it is here !!) xox


  7. Ralph, everyones favourite ON-LINE GURU. I now know to head straight over to you next time I feel like hurling my laptop out of the window!! xox


    • Guru ?? More like Mr Bean !! 😀
      Please don’t hurl your laptop out of the window, Lottie. It might hit a police car, smash the windscreen. The car crashes into a power line fusing a nuclear reactor which blows up starting WW3 and Armageddon. Have a bottle of wine instead 😀 Ralph xox 😀


      • Really !! I bet you want me to go naked and live in a cave in the Himalayas. So to start I shall be an indecisive hippy with a vacant look, hand cupping my chin and say “Ommmmm !!” 😉


  8. Would you mind making a comment on one of my posts so I can try to follow your recipe in my comment? Please 🙂


  9. god help me, i’m now in the row in the back of the class, not making eye contact, trying to keep a low profile


    • Hey, you at the back of the class !! The school closed on Friday afternoon, a day ago !! Naughty girl !! You know what happens to nau………. no, I’m not going there 😉 Ralph xox 😀


    • The File URL, the (paste here) bit, must come from your own Media Library. If you copy my post exactly it won’t work as you do not have access to my Media Library, only yours.


      • Yep; I think I am following your instructions well. But I don’t know what is going awry. I will keep trying.


  10. Aww, didn’t work, but I see in the comment above that the image “must come from your own Media Library”, so lemme try again.


  11. Sorry for all the comments. I missed the note about being able to post images only in our own blog comments and not others. 😛


    • Hey Rene. That’s good that you messed up as I have added a note in the summary of the post to use ones own Media Library. You are my Post Screw-up Detector 😉 Ralph xox 😀


      • LOL…. I will gladly be your Post Screw-up Detector as long as it’s understood I’m the one who screwed up and not you! I need to read more carefully and follow instructions more thoroughly next time. Thank you for understanding. Oh, and btw, it did work when I tried pasting a photo on my own blog comment. 😀


      • Big Smile. That’s yourself and Yvonne who have done it. Well done Rene !!

        Now you know how to do one image you can add as many images as you want, also add text and YouTube videos all in one comment in your blog. 😀 xox


  12. You are brilliant! Such a wonderfully original way to explain it -:)!


    • Thank you my friend. So far there are 3 blogging friends who have put images into comments, Yvonne, Rene and Gallivanta. That makes this post worth doing 😀

      So what are you doing today ? I have Toni coming to clean the apartment in an hour. Ralph xox 😀


      • Oh lucky for you -:)! It is Sunday evening I am just writing the second/third part of ‘Charlie’ … even after all those years of dabbling in writing, I can still get lost in it! You enjoy your Sunday my friend. xx


  13. I did it, Ralph… I very carefully studied your recipe and voilà‎, it worked..!!! 🙂

    How are you, my friend?
    Bringing lots of love and laughter, as is your usual recipe.. 😉


    • You’re back my long lost friend !! 😀 And it’s great to see you again. I missed your passionate comments 😉
      And you did it !! An image in your comment….. and here it is !! Have a lovely Monday Carolyn. Ralph xox 😀


  14. You mean Hungary really is a country? hehehe So Ralph, you have become the guru’s guru. You are the amazing one! What a great instructional post! Awesome, dude! Now I hate to brag, but I’ve been using that trick from time to time for almost a year. WHY – because Ralph emailed it to me after I pestered him so much! So chalk up one more student that had done it correctly because of you, Ralph! It really does help to pester the teacher. You learn a lot more that way! 🙂 LOL MFR 🙂 xox


    • I put that video in here as it’s part of my next post on YouTube videos. Seychelles has seashells as well !!
      I keep getting asked about comments and videos so that’s how I ended up with this post and the next !! If anyone asks me in the future I can refer them here.
      Have a lovely week Marsha. Ralph xox 😀


    • Hi Debbie. Yes. I do love the kitchen 😀 Your new blog is fantastic. Well done. Ralph xox 😀


  15. You’re a great teacher! I never thought of adding images to my comments, but at least now I know how to do it if my soul every desires to ;). Thank you!


    • You get a gold star and no homework tonight for calling me a great teacher Julita 😉 At least you know how to do it. Ralph xox 😀


  16. You are quite a unique character and enjoy your way of writing, too! Thanks for all of the time you spent reading mine and continuing to like mine too! I love pastries made with apples!


    • Thank you so much Robin, you are so kind. I have about 3 of your new posts to read. I am way behind !! I hope you have a lovely week. Ralph xox 😀


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