Oklahoma Moore Tornado

LyannV's relatives' house after the Moore Tornado
LyannV’s relatives’ house after the Moore Tornado

My mind has not been on blogging today as I have 2 friends that live in the Oklahoma Moore area. As you must know by now a massive tornado scythed through Moore leaving utter devastation. I emailed LyannV (who regularly comments in my blog and her face can be seen four times on the 55 Blogs I Follow on my sidebar) who lives just east of Moore/Norman and I had no reply for quite a while. She managed to get to an internet cafe and emailed me with the news that her family are okay, extremely shaken up. Her house is okay but without water or electricity. A relation of hers live in the path of the tornado. The house was totally destroyed, their dog was killed but they survived by crouching in their bathroom Another friend lives near Lake Draper, east of Oklahoma City and saw the tornado barrelling towards the house and luckily at that point the tornado lifted off the ground and vanished back into the clouds. Please pray for them, and all that are enduring great hardships and loss at this time.

I was just about to post this and an email has just come in from LyannV which says

“Hi Ralph,

 Thank you so much for checking on all of us – you are such a sweetheart!

My children go to Norman schools – they were kept yesterday until the storm passed. I stayed with friends who have a storm shelter, up the road. The main tornado hit about halfway from my house to the rink, but there smaller ones that hit nearby – power lines were down everywhere. Fortunately they have been able to restore power to my neighborhood. 

 We have family and friends who live in Moore who have lost everything, but at least they have their lives. It’s very strange to see familiar places where we visit and shop, all totally devastated. I am so thankful we weren’t on the highway coming home from the rink – the tornado hit the highway exactly where we drive back and forth, and there were fatalities there where people couldn’t get off the road.

I’m also grateful I knew better than to chase that tornado 🙂

Right now we’re getting ready to go to Eva’s elementary school graduation. 

I’ll check back soon 🙂

Hugs and Love,


46 Comments on “Oklahoma Moore Tornado

    • Hi YC. So am I. As fellow bloggers, I believe that we should know a little about each other and be there for friends when the going is both good and especially when things get a bit rough like today. Ralph xox 😀


  1. Wow – this is like the Twilight Zone…brought tears to my eyes. How strange to see my part of the world is all over the world. Thank you so much, dearest Ralph, for your care and concern. It is amazing what a small world it really is, and how much we are all impacted by events that occur anywhere.
    Love and Hugs,


    • Woah !! This is definitely the Twilight Zone 😉 I never expected to see you for a while dear friend. I have 433 followers at this time and I wish I knew everyone of them. I posted this because you are a fellow blogger that is going through an extraordinary event and I do hope that they all rally around you as we may similarly help them if asked. If you need anything Lyann I am here. Ralph xox 😀


    • Hello Lyann, this is Autumn, very glad to hear you and your family made it through alive. Sending support and love your way. What an immense experience. Being in Florida, this just reminds me how easily my area could be swept into a similar state of devastation. Your strength and courage are inspiring. In my thoughts.

      Ralph, your kindness and caring are infinite. Exquisite entry. Thank you for sharing.

      Autumn Jade


      • Thank you so much, Autumn. Where in Florida are you? I spent years in Ft. Pierce and still have family there.
        Ralph is an amazingly kind and caring person. I’m grateful to have met him here in the blogosphere. There are many, many wonderful, caring people in this world – and I am grateful so many of them are bloggers I have encountered on WordPress!
        Thank you again for the kind words, Autumn 🙂


      • Delighted to meet you Lyann.

        I have been to Ft. Pierce several times! Groovy. I live just south of Cocoa Beach area, right around where the Sebastian Inlet is. I love that inlet.

        Aye, I am most grateful too. Yes, Ralph is amongst some of the grandest. His scintillating blog, exuding a personality of deep humour, kindness, compassion and depth, is always a grand sanctuary for me to drizzle into – always reminding me no matter what happens, there is Ralph.

        Yes, I have found so many incredible, inspiring, truly kind and caring individuals in the bloggy sea as well, and now it seems I have met another. I am delighted. Looking forward to imbibing of your blog soon.

        So happy you are with your family and you are safe,

        Many smiling cheers,

        Autumn Jade


      • I remember Sebastian Inlet! Do you surf – do people still surf there?
        Lovely and true words about Ralph: “no matter what happens, there is Ralph.” 😀
        I’m delighted (love that word!) to have met you here in the blogosphere and look forward to seeing you ‘around’!
        Blessings to you and yours,



  2. Ralph it is good to hear your friends are OK. This devastation is just two states away from us and we watched in horror as the news stations broadcast the storm then tornado. We ( the church and hubs and I ) have been praying hard for all affected. I feel so much heartbreak over the children that have lost lives and their families. I have never understood why they don’t, build homes or schools in Oklahoma without basements or storm shelters.


    • Hi Len my friend 😀 I was talking to my Spanish neighbour tonight and he was banging his hand on the reinforced concrete building we live in (reinforced as we live on an earthquake fault line). He was incredulous and amazed that most buildings in Tornado Alley are built of wood and have little or no protection for the occupants.Something has to be done. It seems to me that people are gambling that their home will not be hit, so bury their head in the sand and do nothing. Maybe Moore is a wake up call for America. Ralph xox 😀


  3. Glad for the good news of safety for them in the middle of such a horrible situation.


    • I am so relieved that my friends in Oklahoma are safe and well. It’s 3am here in Spain and I am so grateful that I have my own bed to go to sleep in whereas 100’s of families in Moore have no home or bed to sleep in tonight. I pray that they are looked after and that a rebuild will start quickly. Thank you for your comment Katie my friend. Ralph xox 😀


  4. I have friends in Dallas Metroplex and in that area of Okie. I have yet to hear from the Okies, but I have hope. Thank you for writing Ralph. Thank you Lyann for the input and a better perspective. Happy Graduation to the kiddos! Life always moving forward! 🙂


    • I really do hope that you receive good news from your friends Elisa and thank you for your comment from not only myself but I am sure from Lyann as well. Ralph xox 😀


    • Hi Frank. I am so pleased as well that they are okay. This event has really hit me hard this morning. I have been thinking about other disasters such as Syria which could have been prevented if the government there really cared for its people. So many disasters are man made or a lack of forward thinking such as strongly built houses, schools and safe zones in Moore for example. I hope the governments of the world start to work together and look after each other by action not by word alone. Ralph


  5. Oh wow…. So glad to hear Lyann and her loved ones are okay. Praying for all those affected.


  6. A terrible event, yet, how wonderful that your friend is about to go to a graduation. Remarkable resilience and strength.


    • Yes, Galivanta, my friend, I totally agree with you. The children are important and a graduation is a landmark in their lives. Ralph xox 😀


    • Yes, it was magnificent news to hear that they are safe and that their lives carry on with strength and dignity. Big hug Yessie. Ralph xox 😀


  7. I am so glad Lyann and her family is ok and even her relatives got their lives, what a devastating nature display. Not everyone was that fortunate. Thanks for telling us Ralph!


    • I could not keep LyannV and Carmons’ story to myself as many of my friends in the blogosphere know of LyannV and I felt it was my duty to tell their story Ute. Ralph xox 😀


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  9. This blog speaks so much about you as a blogger and as a caring human being … it truly is heart warming. There are always disasters and tragedies somewhere … caring about each others matters. A lot.


    • Hi my dear friend Daniela. I whole heartedly agree with you and I thank you for your kind comment. Ralph xox 😀


  10. My God dear Ralph… it’s at times like this you realize how small and powerless we all are under the forces of nature… I am so glad they are ok, but you are so right: somethings much change asap! How can people continue to built wooden houses??? It’s crazy!!!
    …And you, dearest friend, are a true gem! And I am so lucky to have found you ***** ❤ ******


    • Hello again you photographic genius 😀 As with other comments I totally agree with what has been said and your two words “It’s crazy!!!” really hits the mark.
      I am also lucky to have found you Pelly. Ralph xox 😀


  11. I’m so happy that your friends are safe, Ralph. My heart goes out to all those people badly affected by this terrible devastation.


    • I really do agree with everything you say Sylvia. I have been talking to LyannV on http://valdecor.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/a-first/ about the effect that it has had on her children and this is what she has to say:

      Lyann Valadez says:
      May 22, 2013 at 1:26 pm

      Hi Ralph, � Eva’s graduation went smoothly, and I’m pleased with Carmon’s assessment of Eva’s skating program. Eventually I’ll get that posted. Trin and Zack are struggling a bit more these past few days than Rane and Eva. Trin mostly talks about how the time is passing, and how unreal it seems she’s going to be a high school sophomore next year. She’s been having trouble sleeping, but I’ve been up through the night myself, so we’re working through things together. She heard the tornado going up the highway past her school on Monday. �Zack seems very troubled about the children who lost their lives in the school in Moore. As I’ve mentioned, the Norman schools kept students during the storm, and since I’m without a cell phone ( and we were already without power from the Sunday storm) there was no way for me to know what was going on – besides the strange thunder – until I went to a neighbor’s house to ask if they knew if the children were on the buses coming home. By that time there were reports of a tornado bearing down on Franklin, which is our community, and it wasn’t feasible to go even to the elementary school, which is only a couple of miles from home. Part of the elementary school motto is “always safe” and I think Zack just doesn’t believe that anymore. Eventually we’ll all get our minds right, and it helps that summer break is about to begin and everyone will be home together all day every day. I don’t feel very strong right now, but I am working on it! Trying to just make the days as normal as possible 🙂 � Hugs and Love, Lyann


      • So sorry to hear of all the losses there. Prayers to all to heal from this tragedy. Sirfelion, Smilingtoad’s dad.


  12. Thank you for sharing this piece of good news for I do visit her blog at times…May God bless them all…Cheers!! 😀


  13. So sad what happened. I hope that when the area rebuilds – that things go back up with more that what the big bad wolf can blow away. Something more sturdy than a typical house made of wood. Especially since that area is in tornado alley & has a history of this type of disaster. Gotta’ try & keep the people (& pets) safe as much a s possible. I’m glad to hear that your friends & their families are ok. How sad that one of them lost a dog in all of this.
    Blessings to you, Lyann & her family & all affected by this horrible act of nature.


    • That’s really funny RoSy as I was thinking about the children’s story of the Three Little Pigs just this morning relating to the Moore tornado. The story is almost written for Moore. I am also relieved that LyannV and her family are safe.
      Big hug. Ralph xox 😀


      • I just received an email from LyannV this morning. I really do hope her family are okay. This is what she had to say:

        “On top of all of that, as we came back into our home town this evening there was a large storm moving north ahead of us – we thought we were going to have a nice quiet night at home. But, the storm tracked back south, growing every larger by the minute and as of now there have been several tornadoes around the Oklahoma City metro. One storm chase team had their truck picked up and thrown a couple of hundred feet – they’re fine, but their truck isn’t. There are reports of about 5 fatalities around OKC. I think the tornadoes went right past Blazers Ice Centre, but I haven’t heard much about damage. I’ve had trouble reaching Carmon all week – I’m hoping she’s okay, as tornadoes were reported near her home.

        At this time things are quiet, but poor Zack is still recovering. All of this made him quite sick – as I was writing he was sitting next to me and bent over and vomited all over the floor in front of me. He’s asleep, exhausted from all the crying he did during the high winds and hail we had. The May 20th tornado really did affect him…

        And now, so much for quiet – another bad storm is tracking toward us. We’re going to take the children to our friend’s shelter. At this moment they have given a time the winds are to hit Trin’s high school in town, and after that it is supposed to come out here. I’m certain we’ll be all right – but I really was looking forward to a nice, quiet night at home…not this!”

        Pray for all of them


      • Update on recent tornadoes on June 01 2013 from LyannV

        “We still haven’t heard from Carmon (ice skating coach and friend). Right now we’re going to town to check on my mother-in-law. We have power, but thousands upon thousands don’t – even the man who lives across the road from us. Nothing about these storms makes any sense.

        I saw there is a comment on my blogs, but I will have to check that later. Thank you for sharing my words.

        Zack (son)seems better today, but Jody and I are thinking of getting him some counseling. I’ve explained it is perfectly natural to be afraid of storms, and I think Zack was more upset about the level of his fear than he was about the storm itself.”


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