Who Am I ??

Who am I ??
Who am I ??

What a wonderful comment. Thank you Wanda (<link)

What a gift of a post from my new sweetheart from Poland. As usual my mind was blank and I felt I needed to come up with a subject for a new post. Nothing. Absolutely no idea. Then in walked Wanda. She filled my notifier with likes, a follow and this comment. Her very first visit filled my mind with possibilities for this post. Please come again dear Wanda when my mind takes another vacation.

I have been given two gifts. “Who am I?” and the “many friendly men in Old Estepona, Spain”. I may have to leave the second gift alone for when I first read her reply my mind wandered somewhat into the back streets of Facebook, which will possibly be the result if I wrote a post on it. But knowing the majority of my dear followers this is the subject that you want me to write about and the rest of this post will be soooo boring !!

So who am I in the blogosphere? What a word!! Blogosphere. A new page could be added to the Oxford English Dictionary, including such words as , Blogoholic, Blogotomy, Blogology, Blogism, Bloggy, Blogger and Blog itself. But the question of who am I, alludes me.

Ralph in the blogosphere
Ralph in the blogosphere. I stole this from somewhere. Was it you?

So who am I in the blogosphere? Maybe I am a stowaway, for I am no photographer, artist, writer, cook, gardener and anything else you can put a name to. A namelessΒ  stowaway on the way to …….. not a clue !

Do you know who you are in the blogosphere??

59 Comments on “Who Am I ??

  1. In the blogosphere, for the short amount of time I’ve gotten to know you, you are a sweet, generous, witty, caring man.

    Who am I? While I don’t know how I am perceived in the blogosphere, that question is one I often ask myself, but not in a way that wonders who I am. Rather it echos the question Moses and King David asked (not that I even dare to compare myself to them), but they basically asked, “Who am I that God would allow me or even ask me to represent Him or to bless me as He has?” I’m just a petite, Okinawan/French woman with the same struggles and victories that other people face and experience.


    • That is the most beautiful selfless reply that I have ever had the honour to read Rene. You are not *I am just a….” you are so much more than that. Hugs. Ralph x


    • Then we are both happy dear Sheri, which makes me happy to know that you are happy when I am happy. An eternity of happiness. Lovely πŸ˜€ Ralph xox


  2. Dear Bloggy Ralph, sounds sweet doesn’t it. I actually know who you are. Let me tell you: you are a caring, kind, wonderful friend to many of us blogger. You are generous, loving and make us all smile and laugh out loud. You spread happiness, give happiness and we love you ! You are amazing, awesome, valued and loved. You are a very special person to us. So get that into your head and enjoy a bit of stardom! With a big hug for you my precious friend Bloggy – from Ute xx


    • STARDOM!! You are a star Ute and you have danced with one. All my followers are stars lighting my way through the farthest reaches of WordPress. Shining with great stories of being tied to rail tracks, writing books, making professional photographers jealous, culinary skills at a 5 star level, overcoming great hardships, pain and illnesses. You all are Stars. Ralph xox


  3. Ralph, you are Ralph. There is NO other that brings so much laughter and fun, reality, vulnerability, and openness into the world of Blog. You turn the Blogosphere into Blogville, a homey place in which Ralph is the benevolent king and each of us are made to feel like treasured visiting royalty from our own little Land ‘o Blogs. You are loved, and we, your faithful visitors, are loved as well. And the Blogosphere would have a gigantic gaping, bleeding tear if you were not in it.

    As for who am I???? Marsha Lee loves to spar with Ralph. It would seem that NO ONE else in the whole Blogosphere fights with you, so I am unique. I am THE ONE in this big ole networked world of entangled webs who FIGHTS with Ralph, the kind, caring, loving and gentle one, and gives him a tough time. πŸ™‚ ML


    • Yes Marsha I am Ralph. I’ll agree with you on that one and only point. As for fighting me, there is one other, Katie. Who like you holds her own in the fiercest of comments. Like you never backs off. A couple of Amazons, warriors of the word, sharp as a sword of diamond tempered in the fires of womanhood. I don’t stand a chance!! Ralph xox πŸ˜€


      • So much for being unique. Then I have nothing unique about me in the world of Blog. 😦 oh well. ML


      • Of course you are unique Marsha. i have looked everywhere and there is only ONE Marsha Lee. Your comments and replies are like multiple rocket launchers with warheads of words designed to splatter me on a window like a fly. Whereas Katie is a cruise missile, a woman of few words but deadly. So you are unique and I would miss it if you were just a blogger. To me you are a blogasaurus who cuddles a teddy bear. πŸ˜€ xox


  4. You are whatever the label upon my pedestal says you are, in any given moment.


    • I am sure that what you have said has some deep meaning. Thank you Elisa Ralph x πŸ˜€


  5. Le Blogasaurus Mars – Ha Sounds almost French. Maybe I’m a little unique, then, I guess. sniff, sniff. Manny loves me. sniff. ok, I’m better now. πŸ™‚ a little


  6. I am a Lantern’s keeper … just keeping a soft glow shading tiny light in the vastness of blogosphere, for myself and those who might pass by. That is all.
    Take Care,


    • How can you say that Daniela. You are no Lantern keeper but a lighthouse keeper as your Lantern is so bright that sometimes we are dazzled with your brilliance way across on the other side of the blogosphere and we welcome your light that shines upon us. Hugs. Ralph xox


  7. The handsome man with the hat & kind heart – That’s who you are!
    Me: I don’t even know who I am in the “real” world – LOL
    {Hugs y Abrazos}


    • I know you of your poetry and lovely comments Rosy. The “real” world? Oh. That period when we are not typing or reading, not blogging, when we are experiencing dreams and nightmares in some other realm. Big hug. Ralph x


    • Then join the club YC. Yes, a good question which I am also asking. All I know is that you are special as well as RoSy and all the others in your own different ways. Ralph xox


    • You are being so nice to me Katie and Marsha has ceased hostilities with me. What is going on. Is this some form of female tactic to lull me into a sense of security? I am now so confused πŸ˜‰ Hugs Ralph xox


      • Right where we want you….off balanced and confused. A cruise missile you say? Hmmm


      • I have to carefully consider all of my options. ………. none ! *gulp*
        What have you got planned ? πŸ˜‰ xox


    • Yessieeeeee !! Old man ?? Well I suppose so and you are the first to say so. Though I don’t feel or think that way …… now where is my walking frame ? πŸ˜‰


  8. OK, I have sneaked into the blogosphere. I am that dreaded Newwwwwbie!! I am not sure of my blogospherical abilities and thus my duties here. A Tabula Rasa, ready for anything, I guess. My first post is rather, well, a first post, whatever.

    Love your blog and await more things to give you a Tough Time.


    • Hello Sir and welcome to my blog where you will learn from the expert your duties and abilities. …… *opening manual under Newbie, page 3654 para 3 amendment 71a* and it says ” Have fun and really show the more experienced bloggers how it should be done.”. Yes. Well. Ummm! Changing the subject rapidly. I have read your first post and enjoyed it immensely. Ralph


      • That’s a huge manual!! I had no idea how intricate and clockworky blogs can be. I feel like I am in Middle Earth and need a wizened league of Gandalfs to lead the way, beards twirling in the wind and soft light from staffs. Hobbits cavorting, elves singing, fairies and all that.

        Glad you enjoyed my first go at this! Smilingtoad thought it would be a hit; she is my blogging coach (drill sergeant?!). Learning fast the ropes, more to come soon.



      • You have your own special magic, Sir, and some fine tales to tell I am sure πŸ˜€


    • You are very welcome Wanda and you are my first Polish friend which I will treasure. Ralph xox


  9. To me, you are a teacher- I learn and am inspired by your depth of kindness, your cavorting humour, your compassion, and your wisdom. You are a light and an inspiration. I am indeed grateful to be able to loiter and idle about here, like a gangly, listless, droopy-eyed teenager, in this smiling Sanctuary of Ralph blog, run by the sagely and most spirited Master Ralph- what is the phrase? When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Thus you are a teacher to me. So, thank you for this School and Sanctuary of Ralph.

    Do you have trouble getting anywhere sometimes because so many animals and humans hover about you, smiling incessantly in the Essense of Ralph, flowers bursting into bloom wherever you step, kittens mewling at your feet, song-birds (and even a wee friendly ginger squirrel) constantly perching on your hat, fans warbling your name wherever you go? Aye…being absolutely grand must have a few difficulties…

    p.s. I like the stowaway identity. Yes, perfect. Is that what you are? Some glorious being hidden away in cyber shadows until all under billowing sail on the bloggy sea of the great ship Ralph Savoy, on their sonorous Bluefish Way, and then, you gently flit into the light, to gambol and dance, to spread joy, love, undersanding, beauty?? To spread your song? Break out the guitar, do some salsa dancing? Yes, I think so.

    Have I gone overboard with this, yet? <- I believe I just did. (That's all right, I love the sharks in the drink below. How about a friendly blue shark, all ready for a kiss on the nose, and a nice silvery mako beside him? Lovely! Ooo and a white-tip. Brilliant! And a car-sized white shark. All ready for a hug. Perfect. A hallmark moment.)

    Hmm…another excellent quality you must possess. Tolerance. You must have quite a store of it to put up with this rambling commenter!

    another p.s.

    Beautiful exchange there between you and lovely Wanda, friends now so very well-met across many miles, countries, between Poland and Spain- yet so close. Groovy. And enough with the sap, (yes, you guessed it…I've not had my lime-water yet, today..must learn to avoid keyboads until adquately sopping with gallons of lime water.)

    Ah! I have it. You are the person one continually asks one's self at every four feet in life, "What would Ralph do?"

    I really must dart off for the bucket of citrus-infused H2O, now. Cheers, matie,

    Autumn Jade


    • Woah !! Whoa !! Woha !! Wow !! Another Wow and yet another one. Should I answer this Book of Autumn Jade with just a smiley and a thank you ? I really don’t know where to start or even end, with or without a middle. Your words have touched me deeply, in a place where no sharks swim, a place where even lime water has not reached. It is a place where love and kindness resides, A place which is never still and tranquil, for love is always flowing in and leaving for other realms and dimensions. We spoon out a little and pass it on to others. Chefs of love, filling vacant spots crying out for love, kindness and tenderness. It is never still, always on the move, passed on from one person to another, from one realm to another πŸ˜€ xox


  10. Yes, I have magic, sort-of you could say. Most ebullient. Soon more flora of muse will burst forth for all to see, or not see. Thank you for your most bodacious support, from a master of the blogosphere next to none. SirFelion.


    • I am looking forward in reading your next tale Sir, and I thank you for your kind comment πŸ˜€ Ralph


  11. Thank you Ralph, I have never been to a blog and read a post and it’s comments where the title of the post (In this case a question) is so completely and well answered by the time I finished reading! What a wonderful blogging loop of joy and love Ralph! That you deserve, I might add!


    • Hi dear Penny. It’s been a long time since we last spoke to each other. Well you said a while ago that I would be busy and that is coming to fruition. I am somewhere between overload and exploding πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much for your usual generous comment which is really lovely to read. Love Ralph xox


  12. Late, Ralph; I’m late with this comment, but better late than never, as the saying goes….!

    You, my friend, are like that naughty little elf who lives around the corner. You know the one; he’s always up to no good, planning a trick on an unsuspecting visitor… Yes, that’s you; always planning how to ‘have fun’….. and that’s why I luv you, Ralph. Fun is my middle name (and my last, and my first). I love to have fun, Ralph. When I’m not being serious in the blogosphere, I’m having fun in the blogosphere….

    Ain’t fun grand, Ralph..!?! xoxoxo


    • You are never too late Carolyn. A woman’s prerogative! Yes. Fun, fun and more fun πŸ˜€ Ralph xox


    • Thank you so much for your lovely words. I hope you have a lovely week. πŸ˜€ Ralph xox


  13. I’m just another human being, reaching out to others in this relatively new experience of blogging. Who I am is not what I’ve done. What I do is write, rescue animals, do volunteer work with women (& some men if I have experience in their area) with cancer, provide health care to my patients, take care of at home things, and all sorts of other daily activities. I”m moved by the kindness you show, Ralph and glad to be among you all here. Paulette


    • Hi Paulette. I am the one who is honoured to meet such caring and practical people as yourself who do so much to help ease the stresses and strains that illnesses can bring on and also helping animals. As some say, “You Rock!!” πŸ˜€ Ralph xox


    • your blog looks really interesting. I’ll be back there shortly πŸ˜€


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