The Big Day

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I was taught a lesson that I would never forget. A lesson which changed my life forever. Many years ago I was selfish. I never recognised it at the time as I was young, full of beans and only interested in what I could get out of life.

I was in a queue in a general store to buy a packet of cigarettes. I only had enough money on me for that purchase. The queue was long with an old man at the checkout. He wanted to buy a pastry meal but the checkout girl refused him as he didn’t have enough money on him.Β  So he left empty handed. It wasn’t until I got home that it hit me. I could have given him the extra that he needed for his meal and I could have bought a smaller packet of cigarettes. I suddenly felt guilty and it ate at me for a long, long time.

Since then I make it my duty to look out for incidents such as this. The same situation has happened twice over recent years and this time I have stepped in to help.

Today is a Big Day for two bloggers. Both told me of wishes and dreams that would never be fulfilled. A couple of years ago I came into some money. It took over a year for the legal issues to be sorted out which was annoying, or was it? Was it meant to be that the legalities had to drag on ? In retrospect, yes, the exchange rate moved into my favour over that year and I gained so much more than I would have got if the transfer was immediate. I have read many, many blogs and there are a lot of people in trouble. Some tell you directly on their posts and others infer or keep quiet. I have helped these two bloggers to achieve their dreams and today these dreams are a reality for them.

But there is a third blogger that I have helped in the past who really needs practical help now. This is why I have written this post. She lives in Brighton CO, USA.Β  I had an email from her this morning and in it she said that she is so cold that she has spent most of her time in bed. She has a permanent migraine, she makes blankets to keep the needy warm which she has been unable to do for the last couple of days as the cold has stopped her because her hands are so cold,Β  she has no thought for herself and is in desperate need of help though she doesn’t ask for it. Do you live in that neck of the woods or know someone who does? Can you help her to be warm?Β  THIS IS URGENT !!

So, please be kind to someone, a neighbour, a fellow blogger, an old man at the checkout. It gives you a lovely warm feeling to do it. There is no reward except people suddenly become kind to you and to others. It is contagious.

Bring a little of heaven to earth and be kind. Ralph xx

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  1. Reblogged this on Starfish Way and commented:
    From the man who inspired Starfish Way…and I will add:
    Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. ~Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama
    If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope
    What this world needs is a new kind of army – the army of the kind. ~Cleveland Amory


    • Yes. Be kind. Thank you for your help in getting this message of help for this woman beyond WordPress. Hugs. Ralph x


    • Thank you Simon. I hope someone, somewhere reads this and is able to give her practical help. I live in Spain which is a bit far away to be of any practical use. Thank you again. Take care. Ralph


  2. I have also sent this out on Twitter and FB. If I could do more, I would…someday, I will be able to do something more concrete to help in situations like this.
    God bless you, Ralph – you are a dear, kind soul


    • Thank you so much Lyann. I know your situation and also know that you would help her if you could. She also cannot afford to buy the medicines she needs. 😦 Ralph x


  3. Wonderful post, Ralph. β€œThree things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.”
    ― Henry James


    • Just the right words at the right time from you Sylvia. Thank you. πŸ˜€ Ralph x


  4. This should help, if undertaken first thing Monday morning…they provide general help AND crisis grants.


      • Thank you so much Elisa. This may be one of the ways forward for her. Ralph x


      • Ralph? In that city, applications for housing assistance will be open on Jan 16. Sometimes, as this is showing as a voucher system, she might be able to use it, where she is located at present. Also, in the United States, her prescriptions are eligible for medicaid and possibly medicare. If there are too many cracks for the person, there are also programs thru the pharmaceutical company to provide meds/samples. I have hemiplegic migraine and many of the meds used to manage it and other migraines are available through generic programs for a 90 day supply for $10. I cannot tolerate nor be helped by many standard migraine stopper meds, and must use diet to keep me walking and talking…as I look like I am having a stroke or seizure during one of my own episodes. Many areas have agency that can provide a voucher to obtain one medical visit, if scrips need to be renewed.


      • I have copy/paste this and the link on an email to her just a moment ago. Thinking about it, I will send her your email address, as you seem very switched on with the ins and outs of what she needs. Is that okay?


      • She now has all the info you gave here and your email address. Hope it all helps. πŸ˜€


      • Ralph,
        I think that she might be mortified, I have not heard from her. I’m going to put it down now, unless she makes contact.


      • sigh Ok…(pouty face) That Creator seems to enjoy having me learn to Wait. Hey, but I have improved! I no longer screw up and ask for patience–YIKES!! Occupies self, while waiting, by listening to the drum and to turtle feet.


      • When you are born you wait until you die. In the mean time you make mistakes, screw up your life, mess up other people’s lives and then you say, “I waited well”
        I just made that up. We are but servants awaiting her decision. Have you got a bus to catch Elisa?


    • This is a part of an email she sent to me.
      “Just got permission to make blankies for three young kids whose parents have hit some seriously hard times. I can’t wait for her to tell me their favorite colors and get started. πŸ˜€ ”
      This woman is a saint and it’s time she was helped BIG TIME !!


    • That’s wonderful. Thank you. I will only give her blog URL, email and home address to any serious help such as a church or charity for her own security.


  5. What truly beautiful thoughts and deeds. I hope this contagion out paces the flu this season and beyond. 8)


    • Hello Katie. Thank you also for your kind words. Hopefully kindness will overcome flu with warmth and caring. Love Ralph x


  6. Reblogged this on Marsha Lee and commented:
    Here is a request from a friend for a friend. I used to live in CO, and it can be bone chilling. Anyone who wants to help???


    • Wow. Thank you so much Marsha. I really do hope that someone who lives in or around Brighton CO acts on this.Lots of hugs. Ralph x


      • What is it that you would want them to do? Is she without electricity? Is her house poorly insulated? Can she just not afford her heating bill? Do you have some suggestions as to what you think people should do?


      • Her situation is quite complicated and is now in the hands of both Len and Elisa who have commented and should be in touch with her by email.


  7. Ralph, I reblogged this post. CO is a very cold place. I hope this will bring some warmth into her life, and helps to relieve her headaches.


    • Thank you for reblogging this post Marsha. She doesn’t know that I have written a post yet. I will email her shortly. I hope she gets warm soon xx


  8. You are such a sweet man, Ralph. I don’t live near Brighton, CO, but I know what it’s like to be bone-chilling cold. I would help if I could, but I understand the privacy and safety issue.

    When I volunteered at Union Rescue Mission on Skid Row, my heart went out to all the children and single mothers experiencing homelessness. While I could not stay to help them directly, I thought about people, especially single mothers and children in my area who need help. Even if we are unable to help someone far away, like you said, if we just keep our eyes and ears open, opportunities will arise to help someone close by. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement to pass along some kindness.


  9. I have emailed the lady concerned and she is embarrassed. She is not resisting help, so if any comes her way I will keep her informed and ask her permission.
    Please don’t forget that she has migraine which keeps her tied to her cold bedroom in the dark. Any bright light is awful for her.


  10. Thank you for this post, it is good to read how you started to think of other people and how it really changed your thinking. Kindness and helping people goes a long way and yes does give a warm feeling. I had some of the best 45 minutes in my life today, I would have never had this dream fulfilled without you. I am more than grateful for it, Ralph.
    You will hear more about it later. πŸ™‚
    For us who are not in America it is hard to send any help to your other friend. Tweeting the blog and the asking for help is the best way to spread the word. I do hope some ideas will come out of it. I will add her in my prayers. Bless you my friend!


  11. Ralph this is my email, my sister and brother in law live near in Colorado, both are ministers and may be able to help through channels they have. B-n-l said get him info and he will help in anyway hea can. so please if you would send to me in email. thank you for you kind heart and let us pray that an abundance of blesings come her way through your efforts and our blogging world.
    ps. as a born and raised Coloradoian now misplaced in Kansas we have to take care of the ‘home girls’ ! God Bless my friend


  12. Just reading this blog of kindness is inspiring… Go well all of you wonderful people, and it’s, wonderful to know that the ball of kindness is rolling on…


    • They ARE wonderful people & friends, Valerie and I am honoured to know them including yourself πŸ˜€ Ralph x


  13. So true Ralph. Even with out financial means – we can give.


  14. Hi Alarna. I have learned that there are many caring bloggers who are willing to down tools and help from all around the world. Pure magic !! xx


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment (which I had to release from Spam). I hope you have a good week. Ralph x


  15. With all your kindness you will doubtless know this quote well but it is one of my favourites that I like to repeat and repeat to myself “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” The Dalai Lama.


  16. What a really sweet gift you gave to Ute, Ralph. She will treasure that memory the rest of her life, and you who made it possible. πŸ™‚ ML πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Marsha. Sometimes it is better to do things like this immediately, without thought. Once the brain starts thinking about “what if” and “can I afford it” and other such silly ideas taint the moment and it may never happen. I just did it !! Her blog should now be called UteBIGsmile πŸ˜€ xox


      • It’s getting even better. The management office has sent the link to Ute’s post to James Jordan himself and Ute is over the moon πŸ˜€


      • And how is Ralph feeling about THAT? I’ll bet that Ute is not the only one over the Moon! πŸ™‚ congratulations on a job well done.


      • Yes, to both of us – giving to each what we dream of achieving. πŸ™‚ How kind is that? πŸ™‚


      • I am on overload. About 10 friends I am corresponding with. Comments to answer. An Inbox about to explode. And I type like geriatric snail. Otherwise all is well in the world !! πŸ˜€


    • I have met some very kind bloggers through this post Dilip, and I just hope others will take notice and do something themselves. Thank you for your kind words. Ralph


  17. UPDATE
    For two days from Sunday the lady in question disappeared off our radar. Three of us were emailing her with no response. When she finally surfaced it transpired that she had a migraine attack for two days, was not on line and wondered what all the fuss was about. She contacted both female bloggers and one has told me this ……
    “……. and I told her we were worried and I wanted to see if I could help in some way … she said it is her parents home she can’t help it that she is always cold that is just the way she is or something to that nature. I would be happy to have my b-n-l and sister use their resources to help her but seems she doesn’t need or want anything. Or she isn’t saying she does. I hate when others pride gets in the way, but I suffer the same disease”pride” as many of us do…..”
    I really do hope that the lady in question reads this. A few months ago I needed a lot of help which was offered. For a while my pride almost got the better of me and I almost refused the offers of help, but I realised in the nick of time that I needed help badly and I am so glad that I took it. Not only were my circumstances improved but I also made some close friends from the incident.
    So if you are reading this and you know in your heart that you need help, please take it as so many people care about you and want you to have a better life. Ralph x


  18. I have just heard of another act of kindness. Not due to this post but by herself. She said in an email to me “I saw a post in December from a friend who said a classroom teacher needed art supplies, and I sent those last week: 20 art kits, it’s so cool to reach out and help across the miles!”
    Well done Roxie. πŸ˜€


  19. “There is no reward ” … It is not truth for me, Ralph. We are in the connected vessels.


    • You are right of course Wanda, in that we are connected. Possibly a reward does arrive, but that is not the purpose of being kind. I feel just the act of being kind is reward enough. Ralph x


  20. The blogosphere is a very kind sphere of attentive personalities. Glad to meet you, Ralph!


  21. Bless you for this post, for what you did to help those other two bloggers and now this poor soul in CO. I wonder if there is a Church/temple or group that offers to help where she lives that she might be able to gain help from by contacting a social worker at the public health dept.? Even if it’s to offer a free room heater. Sometimes networking with social workers can connect those in need up with solutions. We have a group where I live where people donate what they no longer need and those in need accept it. No money can enter into the equation, just passing along acts of kindness. Perhaps there is something like this near this woman? Sending you and her good thoughts.


    • Hi Paulette. We could only do so much in helping the lady concerned. A fellow blogger has family in a Church Ministry who was visiting her town on another matter and was willing to drop in and talk to her. She refused the offer. We agree that because she is a professional middle class woman who has fallen on hard times due to her illness that pride is blocking her path to receive help. Whatever happened would have been kept private but she is quite adamant that she can sort herself out. If she is reading this, the offer is still open. She knows who to contact. Thank you so much for your concern in this matter Paulette. Ralph xox


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