Star the Mystic Kitten

Star the Mystic Kitten
Star the Mystic Kitten

Hello human bloggers. My name is Star and I am a special kitten. You humans will be celebrating 2013 and I have the ability of reading your future from what you write in the comments. I am usually asleep on Daddy’s lap until he wakes me up to tell me what you have written. I then consult my feeding bowl and then tell Daddy my answer to your question by my extraordinary psychic powers and telethought. I usually know the answers before you ask. But I will wait for you to talk to me first in this case.

Ask me a question !!!!!

Love Star …… *purr* 😉

67 Comments on “Star the Mystic Kitten

      • Ralph! I don’t even know what language this is – I didn’t know you were lingually versatile. Cool!


      • Shall I stay linguistically cool in Turkish to gain Noeleen’s plus points ? Or shall I tell her that I used Google Translate as I am so bad at languages that the Spanish think I am talking Swahili when I am using my best Spanish ? What do you think Star ? Okay we’ll go for the plus points 😉


    • It’s nice to meet you too ! You must feed the ducks to give you luck in 2013. 😀 Love Star


    • I am sweet dear Len. *rubbing against your leg” and you must pick a flower to have happiness in 2013. Love Star 😀


      • ah how soft the furbaby…lily of the valley my birth flower will suffice dear Ralph. Although I truly don’t believe I have ever known a flower I didn’t love. 🙂


  1. Can you tell me the question I am thinking of asking you, sweet mystic Star kittie?


  2. Noooooooooooooo readings! Pats the kitty. Star, please do not ever take a poo under the Christmas tree like Diamond.


    • Naughty Diamond !! But I am only a kitten and sometimes I am not quick enough to reach my tray which upsets Daddy. Love Star 😦


      • Dear Ralph,
        E wanted to see the blog where you found Star, and I couldn’t find it anymore/where. 😦 Is it tossed into the recycle bin? She wants to see the kitten, and to play with the kitten with ribbons with flashing lights in them, she was so excited she nearly hit her head on the ceiling with bounding. (she did not get this from me, ok, maybe she did)


      • Hi Elisa. Star is asleep on my lap, so I am typing quietly. You can find the story and pictures about halfway down the comments of My Christmas Message. There is a snowman with Christmas lights about halfway down the comments of Dear Ralph but no kitten. Hope that reduces the head banging pain somewhat. Ralph x


    • Ooooh ! I like you. You will think about getting a puppy or kitten, rescued, just like me, for 2013. Love Star 😀


  3. Star, I love the hat….just like Daddy! What amazing food you get, what a amazing gift you have…. So my question….. Looking at the universe, and beyond, considering all stars and matters in the universe, looking at all the love in this world, do you think my cat Thomas will ever have an amazing gift like you? Or is sleeping and Purring considered a gift?
    Thank you Ute


    • Sleeping, purring, rubbing up against a human’s,leg, keeping you warm when we are on your laps are the greatest gifts that we cats can give you. By the way, Ms Ute, you will be high stepping into 2013. Love Star 😀


      • Star Thank you so much for your lovely reply, wishing you a great 2013, but then you already know that you will have that with your feeding bowl always topped up! Great to have a wonderful Daddy as yours. 🙂


  4. Awwww Star, you’re much to young and cute to have developed such awesome abilities. If you don’t mind, I’d like to wait a bit to let you answer a question, and we’ll just love and cuddle. I can’t believe you let your daddy put a little hat on you. (Yes, I’m a little psychic, too. I knew that was hard. But you did it for food… yeah I know about that – yes, you’re right, I do, too. Thanks, that was one question. I’m glad it doesn’t show too much.) You look like you could fit in the palm of my hand. I’m glad your daddy rescued you. I’d like to put the one who abandoned you out on the street with no food!!! (Oh… you knew that already???) OK, then, I take it back, maybe you are ready. What is my next question? 🙂 ??? (Don’t answer that!!!)


    • Daddy was really insisting in answering you Ms Marsha, but I lay on the keyboard and refused to move until he let me reply to you. In the end, as Daddy always does, he relented. Us cats always get our own way. You are a lady full of questions and ideas but a cuddle with lots of love is all I need as well and Daddy gives me both. As you are going up in the world in 2013 you must eat your hat to give Daddy a harder time. Love Star 😀


      • Star, you must really forgive me, but my psychic abilities are in American English only. Whatever do you mean that I must eat my hat? I don’t even wear hats most of the time. Tell your dad that he should not be selfish about letting other people cuddle and love you. You are much too cute for him to hog all the cuddles. And Star, your hat is way too sweet. I think your daddy is going to make you wear all kinds of adorable kitty clothes unless you put your paws down about it. AND, don’t let him use you to publicize HIS website without demanding a fair price for yourself. I guarantee you that he will be taking your picture at every turn of the corner to post online because all of us ladies are already falling in love with you. May sure you get paid well for your cuteness. I wish your daddy was more sharing because I know you would love to sit in MY lap while I blog. Lots of love to you Star. Marsha Lee 🙂


      • I would love to sit on your lap Ms Marsha as my Daddy is such a fidget. One minute I am all wrapped up nice and cuddly and warm with my blanket on Daddy’s lap. Next minute he is picking me up and putting me down on the office chair. Then he comes back, picks me up and wraps me up again on his lap. Up and down all night……..I think I’m a yo-yo. !! I don’t know what paid means, but I get lots of lovely food and water. Love Star x


  5. When will my boss give me a raise ….and how long is this cold/cough going to last? Meow.


    • Your boss will give you a raise when he suddenly lifts you up with one arm around your back and the other under the back of your knees. Your cold/ cough should be gone within a few days especially if you cuddle a kitten like me to keep warm. Love Star x 😀


  6. Hi STAR & Ralph! 🙂
    Hmmm… My question for Star (It’s a secret question between you & me & I’m sure you can read my thoughts. So – what’s the answer oh wise Star?)


  7. Hello Star, this is YC a street cat. I am not as cute as you and I do not have a daddy that is as nice as yours. I really do not have a question to ask but simply glad to meet you. Love YC.


    • Thanks Leonaa, she is and also thanks for following. Star is asleep on my lap at the moment. Ralph x


  8. Will I get to sleep past 7 am, sweet Star, on New Year’s Day?


    • How many kittens do you know that wear a watch Ms Teresa ? I go by the sun setting and if Daddy hasn’t put out my supper by then I tell him off. Love Star x 😀


    • Ah Ms Katie, a warrior, in permanent battle with my Daddy, Sir Ralph. Great battles of legend will be fought, both won and lost, songs will be sung of heroic deeds around the camp fires of Florida and Spain. All I can say Ms Katie is beware of the love-bug. Love Star x


      • Ah, a great year you do forecast! Tell me though, no one has to listen to me sing of the battles?


      • Oh they will. For they will be beating their paddle boards in rhythm to the great deeds to be sung of. Legends will be born and spoke of throughout the land of the Unwealthy States of America and beyond it’s shores by sailors well versed in big fish stories. 😉


      • Whilst I fear cat nip and fuzzy socks fuel your prognostications, I enjoy looking out over the picture you paint.


      • But what do I know of these things Ms Katie, for I am just a little kitten called Star.


    • Thank you so much. It was my best side, front……whatever 😉 Love Star x


  9. ☆BUON★☆ANNO★
    █▀█ █▀▀█ ▄█░ █▀▀█
    ░▄▀ █▄▀█ ░█░ ░░▀▄
    █▄▄ █▄▄█ ▄█▄ █▄▄█★
    ❥❥❥ by Simona


    • Buon Anno to you, dear Simona for 2913 😉 Did you use a time machine to come back 900 years and what is the world like in 2913 ? 😉 Ralph x (Star is curled up in front of a heater)


  10. Sehr geehrte Star,
    Ich freue mich, Ihre Bekanntschaft zu machen. Sie waren sehr gut mit Ihrem “Geschenk” Fragen zu beantworten. Bitte beantworten Sie ein für mich. Meine Frage ist: “Was ist drin?” Alternativ könnten Sie mir sagen, “Was ist da draußen?”
    Bitte fragen Sie mich nicht Fragen …. ich bin nicht psychisch oder telekinetischen wie du bist. Ich weiß nicht, die Antworten.
    Danke Star. Übrigens sind Sie süß! Papi zu behandeln Sie gut und bringt viele kleine Mäuse für Sie zu knabbern.


    • Hello Mr Howard. I will translate this using my magic Google Translate Spell book. I was a Spanish kitten, now learning English and now you throw German at me. I am getting a headache !!

      “Dear Star,
      I am pleased to make your acquaintance. They were very good to answer your ‘gift’ questions. Please answer one for me. My question is: “What’s inside?” Alternatively you could tell me, “What’s out there?”
      Please do not ask me questions …. I am not psychic or telekinetic as you are. I do not know the answers.
      Thank you Star. By the way, you’re cute! Papi treat you well and take lots of little mice nibble for you.”

      Mr Howard !! I can only read the future, not what’s inside or out there. I am working on Remote Viewing while I’m curled up on Daddy’s lap. Yes. I see …….. what’s outside is not inside and what’s inside is not outside. I hope you can understand that being a human as you possibly are. There are no mice here. Love Star x


      • ¿Qué.? No hay ratones.! ¿Qué haces para divertirte? ¿Qué picar cuando se necesita un tentempié.?


      • “What.? No mice.! What do you do for fun? What snack when you need a snack.?”
        No speeky Spanish no moor. Eeeenglish only. I not to eeet tweeeen meeeels. Love Star x


  11. Star, gorgeous Star. I had two cats this year – Sherlock & Sparrow – both domestic (not outdoors ones) & one fell off the balcony & hasn’t been seen since. My son & me put flyers up & rang every possible place Sherlock could have ended up.

    Oh Star, is Sherlock okay? Has he passed away? Will he return? (oops, I think you said ‘A’ question…)


    • Ms Noeleen I used my powers to call for help to work on Sherlock as I live so, so far away and lo and behold, Daniela commented who lives in the New Zealand and she knows the Middle Earth cats. I am picking up nothing. Sorry. Love Star x (Daniel would love to play with me) 😀


  12. Dear Star,
    As soon as I saw your photo, I just could not help but think how adorable you are. I know – such a typical human reaction! However, after reading about your ”extraordinary psychic powers” … I decided to consult with cats from the Middle Earth as this is not only where I live but also, as everyone knows, where the most powerful magicians and psychics dwell. The cats took one look at you and advised that it is all a marketing plot. Apparently the hat gave you away. Please note I am only repeating what I was told, However, as I am only a humble human, and you are super-cute … well I will give you a chance against the cats advise. So go ahead and let me know what it is I need most in 2013 and will I found it?

    Loads of love to you and your daddy!
    Best Wishes,


    • Hello Ms Daniela. You have rumbled me. This is not my picture. Daddy borrowed it from Mr Google. I didn’t want my photo used as I am shy like most ladies especially when I am wearing my hat, robes, ring and wand. I cannot be seen in my ritual dress in public.
      What you really need is a house kitten like me, as I am cute and very powerful
      as I can get Daddy to do what I want him to do, like give me a stroke or feed me.
      You will find it if you want it. Love from Daddy and Star x 😀


  13. Ralph, thank you for stopping and liking a post recently. I enjoyed a short tour of your blog so much with a kitten that blogs, a way to win arguments with my wife, and the comments of kindness.I loved the mix of humour and wisdom and look forward to following your blog.

    Take care,



    • I’m the one who should be thanking you Ivon for your blitz of Likes and for following. Thank you. I hope I can keep going. I said that after my first post 6 months ago and I’m still here. Have a great week. Ralph


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