Blogaholics Anonymous

Welcome to Blogaholics Anonymous
Welcome to Blogaholics Anonymous

Welcome to Blogaholics Anonymous

Meetings above the Chinese Restaurant in Bluefish Way

Weekly Mon-Sun Open All Hours

Be secretive
Be secretive

Hi. My name is Ralph and I am a Blogaholic. I just can’t help myself. I really do need your help as I am so desperate for more Likes, Comments and Followers. My eyes are glued to the notifier. There is nowhere else to look. I had to come here secretly, coat collar folded up, hat down over my eyes for I am sure my neighbours suspect something.

My day is a disaster. I wake up with my cat Sonic’s nose against mine puffing away. No time for a play as I am busting to go to the loo. I get up. Samantha, my other cat is curled up on my dressing gown and like the party trick of pulling a table cloth quickly from under plates and glasses I retrieve my dressing gown. Good. Samantha didn’t notice. I shuffle into the other room, dressing gown and slippers half on, to my laptop which IΒ  quickly open and switch on. Then on into the kitchen to switch on the kettle. By then it’s an emergency dive into the bathroom. That’s better. A quick wash. Tripping over Sonic I head back to my laptop.

Two likes, four comments. A quick read, three on that post, one on another. I will answer the singleton first and the other three together. I am good at planning. The kettle clicks. Back into the kitchen and make the best coffee of the day. I look around. Last night’s washing up to be done,Β  the bed to be made, cat’s breakfast, get shaved and dressed. Oh. Hang on. I haven’t checked my mail yet. All these chores I will do in a minute.

I open up my Outlook. 57 emails, 7Β  proper emails, the rest comments. Drat. Most not for my blog. I need to get these chores done and pop down to the store for food. Okay. Later. I’ll just answer these two emails and reply to those comments and I’ll get busy with those chores. Oh. A new post by Have I Got Socks For You. That looks interesting. I will have a look at that now.

Evening falls. Three cups of coffee and a couple of empty plates on the desk. Sonic on my lap. OMGΒ  I’ve not done a thing around the house. I put my laptop to sleep and an hour later allΒ  is spick and span around the apartment. The store is closed, tomorrow then for definite. The evening turns to early morning. 3am. Got to go to bed. I can’t see straight anymore. Goodnight.

So this is why I have joined Blogaholics Anonymous as I want MORE of this every day !!!

You are nowhere as near as blogaholic as I am, are you ? Or are you worse ?

96 Comments on “Blogaholics Anonymous

  1. Uh, uh (head down, mumbling to chest) my name is and I am a blogaholic. I am so ashamed, I have been blogging for about 18 months and the longest I ever quit was 72 hours due to admissions at hospital.
    “Truthfully, (now don’t throw me out)…I love blogging and I don’t want to quit”…amongst boos and styrofoam cups being thrown she holds her bag to her chest with head down she runs between the folding chairs to get out of there, she needs her fix and a place for wifi RIGHT NOW!


    • Oh. Come here Len. Group hug !! There is wifi laid on with the coffee and cookies. It may seem bad to you now, but cheer up, it will get worse ! πŸ˜‰ Ralph x


      • πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ thank you Ralph love the hugs and the cookies ahhh love my sweets I do…not near as much as the blogging though. LOL
        No fear of me ever receiving a 30 day coin hahaha


      • Sorry no sweets as they make bloggers hyperactive. They cause bloggers to go for walks or play with their children πŸ˜‰


  2. That sounds very familiar during the week but getting real close during the weekend. Where do I start, I am …. ummm… arh… I have to leave now. I can’t do it.


    • You have to go YC ? Without even taking our email addresses and website URL’s ?
      No hope then 😦


  3. Thankfully my everyday duties don’t even allow me to be near my computer most of the day. Otherwise… I’d probably be even more lost than you! πŸ˜‰

    You should write a book. Words love you!


    • Thank heavens you are not a blogaholic as I would hate to see one of my favourite bloggers turn into a lost woman πŸ˜‰ Ralph x


      • Awww! I’m one of your favorites? Yeeeahy!:D
        Perfect, cause you’re one of my favorites too! Cross my heart! πŸ™‚


      • I read this somewhere last night on another blog which I feel is appropriate at this moment :-
        “I’ll scratch your blog if you’ll scratch mine” πŸ˜€


  4. Not working any more, and just the cooking and house work to do, I spend most of my time on my computer, not always bloging but doing art work and various other things. there is always a cup of coffee next to my keyboard, and sometime I forget to get lunch, but so what the computer calls and I am here.
    Love your blog.


    • Wow Carolyn, you do MORE than blog ? Fantastic. Mind you women are really good at multi-tasking. You know, blog, gardening, shopping all at the same time πŸ˜‰ I forget meals as well. Ralph x


    • What would you aspire to be Katie ?
      Oh. The lipstick. It’s Smoochie Toochie Woochie by Gucci. Great for a disguise and undercover work πŸ˜‰ Ralph x


      • ….to be worthy of BA and the free coffee. If I could find a way to pay rent and SUP while blogging, I would be set. I would have to get more bed clothes to computer with. Maybe some with the feet covers built in. 8)


      • You have quite a problem Katie. May I suggest a sleeping bag. You could hop around the house in it and keep you warm while SUP. Paying the rent is the challenge. You could teach your landlord to blog, who would get hooked and forget about the rent πŸ˜‰ Ralph x


  5. Ironing? I didn’t know people even thought of that any more! I do stll vacuum, though (which is what I assume “hoovering” means)…that’s the one thing that makes me feel as if I’ve actually accomplished something visible to anyone in my family besides me – although, I have been known to load the dishwasher while waiting for the coffee pot to hurry up and give me the caffeine jolt I need to get back to the blogs (never mind that I do have a 25 page research paper to be writing, for which the draft is due in 10 days)…my children are all old enough to feed and dress themselves, thank goodness πŸ˜€
    I don’t want to be cured of blogging, either (the “slippery slope of blog heaven” sounds even better than the thrill of a roller coaster ride), but I will gladly join the group to meet new bloggers πŸ™‚


    • I agree with you Lyann, and I love to meet new bloggers too, nice to meet you in this circle! We both might be not cureable anyway! Wish you good luck with your 25 pages. Off you go now, start writing….no not on the blog…. on your first page…. πŸ™‚


  6. Mhmm – that does sound familiar πŸ˜‰
    But yes – blogging is super-califragilisticexpialidocious-awesome! Hugs, Scarlett


    • …… even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious.” I am beginning to think about disbanding the group as I like blogging as well. But I need a lot more convincing. πŸ˜‰ Is that dramatic enough for you Scarlett ? Hugs back. Ralph x


      • It never is dramatic enough πŸ˜‰ But, sure – as long as blogging doesn’t harm anyone we don’t need to attend meetings/ join groups of this kind. It kind of makes it look like a bad thing even though it is not πŸ˜‰


      • Dramatic entrance. Stage left. Single spotlight focussed on me. Another red spotlight on you seated at the other side of the stage. Orchestra quietly playing dramatic music.
        ME: “Scarlett ! …….
        (Is that drama or what ? πŸ˜‰ )


      • We are playing Scarlett, having fun, taking the mickey out of ourselves. None of this is serious. You should know me by now πŸ˜€


  7. I cant’ stretch my blogging across too many hours of my day, my army of children would ban me from my blogging corner! But I do appreciate how addictive it can be! I love reading blogs, writing blogs, taking in the photos, humor, intensity, etc in which people present themselves. I feel blogging is so much more authentic than Facebook or whatever compares to Zuckerburger’s empire of social networking, Tweeting, perhaps? Anyways, if you enjoy it, and can squeeze in some personal hygiene, nutrition and other misc outings in between posts, then go ahead and have fun doing it! Socializing is evolving into what fits our modern lifestyles. Typing doesn’t replace hugs or eye contact, but it is certainly better than being or feeling all alone! Xx and we met and became friends too…..bonus!


    • A welcome bonus indeed Tina πŸ˜€ We learn about other people’s lives, cultures, thoughts and dreams. I love to help people in any way I can and on the way I usually make a fool of myself. But we do make friends through typing and any hugs and eye contact I get through my local friends. I can only handle WordPressdotCom anything more and I would go on meltdown πŸ˜‰ And finally, I am never alone with my bloggy friends including you and your family dear Tina. Have a great weekend. Ralph x


  8. LOL, thanks for the laugh. I was a blogaholic when I started blogging but am a little less ‘addicted’ now! LOL I still love to check my blog though first when I start my computer. You’re in good company πŸ˜‰


    • Whew. Thanks. I AM in good company my Canadian friend but I AM addicted still. Especially when I get lovely comments from you πŸ˜€ Ralph x


      • Haha, thanks. I still like getting the “likes” and comments too πŸ˜‰


  9. Hi, I’m Noeleen & I’m a blogaholic. I am not turned on unless my computer is turned on. I need help!

    Hee hee πŸ™‚ This is a great post, Ralph. I want IN the club!



    • *picking myself up off the floor*. Noeleeeeen ! This comment of yours is HOT. No, double HOT. “I am not turned on unless my computer is turned on” what can I say in reply to that ? πŸ˜‰ I suppose it must be on 24/7 then πŸ˜‰
      And secondly in English slang ” I want IN the club!” means you want to get pregnant. Oh boy ! These Australians !! Ralph x


  10. I can definitely say that since I started ‘Her Muses’, I’ve become increasingly obsessive with blogging. If I’m not writing about something, I’m reading; When I’m not online reading or writing, I’m offline trying to find points of inspiration in my life to write about.
    It’s crazy how crazy I feel when I haven’t checked my notification bar. I get excited when I receive comments or “likes” on a post. However, I’m always more disappointed when I receive the latter. I’m a HUGE nut for comments. They make me feel happy, or desired. Makes me feel like I’ve achieved something even if it’s just for a few seconds of somebody’s life.
    One day I’ll be popular, but for now I’ll be Nym πŸ™‚


    • Hi Popular Nym. Comments are fun aren’t they ? Sometimes it’s easy to reply to, others one has to sit and think. I have had some really weird ones. But then there are the days of nothing. Tapping fingers on the desk, visiting other blogs, but nothing on your blog. The last post must have been awful. Time to cast the net with a new post which you hope they will like. So, dear Nym, time I gave you a visit and make a comment to make your day. Hugs. Ralph x


  11. What time is the meeting – oh it’s online – thank goodness. I don’t really have time to GO anywhere. I’m kinda busy these days. Doing what? Sure I do laundry once in a .. Yes I did wear these jeans yesterday, so what. I didn’t do ANYTHING to get them dirty. The dishes? Yeah, I’ll get to them…You’re hungry? Didn’t you go to the store yesterday? No, you know I can’t go out, I might miss a comment. Come to bed??? You know this is my free surfing time. I’ll be in – just give me a minute. Yeah, I know it’s 2:00 am., but people are up all over the world. I might miss something. You say there’s BA meeting. I’m not addicted to blogging. Not really. Do you think?


    • I have been waiting, sweating even. Almost 24 hours have gone by with no sign of you Marsha. I’ve had no sleep, pacing up and down the corridors of the internet. I daren’t do anything in the real world in case you commented. And then, suddenly, you arrived, wearing days old jeans, dishes not done, starving husband, bleary eyed and glad that the BA meeting is online. Yes, you’re fine. No signs of addiction. Possibly commenting at 2am in California is perfectly normal for a seasoned blogger such as yourself, but a 4am comment shows that you are an old hand at it, an expert in blogology. A person to be revered and respected above all other bloggers. You’ve not quite reached that point yet, but you are well on your way. You’re fine. Take 2 comments and a like three times a day. Hugs. Ralph x


      • Oh my gosh, it’s been a lot more than 2 or 3 comments. It’s 3:38, and I’m still not asleep. And I haven’t stopped reading and writing since I wrote to you at whatever time it was, I think around midnight? My fingers are typing so fast you probably wouldn’t be able to see them move. What will I be like in the morning? Oh that’s right. It is morning! If I don’t get to that meeting soon, I may start staying up 24 hours a day. (actually I’m not kidding! This is getting scary!!!) πŸ™‚


      • Goodnight Marsha. Time to go to bed. I will still be here in your morning. The meeting is 24/7, so no rush. No it’s not scary, it’s just that time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Now GO TO BED !!!


    • 3:38 am?? That is when I’m just getting up to fly online. I might suggest obtaining or training some alarm cats. The ones I have trained here are very alarming indeed. First, they know that the briny lass is crashing about at 3:38 AM, shower done in micro-seconds, and then door shuts again, and they can hear laptop chime online from within. They begin to cluster outside door, give gentle mews to say “morning”. Ignored. Typing ensues. Reading rabidly. Flying about cyber-space-blog-world. Hour goes by. Howling begins. The addict comes out, feeds cats, returns to blog cave. Another hour. Yowling occurs on other side of door. This is the beginning of alarming bit. No response as I absolutely must read the latest saga from Marsha, and loiter about BlueFish Way for a few weeks longer. Suddenly addict spills out of chair knocked nearly unconscious by the sound of ear-sundering, horrifying death-screams from other side of the door. Death screams continue to reverberate through the little shack by the sea getting louder and louder (Sir never wakes up to this, however…). Addict manages to stumble to feet and and runs to open the door. Furry, whiskered faces look up with gentle eyes, all purring, innocent, “Might it be a most judicious moment to depart from that blinking thing that you tap away at incessantly and join us?” they say…”Take us for walks, let us play in the yard, finish the chores, help us wake up and terrify Sir, and we’ll even smile and let you go to the beach, though it is terribly rude you never take us along, and we cannot promise not to yowl mourfully through the screens as you go…” Aye! They march me right out the door, most efficiently, with their paws shoving me along, claws compassionately sheathed. Thank goodness for alarm cats.

      Autumn Jade


      • I’ll answer the one liner and I will leave the alarm cats to Marsha as she seems to have no sense of time. She really gets mixed up when she is dealing with International comments. I mean it could be Saturday in California and half-past Wednesday in Spain for all she knows. Marsha shouldn’t get upset when I suddenly break off from commenting. I have to have at least half an hour’s sleep at least once a week.
        Oh yes. Your PS. Fantastic comment Autumn Jade. Loved it with my thanks. Hugs. Ralph x


      • Poor dear lass, Marsha…she DOES get a bit miffed by all these int. times, indeed…she and I are three hours in difference. When she’s happily typing to me at 10pm, that would make it 1 am here, and I have to be getting up at 3:38 am…yes well, one hour should do.

        Now, there in Spain, I am thinking is about 5 hours beyond Florida-land time. I’m not sure. I know France is 6, England 5. (I could easily β€œduckduckgo” it, but this seems to be more fun) I’m pretty up on that because I jabber with pals (living in those locations) in β€œreal” time rather frequently. One is a Mr. Ken D. Williams (not to be corn-fused with Kenneth Williams, who, sadly, has departed) and a lassie named Seda (she’s Turkish living in France attending the Sorbonne. Yes, she’s fairly groovy. Well they both are…I sense that I am rambling horribly…)

        Back to where I was…in Spain now, I’m going to guess (it being 1:30pm here), then it must be dipping into 6:30pm there in Spain? I know in Kent it certainly is 6:30pm, in Paris an hour beyond that. Now, our friend Mr. Ken D. Williams chin-wags away with his pal (Keith) in Aussie every morn at 6am his time, making it 2pm I think in Aussie where Keith is. Now at 6am Ken’s and your time, 2pm Keith’s time, and 1 am my time, what would that make our Marsha’s time? 8pm? Then Ken jabbers with us at 5pm our time. Poor Mr. Williams…he has long days…just to talk with his international chums.

        Do you think I’ve tormented Marsha enough with this comment??


      • Hum, I think I tormented myself with that comment. Another p.s. glad you liked my other p.s. comment, greatly gruntled indeed. Have a charming, peaceful evening with a moderately healthy dose of blog-imbibing.

        -autty jade


      • hahaha Sounds like you are already up and alarmed BEFORE they come screaming to your door. They want you to be MORE active, and walk away from the screen!!! Walk away from Marsha Lee, and Bluefish Way. Play with us, Take us outside. Are you sure these cats aren’t in cat costumes. They sound more like dogs to me!!! Ralph and I don’t mind if you take a cat break. We’ll still be here when you get back. We love you!!!! Marsha Lee:)


      • Yes, the cats are very much like dogs, and the rabbits are like puppies. ALL of them want to go on walks ALL the time. Malachite gets so eager he pulls as hard as he can on the leash to get me to go faster! They run to the door when we come home and greet us like faithful canines, all of them, and begin begging to play or to be taken for a romp or a walk. If I go into the other room to read with the door on, several cats attempt to perch on me at once. Usually about three, sometimes four, once all six.

        I have had all of the animals outside in this small fenced-in area (but is quite see-through), and the neighbours are highly entertained by this. Rabbits and cats all cavorting with a briny lass in this little spot of wild grass. The rabbits and the kitten especially enjoy digging holes. The rabbits also keep the lawn trim. Natural weed-whackers. The cats are like monkeys too (yowling getting louder). They will ride around on my shoulders outside and gaze at the world, placid and serene like little lambies. Basil becomes so ardent when I return from the sea he will leap into my arms, or onto my back for a ride. Wet or not.

        Listen to me…oh bother.

        Cheers- old autty


  12. I did. Why am I ALWAYS the last person to comment, anyway? I am ALWAYS missing the party – I mean meeting. 24/7 nothing. It’s over – done, no more comments! I rush over as soon as I can, and what, I’m comment #48 already??? From now on, Ralph, you’re going to have to tell me what you’re going to write BEFORE you write it, so that by the time I get the message the post will be up already, and I will be first to comment! Then, another blog gripe, nobody at WordPress tells me that you comment back, sometimes, so who knows what I missed, some gem, I’m sure!!! So if you’ll just whisper in my ear what’s up next, I’ll get my reply fingers ready… No I’m NOT competitive! Not ONE bit! πŸ™‚


    • Did YOU get out of bed the wrong side this morning !! Fell into the Pacific Ocean ?? πŸ˜‰ Comment #48 is a good time to comment as you can see the mood and the way the comments are going before you give me a tough time. LIKE NOW !! My friend Mr WordPress tells me to tell you to check the box that says ” Notify me of follow-up comments via email” under the place where you give Ralph a hard time and he will personally deliver an email to your computer. Of course if you have your “find friends/edit blogs” on NEVER for Bluefish Way then I have no sympathy. πŸ˜‰
      My next post is about *whisper* Okay. Now you have plenty of warning, dear Marsha. Happy Hugs. Ralph x


      • Give me a break, Ralph. I was up LATE last night, just trying to get a spot on the blog of the year!!!! I’m getting my whisper comments ready. You could write challenge posts, and everyone would come to your blog to see what the post of the week is going to be! hahaha :I guess I do need to take you off never! hahaha ops! my bad. πŸ™‚


      • Okay. You are forgiven. What’s this about blog of the year ? I bet you have been telling whoever, don’t go near Bluefish Way with a barge pole. I don’t care. I am not competitive !! Hmmm! Blog of the year !! Hmmm! What’s the prize ?


  13. What I like about reading your posts… The comments. You get more than just a thought to read through, you get all these wonderful comments that add so much to your blog. Either funny, important, or just personal. Love it all!


    • Hi Thomas. I agree. I am very lucky to have been blessed with such wonderful commenters who are game for anything and enjoy commenting as much as I enjoy replying. Have a great week. Ralph


  14. Ralph, I didn’t get your last reply – even with my changes. Of course I wouldn’t want people coming at you with a barge pole. So yes, I say, “Stay away from Bluefish with your barge poles!” I got your back Ralph!!! Have you seen any barge poles that got past me??? You’re not competitive???? hmmmm really??? Who was just asking about the Blog of the Year award???? hmmm? You want to take that, “I’m not competitive statement back?” I don’t know what the prize is, YOU WERE the winner – what did you get? Lots of viewers???!!! So many comments, you can’t rein them all in!???!! I mean barge pole them all in. hahaha YOU WON, Ralph. YEAH!!! YEAH!!!!


    • Hi dear quiet adorable Marsha, it’s not one of those silly awards that gets you to make a post about what coloured socks you wear and takes all night to set up a thank you post with a million links. Aaargh !! No I’m definitely not competitive. I bow to your superiority in all matters blog. I am unworthy of working all night on questions such as, who is your favourite singing rocket scientist ? or what fashion accessory do you wear in the bath ? No. You win !!!


      • So you’re saving all the Aaargh awards for me? Thanks. You sure know how to turn a gal’s head!! You are bowing to my blogging superiority while admitting to your readers that the reason for competing in the prize you just awarded me is pure stupidity! hmmmm. How complimentary!!! I just got less competitive. Besides, I think the question was about what color underwear you would wear in the desert if you were stuck there with no phone, money, food, water, or transportation, not socks. Frankly I’d rather have the socks. That sand gets hot. πŸ™‚

        I liked the millions of links kinds of awards especially when I first started, but then what did I know? I kept waiting for the prize announcer to come to my blog and tell me that I had actually won!!! I actually couldn’t recommend millions of blogs because I didn’t really KNOW any of them. Now I know a FEW well. They all have excellent qualities, and behind the blogs are individuals with personalities and talents that I have come to respect and admire, and yes BOW to THEIR superiority!

        Like this blog, for example, and Yours is definitely a Blog of the Year winner in the comment producing category! No links needed, no silly questions, NO PRIZE!! Sorry Ralph. the prize is just the pride in a well-produced blog, and you award it to yourself. Nobody else can do that for you!

        However, now I’m trying to feature a blog on most of my posts to accomplish the same purpose. I copied from Rommel. I go camp out on someone’s blog for a WHILE. Then I recommend them. – no strings attached. Like I did yours! No barge poles allowed, though. Now that was a blog post in itself, wasn’t it???

        Love you, Ralph – no strings attached, no XOs, or hugs, no surprise visits, no hiding in the skip, just genuine grins, and playful, argumentative words. πŸ™‚


      • Are there actually Aaargh awards ?. There are so many going around, there could be !! I never actually said that stupidity is involved. There are many Ladies that love them and have quite a collection. Sand does get hot, but sit quietly with your toes swirling in a cool oasis mirage answers the question.I agree with you there are some really talented bloggers out there and I also have a lot of respect for them. Yours amongst them. I thank you for the recommendation. And your last paragraph is so sweet and I shall now go to bed and dream about what you said. I have a big hug for you. Ralph x


  15. No Teresa. You do not have to join BA to get comments. I suppose I am very lucky to meet and converse with a great bunch of bloggers who are willing to spend a few moments of their valuable time in making my life hell and so I must be really kind and give back as good as I get πŸ˜‰ There are other bloggers who are heavenly and their comments are worth replying to with quips and a little extra hugging. Have a great week especially as I may come over and comment on your blog. Ralph x


    • Ooooooh, I do so LOVE when you come for a visit to regale me with one of your offbeat comments. Thanks!


    • You are sooooo welcome Teresa. The pleasure is all min …….. yours !! πŸ˜‰


  16. I don’t know Ralph, I’m supposed to be taking a break in order to work on my novel and yet I’m still blogging, even if it’s just mostly reposts lol


    • Well. That’s a novel comment !! Sage, I could put a comfy chair in a corner of this comment area, a table with a few bottles of wine and a glass, you can use my wifi and write your novel here and blog at the same time πŸ˜‰ Ralph x


      • It would be nice to blog together in the real world, as most of us write alone at home, shop or office. Sometimes it would be great to talk to somebody about what was said, have a joke and coffee together and get to know the real person who is commenting πŸ˜€


  17. When I grow too old to do all the ‘other’ things in my life like work, having coffee with friends and family; when the garden no longer holds pleasure; when cooking turns sour; when the bed makes itself, when the neighbours no longer want to talk with me; when, when, when….. then blogging may take up all my time and I’m sure I won’t mind at all…. ‘Til then, Ralph, I shall squeeze it into my life (as I do) with as much pleasure and joy as it gives me today; especially with sweet people like you to write to…. You are such a dear, Ralph… The ‘blogoshere’ is made better with your presence…. xoxoxo


    • *blushing* I have just called the Fire Department as I am so hot and red and I’m worried that I may spontaneously combust with your dream words Carolyn πŸ˜‰ Running through your list of “too old to do” items I think I have reached the point of blogging taking up all my time and I’m only 21 give or take a few years !! πŸ˜‰ Ralph x


  18. My name’s Bart, I’m blogaholic. Worried enough that my pictures could be better if so many people watches with so few likes…
    It’s sick, going through my reader takes ca. 30 mins twice everyday as there’s too many blogs I follow…
    I brought almost all my friends from other platforms to wordpress, is there any doctor?


    • Hi Bart and welcome. You sir are a seasoned blogger with mega hits. You have my respect. I do not think that any sane doctor would take this problem on for he/she would have a queue of about 3 million bloggers with me amongst them. Do you have a doctor in Poland ? I am so sorry. There is no hope for you πŸ˜‰ Have a great week with your camera. Ralph


  19. Love this post and I’m passing the Versatile Bloggers award onto you Ralph. Thought it would brighten your day πŸ™‚ (It’s on my blog post today.)
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


    • Thank you for loving this post. Now, young lady, Desert Rose #7, (have you got six sisters as good looking as yourself ? Just asking) Where was I ? Oh yes. Awards !! I don’t do awards. Many great bloggers such as yourself have tried unsuccessfully to plaster my sidebar with awards, but I have fended them off, almost came to hand to hand combat but they went away smiling when I told them, as I am now telling you that you are so sweet in considering me for such an honour and just the offer from you is worth 5 awards. Thank you. Hugs. Ralph x


      • Not a worry Ralph. I understand πŸ™‚
        I can’t figure how to add things to my sidebar anyway…a bit sidebar challenged here. So I just blogged about it instead. πŸ™‚

        Thankyou for the compliment too. Only one sister here and she’s been snapped up good and proper. πŸ™‚
        Enjoy your holidays. Happy blogging!


      • I have just emailed you about your sidebar. So if you need help you only have to reply πŸ™‚ Shame about your sister Tracy. Are you snapped up good and proper as well.? Just asking πŸ˜‰


  20. I’m with you on this one dude. I have no where near as many followers/comments as you do though


    • I think that we all are Sam. You’ll get there with comments and followers. You have your own individuality and they will find you. Ralph


  21. I don’t know who you are in the blogosphere but I am sure that you are very cheerful man in real life. Best wishes to you from Poland, Ralph.


    • Well. That makes two of us WM. I don’t know who I am in the blogosphere. πŸ˜‰
      Thank you for so many likes and your follow of someone you don’t know about in the blogosphere. I like you ! Love from Spain. Ralph x πŸ˜€


      • Thank you very much, Ralph! I love Old Estepona in Spain … I have met there many friendly men.


      • It sounds like you had a very good time here. I have never been to Poland. Maybe one day πŸ˜€


  22. Good grief. I was reading so many etertaining comments that I just finally scrolled past quite a few after I finished reading Marsha’s bantering with you. If you speaketh of addictions can you please spell that out as in more specifics?I don’t quite get where all of “you people” (that is what Mitt Rommney’s wife called us common people” in the U.S. are going with this. It is not as if there is anything wrong with being glued to WP and Yahoo mail is a cardinal sin. Or is it? I am very on the ball about turning on my computer as I make my way to let the dogs out. And after that I run to the kitchen table and log on. Then it is on the stove to heat the water for instant coffee. Then I make a mad dash back to the bedroom for my cell phone.


  23. I had not finished dang it all. Anyway- why in the name of Sam Hill do y’all think there is problem with being glued to the computer. Did it ruin anyone’s marraige, get them fired from a job, have children taken away due to neglect? If not DO WE HAVE AN ADDICTION? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Do y’all know how addiction goes. Well- you must be in a constant state of denial. And when your family friends stage n intervention. Has that happened to any of you—-YET?

    Hey, I’m not addicted. I can quit anytime I want. MAYBE!

    PS. Great post Ralph. This is more fun than barrrel full of monkeys.


    • MAYBE?? πŸ˜‰ I was going to leave this reply with just one word and a *wink* but I just have to comment and say what a wonderful speech you made. I have been meaning to come over to your blog to comment. A whole day has passed and I haven’t had a chance to nosy down your way. But I will, soon. I promise, after I have got the monkeys back into the barrel as someone left the lid off. Big hug to you Yvonne. Ralph xox πŸ˜€


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