It’s Official. I am a Flirt !!

I was born to flirt button
It’s Official

Again it is time for more fun and hugs. I have been told in no uncertain terms that I am a Natural Flirt. Who me ?

Out of the blue a couple of days ago I received an email from a young Lady whose husband told her that our conversations were over the top and that we had to tone it down. Thinking that the Lady was in trouble I wrote back taking full responsibility for what took place between us. Expecting to hear no more from her I resumed blogging. My notifier rang and a reply had arrived. Uh oh. I thought !!

Cutting the email short, it transpires that she thinks that I am a Natural Flirt, she enjoys talking to me as we both give as good as we get. That she is a flirt, married for years and it spices up her life. I admitted to her that I enjoy the fun that we have and that she was not alone as I like to play with anyone.

I really haven’t a clue what flirting means except it may mean that conversations move beyond the bounds ofΒ  blogging politeness and decorum. Away from …….I like your post …….. thank you for liking me ……….. you are now my best friend ………..Β  I will follow you for ever.

Most of you know me by now and you know that I am not like that. I try to add a little more, pick up on any innuendo, but at least I have not stepped over any boundaries. Should I ?? Would you risque commenting ? Would it spice up your life ? Or shall I answer and comment as I have done in the past ?

Oh well, that’s my followers reduced to zero by husbands unfollowing me !! I will just flirt with myself then .

73 Comments on “It’s Official. I am a Flirt !!

  1. I agree with that young lady totally , that you are a natural! Love your comments always and you super fantasic sense of humour, hey you are a ladies man! You can say anything to me …I have no husband watching over me. πŸ™‚
    The question is who wants to talk to me? inside out upside down me…… ( I just noticed I have my fleece the wrong way round on for the last 4 hours…… see really nobody is watching me.)
    Anyway flirting is great fun so continue to spice lives up! With love Ute x


    • I would have answered you a lot earlier dear Ute, but Toni has just brought up my evening dinner. That’s better. Now to reply to your brilliant comment. What man could not resist to be charmed by an “inside out upside down me” type of woman whose fleece is the wrong way round. You have everything going for you Ute. Hugs. Ralph x


  2. That Harem is gonna get ya eeeeeevery time! Maybe you could give out Harem Stickers of Ownership?–er borrowing, er attentions given that no one else does, so it’s funnerer? Pats and Hugs, one sigh, and three giggles.


    • If this was a Harem, Elisa, I would be in big trouble for the first three comments come from the UK, the US and Australia. If I had a list of Ladies you would be on the short list ……..those under six foot tall πŸ˜‰ No sighs, more giggles. Love Ralph x


  3. Oh thank you…just had a great giggle over this! If I may (well you asked for opinions πŸ˜‰ ), I will say this.. be you…whatever that means…just be you and if someone somewhere doesn’t like it…their loss…I think you’re so so much fun and besides…flirting is fun πŸ˜‰


    • Your opinion is always welcome dear Christina, especially a flirty one. It seems like everyone is game so far. Yes. Flirting is fun especially when you add a *wink*. Hugs. Ralph x πŸ˜€


  4. Hmmm funny I have also been accused of being a flirt, I sigh for I know not what i do that would give anyone that impression. Course I may be wrong, but I always thought flirting was an activity that one consciously engages in with the intention of acquiring a certain result. I take great pride in that I move throughout my day with no underlying motive or intention except maybe… making art. Peace


    • It’s the hmmm, funny, sigh and “I know not what I do” which is such a turn on. Oh yes, definitely a flirt πŸ˜‰ And you do it so well DL. and welcome to my blog. Ralph x


      • I fell welcome thank you. Well take care Ralph have a great weekend. I’ve picked up my charcoal n I have a feelin’ I’m going to go through several sticks before I take my next breath which could be days most certainly hours, and that’s always a good thing.


      • Thank you so much DL and please do have a wonderful weekend yourself with your charcoal sticks creating something magical πŸ˜€


    • Thank you so much for your motorbike video in my flirting post Wolfgang, to give us a short intermission. Ralph πŸ˜‰


  5. You old dog. Now you’ve gone and done it. With that post, I think you have unleashed a tsunami of flirting woman. Well done, let the flirting begin, or continue!


  6. Flirt ? you ? no , no way you are just an exceptionally humorous man that knows how to flatter…. OH WAIT !!! that IS a flirt!! I am so glad you are it tends to lighten the day, mind and heart of this old married woman. My hubs said if it makes me smile he doesn’t care at least I am not growling at him! Said to say thank you !! (you men stick together well) Just be yourself my friend that is all that is expected just be yourself.


  7. Yes, dear Len, a flirtatious comment which is spicing up your life. Maybe you should growl at me and flirt with your husband …….no ……. this IS more fun :D. Please tell your husband that he is welcome to be flirted at by you …….not by me !! Hugs Ralph x


  8. You have given yourself away Renxkyoko, with the *grins*. You would like to play but at this moment you just have a little twinkle in your eye πŸ˜‰ We are having fun. Hugs Ralph x


  9. Oh, Ralph – I am so sorry to hear that your natural sweetness has gotten you into any trouble at all.

    I was thinking about just this sort of thing this morning, when I came across a couple of posts on other blogs about LOVE, and what that word means – what that emotion is.

    Why is it acceptable for me to tell my Sis (who is not my biological sister, but is a very, very dear classmate of mine), or tell my mother-in-law or my children that “You mean the world to me”, “I love you to the moon and back”, “I love you from the depths of my heart”, or to send them e-hugs….BUT it is NOT acceptable for me to say or write those exact same things to my dearest friends who happen to be men?

    Now, I know from experience there IS a (fine) line between dear friendships that may appear to be flirtatious, and relationships that have gone beyond flirtation to something more. I know from experience how painful the latter can be to a spouse, and I also know that simply not keeping secrets can help keep relationships limited to the former. However, when even not-keeping-secrets causes alarm or jealousy, I believe it is due either to a deep insecurity in the relationship, or to the fact that one member of the relationship has at some point crossed that fine line between dear friendship and “something more.”

    Love is very complicated, and friendships can be, but I have learned it is much better to tell someone how much you love them rather than wish you had. If you can’t do that without hurting your “significant other” then I believe something is wrong with one relationship or the other.

    I love you dearly, Ralph, exactly as you are, from the depths of my heart, to the moon and back…and that is no lie and no secret πŸ™‚


    P.S.: See my post on The Social Impact of the Internet at


    • My dear Lyann. What words of wisdom which deep down we all know is so true. You are so right in saying that we should not hold back in telling someone how we feel about him/her and that there may be a time of regret if that feeling was not shared. So I am going with what you say as I have held back many times and regretted not being courageous enough to say what I think. Where would I be now if I had of done that. Probably not at this laptop.
      As far as hurting a partner, that is so complicated that it would take a book to explain. Flirting is a matter of trust that finds its own boundary with the people involved, beyond that boundary complications can arise.
      I think most of my friends here realise that they are “safe” with me, as I am hidden away in the mountains of southern Spain. Not very likely to come hammering at the door of a lady in the USA or Australia. But am I safe from them ??? πŸ˜‰
      You and the rest of your starfish family have a special place in my heart. Hugs Ralph x


      • Trust, yes πŸ™‚
        And you have a special place in the heart of this starfish family…
        Hugs back,


    • I have to say Lyann that this really touched my heart. I am so happy that you feel this way. You will always be a sister to me no matter how much time passes us by. God put you in my life as well as me in yours for a reason. There is always people that take flirting to the other level. We both know how that feels. I just rather tell someone my true feelings than to never speak them at all and have the person feel that I disliked them their whole life. That would be a shame.
      ~Carol~ ❀


  10. Check your birth certificate. They get stamped flirt if you wink at the nurse when you pop out. I bet you you will see that stamped in bold on yours πŸ˜‰


    • Just a minute RoSy *rummaging through files* Yes, I have my birth certificate. You’re right FLIRT stamped in blue with a red flag. Oh there is a piece of paper clipped to the certificate and it says “From the Midwife. Baby Ralph popped out and gave me a kiss. I smacked his bottom and I now realise that Baby Ralph will have big issues when becoming an adult and kisses a woman. Sorry”
      Gulp ! So that’s what happened πŸ˜‰ Hugs Ralph x


    • Woah ! Rolling eyes, Alice. Now what could that mean I wonder ? “What has that idiot Ralph posted now ?” or ” I can’t read anymore of this !” or “I have just put eye drops in my eyes”. I will go with the eye drops. Hugs. Ralph x


  11. Reading through the comments on your posts is almost as much fun as your posts. Thanks everyone!!! 8)


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  14. Oh my! You’ve gotten yourself into lil trouble!
    There’s nothing bad in a bit of flirt. Let’s face it, is there any man-woman interaction that has no trace of any, even microscopic flirt? I think it’s simply the nature of such relations.


  15. Ralph, Ralph, Ralph. You, a flirt? Yes, and now it’s certified, stamped on your birth certificate. I have an identical stamp on mine. Well, it says girl, not boy, but it’s there! Where would we be without a good flirt??? Pst. I don’t think your sanctuary in Spain is going to protect your from all of us other naturals!! Watch out, Ralph! Here we come!!! πŸ™‚


    • Marsha, I would never in a million years have thought that you were a flirt …….two seconds, yes ………. but a million years, no πŸ˜‰ So we are both certified ….. no change there then !! I am actually photographed on Google Street taking the garbage out to the skip. I will have to keep walking then to say Paris to hide. Hugs. Ralph x


      • No of course not you Marsha. A skip is a large container for household rubbish which is collected every night here. You would always be my treasure and I would never throw you out. πŸ˜€


      • Awwww You’re not only a flirt, you’re a sweet one!!! I’ll just wait for you here by the candles while you take the rubbish out to the skip! It’s not every day someone calls me a treasure! I think I’ll just ponder that one for a while. Thanks Ralph πŸ™‚


      • OK, I’ve pondered this for long enough. For your blog viewers that don’t understand really GOOD flirting, take lessons from Ralph and me! Though most of YOUR readers are already great at it because that’s what makes your blog so special, Ralph. You are the BRILLIANT comment extractor. Now, here’s the deal. I feel great being called your treasure. (even though we all know that I’m not REALLY your treasure.) Just reading Ralph’s words made my day and will save me from banging my head on my computer later in the day if no one comes to my blog (though that’s not likely to happen because I love to comment, too, and I have great comments on my blog, too.) BUT, to finish my previous line of thought. I’d bet that Ralph feel great because I said he is sweet (which you are, Ralph, and everyone on your blog agrees – or you can delete them.), and that I’ll wait by the candles, while you take out the trash, I mean rubbish. (which, of course, I won’t). So now MY day, and hopefully all of yours is sufficiently SPICED up. Isn’t that how it works, Ralph??? Lots of smiles from me Marsha Lee πŸ™‚


      • I refuse to wash the plates again while a spicy reply from you has been sitting here waiting for me to read it for half an hour. To think I had been doing something in the real world when I should be really reading this. Where have my priorities gone ? But I have no need to bang my head on my laptop as you have made my day Marsha, added to by the other comments by my friends. Your reply has been the cherry on the icing on the marzipan on the fruitcake of our friendship. πŸ˜€


  16. You used the word I always use, “play” I love to play! I’m a hopeless flirt myself, and it’s even easier to flirt in type so I try to hold back. But yeah, I just think playing is a great word for it, because it’s harmless, it’s fun, and it’s human nature. Only jealousy and misread intentions cause problems, then it’s time to back away lol


    • I agree with you totally Sage, we should have more play as we are all children at heart with a sprinkle of adult seriousness which puts the brakes on. Oh no, My brakes have failed …….. Craaaaaaaaaash !!! πŸ˜‰ Hugs. Ralph x


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    • Hehe ! I seem to be the talk of husbands across this planet. Bring it on !! Hugs Ralph x


  18. H2 doesn’t care if I flirt with you. You live too far away. But I’ve never been to Spain, and I’ve always wanted to go there……………………Hmmmmm…………….Especially Andalucia. (I speak Spanish too, but not the Castilian version.)


    • You are welcome to flirt with me anytime Teresa, everyone else seems to want to as they also are too far away to care. Your Spanish is very good. Do you Flamenco dance as well ?


      • I do LOVE to dance and can improvise on the Flamenco. My hubbie is a great partner.


      • I have seen a few here in Spain and , boy, do they work hard. i expect it is one of the most difficult dances in the world. Tough on the feet with the tap. They really work up a sweat. Such power. I love to watch it.


  19. Oh, Ralph; this is an easy one…!!!!
    Of course you are a flirt… it is written all over your blog…
    Flirt, flirt, flirt…. *see*… πŸ™‚
    And a lovely flirt at that.
    Don’t change for anything or anybody; we need all the sweet hearted flirts we can get…. xoxoxo


  20. lol – I decided to follow because of my husband keeps laughing while reading your post and I can’t hear what he is saying. Life’s short, have fun and laugh, sneaking a little bliss along the way helps, too! I do think you have it covered.


    • I am having a touch of deja vu here as i am sure that I answered this on another post, but I love the way that you type Mary, the way your fingers dance across the keyboard. Oooops ! Sorry Tim ! Ralph x πŸ˜‰


  21. Hahha, yes that’s the way you are! & we all love you EXACTLY for that! You explained it well, that you know, it should be something other than those ‘i like your post’ bla bla. Your bonding through the comments is what keeps the bloggers tempted to come to your blog! You’re great the way you are, stay that way!


    • So you enjoyed this bit of fun. I am glad you did. When you are a little older in say, a month, I may start on you, which would give us great pleasure πŸ˜‰ Ralph x


  22. There is nothing wrong with being a flirt. That’s the whole point of it. It doesn’t mean anything.


    • You would be surprised Sam that flirting can be highly dangerous in a marriage. Young teenagers would find flirting stupid due to they’re being more freely sexually aware and active which would trigger your comment. No matter, we are having fun which is what it is all about. Take care. Ralph


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