Uh Oh !!

This post started innocently a few days ago when I posted a slideshow of the Penthouse I am buying. The first picture was of the bathroom with the toilet seat up and was immediately picked up by Katie and the comments degenerated DOWN !! An “uh oh” moment for me to fend off comments, not about the apartment, but whether the seat should be down.

Seat up

Have you had an “uh oh” moment that you wished that never happened ? Such as:-

1) You stepped on and crushed the remote control for the TV when your other half was about to watch the Game of the Century

2) You dented your other half’s pride and joy…his car.

3) You told your other half that her dress showed her bulges.

4) You threw away your other half’s collection of comic books

Well, did you ??

51 Comments on “Uh Oh !!

  1. Of Course! But, I think of them as “Brain Farts!”


  2. #3 is bad,oooo.
    So, as a trouble maker, I feel it necessary to confess. My biggest uh oh moment was locking up for the night and leaving the shop having forgotten a client in the back room.


    • I love it !! You are so funny Katie, but I am glad that I wasn’t the client !! Ralph x


      • But I did send flowers and we made up. 8). I am still paranoid about doing it again though. Like parking breaks, I guess it pays to double check!


  3. Helping my brother move, I used at the time my boyfriends truck (he’s now the hubs), it was a new 1984 Ford pick up and he had it custom painted , nice wheels all the guy toy stuff. My brother lived directly facing the main throughfare with Interstate access within a short distance.
    We pulled into brothers yard to load up again and I forgot to set the emergency brake on the truck and evidently in the improper gear as that truck took off down the main drag rolling backwards and hitting the huge sign that told of Interstate access. Completely ruined the tailgate and buckled up the side . Needless to say he was more than upset, but he loved me enough to marry me 25 years ago.


    • What a brilliant story Len with a happy ending…..not for the truck, but for your forgiving and loving boyfriend at the time, now husband. Happy 25 years Len. Ralph x πŸ˜€


  4. Well, I’ve dented my own truck a couple of times – most recently broke the passenger-side rear-view mirror and door handle while I was taking photos as I drove up my driveway and totally miscalculated how much room I had to maneuver between two trees. Oh well…it IS a country truck! When I used to drive a delivery truck for a local bakery, I couldn’t back up worth a darn, and the only way I knew when I’d reached a loading dock was when I hit it. The truck had a big dent on the front fender, and I was repeatedly asked (by customers) if I’d done that…I always said “No, if I’d done it, it would have been in the back!” And believe it or not, I never dented that delivery truck in any way πŸ˜€


    • I would have never guessed that you were once a White Van Man…Woman…Whatever, Lyann πŸ˜‰ And I really do believe that you never dented the truck and I also believe that the two trees moved while you were passing between them πŸ˜‰ Ralph x


  5. My story involves my dad’s car which I could use when I visited my parents. Both of them were to old to drive and my father did not see enough, his eyes were pretty bad then. So they decided the car will be sold and the gardener said he’ll buy it. So for the last time I drove the car, I got a speeding ticket down the road because I was 3 km/h too fast….yes those Germans. so I had to admit it as the bill came to my dad. Still that is not all. I drove the car backwards out of the garage and misjudged the space to the garage door hinges on the side and broke the side mirror. It was still there but the glass was totally shattered. After this I had to drive my dad to the village and I was hoping he will not see the broken mirror as I didn’t want him to spend more money as it would be sold anyway. He did not see the broken glass as his eyes were so bad. On one side I was glad he didn’t see it but on the other side I realized how bad his eyes really were. I did meet the gardener and confessed to him about the mirror and said I am really sorry but don’t tell my dad. He was kind and still bought the car and never said anything to my dad. I got away with it. Phew…. (to my defence, the car was very old too and the gardener only paid 200 Euros for it.) πŸ™‚


    • Hi Ute. I thought that you ladies were better drivers than men !! If you girls are the norm then men drivers must be catastrophic compared to you πŸ˜‰ Mind you reversing is a challenge for most women due to their curves and bumps while wearing a seat belt so I’ll give you that one.
      Well you got away with it Ute, unless your Dad blogs πŸ˜‰ Hugs Ralph x


      • I am ok, he doesn’t blog……. I thought of that….. haha! I am not such a great driver I have to admit, specially parking. But I drive carefully! πŸ™‚


      • Whew on your Dad not blogging and whew on you being a careful driver. Love Ralph x


  6. never will I confess to, um, er the time I grazed the edge of the car and then tried to touch up the paint…never I say! πŸ˜‰


    • Then we must not mention the time that you tried to eat (graze!!) the edge of your car Roxie πŸ˜‰ Or the touching up of the paint !! Shush. This reply is going downhill fast ! Ralph x


  7. In a rush to go to work–curlers in my hair–I walked under the clothesline and got a little tangled up. After receiving lots of odd stares from fellow motorists, I reached up to remove the curlers only to find a bra draped across my head.


    • It’s okay RoSy it’s only UFOs πŸ˜€ Hugs and goodbye as you’re being abducted πŸ˜‰ Ralph x


    • I really like your expression “teensy-weensy crunchies”. I can imagine you saying, ” Darling, I have just had a teensy-weensy crunchy !” Who could not forgive that? Hugs Ralph x


      • No, I usually say, “Promise you won’t get cross with me,” and give him a big hug and a kiss before leading him out to the garage to view the damage. πŸ™‚


      • USUALLY !!??!!! Wow, what an understanding and forgiving husband you have ! πŸ˜€


  8. Uh oh moments waaay to often πŸ˜‰ Ever started daydreaming during PE classes, then suddenly waking up because everyone is yelling at you because you missed to make the move that would have changed the whole game? πŸ˜€


    • People just have no consideration do they Scarlett ? I mean daydreaming during PE should be part of the curriculum, call it exercising your imagination class. I should have been a teacher…..hmmmm !! …… Hugs Ralph x


      • Definitely! But it should be part of every single class (maybe not the breaks, but the classes for sure ;))


      • For sure ! My classes would be:-
        Geography…….location of favourite shops
        Cooking………..40 minutes at McDonalds
        English…………texting friends
        Start time……..flexi hours
        Good school eh? πŸ˜€


  9. I’ve had too many of those moments to remember. Usually when I think I’m talking to someone I know that haven’t seen in a while, it turns out to be a different person than I thought it was. Or, when my zipper’s down, that’s always good too lol.


    • Hi Sage. Yes, I know the feeling about talking to “a” thinking that you are talking to “b”. There are a couple of bloggers I know that answer a comment from “y” and send it to “z”. It’s a fun world we live in especially when you’re unzipped as well. Take care. Ralph


  10. I accidentally vacuumed my husband’s noise cancellation earphones. Oops…. It was all good, though, because he had an extra pair. Whew.


    • That was definitely an Ooops and a Uh oh moment Rene. I do hope he was forgiving πŸ˜€ Ralph x


    • Thank you DD πŸ˜€ The mind boggles at what Uh Oh moments that you were on the receiving end of. I think I have another teaser here πŸ˜‰ Ralph x


      • My favorite of all was while I was driving to a stop at a red light, a cab driver crashed into my car from behind. When I asked what happened, he stated that he’d hit me because he thought I was going to run the light :/


      • Wow. A not very successful mind-reading cab driver ! I hope you were okay ?


  11. went to a party, by midnight I was very tired and left, OH stayed as he was having such a good time. When I got home, I forgot and left my own key inside the front door lock (on the inside). When OH came home about 6am as another friend drove him home, he could not get in. He rang and rang the doorbell, he rang and rang the phone. But I was full out in dreamland. I use earplugs because OH snores. So he was locked out from am until 9am. Not a pretty sight… 😦


    • What a fine story. I hope he went home WITH you in the future and said at the time, “Well done Darling for keeping the house secure while you were alone in the house”. Probably not πŸ˜‰ Ralph


  12. Let me count the times. You don’t have enough storage space on your blog for even a tiny portion of mine! As I read through the responses, I could match every one of them. One of the first I remember was when my mother had a garage sale, and I got to be in charge of it. We were moving cross country and had to get rid of many things. I was 15. One of the things I didn’t like was my great-grandmother’s carnival glass items because I thought they were such an ugly color. So I put them in the garage sale at a price of .25, which at that time was about 100X or more less than they sold for in antique stores. My easy-going mother was pretty uneasy going without her carnival glass vase.

    And the zipper down story, yikes! My first husband was a pastor, and we were at our first pastor and wives’ retreat, staying in one cottage with two other pastors and their wives. I only knew one of the couples before our week-end together. After a particularly long service we all were anxious to get back to the cottage, and I was the fastest. Fastest in – fastest out, only… The person who saw and corrected my mistake was the husband/pastor I didn’t know. He asked me what in the world I was wearing. Of course everybody had to turn and look to see what I had on under my zipper. They were red and white striped. So was my face!


    • I saw your like on my notifier and I thought you had gone Marsha. I said hello to you as I usually do to my regulars. Then WHAM !! Maaaaarsha !! You love to make me squirm. Both of your anecdotes are definitely you, but I will not embarrass you by making such a reply as …….. and …….. *blushing* …….. and……….. *pointing* ………….. and………. a Vicar of Dibley moment, and as a teenager ……….definite pastor’s wife material. Thank you so much for your stories, they were a lot of fun. You can have her back now V πŸ˜€ Ralph x


      • So my post today is a continuation of your great idea. Sorry to swipe, but you do have great ideas, and I am a teacher, and that’s what teacher’s do. They steal ideas. One more story of my own, then hopefully others will add theirs. It will be fun. You will enjoy my wig story, too. V is very happy that I didn’t die. I was unsure how to end that story until today, so you will find it completed as well. Happy week-end.


      • I have added a story to yours and I’m glad that you didn’t die Marshamallow Pie. πŸ˜‰ have fun. Ralph x


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