Ralph Purchased This Penthouse !!??!!

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Well I have gone and done it now  !!  I bought a top floor apartment in Estacion Cortes de la Frontera, Spain. Last night I had decided that as winter is coming I have had enough of house hunting and all the houses that I had seen (except Quirky) were not right for me. I have been living in this apartment for over 3 months with basic furniture and no end in sight in buying a property. So I decided to stay where I am, surrounded by my friends, with fabulous views. TV and WiFi reception is perfect. The cats are used to living here and I have a blank canvas to work on.

The apartment is top right of the big house with one side sliced off. Yes, I know, nothing straightforward with me !!

It needs new doors and windows, parquet floor as the tiles are so cold, a log burner, air conditioning /heating wall unit, a blog control centre and new electrical wiring. Redecorated and furnished to my taste.

What would you consider my taste to be and what modifications do you think I need to do to my Penthouse in the Countryside, dear friends ?? I really do need your help on this one.

71 Comments on “Ralph Purchased This Penthouse !!??!!

    • What a lovely first comment to read Alice 😀
      Thank you so much. Ralph x


  1. Congrats!! Since only the bathroom photo loaded on my phone, I would have to say my recommendation is that you put the seat down before I come and visit! 😉
    Just messing around.
    There is nothing like your own space to relax in and design to your own wants. Enjoy!


    • Hi Katie. I suggest you upgrade your phone to one of these 😉
      Ah!! The male v female toilet seat war ! I have no Lady living with me. If I did, as a Gentleman, I would have got the butler to lower it OR buy one of those automatic lid closer/wash bowl combos 😉
      Thanks so much for your input. Hugs. Ralph x


      • So I got the phone you suggested. Great place in a very beautiful area! Leave it up, I like the alarm clock idea. 😉


      • Well done Katie for upgrading your phone !! Thank you. The Penthouse will look much better once the legal paperwork is completed and the makeover is finished. Elisa does have some unique ideas, the alarm clock one of her best 😉 Hugs Ralph x


  2. I think it already looks very nice. Plants on the balcony, perhaps? Or did you bring them in for the winter?


    • Rene !! So nice to be in touch again. It needs a lot of upgrading. I love plants and bushes. I still have 12 geraniums in pots on the front balcony. The rear balcony I have left empty because this apartment was meant to be temporary. There is work to be done out there as well, so I will wait until everything is upgraded before bringing plants in. Love Ralph x


  3. Oh Ralph, how could you even consider Quirky when you already had all this???? the view alone is worth staying. By all means get it temperature controlled through heat/ac, windows and doors except those beautiful double doors I hope they are interior! a little paint and flooring you should have it, I look forward to the photos as things are done! I just can’t get over that inspiring view. How ARE you feeling by the way? You haven’t said and I had not heard from you so ……


    • Hi dear Len. Well, at one time I thought I had Parkinson’s and I was looking for a premises with a ground floor. That is not the case now, so I should be able to handle 2 flights of stairs for a few years. When I get round to it, as I have so much to do in both worlds, I will write a post on my Parkinson’s blog for an update. Hugs. Ralph x 🙂


  4. WOW – Ralph – a penthouse! You sure now how to live in style 😉
    Having fab friends & that great view beats a penthouse any time – Cheers to happy times!


    • Hi again RoSy !! Not only a Penthouse but one in the countryside !! 😉
      Thanks for your fabulous comment. Hugs. Ralph 😀


    • Hello Yessie. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Take care. Hugs. Ralph x


  5. I really like the views and the house … why would you ever go to buy something else! Never mind that, well looking around your virtual home (your blog) I am rather sure it will be fine and flowery affair with non-virtual home décor too … wonder whether I am going to be invited to a house warming party!
    Take Care,


    • Hi Daniela. First of all I would like to say how sorry I am for not visiting your blog yet, and that applies to everyone else. I have had so much to do in both worlds since returning home and I am concentrating on my Spanish Will this weekend.
      I explained to Len (above) why I was house hunting. Of course you are invited to my house warming. Your invite is on its way by carrier pigeon. Should take about 6 years to reach you in New Zealand from Spain…….I should hurry up and pack if I was you 😉 Hugs. Ralph x


    • Hi Simona, welcome to my blog and thank you for your lovely comment. May I wish you a wonderful weekend. Hugs. Ralph 🙂


  6. It is great to see our Ralph back with his old great sense of humour. Certainly nothing wrong with that, and no tablets to take. Good to read the news and I agree with some other comments.
    1. toilet seat issue, it should be down….yes women’s view, sorry.
    2. such beautiful view all around
    3. it is nicer and brighter than Quirky in my eyes and doesn’t look like it need too much altering.
    Make it your own with your colours, your ideas so it feels really homely to you, but take your time. It is much more fun to do it slowly, browse shops with your friends and enjoy it. I will be waiting for my pigeon with the invite too then……

    It is wonderful to have you back, Ralph 🙂 ❤ Hugs Ute xx


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Ute. 😀
      1) Okay. I will go with that.
      2) I agree that the view is worth the purchase on it’s own.
      3) The major work will be cutting most walls for electrical, satellite and wifi cables. Exterior doors and windows need replacing.
      4) The sellers and my lawyer will be sorting out the paperwork next week.
      5) Hilda, my friend David’s wife, will love browsing the shops and spending my money 😉
      Pigeon on her way……she’s circling at the moment 😉 Love & Hugs. Ralph x


    • Hello Alex and welcome to your roller coaster ride on Bluefish Way. So fasten your seat belt for the ride of your life 😉
      Thanks for your wonderful comment. Hugs. Ralph x 😀


  7. I had a satellite dish installed today

    Front balcony view west


    Train heading south towards Algeciras


  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO leave the seat up up UP! I will crash it down frequently for the alarm clock when I want you to get up up UP! It will take me a while to stop being amused by this game, so I will consider other man improvements, I mean HOME improvements I SWEAR, while I play with the potty alarm.


    • Hello Elisa. Well that’s two for down, Katie and Ute, and one for up/drop, Elisa ! Well done Elisa for inventing the potty alarm. Take care. Hugs. Ralph x


  9. I don’t know how much I have to offer in the way of suggestions but I would add color to the walls and lots of plants. I also agree with your other commenters Ralph, being close to friends and having great views should be very high on the list. Congratulations! 🙂


    • Thank you so much for another lovely comment LuAnn. Yes, a variety of colours is a must with me, as are having plant pots everywhere. I hope you both & your RV are well and full of go. Love Ralph x


    • Well is not the word, Denise, more like slam-dunked, but I am happy that I have been a decisive male and taken the plunge in buying. It’s a bit like asking a woman to marry me, great at the time, but years of pleasures and problems lay ahead 😉 Thanks for your lovely comment. Love Ralph x (can’t hug a biker !!) 🙂


      • Hi Lyann. Your comment and my reply are a record for me as the shortest. I waited to see who would blink first. You just pipped me to the post. Thank you so much for your standing by me and I hope you are okay as well. Hugs. Ralph x


  10. Looks great! But try to tear yourself away for a visit over to my place. My blog is lonely. 😦


    • Hey Meme, great to hear from you. Is there something romantic going on ? Does your blog fancy mine ? I shall be over once I have cleared my back up of emails, written a couple of posts on my other blogs (don’t tell your blog about them 😉 )and outstanding real world thingies to do. Hugs Ralph x


  11. Yes to everything.
    I’m looking at and reading all of your comments from all of your commenters. I will be lucky to get a visit before Christmas. 😦


    • I promise to bring over a Christmas cracker, a party hat and a bad joke 😀


  12. Congratulations, Ralph… We did that too. We moved to a new area some 9 years back; looked for a house to buy and ended up buying the house we were renting… We love it, and I hope that you love yours as much…
    I love your views (but then ‘green’ excites me)!!!
    Do anything, but don’t, I mean don’t let that big black chair with the multi-coloured cover go… Keep it, Ralph… Oh yes, and the cats; don’t let anything happen to your moggies; they look great too…. 🙂
    Anything else that you may do has my heart warmth and sturdiest well wishes… It’s hard work making changes; and it all looks great just as it is…!


    • Good morning Carolyn. I read your lovely comment last night but I am sorry, I was too tired to answer you. But here I am bright and cheerful this morning, coffee in hand, cat on lap and a happy Sunday to you. That’s interesting to read of your house and I am pleased that you love yours. Oh. The chair. A war zone between me and Sonic who thinks that everything of mine is his. I have just finished drafting up my Spanish Will this morning to go off to my lawyer and the cats will be well looked after by friends. Thank you for your well wishes and fabulous comment. Hugs from the Incredible Hulk x (well green does excite you 😉 )


  13. Congrats for coming back from the hospital and the new purchase!

    It is hard to say what you need more than what it is now from seeing the pictures. I would say save the money, if things are not broken don’t fix it. The place looks wonderfully nice and cozy. I like its simplicity that meets the need. The surrounding areas are fantastic. Love it.


    • Thank you so much for your gracious and informative comment YC. I agree with your not broken attitude as it is my philosophy as well, though major work such as electrics, outside doors and windows being replaced is a must. It is too simple and cold for me as I am into intimate and cosy which is where I want to end up. Just hope I will meet the right lady who will join me in enjoying it. Hugs Ralph x


    • *sobs* *wringing of hands* Quirky is no more, Alarna, gone down in my memoirs as a love lost chapter in my life. *smiling now* All I need now is a lady stupid enough to intertwine her roots with mine 😉 Huhs and Hugs from Ralph x


  14. Dear Ralph, the view from your house is amazing… Congratulations. This is wonderful house. Blessing and Happiness, with your lovely cats… Good Luck. Thanks and Love, nia


    • Your comments are always wonderful dear Nia and I really do appreciate them. Hugs. Ralph x


    • Yes it does Ella. I really do hope that everything, works and furnishings go smoothly. Hugs. Ralph x


  15. lovely! I like natural textures, feather pillows, suede cloth, leather and colors from the outdoors…what’s your style? you should go with the palette that pleases you
    congrats, Ralph, can’t wait to see how you make this house your ‘home’! 😉


    • I like Moroccan but at the same time cosy, warm and intimate Roxie. How that will be achieved is another story. Hugs Ralph x 😀

      UPDATE: The owners and my lawyer are meeting with all the paperwork on Friday


      • very good, Moroccan, rich and richer! nice…I’m sure Hilda can find all sorts of goodies to spend your money on to fill the place 😉
        congrats, hope all goes well at the lawyers, and your new home will be thrilled to have you as permanent resident!


      • You are amazing Roxie, there is no room for me to embellish this reply. Thank you. Hugs Ralph x


    • Thank you for your lovely comment Renxkyoko. There was no other property that I looked at that had such a great view. Hugs Ralph x


  16. HAHA Ralph. Who, but you, starts the home tour with the bathroom? -with the seat UP no less. I vote for down! Don’t go into the real estate business – stick to script writing!! Yet we all love it. No comparison to Quirky! With great views like that you just lots of windows, just a few pieces of furniture, and patio furniture. Enjoy the shopping trips and spending lots of money – not nearly as much as you WOULD have spent on your love, Quirky! 🙂 hehehe


    • I really did miss out on a good post. Seat up or down with a poll !! Maybe I should keep away from selling properties Marsha and I do miss Quirky though this apartment has the views that Quirky didn’t. I am still waiting for the documentation to be changed by my lawyer. Shopping is not one of my favourite pastimes so l have drafted Hilda for that role which she loves to do. Ralph x


      • Ralph, you penthouse is totally lovely, and it was very fun to vote on up or down!!! You have to admit that Penthouse shows better than Quirky, and it’s SO much less work for Hilda. I did like the music on the Quirky video, though. I’m sure Hilda will enjoy shopping for your new furnishings. Have fun with it. Make it your dream house. Marsha 🙂


      • That is a really sweet and kind reply Marsha. The music was Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass playing A Taste of Honey. It suited Quirky. Hilda WILL have fun. Ralph x 🙂


  17. Update 29th November 2012.
    I received this email from my Spanish Lawyer this afternoon:-
    “Sorry for the delay answering you. I have had a problem during the last 4-5 days in one of my legs and just made a couple of things per day. Next week, before the end, we´ll prepare everything and you´ll have all under control. Regards,”
    First of all I ask that you pray for healing for his leg. Secondly, this is good news for both myself and the owners. A yippee moment 😀 Ralph x


  18. oh great you bought a penthouse apartment… probably got a lot of light and view. I will come back some more to check the video and make renovation suggestions. We are finishing renovating our house in Croatia. Love renovating jobs! 🙂


    • Hi guys and welcome to my blog AND thank you for following, your likes and comments. You are very welcome to make suggestions; another 17 floors on the roof, also a high diving board to the street and a massive neon sign are all off the menu. But a stage with Pan’s People I may consider 😉 Ralph


      • will come back again to check it out properly… 😉


      • oops easy access for Italian burglers like me, thanks for pointing this out… 😉


  19. Felicidades, Ralph! It’s nice to have a home. Love your kitties, BTW.
    As to your improvements, I think you already listed everything you need in your post, right?
    When in doubt, follow Feng Shui principles – speaking as a true Feng Shui master. 😉

    P.S. The kitchen seems nice.



    • Oh. I definitely need loads of Feng Shui ! The apartment probably does as well 😉 The cats say thank you Lada and I have enjoyed your Russian posts. Hugs Ralph x


      • Buena suerte con el apartamento, Ralph!
        Spain is such a great country to live in!
        And hugs back to you and kitties! 🙂


  20. That would have been so wonderful, the day you bought this. Oh sigh, I so wish I owned somewhere to live…

    Looks lovely 🙂


    • I really do hope that one day you will be able to own your own place Noeleen. I was lucky as the Spanish housing market had crashed and I was able to buy this apartment for 1/3 of the price asked a year earlier. So with some of the remainder I am doing it up as I am going to spend my last years here amongst friends and great views.
      I am so sorry that I don’t comment on your posts. I generally do not know what to say as your life is so different to mine, but I do read all your posts 😀
      Do have a lovely day. Ralph xox 😀


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