Cash? You nuts?

Money worth zilch“Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s.” This sentence is quite unusual as it is quoted three times in Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17 and Luke 20:25. I am not religious by any means but this sentence has a great bearing on this post. I am sick and tired of debt ruining everyone’s lives. Debt is Caesar’s legacy to modern man. It causes sickness, suffering, famine, homelessness, suicide, worry, depression,family break up. The list goes on. Practically every country is in debt in one way or another and this debt is filtered down through services, businesses, down to the common man.

Practically everyone is directly or indirectly feeling this pressure. Prices are rising, quality is falling, most items bought nowadays last five minutes. Banks and governments are making money out of thin air with no tangible backing of gold. Thin air is worth more than a dollar bill. Yet we accept it, treasure it, save it, spend it. There is no security nowadays. Businesses are being hijacked by the stocks and shares markets who are casinos, worse than found in places such as Las Vegas.

Banks wrench people out of their homes. Not the fault of the people but the infrastructure collapsing and they call these unpaid debts toxic. The banks, corporations and governments are toxic as they can do what they like, when they like, with whatever they like, surrounding themselves with illegal and unjustifiable protection. The people are finding it harder to live decent and responsible lives. CEOs, Bankers, Politicians are paid criminal amounts in salaries, pensions, golden handshakes. For what? Making the common man’s life a misery !! I could go on. This is a post not a lecture.

There is an easy way out. Scrap debt. Make it politically incorrect to be in debt. Refuse to be in debt. Be horrified at the thought of debt. If you can’t afford it then don’t have it. If enough people did this, debt would die. The Banks’ old regime would die. Governments as we know it would die. A fresher cleaner society would evolve bringing in a new way of running the world of humanity. Instead of charities picking up the pieces, their ideals would run the world as governments should.

I could get in trouble for this post. Good !!

36 Comments on “Cash? You nuts?

    • I can’t have you sad Sarin. I will have to work on a happier post next time. Ralph x 🙂


      • Haha, awwwh Ralph! That is really sweet of you.
        But I was merely, talking about debt which makes people’s lives miserable 😦
        Glad you raised your voice on that!


      • Thank you Sarin for explaining your reason for being sad. Hugs. Ralph x


  1. We have created a monster alright! Buy buy buy, more more more! TV, magazines etc are all screaming the same message. It’s hard to escape. I like your solution! 😉


    • Hi Denise. Yes, a consumer propoganda monster which is only surviving because the trap of debt is so easy to fall into and people are so gullible. Take care. Ralph x


  2. Love it! Lately, I have been on a mission to get out of debt! Striving with Christ — I shall succeed.
    God Bless You, Ralph!


    • Good on you, Lady Deidre, with that positive attitude you will succeed. Go Girl !!!! 😀


  3. Ralph, you are so right. The other step to take in getting out of debt, is to stop buying. The whole world economy is based on consumption, and corporates rely on us to go on consuming. Once we all start to manage with what we have, and only replace necessities, the whole edifice will collapse, and we will all find another way of being. I don’t think people are going to want to go on living their lives this way much longer… come the revolution!


    • Hi Valerie. There is a recent post in another blog asking whether you would buy a $250,000 small bottle of nail varnish that is on sale. A talking point, so girls will buy cheap similar products by the millions. As far as managing with what we have, I am living in a small mountain village in Spain. No work available. This summer three allotments have sprung up around me, with vegetable patches and chicken runs. People are in survival mode. I agree with you totally Valerie. The OAPs are revolting 😉 LOL. Ralph x


  4. The debt that I’m in is student debt – my year at school was pretty much told it’s either university or the dole. I wish that I didn’t have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get through university, and each year I’m given less to live on and I don’t have time to work. I wish I wasn’t in debt, but I don’t see a way to avoid mine.
    In good news, I only buy things that I can afford, and I buy second hand and happy for it!


    • I, with many other bloggers really feel for you, RaR, you are trying to make the best possible future for yourself in a system designed and had worked decades ago. I wonder how many graduates fall into a worthwhile position nowadays. With this debt hanging over you is the struggle worth it? I also wonder how many young people are trying to obtain degrees at home through the Open University because of this debt issue.
      You are young and bright. Maybe it is up to people your age to sort out this mess that the older generations have bestowed upon you, bringing in a new way of thinking. Hugs. Ralph x


      • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 It means a lot to me that other people understand my situation. I know many graduates who have ended up taking jobs that are completely dead end but there is so little else to do.
        One of the reasons I went to university was in the hope that the job market would have improved in the four years I’ve been here, and I think that Open University is a brilliant choice – my other half is hoping to start a course with them in the near future.


      • I really do wish you the best for your future, RaR. A difficult four years ahead of you unless the government about turns on this issue to give you a better standard of life while you are at University. I hope and pray that they will do a U turn. Ralph x


  5. During the housing boom, I remember some guy had an infomercial out telling people how you should not spend money but use the various debt vehicles to get what you want. “Spend someone else’s money.” I wonder how many people are in bankruptcy because of him?


    • Yes. I remember that Katie. If I remember correctly it was to do with the average person buying a string of properties. A whole lot of people have gone under, even developers in places like Dubai or on the Costa del Sol near me where hundreds of massive developments are abandoned, eyesores on the landscape. Hugs. Ralph x


  6. I see you have quite re-designed your blog … all sparkly now! You are right in what you are saying, only the problem is really quite entangled with production/consumption/expansion ‘formula’ which lives in the heart of capitalism since the ascent of industrial revolution.
    Take Care,


    • It was when I returned from my brain scan, Daniela, I just had to redesign. I was happy with it before and even happier now. Without the media propoganda brainwashing, constantly hammering out the same message, the formula would have collapsed long ago. The message is aimed at children and the younger generation. I hope they see sense. Ralph x


  7. Even while working my husband and I lived frugally, on just one income. We continue to do just that. Having worked in the finance industry for many years, I was always shocked at the money people spent to make themselves feel and look “successful”. Very sad 😦


  8. Thank you for your input on this topic LuAnn. I think that success is shown by how many “quality” friends one has, not by the number of cars in the driveway. I wonder where your next post will be from? Ralph x


  9. Yep..I use something called cash–when I have it.


    • Hello Alice. I didn’t recognise you without your hat !! I’ll join you in your comment in a cash strapped club of millions of members. Take care and hugs. Ralph x


    • Hi Harshit. That’s twice in a matter of hours where FB has been mentioned to me. The other person replied to a comment I made in her blog and said that I should go nowhere near FB as it’s evil. I only have an account with WordPressCom. You also asked me to add you to my Skype. I have never used Skype as I keep getting love requests from women in Ghana. I may add you to Skype one day when I pick up enough courage to use it !! Take care. Ralph x


      • not a problem Ralph, we’ll be in touch on wordpress..:)
        love request from Ghana…ha ha ha:) sounds interesting again 😀
        take care,



    • Hello Renxkyoko. ” If you can’t afford it then don’t have it.” That has got me thinking!! Could be the reason why I do not have a girl/woman friend YET!!! ……hmmm! Hugs. Ralph x


  10. Hello Ralph, always a pleasure to visit you. I agree with you completely. For all the same reasons. The warmth of your caring soul is very moving to me and your followers. Money is only “a rate of exchange”, and things have no value. Living, loving, caring, and enjoying the very real pleasures that are there for the asking. One only need to be responsible for his/her own actions and make a positive difference in the doing of same. So simply and yet so hard it seems. Thank you, Penny 🙂


  11. Hi Penny. I hope I can finish this reply before the power shuts off as I am in the middle of a huge thunderstorm. Thank you again for your kind and wise words. Yes, love and friendship has no value but is worth more than all the money in the world, plus some. Positive actions here I come !! Hugs Penny. Ralph x


  12. Well said! I couldn’t agree with you more! We try so hard to live on cash – and it’s a very difficult endeavor indeed!! I get frustrated when repairs and bills come faster than we can anticipate and save for. I imagine our situation will improve when I return to work in the near future – once kids are in school – and I have time to spare – but in the meantime, I have to measure want against need before spending time and time again. Not a bad thing, just takes discipline! LOTS of it!


    • Hi Tina. You said” – but in the meantime, I have to measure want against need before spending time and time again. Not a bad thing, just takes discipline! LOTS of it!” This is exactly what the world needs….leaders…… housewives such as yourself who know how to budget and work with what is at hand. Governments run by housewives !! The real bankers and politicians !! See you and your friends in the White House ! Ralph x


  13. I am not sure that you will be in trouble from this post. I believe there is some truth in this. Money system these days do not need gold or any thing to backup. As you said, it is created out of a thin air. It isn’t a bad thing. It is a very complex matter. I am not an expert but just happened to read an article about money a few months back. It is very interesting.

    Any way, your post gives good advise – don’t be in debt if you can. That is a good thing for certain!


    • Hello again Yellow Cable. I thank you for your comment. Complexity creates confusion which banks love: and may I add to that the Legal System. The sooner things are simplified the better it will be for all of us. Have a lovely weekend. Ralph


  14. Somehow, I missed this…but, it is timely for me even now. I recently participated in a discussion about debt in the Hindu study group I belong to:

    • Can someone help me bring some light to the subject on debt. In ‘Living with Siva’ he [Gurudeva] says not to create debt and to pay off creditors on time, but what if you are unemployed and don’t have the resources and need to live off of credit? What if your only choice is to create more debt?
    • (Lyann) This is a bothersome topic for me, as well. I think if you make certain to repay your debts, then there should be no problem. I’ve been struggling with the debt question myself, as I’ve taken student loans to obtain an education to be able to better help my family. I certainly couldn’t pay upfront for the education. I think sometimes there is no choice but to create debt, but the key is repayment.
    • what if you take out student loans and then don’t get a job? that’s something I’m struggling with because I am going back to school, but the economy in this country is quickly falling, and I don’t know that I will get a job that will allow me to pay back my loans…
    • (Lyann) The U.S. government has an income-based repayment plan, and there are programs that offer forbearance. If you are at least attempting to make good on your promise to repay, I believe you are acting “in good faith”. Realistically, nobody on this earth has a reliable source of income – we must do the best we can, even if we wish “our best” were better
    • it’s Kali Yuga & many people are unable to COMPLETELY fulfill the guidelines because of the age and their karmas but my understanding is that INTENT carries more weight nowadays because of this; therefore I personally believe that if you sincerely intend to pay your debts and sincerely do your best the karma will resolve itself. I sure HOPE this is so!!
    • Anyhoo, you are way ahead of those who never even consider these questions IMHO
    • thanks so much, great point!
    • Controlling senses and not falling in trap of greed is the crux of vedanta. All Niyamas are surrounded around that. To gain spiritual progress we have to control our mind and also not indulge in excesses. In todays time unless one is given up living a materialistic life it is impossible to live without debt of some kind. Credit card is more of convenience and also safety measures than seen as debt as such. The logic is we have to keep debt in minimum, use only when we have to , pay on time, if we are not able to pay , we need to keel the lender informed and make all possible efforts in life to trace and pay the lender. That is Sukarma…..Living within means so that the greed cannot set in easily or is uncontrolled….Also we have to bear in mind what is mentioned in Vedas and Living with Siva is the “Intention” if one borrows money and seeks forgiveness from the lender in an event if one is late or cannot pay, and vow to pay at the earliest or on priority basis that is satvic life and living. Vedas are very scientific and modern in its own way, we can find in veda everything that we may need to deal in our life, the challenge is to get help from within to walk on that path, the wisdom to understand and digest and that is where Satgurus play a major role.There are many things that seem almost impossible in todays age and world to follow but we have to thrive, that is where progress happens within and without….
    • I think that the key factor here is your approach and attitude towards the debt, are you looking at it as a karmic burden you are accumulating for your future or you are accepting it and justifying it? This will decide how you will tackle it and make efforts to get out of it. At every stage in life, Hindus live within their means, find creative ways to support their families instead of going into debt.
    • (Lyann) Padmaja makes a very good point, although I will say I believe that not all debt is created equal, and that sometimes the karmic burden accumulated by creating debt may very well be less than the karmic burden accumulated by not creating that debt. Years ago, it was possible to provide for a family without even completing grade school. When that changed, a high school education would do, and when that changed grants would cover the cost of higher education. Now it is nearly impossible to save enough for a college education, or to purchase a home “outright”, meaning one must either take on a mortgage or become a renter and will quite likely “have” to take student loans…for most of my life I have worked hard and sought every “creative” way to help support my family, but an auto accident put an end to my being able to do the hard – physical – work I used to do, and the intellectual work I will be doing requires education for which I needed to take out student loans. Not taking these loans was actually going to lead my family further into debt, as my husband is unable to fully support us and I expect to be able not only to repay my student loans, but to avoid an accumulation of “past due” bills. Even “accepting and justifying” debt may not be all that bad; what is important is Padmaja’s observation that what is important is how you tackle the debt and make efforts to get out of it – your approach and attitude towards the debt.
    • I agree Lyann, every situation in life brings different challenges and how we respond to them will decide our future. Our intentions will decide our karmic burden, our dharma will be defined by the most practical thing we could do in the circumstances we are in, at every stage in life. Inner poise, clarity and honesty will always guide us on the right path.

    (Lyann) That is beautiful: “Inner poise, clarity and honesty will always guide us on the right path” Thank you, Padmaja!

    And thank you, Ralph, for this post…I’m glad I came across it!



    • Wow Lyann what a comment !!! I hope you copy/pasted it !! And what an interesting and informative message you passed on to us. You are very welcome to use all or part of this post in any way you see fit. 😀 Ralph x


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