I HURT!!!!

I am very emotional about this post so please bear with me. I have decided to write this because I think that people should know how a little bit of help to someone can make so much difference to their lives. I am not writing this for personal glory or self gratification and I will NOT reply to any comments made on this post because I will just well up and say something of nothing. Here is the story.

A few weeks ago I was commenting in a blog and this lady butted in. I had a few things to say which were not bad but just enough for me to email her to apologise. Over time and a few emails I found out that her old computer would not let her work on her photographs which was a hobby of hers. I didn’t think much about it at the time. It also emerged over time that she had serious medical problems and her daughter was not too well either.

She told me that on the 10th September 2012 that she was going in for a biopsy. Her life was in a total mess. She was in constant pain all the time but had to carry on with normal day to day affairs. I had to help her in some way. But what. Luckily I had a spare $500 and asked her to go around the stores in the USA and pick out a computer and I would pay for it with my Spanish credit card.  Simple, yes? No!!

It seems that the US government has cracked down on foreign payments in US stores and I could not pay with my Spanish credit card. Well, that is what I was told at the time!! So the lady went home, searched the internet and found a computer which could be collected at a local store. I went on line the night before her biopsy and with great difficulty I bought her the computer she wanted. The forms I had to fill in online would not allow me to use my Spanish address but a special Houston Texas address which I assume computers there checked me out.  In a matter of hours, after her biopsy, she collected the computer and this is the full email which I received from her last night. (I will NOT reply to any comment.)


yes i did
ALL i did was drive the car and a nice man larry let my other kiddo take in my id

I HURT!!!!
breathing bad and fever
BAD doctor for not listening to me.
E won’t let me try to lift and open the pretty pretty box:( she said i am already having to listen to you bitch and you will NOT make it worse


I am thinking of names for it, maybe mssr. ralph

I am very grateful.  There is no way that I can think of to show my happies about it.

OMG i hurt i’m going to lie back down now.

OH,, so far more fibroids, biopsy results in two weeks.

He said taking out uterus best option BUT, with other medical issues, stuff would fall out and has to be fixed before I could get rid of the baby holder.

Someone got it just for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:)

Night night



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  1. Less pain so far this morning! I got it working AND added bonus!! The screen is large enough that I can make the font HUGE HUGE so I can READ IT without my nose being two inches from screen!! If I keep bursting into tears like this, I’ll end up ruining the keyboard!!! I named it, Mssr, Ralph, Elisa’s Gift 🙂

    It is MUCH nicer to have tears of joy and of awe for knowing that God heard me enough to let a person from far away to remind me that what I do, is worth it, that I am worth it. Perhaps the scales were not and are not as unbalanced as I can believe in certain moments. I’ll work on images this afternoon!

    Hops up and down!!! 🙂


  2. Elisa just sent this email:=

    I commented!!! I got it working and there are hidden gifts within the box!!!

    I can make the screen HUGE, so I can read it now!!!
    And I was really feeling silly about the tears and trying to figure why I am doing this.
    Then I saw Friend Kathy’s post about unexpected things and gratitude!
    I had become complacent about gratitude. I had been feeling like I was working so hard to find things left to be glad for, that i was really complaining!
    The joy of gratitude and the energy that is so simple to weave into each moment and make simpler to see each small thing as a gift is WONDERFUL!

    Thank you for your personal gift,
    Thank you for being the vessel of His works.
    I am not alone!



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    • You know, I saw that one too! I’m astounded by the generosity of you and people like you in this on-line community. I used to think there was too little love in the world…but I’m starting to rethink that idea…Peace to you, for being a stella human being.


  4. Ralph, Elisa is a special person to me. Deep deep bows for helping her out in this way. Your heart is gold!


  5. Well, you made me cry … so now I have to go away from here for a while … because I cannot tell you how much it has touched me to see humanity in action.
    With love and respect


  6. I am an emotional wreck. Not for what I have done, but for Elisa’s reactions. I have cried over her words of pain and gratitude. I cannot truly express how I feel. I can’t do anything of any sense and I have felt like this ever since I received her first email after picking up the computer. Never in a million years did I expect her to respond in such graphic details the change that has taken place in her life over such a small action from me. I don’t know her. I have never even seen what she looks like, but she is a fellow blogger who was in serious trouble. Over time she has become an email friend.
    When I comment in your blogs it is very rare to find out what is going on behind the scenes in the real world. Some of you may be in a similar predicament as Elisa. I do hope and pray that there is someone caring enough to hold your hand, wipe away your tears and help you recover from whatever your problem maybe.


    • I’m gonna have to lick ya on the forehead Ralph, if you continue this way! 😛


      Doh! Too late!! hehe


      • Hi Elisa. I am back to my normal self. Thanks !!!!! I needed a wash……not!!
        I am really happy to see you happy. A happy bunny. Take care and DON’T break this computer. I can’t go through all that again. LOL
        Take care. Your friend. Ralph x


  7. I liked your comment to Jennifer “God is moving, isn’t it wonderful?” Yes Ralph I agree it is wonderful. Thank you for being who and how you are! Bless you, my friend ~ Penny


  8. Ralph, with time, because of your blogs I keep realizing how good some people can be at times and they exist, world over! You are one of them. Yes, I know I’m not getting a reply to this comment, and with this blog you absolutely did not want to brag about what you did but in real, give away a msg 🙂 You’re modest as well.. 🙂 We all must learn from this. I totally did. You’re humble in spirit Ralph. Take care, God bless you 🙂 Have a happy life – way happy!
    Love, Sarin. (pronounce my name right..=p)


  9. You are so beautiful dear Ralph, made me cry too how nice to know that there is still beautiful people in this world. God Bless you. Thanks and Love, nia


  10. “Many small people, in many small places, do many small things, that can alter the face of the world.”


    • Hi Nahla and to everyone else who has commented. All your words have really touched me. So I would love to thank you all sincerely for your kindness and the generosity of your words. Hugs. Ralph x


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  12. Ralph – so incredibly touched by your kind heart. The blogsphere has renewed my faith in human nature. Your story here is a testament to the connectedness we all have — even when we are separated by time and space… just wonderful dear one!! ~ May Elisa heal and may her new computer help her to feel the spirit of love around her! x R


    • Firstly Robyn I apologize for blitzing you with likes on your blog. I was in there a while from Penny’s and I see that you have blitzed me. Quits 😀 Elisa is having fun and is now able to edit her photographs. Thank you for your generous comment. Hugs. Ralph x


      • “blitzing” is always good!! Not enough hours in the day where the blogging is concerned! So happy for Elisa — and so refreshing to know angels walk the earth dear one!! xo


      • I agree with you 110% Robyn….Angels !…have a wonderful weekend. Ralph xx


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