Am I ready for a woman in my life?

ILLUSION_TURQUOISEAm I ready for a woman in my life? A most profound question that I have asked myself over the past few months since the death of my companion for 20 years in March this year. As most of you know I have pretty serious medical issues that are under tests at this time. Because of them I had vowed never to ask a woman to come into my life because my condition may deteriorate to such an extent that she may be forced to look after me. The Spanish government does not have the money to supply carers or any sort of practical help. So if I do have a lady in my life she may become a slave to my problem.

A rather wise lady said to me to not say that as there is always someone in the wings just wanting and waiting to help. It took a long time for those words to sink in and I have now accepted the fact that she may be right after all.

Over the years I have come to the understanding that a close relationship develops into a compromise, a situation which usually ends up in discord as both individuals cannot fully be themselves. So if I did take a woman to heart in my life I would like us both to accept who we are and respect that, live with that and function totally as ourselves bonded with a developing love for each other as individuals and a couple.

Another question I have asked myself is what sort or type of woman would I be happy with? Would I be happy with a jigsaw piece that is the exact fit for my piece of the puzzle or the total opposite, a world war 3 activator, or something in between. I wish life was a simple matter of option one entering my world and enhancing it as I would enhance hers. It’s funny that I wrote the Open Love Letter post a while back as a prelude to this post. I feel now that there is a woman out there waiting and wanting to enter my life as a partner, lover, friend and companion.

Maybe you are reading this and know that it is you I am writing to. I have no idea who you are, what age you are, even what country you are living in. But if you are coming to me I will welcome you with open arms and an open heart. Fate, destiny, or our Paths of Life will bring us together. I know that. I accept that and I am really looking forward to our first meeting. Take care whoever you are dear Lady. Ralph xx

35 Comments on “Am I ready for a woman in my life?

  1. Well, I’ll wade in. First of all I am not the one you are looking for (seriously and kidding). But I am sorry for your recent sorrow. And it is recent–especially considering the years you were in a relationship. Someone waiting just for you–perhaps. Get ready by healing and growing as a person, so you will be worthy. Bests.


    • Oh. Such a disappointment Alice. It’s fine Alice, cancer took her and we were friends for 20 years. It’s time I moved on. Oh well. There are only 3.5 billion females on this planet who I hope will not comment saying that I am not the one. Maybe the one missed this post, is on holiday in Timbuktu or somewhere remote. LOL.
      I long to be worthy, Alice, I truly do. Take care Alice. Ralph x


  2. Soabout or the loss of your friend & companion.
    Your post is beautiful & sweet. May you find & meet each other soon 🙂


    • Hello again RoSy. Not you then? Thank you so much for your kind comment. Take care. Ralph x


  3. Who knows what fate has in store? What is needed is an open heart, so that, if fate allows, you will be ready to accept whatever she has in store… Here’s hoping…! 🙂


  4. Palph, I hope you’ll find happiness, however it comes, and in whatever guise.
    And while you wait with your open heart, I hope you can squeeze much goodness out of every moment in every day. warm wishes, valerie


  5. Ralph–At least you’ve got your arms opened wide to possibilities. That’s a brave gesture, my friend..


    • Hi Teresa. What is it about women that gets me confused all the time? Brave gesture??….Do you think I am going to end up with Ms Rambo or a 400lb female sumo wrestler? I am panicking now !! 😉


      • What’s wrong with Ms. Rambo? Bring it on!


      • Teresa. You are scaring me…………not!! Ms Rambo is not my type of woman. She would kill me in more ways than one. Second thoughts…..hmmmm !! 😉


  6. Reading this post I cannot but think how it took courage to write it … as it takes real courage to open one’s arms and heart for whatever might or might not come. I truly wish you find the one who can value and reciprocate that.


    • You always have kind words to say to me Daniela. I really do appreciate them. 🙂


    • Thank you so much Nia for your wonderful comment. I really do appreciate it. Take care Nia. Ralph x


  7. You are certainly a courageous man Ralph and write beautifully, so soulful, so honest. I can’t help but think that with these traits there is the perfect woman out there for you. You have taken the first step, opening yourself to the possibility and I applaud you. Sending warm thoughts your way. 🙂


  8. As with all the other commenteers LuAnn you are being so kind and generous. I thank you so much. Ralph x


    • Thank you so much Diana. That is really nice of you to say those words.. 🙂


    • That would be really handy Ms Bumble. Around the corner? Never crossed my mind…..hmmm! Take care. Ralph x


  9. Hi Ralph…I will probably be the only man to comment on this post….that’s okay, I wear big boy pants, I can handle the humiliation!! 🙂
    First, I have noticed that your last two posts feature lovely ladies wearing ball gowns. Uh huh. I just noticed, that’s all.
    Second, I too am not the one. Really.
    Third, “Area 51″…Really?? That’s like saying “Dept. 56” or “Section 8” isn’t it?? Have to admit though, it really works for you. (Insert here pic of Howard bowing and kowtowing to Ralph..).
    Part the fourth (oops, forgot to ask…can I go past three..??)…….In a more serious vain (oops..!), vane (shoot..!), vein (pick one..!!), you are the only one who can answer the question you asked. I feel quite confident that you can be as introspective as is required to arrive at a reasonable conclusion. I will wish for you enlightenment, so that the process will be easier.
    I hope we get the chance to meet and quaff a pint or two someday. Would love to throw in some fishing too.
    Be well,


    • Hello again Howard. It’s nice to hear from you again. Wow! Where do I start…oh yes….the humiliation ! Howard? I am not a woman. I cannot multi-task and your comments have so many points that I am having a nervous breakdown ! 😉 Please make ONE point and GO AWAY !!! I’ll answer it and then you come back with another one. 🙂
      Ah!! The ball gowns…..subconsciously my dream woman purrhaps or maybe it is because I have a lot of local Spanish who email me to see more? Everyone loves the dresses and they also draw the readers to my site. It pays to advertise! Hmmm!
      Area 51 is also an attention headline, the reader is inquisitive, so maybe READS the post.
      Vain probably…..or even vane….seeing which way the wind blows perhaps. Yes. I am the only one who can answer the headline question of Am I ready….? I just let my thoughts flow and lo and behold a post is finished. Whether I have answered the question is a completely different kettle of fish. Everyone’s comments I have taken on board and I do love the commenteers views.
      Thank you so much for the offer of a beer and fishing. Maybe this post is a fishing expedition, both an exploration into the depths of my thoughts or casting my net to see whom I can catch. If it is the right woman I will definitely not throw her back into the ocean of humanity.
      Thanks Howard !!! I have just written another post. Take care. Ralph


    • Cecilieeeee!! Whew! I just put my glasses on. I thought you said something else. Got my heart racing for a few moments !! Thank you so much for your comment Cecilie. Now I must go and have a lie down 😉 Can’t take much more of this………..not!! Keep me sharp !! Take care. Ralph x


    • I really wish that was true Lou Ann but I’m afraid that I am all alone and nobody loves me………..yet !! Ralph x


  10. Awh Ralph, my best wishes to you! Hope you find the lady in gown, of your dreams soon 😉
    or maybe, you may want to start kissing the frogs like the one in the Disney movies. The right frog turn into a handsome prince! Might just be the opposite for you..? ;D


  11. Sarinnnnn !! Kissing frogs is not my ideal way to spend a Sunday. On the other hand kissing Princesses………..hmmm !
    Have a great day. Ralph x


    • Hi Kate. Thanks for stalki…folllowing me. “Being open to the possibility is always the first step!” Hmmmm! What’s the second step? 😀


      • Hey Kate. That will be great IF you can figure it out then I could take the second step, then move onto the third. So once you’ve figured out the second can you figure out the third for me? This is real international team work happening here now!! Hugs Ralph x


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