Comments. Area 51?

Ball gownSomewhere, usually half hidden, in a page or a post is a word “comments”. Although public, this area has its secrets. Secrets often missed by the casual reader who passes by not knowing the depths a comment is revealing. Not knowing the feeling, emotion or intrigue that is found in just a few words. Behind most comments a normality of “I liked this post”, “Thank you. You are so kind”, “smiley” are found in every blog. But what if the wording is different, possibly a subtle change of phrase, a single word defining an emotion or relationship. These are the mysteries hidden within the Area 51 of a page or post.

My life is now in extreme danger as I am now going to reveal the truth. I may be called an Al Kidder sympathizer and taken for questioning by the WordPress police. But I am not afraid. I purposely wrote those last three sentences to show how the imagination of the reader is guided quite openly by those few words, led into a story, wearing the shoes of the writer. Those words were as subtle as a brick thrown through a window. Now on to comments.

I mentioned before the phrase, “I liked this post”, which really means ” I have or have not read this post. I do not wish to engage with the author, but I expect a thank you anyway”. Where as, “Hi Jane. I liked this post” shows that the commenter either knows the author; family, neighbour, friend, previous contact, or has put himself or herself out to find the name of the author and wishes further contact.

” I didn’t know that you ……”. Now this is the most interesting and intriguing phrase especially between a man and woman. It may be a straightforward exclamation of interest, or could there be a deeper reason behind that remark. A covert friendship or love affair. Are they in contact by email or phone and the person knew the answer anyway.

“Have a nice day. Jo” Shows contact, friendship and would like to have future meetings.

Maybe you have further ideas of the undercurrent meaning of different phrases found in your comments. And ladies, if you comment on this post, I admit now that our secret love affair has now been exposed to all the readers of this post; and the gossip will fill the comment area of many blogs; and the emails will flash back and forth throughout the world of blogland. I don’t care. LOL (lots of love). Ralph (smiley)

117 Comments on “Comments. Area 51?

  1. It’s true. Most people don’t actually read the posts – I am guilty of that myself sometimes. Most people glance through, look to see if there’s any pictures and click like.

    I will usually glance through to see if the post is long as I have this problem of not being able to hold attention long. If it is cut into paragraphs, I find it easier to read.

    I wonder how many people will actually read this?


    • Hi Mondrak (initiating contact) thank you for possibly reading this post (commented so probably did) I did make paragraphs just for you Mondrak. Take care. Ralph 🙂


  2. Hi Ralph, I didn’t know that you had such lovely frocks. Have a nice day Ralph. Will that do? Ha.
    Seriously though I’m happy if they just click like, but that’s possibly narcisstic me 😉


    • Charlieeeee !! I almost did not approve your comment !! Hope you took a ball gown on holiday with you. Narcissistic? (fell in love with himself, got to be careful here) Did you take the newspaper the Daily Mirror with you?. Have a nice day Charlie. Ralph 🙂


  3. I like you humor and how you promote what people actually mean in their comments I will have to bare it in mind in the future, thanks for enlightening me


    • I am the lamp of this blog, Ian, enlightenment is my game. (didn’t mention my name so no engagement with the author….me….) Iannnnnn !! Don’t you want to talk to me any more?
      Thanks for baring it all in public. A bear is more cuddly 🙂


  4. Good to know Mondrak. I do try and cut mine into paragraphs as well as post it block it a cleaner, neater look. I am guilty from time to time of glancing through because I get over 300 emails a day, consisting of new posts, etc. Although before I hit like I will skim it awfully well..don’t want to like something that just screams something I don’t believe in! LOL God bless you Ralph! God bless you Mondrak!


    • Hi Lyn. Carry on. You and Mondrak have a good gossip. Don’t mind me. Please don’t talk about shopping or shoes !! Now ballgowns are different as I like to see a woman well dressed in style and elegance. Bless you too Lyn 🙂


      • I think i need some more boobs to wear that gown…if you look at all of my photos on my facebook, will see that everything would fit, except for the upper half! LOL Maybe I could find a good strapless WONDER bra for my dilemma!


      • Hmm…there’s a thought…UPLIFTING. Push it all up, stuff it real good from underneath..and maybe I’ll be good to go! That’s what many of the models do! Toilet paper and/or silicone blobs that you put in your bra..they shake, shimmy, bounce and jiggle! Look real, feel real..but dag on it, they’re not real! What about those water bras? Never have worn one, but I oftentimes wonder if I did, would people hear a constant sloshing everytime I walk or jog? Would it sound like someone shaking a half empty jug of milk? Hmmm..something to ponder!


  5. Hi Ralph. (^_~) I love your post, because it is so true, and I like your use of Area 51 as an analogy. You have quite an imagination and are obviously very observant. Thank you for making me smile. 🙂


    • Hello Sweet Rains. (now this area 51 stuff. See the codings in brackets. A secret message perhaps to me or another reader. This is the beginnings of a conspiracy theory) Welcome. I love your smiles Sweet Rain. I am glad I could help by adding more. Take care. Ralph


      • [chuckling]… Ralph, you and your friends have a great sense of humor, and I’ve enjoyed your exchanges. Have a wonderful day! –Rene


      • Hi Rene. You need to talk to Lyn about WONDERfull. Not in my sphere of expertise. May your smiles rain sweetly throughout your day. Ralph 🙂


      • Mabye you should write a blog post on Women’s Deceptions (fake butts and fake boobs!) LOL They actually make underwear for women that have silicone butt inserts in this! I had no clue. I was doing laundry for one of my patients and her grandson and grand daughter in law were staying there at her house. I had always thought, “Man, I wish I had a butt like her!” (The grand daughter in law) until I was doing the laundry and came across a pair of heavily padded panties…victoria’s secret! Why, I never would have guessed such a thing…perky, the slight jiggle..bubbly… who would have ever known?


  6. It is fortunate that I was taking my Darth Vadar treatment and could snort and giggle freely, instead of having a mouth full of tea, or I would have sprayed tea all over z’s puter screen.

    Just HOW exactly does that phrase mean a wish for further contact? (this question might mean flirting, or it might be literal)

    Hunting for spandex free skirt to go with the shoes…

    Laughing so early in the morning helps more with breathing than does darth vadar!


    • OOOOO hey! The shoes would match that blue dress! We could go hiking in it! How adventurous are you with being dressed?!?


    • Hi Elisa. I have not heard from you for a while. Have you seen about those shoes yet? Yes that dress would look nice with them. I don’t think that hiking would do the dress or the shoes much good. Further contact means literally flirting or flirting literally. Take your pick 🙂
      I am pleased that you are enjoying yourself this morning. Take care. I will talk to you again soon by email. Ralph


  7. And what is a man supposed to do who get with this woman with the perfect boobs and butt..and the moment they share an intimate moment..come to find out, her but is dropped to her knees, and flat as a pancake, and her boobs look like a pair of wet socks? I feel sorry for men. I guess that’s why it should all be about love and not looks, huh? LOL!


    • Lynnnnnnn !! We are talking here about the secret codes behind the comments. NOT the secret clothes behind the garments. Are you wearing your reading glasses ??
      Is EVERYONE on medication here ?? 😉


      • Hey, maybe there was some secret “codes” behind mine…you ever think of that buddy? LOL!!!!


  8. Okay, gotta run…good thing no sloshing going on here as I do, no having to pull up the undies and readjust a fake butt…no water in my bra, or silicone blobs! See ya later!


    • I have tears running down my face with laughter reading all these comments. You guys and gals are so much fun. Keep ’em coming !!


      • Laughter is the best medicine! And no, don’t wear victoria’s secret…wear walmarts rendition! It’s cheaper and works just as good! ha ha!


    • Geez I had to go back and oogle the boobs in the dress. And then, my eyes went down to the waist… maybe I could wear it as a very tall hat instead?


  9. Hi Funny Fellow,

    I am leaving plenty of space so folks can read between the lines.

    Teresa, la mujer con ojos verdes


    • Hi green eyes, what no banter?? (Oh. I see. Reading between the lines. !!) Teresa, the WOMAN with green eyes. ( ah !! a code !! Now how do I reply to this in code?) While the cat’s away the mice will play ? (No !! I know). A Rolling Stone gathers Kate Moss. Take care. Ralph


      • If by magic…..abracadabra… is changed. Just like that 🙂
        Have a nice weekend Teresa 🙂


  10. I have a wordpress blog which people seem to like, but a lot of times the comments get caught as spam – so I have to check them myself and then decide if they are are spam or not
    I sometimes think they just comment so they can add links to affiliated sites, by doing so they hope they can make money

    It’s good to let of steam sometimes


    • Hi gcomand. Yes, I always check the spam and have found a few damsels in distress between a viagra salesman and an insurance salesman. The girls didn’t want to leave 😉
      Letting off steam is good especially if you are a kettle. Have a great weeekend. Ralph


  11. Very creative! I will consider this in each blog I read now! Thanks for your honesty!


    • This is a good example of the area 51 secret behind the comment. LouAnn, you called me weird yet you came back for more. (She’s into weird !!) I’ll have to make my next post sensible ( just testing her) Have fun. Ralph


  12. I read. I just cannot always think of things to say. Some folks are so gracious–like mine is the only blog they ever read. I admit I shudder when Blog Reader announces “24 new posts” on a day I have a headache. But if I follow, I read.


    • Oh, ouch..that’s me when I get prophecy news in my mailbox…LOL!!!! I say, just take your time and read up as you can!


    • Hi Alice (I still like her hat) Oh. I can’t stand it when you shudder. I promise to cut my posts down to 10 a day. Have an aspirin 😉
      I’ll have to write something worth reading then Alice as you are kindly following me. Have a nice weekend. Ralph


  13. Ralph, cleverly cleverly written, oh master of very worthy composition. I feel as if (when you write a post) you are on a fishing expedition to see what you will catch and then to take this allagory a step further you are playful with your readers at the same time pointing out truths in a fun and funny manner, yes good catch to you today. Hemingway would have enjoyed knowing you! (He wrote a very little known article early in his career while he was in Paris about fishing for tuna 🙂 ) Thank you Ralph, I greatly enjoy reading you, Penny 🙂


    • Hi again Penny. Your writing is far greater than I could ever achieve. When I write I just go for it. No drafts. Get an idea and hit those keys, a piano concerto of words without the musical score. When I am done, I read through once for typo errors and publish. Then it is gone.
      Thank you so much again for your kind words. I may take you fishing with me next time 😉
      Have a nice weekend. Ralph


  14. Whew !1 What a post. 46 comments in a few hours. And I have just passed 2500 hits on this site. Thank you everyone it means a lot and my fingers hurt with the typing, but I love the comments.


    • That’s what you get for being as good as I previously mentioned 🙂 I love it when I’m right about something. 🙂 by the way, I think you’re going to get a whole lot busier, so I’m very happy to just come and partake of your words, (alluding to your earlier comment to me Ralph re: musical scores – Mozart comes to mind. Exactly the way he wrote also! 🙂 Please only reply when your time allows you too. I’m very good with that and understand, a loyal follower, Penny. Oh yes, would love to go fishing with you! 🙂


  15. Hi Ralph-
    I read, I liked & glanced through the comments & now I’m commenting. I hope that doesn’t make me creepy.
    I feel guilty if I Like or Comment on something that I haven’t read. So- if I Like or Comment. that means that I really did read it & Liked it 😉
    Sometimes – I skip some posts if they appear too long or not broken down – short attention span & I’m pressed for time. Anything with pictures & I’m hooked!


    • Hi RoSy. I’m the same. Pressed for time. Penny says I go fishing, so I caught you with that ball gown. Have to weigh you and measure your length and put you back into blogland pond. There you go. have a nice weekend RoSy. 🙂


  16. Ralph, Ralph, Ralph….you’ll do and say whatever it takes to get a girl to speak with you, won’t you? Looks like it worked like a charm, Mr. Man.

    I never thought how my comments could be interpreted in so many different ways. But many of them are very true. I will have to put more thought into my comments from now on. I must say though, I will never comment if I haven’t read it.

    Take care, Ralph!


    • Hi Lori, you are making me blush. That is very considerate of you to read the post before commenting. It does help when making a comment. Have a nice week Lori. 🙂


      • It always makes me feel like I have some to say other than……….uh, yeah i like it dude.


  17. Oh Ralph … you ‘philanderer’ world over! I thought we agreed to keep our secret … now it is all out for all to see -:))!



    • Hi Daniela. I have no casual acquaintances. So our relationship is now permanent. Bit of a problem as you are in New Zealand and I am in Spain. So we will just have to be friendly commenteers (I like that word). The Three Commenteers. Have a nice evening in your upside down world Daniela 🙂


  18. Friendly commenteers it is then! I love that word too -)! And I love your humour -:)!

    P.S. It is afternoon in the upside down world here and glorious one with spring all over it!
    Take Care


    • Lucky you Daniela, we have autumn fast approaching. So from one commenteer to another…take care friend 🙂


  19. Ok Ralph, now I’m afraid to comment, analyzing my every word (lol)! What a great sense of humor you have. 🙂


    • LuAnn. Please be yourself when commenting. I promise not to rip your comments to pieces (with fingers crossed). Have a nice week both of you. Ralph 🙂


  20. Maybe I am a crazy blogger 🙂 but I read all posts at least I try to read them all what I follow… even this is my second language, sometimes it can be problem to understand but the long pages, in written way I copy them and I read later with my dictionaries, etc. but then I come back to the owner… Yes, I try to read them all… really. But sometimes I can’t find to say something I just want them to know me that I visited and read and really liked what they posted with just clicking the “like”… On the other hand, I also try to read other languages too, I try to use the Google translator for this… To read is easy but to UNDERSTAND… this is my way to be understood and to understand… sometimes it is a long way for me. But I love to be here and to read and to visit my blogger friends’ world. I am lucky one because of them because they are all so beautiful and worthy. Once again I am so glad to meet you dear Ralph, Thank you, love, nia


    • I don’t think you’re crazy..I think you’re great! I have ministers who come to my page, and I can tell by the time they didn’t read my articles..they just went through and liked everything without reading…which is fine..that says to me they’re being supportive and trusting my writings…but I know they didn’t really read it. There’s no way to read 15+ articles in 2-3 minutes! LOL


      • Hi Lyn. Yes that is crazy. No one can read that many posts in such a short time. I just had a new blogger ask me to press LIKE on every one of my posts for him as he liked my blog. I had to put him straight. LOL. Take care and have a nice week. Ralph


    • Hello Nia and welcome to my blog and for your following which made 100 followers. Thank you. Probably the same in your language, the English language has many tricks and double meanings which I use a lot in my writing and jokes. So a learner of English would have great problems in understanding. Thank you also for your long comment and kind words at the end.
      I am very pleased to meet you as well Nia. May my blessings go with you. Ralph


  21. Ralph,,we have not met before…but I have reached a conclusion, having actually read your post…your a sly dog Ralph, a sly dog..


  22. Zannyroooooooo !! How could you say such a thing to a sly dog. Well !! I mean. How could you !! But you did and I’m glad you did. Welcome. Another one who will give me a hard time. What fun 🙂


  23. Hi Ralph (initiating contact, yes, I know who you are…I even know your last name!). I never “like” something without reading it. I’m an honest blogger. Sometimes I even read the comments and sometimes the comments are even more interesting than the post. 🙂


    • Hi Ms Bumble. (This comment will be more than interesting. Sunglasses a give away. A Mata Hari type. Spying on Area 51. Mystery woman. I know one other. Probably works for the FBI…Fluffy Bunny Interests or CIA…..Cats I Adore or the most secret …not allowed to even mention or she may talk about shopping. She has initiated contact, so I will probably receive an email from her. Got to be careful. Here goes.) Sorry Ms Bumble, day dreaming. Yes, comments can be interesting !! (this one is !!) Do have a tranquil week and thank you so much for your comment. Take care. Ralph.


    • Oh heck!! It is a great honour Cimplicityrockss to be offered such an award but I must decline as this blog is an AWARD FREE ZONE !! Yes I am really sweet and my blog is as well. So from a sly dog philanderer, a sweet one at that, I wish you happiness, joy and take care. Ralph


  24. I appreciate the way you have with words 🙂 and unlike those spam comments, fishing for an extra click or pageview, I shall be reading more of your blogging simply because I’m a sucker for nifty language and eloquent phrases. /Evie


  25. Hi Evie and welcome to my humble blog that contains more niftiness and eloquence as each hour goes by (what am I going on about). I’m fishing Evie, have you clicked with me yet?
    Take care and have fun. Ralph


  26. Buna, Ralph!
    Am citit articolul dumneavoastra , am citit si comentariile, aferente. Eu, va spun despre mine. Eu intoatdeauna citesc cu atentie tot articolul, chiar de doua ori pentru a intelege si apoi las un like si un comentariu. Eu nu pot comenta fara sa citesc articolul, pentru ca este incorect, fata de gazda blogului. Ascult melodiile care sunt postate.
    Mi-ar placea sa citesc foarte multe bloguri, pentru ca sunt bloggeri de la care am foarte multe de invatat, insa, momentan am un program foarte incarcat si nu intotdeauna reusesc sa fac fata, dar nu trec cu usurinta peste o postare. Imi place sa respect munca bloggerului.
    Eu va doresc o seara minunata, Ralph. Fiti binecuvantat cu multa fericire si viata frumoasa!
    Toate cele bune sa fie pentru dumneavoastra! Cu drag, Stefania! 🙂


    • Bună ziua și bun venit la Stefania acest post. Nu sunt prea multe comentarii pentru a fi citit de către un traducător și o mulțime de comentarii sunt amuzante în limba engleză, dar poate că nu se traduce prea bine în limba dvs.. Acesta trebuie să fie foarte dificil pentru tine. Poate că ar trebui să aibă un blog pentru fiecare limbă din lume. LOL. Asta ar ține cu adevărat mă ocupat. Îmi place comentariul tău și sper că va face mult mai multe, doamnă ocupat. Sper că ești bine și fericit cu viața ta. Eu trimit, de asemenea, dragostea mea pentru tine Stefania. Ralph


      • Va multumesc foarte mult, Ralph! Ei bine, am deslusit comentariile amuzante.
        Da, multumesc lui Dumnezeu, eu sunt foarte bine. Imi place viata pe care o duc. A fost alegerea mea sa fiu o doamna ocupata. Nu sunt obligata. Imi place ceea ce fac si sunt foarte multumita de acest lucru.
        Va doresc toate cele bune pentru dumneavoastra! Fiti binecuvantat, Ralph! Cu drag, Stefania! 🙂


  27. I did read it…all of it, but did not ‘like’ it , even though I quite enjoyed your insight. 😉
    One of the reason I do not always read posts – aside from the obvious: it is not my cup of tea – I struggle reading certain fonts. This one is borderline for me.


    • Ark. I have reverted back to WordPress default Theme Font I think that will be better for you. It’s definitely better for me to read. Thanks for the complaint Ark. Ralph


      • Great Ark. There is also that half hidden RSS logo, 2 curves and a dot at the top right of the page. Click on that. It may be better to read. Take care. Ralph


  28. Hello Ark. I just found your comment in spam. WordPress is doing that a lot with commenteers. Good. I am really pleased that you are honest and forthright with your comment. I tried to choose a readable font that I can read as well but WordPress has a really weird selection of fonts. I’ll go back into my dashboard in a minute and run through them again. I may have missed a more readable one. Take care Ark. Ralph


    • Size is also important – to a point – even if one is placated with soothing words that it isn’t.
      Of course, everyone has their own preference; my missus prefers it a little bigger and I would tend to agree. Perhaps it’s old age creeping on? Anyhow, black font (12 pt) on a white/pastel background does it for me. 😉


      • The trouble is with my blog, Ark, is that so much is written and so many comments I have to keep the size small. I did try a larger size but some of the comments seemed to go on forever. I am sorry to not fulfill all your requirements. Ralph


    • Don’t fret, me ol’ son. ‘Tis your blog. Thou shalt do with it as thou art wont.
      Doesn’t mean I wont come back to read – I’ll just have to squint a bit that’s all.


      • Arkenaten. Hi. I have just found a way which may help you to read my posts a little better. I have been experimenting and found RSS.
        If you click on RSS Posts at the bottom of my sidebar you can read the latest posts typed black on a white background. I hope that helps and let me know how you got on. Ralph


    • Danke für Ihren Besuch Wolfgang. Und das gleiche für Sie. Habt ein schönes Wochenende. Achten Sie darauf. Ralph


  29. Hello Raplh! 😉
    Yes, first things first! Thankyou for following my blog, it really does mean alot to me and which in return led me to your blog! I started going through your posts and honestly got stuck here for more than an hour! Your writing style is amazing and managed to crack me up! Keep blogging and take care 🙂


    • Hello again Sarin. I enjoyed your blog so you were worth following. Over an hour ? Wow! I’ll have to start writing something good for a change 😉 I have some glue to fix your “cracking up”!! Stay happy! Ralph x


      • Hahah, yea I might have flooded your notifications bar by now.. 😛
        And naah, don’t be modest. Everything you’ve written by far was beyond good!
        Oh and I would love the glue. Send it over? LOL.


      • I am just about managing to keep up with your comments Sarin. You’re quite a prolific commenteer but I love it 🙂


  30. I read the blog and liked it, in an airport and did not have time to read all 106 comments so did not want to repeat anything and more importantly do not want anyone to think we are having an affair.

    I will read a few more of your blogs before getting into more detail and I am envious that you are able to keep three blogs going as I struggle to get one.



    • Hi Layton. An affair at an airport? Shucks! Everyone KNOWS now! 😉 Well we just added another two to bring the comments to 108….wow! One blog is busy the other two are more intermittent, thank heavens. Have a great week Layton. Ralph


  31. You already have 108 comments here, and I can’t imagine how you’re keeping all your women satisfied, Ralph 🙂 But I just had to add one more comment. I can’t resist the idea of giving people something to speculate about… (Talk to you soon, Darling).


    • Hi Delicious. Well that has given the game away straight away. There is absolutely no chance of keeping anything secret around here. 😉 I think that you are going to be another commenteer who is going to give me a hard time and I love it. Take care Delicious. Ralph x


  32. I read each and every word. I really do. And I see to it I write a comment, if I can,. Sometimes though, the article is clear and self-explanatory, and there’s nothing else I can add to the wise words that I’ve just read, so I just click LIKE , primarilly to let the writer know that I was here and read the blog.


    • Hi Renxkyoko. Your comment is exactly the way I feel as well. If there was a LIKE button for comments I would have pressed LIKE for your response to this post. Have a fun weekend. Ralph x


  33. Hi Ralph, your humor has drawn me in once again! LMS (laughing myself silly)

    Ever considered writing a blogger’s dictionary? 😉


    • Hi Denise. I am glad you explained what LMS is or I would have been here all night trying to work it out. LMS….hmmm!!…..Lost my sock?..Lemon melon squash?…Lock Mum’s shed? No. You had better write the dictionary Denise!! Take care. Ralph x


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