This Needs To Be Told !!

This post is probably  the most difficult writing that I have ever undertaken. This is  real. I have been in liaison with the person concerned and we have both agreed that I should write an article concerning this person’s  blog, writings and plans for the future

But it is not as simple as it seems. For this person has a male body with a female brain. Okay, as a reader I can cope with that. But this person has an extra burden to bear. The female brain switches from female to male and back again. How the heck can anyone cope with that !! One minute you are thinking feminine such as caring, sharing, dainty things and the next wanting to go to the pub, get engrossed in a football match  and wanting to fight. This person has a predominant female mind, so most of the time has feminine thoughts, therefore in all aspects except the body this person is female. To overcome this overwhelming burden this person writes and writes extremely well.

How did we meet in blog land ?  I had tidied up my emails and as things were quiet I went through Find Friends/Life and scrolled down the posts and there in front of me was this picture and underneath this fantastic piece of writing:

crying girl
Crying Girl

She sat, shocked beyond words, beyond thought. She sat at her desk looking out at the rain running down the glass and wondering if it was the tears of angels. She was sure they should be.

She thought the teacher was talking but she couldn’t hear. Didn’t really care. What was the point really? Why try so hard when it could all be taken away in the blink of an eye?

I went in. I really honestly thought, as the writing was so good that I was reading the thoughts of a teenage girl.  And commented as such. Over time and reading the About page with all the comments and to the person, it emerged all the issues this person has to face. We  conversed by email and this is what the person said:

“I am an amateur artist, poet, and writer. I am planning on entering this year’s NaNoWriMo in November. There are a few other contests I am thinking about, but currently they are little more than maybe’s. As for NaNoWriMo, this will be my fifth year. Last year I barely managed to finish the 50,000 word goal and in the end I found I couldn’t take the idea any further and it now sits quietly in a folder on my hard drive. This year I am coming at it from a different direction with the plan of not necessarily writing a complete novel, but to have enough done to be able to continue working once the contest is over. In the mean time, I am writing poetry, though I have nothing really planned other than to post to my blog. I am also gaining an interest in flash fiction, working on pieces of between 200 and 500 words. I’m not sure where I might go with this, but I do find it keeps me interested in writing.”

I have written this post as I really believe that this person has extreme courage in exposing to the world the real issues of this person’s real life. I also believe that in showing talent, in the writings, that we all should encourage, advise and help this person. Out there, reading this, are gifted professional and amateur writers and I ask you to visit, make up your own mind and talk to this person.

I will leave the blog address in my comments area of this post

44 Comments on “This Needs To Be Told !!

    • I thank you for your “thank you” Daniela. I wrote this post because I know that many of the greatest, well known writers, poets, artists etc. have had to overcome sometimes extreme issues and problems in their lives. I am not saying that this person will become famous but at least this person is having a go at writing. Up to two months ago I never even considered writing. Okay, I was good at writing reports, letters and documents at work but humour, anecdotes and now a journalist piece !! And I have 90 followers !! I honestly do not understand why. If I did not have this laptop I would probably be watching some rubbish on the television. I have not seen one full program on the TV since I started to write.


    • Hi Trkingmomoe. I know. I have just seen your scrumptious cheese cake. Yummy !! Thank you for your kind compliment and I will visit your blog soon. I will bring a plate and spoon with me 🙂


      • You will like the cheese cake it is a little different. You can make it in a 9 inch square pan if you want with your favorit cake mix. It take me about 4 hours to do a post. I have to make it then try to stage a picture that looks ok. Then write it. Then I have the emails to take care of later. I like that part. I always admire the work bloggers do for their post. Thanks for your nice comment.


      • You are welcome Trkingmomoe. 4 hours is a very long time to build a post. It was worth it as the result looks very appetising. Take care. Ralph 🙂


  1. This topic is very interesting – I studied it in Psychology in my 20s and hadn’t heard of it prior to that. ❤ My heart breaks for those who find themselves in this predicament. I will head over and take a look – sounds intriguing with just the small bit you shared. Thanks for having an open-mind and compassion too ! The world needs a whole lot more of that!


    • Oh Tina !! You don’t know how pleased I am to read your comment. I did not know how people would react to this post as it would be controversial to some and others may take to heart what I said. Yes, the world would be a much a better place if only we could accept the differences in others. Take care Tina 🙂


  2. Thanks for posting this Ralph. There are a lot of really good blogs out there that most of us will never see. I consider it mostly luck when I find one and will tell everyone I know about it. And through these communications we are exposed to others. It isn’t very efficient, but sometimes it is the best way….
    Thanks again,


    • Hi Howard. I don’t think it was luck but guidance that led me to this site. I believe that whoever we meet is for a purpose on the Path of Life. Some guide us, others hinder us. Thanks for your time to talk Howard and have a nice day 🙂


      • I have no doubt that you are correct Ralph. I was referring to my personal path traveling among the thousands (maybe millions..??) of blogs. If not for a link like the one you provided, I most probably would not have found that blog. I am therefore extremely pleased when I am “led” (for whatever reason..) to another blog worth reading. It is my friends here who provide at least ninety percent of my new blog discovery….and for that I feel very “lucky.” And blessed…


  3. I hope Howard that I have helped you on your quest to find that holy grail of the blog you are seeking. Onward you go to your next contact and good luck.


  4. Hi Ralph. It’s good of to write this. She has some personal issues that a lot of people wouldn’t share. Since writing can be so personal maybe this is her way of working out her issues. A blog can be therapeutic and I hope it helps her.


    • Hi Ms Bumble. Kira emailled me saying: ” Thank you for the very nice post. Take care, Kira ” I think that confirms your comment which I really do thank you for. Take care. Ralph


  5. I absolutely agree with you, Ralph! Talented young people should be encouraged and supported morally and even financially! I wil surely visit this blog. Thank you so much Ralph for the recommendation! All the best to be for you! Stefania 🙂


    • Va multumesc foarte mult pentru Stefania cuvintele tale foarte bun pe care sunt sigur că ar aprecia Kira. Kira este, de fapt, de 40 de ani, dar are o minte tânără femeie, dar are încă nevoie de ajutor și încurajare. Fie ca toate visele si dorintele tale vin Stefania adevărat. Aveți grijă. Ralph


    • Bună din nou Stefania. Îmi pare foarte rău. Am ratat complet punctul de comentariu cu privire la adolescenti. Sunteți sută la sută corectă pe care ar trebui să aibă toată asistența necesară pentru a avansa in cariera lor în scris. Îmi pare rău, eu nu-mi cer scuze pentru mistake.Dream meu pe Lady draga, poate într-o zi visul va deveni realitate. Aveți grijă. Ralph


  6. hey, just wanted to say thank You for stopping and looking at my pics 🙂 I was studying in Andalucia for a year almost, it was beautiful time 🙂 greetings from polish girl!


    • Witaj Los Flamingos i zapraszamy do mojego bloga w Andaluzji. Cieszę się, że ci się podobało czasu tutaj. Miałem 10 lat na Costa del Sol i góry żyjących z miejscowej ludności. Trzymaj się. Ralph



    My Poetry Page has now been deleted and has been replaced by a brand new …..
    Bluefish Way Poetry…… blog at:

    You are all welcome to come and have a look. I like LIKES but I love COMMENTS. Have fun with me at ……Bluefish Way Poetry……

    Take care. Ralph


  8. Ralph I will happily support this lovely young artist. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! And bravo for your move. How can anyone not be nice to you! I do understand, I believe, Penny


  9. Hello, Ralph. I feel for confused people. I know about the deep spiritual side that is not taught to Christians or anyone any more. But with Jesus you can beat anything — I know because I have. Deliverance is key and the Devil will work excessively hard for people not to find out or believe!
    Praying for your blogging buddy!


    • I am really sure that Kira would appreciate your kind words Lady Deidre. And thank you for visiting my blogs. I hope you enjoy them. Take care. Ralph 🙂


    • I’ve got to laugh Harshit.. Have you tried pressing Like on your own post. Try it if you haven’t !!
      Thank you so much for your compliment anyway but I am afraid the liking will have to be done by you. Take care. Ralph


  10. m sorry Ralph, actually i have started blogging previous month only…m not quite familiar with wordpress….but i fell, as the sand of time gets thick i’ll get an edge…;)


  11. Join the club Harshit, I have been blogging for only 3 months and I am still learning. Persevere and you’ll be okay. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Take care. Ralph


  12. Ralph,
    great idea…and I’ve been a fan of Kira’s for quite some time, yes, we writers need all the encouragement we can get, kudos for your awesome support!


  13. Thank you for sharing this with us, Ralph. I will definitely visit the blog. While I was a high school teacher, I had 3 students in this same situation. (I taught for 30 years, so it is not a common situation.) All three found writing (and sharing the writing) to be risky but also profoundly helpful.


    • Hi Marylin. I am just a guide to show you the way to go. Thank you for telling me of your experiences. Take care. Ralph x


    • Ich mag Ihre Fotos Wolfgang und ich werde sicher sein, Ihren Blog wieder zu besuchen. Vielen Dank für Ihren Kommentar. Ralph


  14. I’ve read Kira’s poetry and enjoyed her writng style. I always think of her as a woman and really feel sad for the pain…glad that you are empathizing with her too…


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