My Toy Box

Ralph's Blog control room

My temporary Toy Box

Welcome friends to my temporary toy box or Blog Operations Office (BOO) or Blog Logistic Operations Office Department You Have Ever Looked Lovelier ( No……work it out for yourself).  The office area is crammed into one corner of the Salon/Front room/Tidiest room where there happens to be the one and only power socket. Into the back of the desk are approximately one million cables from who knows where to who knows what, but it all seems to work. I have an old Telefonica Spanish telephone which is designed to ring when I am either on the loo, in the shower or out for the day. The rest of the time it never rings. I tell a lie. I had a Spanish woman call me about three times a day for a week shouting “Juan” (pronounced One) the only word she ever said. On the first day I was very polite. “Sorry you have the wrong number. There is only English here. With a resigned “Juan” she rang off. By the seventh day. “Juan”. I crashed the phone down with a “Two”. I never heard from her again. Maybe she never spoke to Juan and died of a cataleptic fit. Who knows.

As you can see in the photograph I have a proper office chair. Now I have a big problem with this chair and it’s called Sonic the cat. Every time, I mean every time I get out of the chair and disappear into the kitchen; wherever; he wakes up, jumps out of his basket and on to MY office chair. So when I return there is a curled up black cat just where I want to sit. After the first couple of days when I used to turf him out of the chair we came to a mutual arrangement. I would say “Out”, his head would poke out of the black ball of fur. “Come on Sonic. Out!!”. He would then reply with a “Meow!!”. I would touch his back and he immediately jumped down off the chair. I sit down and hear a “Meow” from the floor where he would be lying on his back rolling from side to side. So I play with him for five minutes. Then we both get bored. I swivel the chair to the keyboard and Sonic jumps back into his basket and promptly falls asleep.

Oh No!! I forgot to bring in the plate of cakes from the kitchen !!

43 Comments on “My Toy Box

  1. Laptop connected to large monitor–you forgot the big, ergonomic keyboard. I have a similar cat–I just sit and he moves quickly.


    • That I did. That I did, Alice. I have an HDMI cable which runs from the laptop to a flat screen TV. Great for music and films off the internet. When I move to a permanent apartment I’ll have my computer area a lot more sci-fi than this.
      Your cat has to move quickly if you just sit. Have a look at the Lost Dog Poster photograph in my Silly Photographs page. Let me know what you think after seeing it.
      Take care Alice 🙂


  2. I would’ve pretended that I was Juan just to see where the conversation might go to.
    Oooooh! Cakes! We don’t say that here, but I love the way it sounds. What are cakes anyhow?


    • I don’t think my Spanish is strong enough to have fooled her, but I may have fooled you 😉
      I am not allowed to tell you about cakes, soft and sweet, chocolate, marzipan, icing and jam: so I won’t. 🙂
      But I might. Take care Teresa


  3. I have a chair that’s Fenway’s (my dog) when I’m not in it 🙂
    Nice comfy looking BOO!


    • Oh! you made me jump when you said BOO!, RoSy. 😉
      Seems like most bloggers have chair/animal problems like us. 🙂


  4. Like your set up Ralph. My phone rings all the time but it is people wanting money. My cat sits on my chair all the time too. I dump him on the floor. I am the only one in the family who does not think he rules the roost. I am also the only one who feeds him.
    Where is the missing cake – what is a picture of a work area without food?


  5. Hi Lou Ann, thank you for liking my set up. Well it works for me 🙂
    Ting-a-ling “Loads of money please”. Poor cat being dumped.
    Ah! The missing cake is……oh! I stood on it when I took the photograph, Oh dear!! 😉
    Take care. Ralph


    • Olah Jacquie, como esta? Okay. A joke. How many Spaniards does it take to change a light bulb ?
      Don’t I know it. My cats are the same, even sleep inside the bed with me in the winter !!
      Answer: Juan. Take care. Ralph


    • Hi Dave. Yes, cool eh!. Did you work out the other one? I was going to put in as well Blog Liaison Office General (BLOG) but I thought that one might get one going in circles 🙂 All the best. Ralph


  6. Yes, I was wondering what happens to the cakes … between laughing that was! Great humour as always,


    • Thanks Daniela. I’ve got some fresh ones. Would you like one, have two, because Teresa is not allowed. More for us 😉


  7. If I have a problem with books and space, Ralph, it looks as though you have a problem with space and technology.. perhaps not – it looks like a very efficient Blogger’s Command Post – I envy you both the chair and the cat – from a bereaved cat owner – ( and the cakes)


    • Thank you for your problematic comment Valerie. Yes, my BCP is so efficient that NASA is going to send it to Mars and me with it 😉 Sorry to hear about your cat, mine are now 9 years old. Take care. Ralph


  8. Cables that begin and end in unknown locations, dogs AND cats who steal my now-warm chair AND sit knowingly on the 2nd stair from the top… wait a minute. This list has no end. Love your writing. Great stuff!!


    • Hi Freedlife and welcome to my Comment Control Centre (CCC). I think we have a lot in common with the physical aspects of blogging. The problems are endless. I have just retired and all I ask for is a quiet life. Some hope !!! Thank you for your comment. Take care.


  9. Ralph, very nice it is here for you! I have to come here! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Have a nice weekend. All the best to be for you! 🙂


  10. My kitty likes to sit on my keyboard. That’s very convenient! That’s a cute name, Sonic. Otherwise, your Toy Box looks cozy to me.


    • Hi Ms Bumble. Thankyou so much for your comment. Cats like to sit on exactly what you are doing; ie. a newspaper crossword if the paper is laying on the table. The cat will not sit on the other 99% of the newspaper. Little scamps !!
      I like to be cosy. 😉


    • Um !! (thinks) (ponders) Um !! (got to say something) Diana, hello. Thank you (put a smiley in) 🙂 ( whew, tough one)


    • Hi Elisa. (thinks: is this another feminine trap I am walking into). Oh Hi. Yummy scrumptious ones, full of naughty cream and calories spilling down the sides. Would you like one and a cup of tea ?


      • Is there no lady who will eat cake with me ?
        Sugar ? Milk ? I’ll be mum. Take a seat Elisa. Let me help you to be seated.


      • uhm i’d eat cakes if they are allergen free, which would be a feat! Don’t you knock me down tryin to make me sit!


      • oh, and sugar and cinnamon please, i forgot to say please since i was warily watching the ‘request’ to sit 😛


  11. I am too much of a gentleman to do such a thing, Elisa, and I would NEVER consider pulling the chair away as you sit down
    Milk? Sugar ?


    • The cinnamon is being prepared by the kitchen staff and the butler has removed the milk and returned it to Daisy the gamekeeper’s cow. Would you like a parasol perhaps to keep the sun rays from your face ?


      • I understand that you are from the Colonies, Elisa, why is that wretched Obama fellow treating all his subjects so badly. I have a good mind to get my horse crop and give him a good thrashing. It’s not honourable, the way he treats his people. I shall arrange passage to the colonies at once. Bounder !!


      • Honey if you just don my favorite shirt, the one with all of the colors and affixed cape type effect from the sleeves and hold out your arms, that would be WUNNNNNNDERFULL. You just spoil me and I LOVE IT!!! There has been a refreshing rain here and the sunset is peeking out! The wetness sounds perfect with tea.


  12. Elisa. That was the very first time in your life that you have been treated like a Lady and you loved it. This IS the way men should treat women and the world would be a much happier and pleasant place to live in togetherness. If men treated women with dignity the women would respond in kind. Take care m’lady and enjoy your tea. Ralph 🙂


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