My Laptop: Blessing or Curse

Not againIt has been two months since my laptop and I set our eyes upon one another. During this time we have spent many hours together in getting to know one another and exploring the worlds of google and blogland. I have spent many hours exploring “her” innermost secrets. Generally my laptop has been submissive and lets me do what “she” wants me to do to her. “She” gets dusty at times and “she” enjoys a good rub down and polish. Looking through her large rectangular eye (“she” says thanks) “she” has taken me all over the real world from the Indian Ocean to the shores of the Pacific. “She” has led me into peoples’ homes, lives, pains and dreams. “She” has allowed me to communicate with anyone I wish and at any time day or night.

Sometimes “she” has taken over my real life. I have to walk away from “her” to enter the real world and do real things such as washing, feeding and doing the chores. I sometimes have to leave “her” to talk to real people. I know “she” gets jealous, for as soon as I am doing something in the real world “she” calls me back to her, telling me that there is an email or comment I need to look at through her “eye”. So the lapdog returns swiftly to the laptop to see what’s cooking. “She” allows me to talk through “her” to let out my recent thoughts and ideas through blogland to all sorts of people in parts of the world I would never visit or see in my life time.

So am I in a relationship with “her”? Are we forming a “friendship”? Or am I being led astray, away from the real realities of life? But the real realities of life are to be found through “her”. Two worlds collide and I am in both.

I think on the whole, my laptop is a blessing

60 Comments on “My Laptop: Blessing or Curse

  1. I must agree with you Ralph. The ‘eye’ has taken me into places that otherwise would have remained unknown to me. Yes, it does take me away from other more ‘regular’ pursuits that need my attention however; on the whole, I believe that I have benefited more than not. Will I continue to pursue the ‘eye’? Yes. I cannot stop my curiosity that is being quenched. I cannot stop the connections that are being formed. I cannot prevent myself from wanting to absorb more and more as I diligently obey the ‘eye’.


    • Hi again Carolyn. I totally agree with everything you have brought up in your comment. That makes a change 😉


  2. ‘She’ will start to understand the ‘shopping’ soon -:)!
    Wonderful post … and yes the same applies here … ‘he’ does the same -:)!


    • Hi Daniela, glad “he” is the same.
      NO!! “She” understands “shopping”. Wants me to go to the nearest computer store and buy “her” a new pink and purple casing with matching mouse and cables. “She” hates black and wants “her” name changed from Dell to Delitias. Oh heck !


  3. LOL … I can’t stop laughing over here while rain is dancing in the windows! Ralph … you are natural, you really are!
    P.S. Just like any real male ‘he’ has no any such demands, simply satisfied to be used!


  4. “Two worlds collide and I am in both.”
    This says it all.
    Thanks for the clever post.


  5. Hi Ralph…back again, I am. Interesting use of personification!! I am not certain if my laptop is a “she” or a “he” or “gender non-specific”.. Only important thing is…can I count on him/her/it to be readily available and in “working order” when I need him/her/it.?? Heaven forbid should she get a headache!!


    • Hi Howard, no headache at the moment but “she” has threatened to cut my IP off ( I hope that is not something personal) if I don’t hurry up with the shopping 😉


  6. Reblogged this on TheWhyAboutThis and commented:
    Hello all, this one I had to reblog, who of us doesn’t feel this way. Ralph (over there in Spain) has said what we all feel so perfectly, please enjoy his words!


  7. Thank you for your visit and comment Robyn Lee. You’ll have no trouble with your “male” laptop, it’s this “female” one……oh dear !! I’ll pop over now and visit 🙂


  8. Another of Penny’s acolytes visiting.
    Great to know I’m not the only victim of the wonderful technological age.
    My daughter is always exhorting me that ” your computer is your friend” whenever my gender- non- specific bully is kicking me into submission, frustration and despair, when he/ she/ it refuses to cooperate.
    I’m now so crushed that I sometimes hear myself whimpering ‘thank you’ when it’s in a good mood.


  9. I know I’m naughty Valerie but I had to laugh at your comment on your “bully” computer and your “whimpering”. Don’t tell anyone or they’ll all want to do it. Lay back on your sofa with chocolates, a glass of champagne, employ a nice young man to do the computer work for you and dictate what you want done. A relaxing way to blog 😉


  10. It is so true. As soon as you opened her eye, “she” flattered you and flirted with you so that you would fall for her, and I think you have done fully., Definitely a relationship 🙂


    • Nym, that is really very sweet and kind of you, but I am unable to accept. Please read my post Awards or Rewards. Your write up of Bluefish Way is lovely. Thank you again Nym. 🙂


  11. I can sure relate to this post… I have nicknamed my laptop the “slug” because she is so much slower than our den computer. But my dear little slug enables me to blog since I can use it on my sheepskin laden sofa. I have osteoarthritis – hence I can’t sit in a regular chair very long without pain… Thanks to my dear little laptop I can enter the blog world!
    Enjoyed your post! Glad Penny re-blogged it so we could read it… ~ Wendy


  12. Hello Wendy and welcome. I must warn you that some of my replies may be on a jocular level and I’m afraid you are about to become a recipient of one. I am really sorry to hear about your ostricharthritis. Have you seen the vet yet? The condition is caused by stretching of the neck and burying the head in the sand for long periods of time. The condition worsens by the laying of giant white eggs. I hope you have not reached that stage yet. 😉
    Delitias says hello to slug and I just love your little doggy. Seriously take care Wendy and thanks for your visit (aside: I don’t think Wendy will be coming back 😉 )


    • I’m back, Ralph, and I love your sense of humor! My husband keeps me laughing too. I am gong to follow your blog so I can get my daily dose twice over! ~ Wendy


      • Whew! I thought you may have been off to the Bluefish Way armoury in my Women with Shotguns post. Take care Wendy. Ralph


  13. My laptop is about the same age as yours. Maybe we should arrange a playdate. Ha!


    • Hi Alice. Delitias, my laptop, has strongly informed me that she must be chaperoned and I agree with her as we don’t want a basketful of baby mobile phones, ipods, ipads and widgets to care for. 😉
      Like your hat. Take care. Ralph


      • Oh, dear. I don’t think the old desktop computer can keep up with the youngsters. Maybe they will meet in a recycle bin some day.


  14. You’ve done it now, Alice. Delitias is getting hot flushes under her touchpad (Dell 1558 Studios do that when excited.). She says that she likes the older ones as they are slower and full of faults. 🙂


  15. Haha, Ralph! This was hilarious! You totally read my mind. A relationship well explained!

    p.s and yes this me ‘commenting’ & I actually DID read your blog and when I ‘like’ a blog, I always ‘mean’ the like.. =p


  16. Hi Sarin. Thank you so much for your expressive generosity and I am very pleased that it is you commenting. Whew ! Take care. Ralph x


  17. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!


    • Russellllll !! You blitzed me !! Thank you so much for all your likes and comments. Wonderful ! Now about this camping. I had better go round and check. No litter…..good… kittens then ! Campfire not lit……good as we are not allowed open fires in Spain at this time of year ! No complaints about bawdy campfire songs…..good ! You didn’t feed the bears…..good (we haven’t got any anyway 😉 ) Yes excellent. That will be $5 then for camping without permission in a National Blog Park 😉
      Take care Russel. Ralph 🙂


      • I’m the blog forest ranger, Sir, ma’am,….whatever !! It’s okay . Bribes are acceptable !! 😉


      • Sorry, Ma’am.. Sir..whatever !! No hot dogs….your hounds have been running after the wannabies in blogland and are puffed out. 😉


  18. Wow, Sound Eagle, a post !! Thank you so much for your gift which I will treasure. There is really no way I can reply to such a comment. So from your God Pal lots of hugs, Ralph x


  19. Hi Ralph, hi SoundEagle!

    SoundEagle asked me to read this comment on this post. So, here I am and I did read it.

    I like both, Ralph’s humourous description on how the internet sometimes takes over real life and technique seems to become it’s own personality – if we let it happen, and SoundEagle’s astute observations about how we can develop a sovereign interaction with this medium.

    Much love to both of you!


    • Hi Stefanie. Thank you so much for your kind and generous comment. I may return your visit quite soon. Love and hugs to you. Take care. Ralph x


    • Sorry Stefanie and Sound Eagle. I am a little late in responding. Yes a happy October to you both and to everyone. Take care. Ralph x


  20. A good post. In modern day, computers have create a different relationship with people than TV. I would say they become more of personal and I can see more essential to our lives than TV now.


    • Since I have had my laptop, Yellow Cable, I have had no desire to watch TV at all. As your wise comment says computers do create a more personal relationship. Ralph


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