The Last Post

Sunrise TorremolinosI have really set a challenge to myself, to write a post, worthy of publishing every day. I have created a deadline, as well, of 3pm local (GMT+1). And that is hard to publish by that time. Looking back at my posts, I am happy with most of them, considering I am an amateur with absolutely no serious previous experience, as I think most of us bloggers are. Yesterday was the worst day I have had so far in writing a post. The temperature outside was in it’s low 40 degrees centigrade. It felt just as hot in the apartment. Stepping outside was like walking into an oven. And to cap it all the neighbours across the road shout, scream and talk nonstop from 10am through to midnight. Their primary residence is in another town but stay for five weeks over the Spanish August holiday. OMG three more weeks of them !!

It got so hot yesterday that I had to stop. I was happy with what I had written. In subsequent reading I would have liked to have deleted the dog food item and finished the post off properly. But it was so hot. I suppose like an artist, once a painting is sold, that’s it, no more tweaking, touch ups. The same with a post, it’s published and gone. Time to move on.

I really do like a comment. I feel most of you agree. A LIKE is meaningless, did they like what I had written,  did they like a small part or did they just leave their mark on the hope that I would visit their site. A comment is worthy of reply, especially as someone has put themselves out to write something pertinent about the post. And I make sure that I do respond to every one. I may not agree to what is said, but a thank you is important, then a debate may ensue.

Keep commenting. I love it !!

29 Comments on “The Last Post

  1. Hi Trk, thank you so much, so kind and I just love your chicken and doughnuts 🙂


  2. You’ll love it until you get too many comments to answer… 😉

    Oh, how I understand that annoying shouting out the window from early morning ’til late night…:/ It seems that really EVERYBODY takes vacations in August! I only saw such thing in Spain! The cities are abandoned and the villages are a never ending party… Silly me, thought I’d get some rest around here…

    Honestly I like to receive “likes” but I don’t write much on my blog so it’s quite clear what people like. However it’s true that there’s nothing like a personal comment. And I do appreciate your comments! 🙂

    Wish you cooler weather & some silence!


    • Hi b&wc, thank you as well for your comment. Have I created a monster with this commenting ? Time will tell.
      The Spanish get SO excited over the smallest thing and they all seem to talk at once.
      Well, I think we all came to Spain for the sun. A little too warm at the moment, but I would rather have that than the cold.
      Still doing your hair I see 😉


      • You described it so well! They get excited over the most small thing and talk in way that is impossible to break through and make any comment… 🙂

        The hair…haha! Yes, I’m taking my time 😉


      • Yes,b&wc, you sure ARE taking your time and the party ends in September 😉


  3. Hi Ralph, Yes I have to agree; likes are nice however; a comment is soooo much better.
    It’s almost Sunday midnight here in Oz, so I’m about to shut down for the evening… Have a great day..! &
    Hope the holidaymakers are a little more quiet, and the weather cools a little…! 😉


    • Hi Carolyn from “down under” and you, have a great day !!
      Yes,a comment is the best !
      As far as the neighbours and weather. NO !!! They are worse ( pouring a bucket of ice water over my head & wearing ear plugs)
      Have a nice day tomorrow 🙂


  4. good luck with your endeavour – I am a writer and it is deadlines that get me to write
    I write posts to get comments and like you I enjoy them, but I still like my likes–sometimes you just got nothing to say, but you want the blogger to know that you still enjoyed what they had to say – though I must admit that likes work better on photo blogs than written.
    I am going to set myself up a new challenge to try and stay fresh – I had a 200 word challenge for 25 days, think I will set up a gratitude challenge –should not be too hard to do it for 25 days as some bloggers do it all the time – what do you think?


  5. Hi again othf&b welcome 🙂
    You know me by now and being a mere male I can think of at least five ways of gratitude. So I’m a little confused in understanding what you mean. Duh !!
    So in gratitude I thank you for your comment, othf&b 🙂


    • Do you know what a gratitude challenge is?


      • Hi Teresa. Is this another shotgun question ?? I haven’t got a clue what you ladies are on about. 🙂


  6. Ralph, you’ve been busy. I see I need to catch up. Sounds like you’ve been feeling the same way that I’ve been feeling with all the heat. I’m still looking for my mind and all. Keep up the great work! Kids starting school tomorrow. It’s going to be a rough morning 🙂


    • Hi Ms Bumble. Not so hot today thank heavens. We’ll have to send a search party out for your mind 🙂
      Good luck this morning


  7. While I agree that comments are more meaningful, sometimes leaving a little star of like can be also meaningful. Personally, I appreciate both and leave ‘like’ when I really like the post but do not feel a need to comment.


    • Hello again Daniela. I must admit I have pressed LIKE in the past and walked away, but now I do comment especially on the blogs without many likes or comments to give the writer a little encouragement. A “well done”. 🙂


  8. Hi everyone. I have had a serious rethink about posting every day. I CAN’T DO IT !! I can write the posts and enjoy doing so. That’s no problem. It’s all the ancillaries, comments, emails. visiting other blogs and commenting there. I was swamped. So I am going to post every two or three days. I have tried that over the past few days and I’m enjoying blogging again. Oh the trials of a virgin blogger 😉


  9. Posting every day is tough. I go for once a week nowadays. Sometimes I don’t comment on other blogs, if I don’t have anything I think I can add. The ‘likes’ are to let you know that I was here. 🙂


    • I feel exactly the same way Julie. There are so many posts that I could comment on but as my typing is slow and I make mistakes I would rather read and Like. Oh. Thanks for the blitz of Likes 😀 hehe. Ralph xoox 😀


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