Help !! I really need your opinion

Amparo Susanna JudithYes. It’s true, dear readers. I do need advice and your wisdom in this matter. If you have read my previous posts especially on my other blog you would know that I was evicted from my last house and am now living in a temporary apartment. A quick precis : I lived with a lady as a companion for 20 years. She died. The house went to her children. They threw me out through no fault of my own. I moved into rental accomodation 6 weeks ago. I am now in a position to buy an apartment on the Spanish Costa del Sol. I am in a real quandary. Why ?

Should I stay?

Plus side: I have many dear dream friends here in the mountains of Spain who are really caring. Drive me wherever I need to go and give me help if I need it. I know and am respected by most of my Spanish neighbours. I gave my car to my house cleaner as I am too dangerous to drive on my own in the mountains where I have been living for 8 years.

Negative side: Should I rely on the kindness of others for the rest of my life. Shops are well spread out. It is kilometres to the nearest large town.

Should I go ?

Plus side: I want to move to Sabinillas a small Spanish coastal town. All the shops, my bank, lawyer, cafes and restaurants are on level ground and grouped together in a small area. Due to the Spanish housing market slump, house prices have dropped dramatically and it is now a good time for me to buy. I will not need a car.

Negative side: I will miss my friends and neighbours. (They could always visit and use my new apartment as a beach hut )

So, should I stay or should I go. One day I want to stay, the next I want to go. Help !! 

6 Comments on “Help !! I really need your opinion

  1. Difficult one. I didn’t vote. It’s nice to have friends around who are willing to help and they are not easily found. But it’s also nice to have the convenience of the coast and everything a town offers….


    • It is, isn’t it RSitM? 4 votes to move to the coast so far. Thanks for your visit.


  2. I voted, I voted!!!! Changed my mind afterward and voted again. Then forgot I voted and voted a third time….A mind—it’s a terrible thing to lose.


  3. I am sorry you lost your companion. Twenty years is a long time to live with and know someone. So essentially this one forgetful human being, voted four times. LOL.


  4. Hi Liz 😀 I had to go back and read this post as it was written before America was discovered. You’re my kind of woman. Vote four times for the wrong option 😉 Hugs. Ralph xox ❤


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