RV3 Cat Nap

Katie in one of her comments sparked this idea for Ralph’s video 3 which I have named Catnap. I think you will understand why when you see this video. Enjoy !!



If you were a cat, where would you sleep ??

I’m going to have a siesta now. I need one !!


Ralph xox <3



  1. “lol” What a fun night… more fun than one guy aught to be allowed in one night! I have 3 cats, Ralph, so I get to have more fun than you! xox


    • Hi Resa :D Yeah, for a guy on his own, a fun night, every night !! The bedroom was a bit full with the Rocky orchestra and Cat the soloist ;) So I reckon you have a lot more fun than me with 3 cats. Ralph xox <3


  2. Watched the whole video….. I thought I would just watch while you were sleeping the whole night, ha ha.


  3. fantastic ralph! look out scorcese! ps – got a surprise in the mail today, wonderful, wonderful gracias.


    • Hello Beth :D Thank you for watching……. and now the weather !! ;) hehe
      I am so pleased that the surprise has arrived. Just a little thank you my friend. Ralph xox <3


  4. That is funny. I think Sonic (?) place is the right place.


  5. If I was a cat where would I sleep? With my mommy.


    • Hi Georgia :D That’s right. With your mommy !! My two love to sleep with daddy. Not a lot of choice for them really ;) Ralph xox <3


  6. My daughter has a cat and a small dog, and both like to sleep under the covers like Sonic. [chuckle] Cute video! The songs were a great addition. :D


    • Hello Rene :D Your daughter must find them great company at night as I do with my 2 cats. Samantha is a lady, tiptoes on and off the bed and lays gently on top between my legs. Whereas Sonic stomps over me, huffs and puffs a couple of inches from my face until I let him in. He then purrs and digs for a couple of minutes, puts his front paws in my cupped hand, falls asleep and starts snoring. Oh boy !! Hugs. Ralph xox <3


  7. I know how it is, Ralph. With my zoo of cats and dogs I can feel your pain. Sometimes the youngest cat will decide in the middle of the night that it is a good time to pounce on my chest to wake me up just so that I can pet her for all of 2 minutes. Then she goes back to sleep in her bed and me…I am wide awake the rest of the night or should I say morning. Good video, Ralph.


    • Hi Frank :D Woah ! I am way behind in answering your comment !
      A zoo ? Good heavens. How many do you have ? Or should I say, how many keep you as a pet ? because I am sure that I am my cats’ pet ;)
      I really do understand why you have sleepless nights.
      Thanks for watching ……. now for the sports news ;) Ralph :D


      • Yeah, I call it the Franklin Zoo. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats. I just rent a room and they have the run of the house. Now if I can only get them to clean up after themselves.
        Have a wonderful day, Ralph.


      • Cleaning up can be a problem. Mine have a cat litter tray in the bathroom, but leave stones all over the apartment as they race around when pleased with what they have done.
        It’s raining hard today, so housework and blogging !! :D


  8. Man, you have carved out a new career as a cat wrestler (or should that be wrassler) as well as a movie maker par excellence! Ma dai, you must yearn for a solid night’s sleep.

    I am so jealous of one thing. How do you mange to get up without the dreaded bed hair? You look so dapper in the morning. Drowsy, but dapper.

    Big, wide awake hugs to you and the felines. oxoxoxo <3


    • Hi Yvonne :D YES PLEEEEASE !! A good night’s sleep would be heaven. I usually make up for lost sleep with a siesta ……. well, I’m allowed to as I live in Spain !!
      Ah, my hair ! It’s movie magic, secrets never to be divulged to those in the stalls of the theatre. (I’m getting the hang of thespian jargon ;) )
      Almost bedtime !! Love & hugs. Ralph xox <3


  9. OMG. ROFL!
    Bravo, bravo! What a fabulously funny routine….at least for those of us that can sleep at night. How any of the three of you function in the daylight is amazing. Well done my friend. 8)8)


    • Hi Katie :D Wow. A standing ovulation !! I am so pleased that you enjoyed the video. Your comment and my reply was about a darkened video, when it occurred to me the fun the cats have when the lights are out and I’m trying to sleep, so this video was born. Sleep tight my friend …… lucky you !! Ralph xox <3


  10. That was gorgeous, Ralph; It’s hard to know where to start. Firstly, you look very cool in your shorty shorts… Samantha is the most placid and cool pussies I’ve seen in a very long time. Sonic is smashing; just as a bloke should be. The music; delightful x 2..! The editing cool… I’m smiling from ear to ear… What wonderful company they must be..!!! I know, ’cause I have two little dogs who share Samantha and Sonic personalities… One more on the quiet side, the other a little tear around who runs instead of walks…
    Oh, we are so blessed to have such sweeties to share our lives with…
    Hugs and kisses to you, my friend…


    • Hi Carolyn :D I know !! It’s always hard to know where to start. I haven’t a clue how to answer your lovely comment except to say thank you for your lovely words ………. now I must put my glasses on ;)
      That’s lovely for you to have two loveable doggies who look after you my friend.
      Love and hugs back. Ralph xox <3


  11. tazeinmirzasaad says:

    Our cat sleeps every where, Lol!


  12. Poor Ralph. You need to get your own room – LOL
    At night-time – our lil monster – (Fenway – our bulldog) ends up on his older sister’s bed. His spot is at the foot of her bed. The funny thing is that it’s only at night-time. During the day – he naps downstairs on the floor, on the couches & sometimes he wanders into his crate.
    BTW – that cat lullaby is hilarious. It’s the first time that I hear that song.
    xx Saludos y Abrazos xx


    • Hi RoSy :D I HAVE got my own room, well, it once was !! ;)
      Maybe Fenway gets lonely at night when it’s quiet and the lights are out. That’s why he gets on the bed for company.
      WHAT !! You’ve never heard Soft Kitty which originated in the Big Bang Theory which I still watch in Spain as I reckon it’s the best comedy series to have come out of the US since Bewitched *twitching nose* .
      Hugs my friend. Ralph xoxox <3


  13. I couldn’t help giggling a bit throughout the video . . . I know exactly how you feel! Tired and well loved! We have two cats that sleep in our bed as well. Rocky usually stays still all night . . . but Oreo is a different story. She does the “pretty princess kitty parade” (as we call it), where she prances around the pillow, starting around my husband’s ear, then up around the top of his head to his other ear, then back around. Whenever she wants attention (which is usually at night), she doesn’t stop until she gets it! LOL : ) I love the video Ralph! xoxox ~Willow


    • Hi Willow :D What fun you have with your “princess”. I loved to read all about your two cats and the antics “princess” gets up to. Have a lovely day. Ralph xox <3


  14. If I were a cat I’d sleep everywhere!


  15. So glad that you had a lovely nap after your enjoyable post! I think we should have popcorn with our movies, Ralph! Smiles, Happy April Fool’s Day, sorry I missed saying, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” I do have a short joke, did you know the inventor of furniture was Irish? His name was “Paddy O’Furniture!” If you say it outloud, this will crack you up! My grandkids told me thin one! Smiles, Robin


    • Hi Robin :D It took me a while …… it’s my age …… but I eventually got the joke.
      I’ll have to ask YouTube to tack a foyer onto my videos so you can have popcorn at hand ;)
      Have a lovely day my friend. Ralph xox <3


  16. Looks like Samantha found the perfect napping place. :D


  17. Samantha is so cute. :)


  18. SerachShiro says:

    OMG………….Ralph, this happen every night ??? I can Imagine that you need to sleep………….hahaha, but they are so sweet and gorgeous, maybe you can try to sleep on your veranda during the afternoon ? By the way I love the head piece of your bed :) !


    • Hi Shiro :D Yes, every night !! That’s why I’m going to Jerusalem …… to get some sleep !!! hehe. I usually have a siesta in the afternoon to make up for my lost REM at night. AND on Sunday we lost an hour didn’t we ? The head piece is heavy metal and clangs against the wall a lot. I must fix that !!
      I hope you are having a lovely evening my friend. Ralph xox <3


      • SerachShiro says:

        Yes so I was thinking you had to go to Israel for that reason :) ! We, wasn’t it last Friday ( when we were on the phone ?) yes I have. thank you my dear Ralph and I wish you right away a very Happy weekend and a big hug OK, see you !! :) Xxx


      • I did enjoy your very unexpected call, so may I reciprocate your thanks my friend. Yes. See you !! Ralph xoxox <3


  19. Ralph, you are HILARIOUS! You’re a regular ol’ movie maker, aren’t you?! I don’t know how you manage any sleep at all with those cats.


    • Hi Loving :D I really don’t know how I get some shut-eye at night, but I seem to still function in the morning. Thanks for your lovely comment. Ralph xox <3


  20. (I skipped the bit in the middle but) this is an entertaining video


    • Hi Michael :D Thank you. You missed the best bit as I was abducted, saved planet earth, got married to Goldie Hawn and ……..dream on Ralph ! Have a good sleep tonight Michael. Ralph :D


  21. Dear friend Ralph,

    Cats are quite the characters, aren’t they? We don’t have any pets, except for our chipmunks. Cats and chipmunks don’t really mix though since the cats would just chase and probably eat the chipmunks!



  22. I see those two lovable cuties have you all to themselves -:)! Me? Well, Sonic got the right idea about the place!

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend and keep up those siestas!



    • Hi Soni…. oops….Daniela :D Yes. Samantha is so genteel while Sonic ….say no more. I have enough problems with Sonic clambering in and out of bed all night. He would really get upset if a woman took his place ;) And you my friend have a lovely weekend. Ralph xoxxx <3


  23. Ralph, for almost 24 years I went through the same thing with my Siamese-mix named Monkey. She slept under the covers in the crook of my arm when it was chilly and on top of the covers on my chest when it was warmer. I have no idea what she did on her multitude of errands throughout the night but she insisted on making sure I was aware of each return to bed. How did she let me know? She stuck her wet little nose in one of my nostrils!
    I want to give you a great big thank you for something that is turquoise. I won’t say what or go into detail here, but you know what I’m talking about. I lost one of my best friends unexpectedly two days before and you brought a smile to my sad face.


    • Hello Mary :D I’ve been wondering why you have been quiet recently. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Big hug.
      I am so pleased that yours has arrived just at the right time to cheer you up a little. Just a little thank you my friend.
      Now onto cats. Monkey and Sonic would have been the best of friends plotting to ruin the sleep of humanity for ever. I loved your story about Monkey. Thanks for telling me all about her. (Good name !!)
      Have a lovely weekend Mary. Ralph xox <3


  24. Omg I would have gone crazy! :D I love how Samantha is so chilled in the bottom :) I do not stay in one position when I’m sleeping like most of us, so my Kiki likes to sleep as close to me but not on the bed, like in the chair beside…


    • Hi Ivy :D OMG. I am going crazy ….,that’s normal then !! Oh, you are so lucky to have Kiki sleep on a chair. Don’t let her see this video !! Sleep well my friend. Ralph xox <3


  25. You spoil your kitty Ralph! Of course, I spoil my pooch too. I suppose that’s what pets are for. I don’t let my dog sleep on the bed, however (I would, but my husband always kicks him off). Have a lovely, lovely week!! Celeste :)


    • Hi Celeste :D I don’t spoil them. I am their slave. If you need a slave, I’m good !! Oh, your poor pooch !! Hugs to you my friend. Ralph xox <3


  26. Hi MFR, You played my favorite kitty song! Soft Puppy just isn’t quite the same thing! Puppy Girl is a combination of the two. She stays on the outside most of the time, but she has her restless moments and goes under cover, too! Cute video. I agree with one of your friends who likes the head of your bed. It’s very modern. Maybe you’ll sleep tomorrow. I think the only solution for Sonic is a large dosage of AGE. :) RVFBFM :) xox


  27. If I were a cat, I would sleep wherever I want … after all, that’s what cats do. :)


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