RV1. My First Personal Video To You

I have been plucking up courage all evening to make, edit and upload this video. It starts off very nervously but I got into it eventually. So enjoy. Be kind !



I will be making more videos around my home, around the village and beyond, over the next few weeks in preparation for my holiday in Jerusalem where I hope to be able to blog from.

Well, what do you think, of this, my first video ??


Ralph xox <3 <3 :D



  1. I might be late but I just have to say – WELL DONE MY FRIEND! You did splendid job and the best bit – seeing you and hearing your voice!

    Take Care,


    • Hi Daniela :D You are such a dear. Thank you so much for your lovely words. I hope you are having a great weekend my friend. Ralph xox <3


  2. Beautiful video, very professional, Congratulations on a great work Ralph.
    Nice to hear you live online!!


  3. Very professional and easy to follow! Stellar job our friend and we look forward to stopping by in the future and seeing more! Thanks for following our blog ;)


    • Hi Inion :D Wow. What a lovely comment which I really do appreciate. I do hope that you both are having a happy Sunday. Hugs. Ralph xox <3


  4. Well done, Ralph! Enjoyed watching your first video.


  5. Ralph, I love the idea of a personal video greeting to your blog followers! It feel’s like we’ve met in person! Wonderful! I can’t wait to see the videos from Jerusalem! ((Hugs)) back to you! xoxox ~ Willow


    • Hello Willow :D I thought I would give it a try. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to talk to you. I had to do it or it would have never broken the ice. I am so pleased that you enjoyed meeting me and I am sure to make some more videos in the future. Ralph xox <3


  6. I just wanted to let you know I did some digging to find your address. Watch for mail from Canada. Huge hugs.


    • I was just shutting down for the night as it’s 4am here and I just have to answer this comment before I do.

      Wow Belinda !! So unexpected ! What a lovely surprise ! I shall look out for something from Canada from you. It’s not a moose, is it ? ;)

      Have a lovely evening my friend. Ralph xox <3


  7. OH!!!! I come to visit (being unfashionably late) and what do I find? But you….speaking to me (okay everyone but I prefer to think of it as you speaking to me)! You my dear sir are so handsome and this was an absolutely awesomazing video. I look forward to so very many more!!! Did I mention how much I loved this? Because I mean to say I LOVED this!!! Hugs hugs and tons of love to you my dashing sir…. xoxox♥♥ ~


    • Hello my dear Christina :D I was speaking to you ……. well, and the other blogging friends …… but your comment is really wonderful and I treasure your words. Do have a wonderful weekend my friend. Ralph xoxox <3 with hugs.


  8. Cool! :)


  9. Hi Ralph! I enjoyed your very first video and I think you did a great job! You are adorable to say the least. Have a safe and wonderful trip and I can’t wait to see the photos you bring back using your new camera. Thank you, for reading my blog.

    Many Blessings!


    • Hi Cheryl :D Welcome to my blog, Bluefish Way. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and being so nice to me. I hope to publish posts while in Jerusalem as I will be there for a couple of weeks or so. Have a lovely day. Ralph xox <3


  10. You are braver than I, in managing to come out from behind the blog and do, not one, but several vlogs! Impressive effort, especially mastering the technicalities of such a brave move. My best to you, dear Ralph! :)


    • Hi Alarna :D Wow. Thank you so much my friend. I have so much to learn about video blogging. I have already been asked by a local friend to video his guitar playing. That is really throwing me into the deep end. Do have a lovely new week. Ralph xox <3


  11. I love your casual and relaxed tone of speaking, always with a bit of humour! Beautiful, I congradulate you for proving right my opinion that one is never to old to learn something new!


    • Hi Ivy :D (in a casual and relaxed way of typing) Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

      As far as learning something new, my mind is still in my 20’s with so much more experience. You’ll find that out yourself one day many years in the future.

      Have a fun day. Ralph xox <3


  12. I really enjoyed your first video. Great meeting you “in person.” It’s super duper, just like you describe your new camera. I haven’t had the courage to video myself, just animals (as you saw with my fox mother and six babies.) Great to see your black cat. Have a great trip to Jerusalem.


    • Hi Catherine :D Thank you so much for your super duper comment. I love it. Your video of mother fox and cubs was great. Big hug. Ralph xox :D


  13. Good job!!!


  14. So great to see and hear you, Ralph. Sonic is a beautiful cat, and I love the message on Ute’s mug. :) Big hugs and big kisses to you too. xx


  15. Obrigada, pela visita em meu blog
    E gostei muito do seu


    • Hi Araanz :D Muito obrigado por visitar o meu blog e comentando. Você é o meu primeiro comentarista Português. Eu não sei Português, por favor, perdoe-me por usar o Google Translate. Espero que isso faz sentido, pois eu não quero que você leia sobre um elefante sentado em um canto do piano como um pássaro. Tenha um lindo dia.Ralph xox <3


  16. really a very good video. Hi Ralph.
    thanks forvisiting my blog :)



  17. Bonjour Mssr. Ralph!!! Waving happily at video~~~~


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