My Holiday Has Just Begun …… Oh Boy !!

Guess where I am going ??


Have you guessed yet ?? No. It’s not Japan !!


Simple Huh ??

I am Ralph. Nothing is simple.



I was thinking of visiting the USA for my summer holiday  which would have been too much for me. I always wanted to visit Israel especially Jerusalem. I am really drawn to go there. So I decided to go for it. 2 weeks in July !!

So I spent most of yesterday  looking for flights and a hotel package. Easy !!??!!



I chose this hotel (building with arches, top right of the photo)……..


…….. because it sits on the Mount of Olives with a fantastic view of Jerusalem City one way and Bethlehem the other. It’s cheap because it’s a bit old and a bit run down (like me), but has wifi in the lobby, they feed me breakfast, the staff are great and I will sleep in a single bedroom.

Some views:

At breakfast


At night ( hotel lit up, top centre)


Dome on the rock (left). Hotel (right)


Aerial view


And then I found this …….. gulp !!  A earthquake fault line right through my bedroom !!


Zec 14:4  And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south.

Oh Boy !!!



Easy !!  Malaga to Tel Aviv direct !! Nope !!

What I wanted.

Some of the choices. The longest, via Sweden ….. what !! ….. had no extra payment.

The one I chose (in yellow), via Rome, was quicker, but cost me an extra €100. I will arrive in my hotel at 5am in the morning the following day.  Oh boy !!




It was well in the evening when I had finally finished the booking on the internet.

Hotel…..check ! Flights…..check ! Credit card……check !!

Press….. Complete Your Booking……..

Sorry, there is a problem with your credit card. Please try another or contact your card issuer (in other words, why bother us when your credit card is totally useless Ralph)

Oh boy !!

I rechecked 3 times and pressed Complete…….

Hehe !! Your card bounced again and again and again ! This is fun !!

I phoned my card issuer and pressed buttons, waited, listened to “I’ve got you under my skin”, waited, waited and eventually ……

Human contact !!

Please give me details of this, that and the other, cat’s ages, mother’s birthday, last time you banged your head against the wall…..and so on. What’s your problem sir ???

I can’t pay for my holiday. Why ???

So sorry sir, the bank’s computer is down !!

Oh boy !!

He did phone me back and I managed to complete my booking.

Hoo *blooming* ray !!


So ……

I’m going on holiday for 2 weeks in July to Jerusalem. I will be taking my laptop and will post while I’m there. Don’t expect a travel post because this is Ralph’s blog and anything can and will happen. You can bank on that !!


Would you dare to come with me ??


Ralph xox :)


(credits: Thank you Mr Google and contributors for the photos and maps)


  1. Have fun ! Jerusalem is my dream place to go.,,,,,,so much history.


    • Hi Ren :D Although there are 3 months before I go, I am sooo excited !! I hope your dream comes true soon my friend. Ralph xox :D


  2. How fantastic! My daughter went to Jerusalem and LOVED it! Waaay to GO RALPH! xxx


    • Hi Lottie :D What a great recommendation from your daughter. I am so glad that I finally took the plunge and booked the holiday. I hope things are okay with you in Spain as you haven’t posted for a while. Big hug. Ralph xox :D


      • You are going to have a GREAT time, I know it. Things are good thanks, Ralph. I had a bit of a dip a few weeks ago but I’ve perked up now. I’m in the middle of writing a post now. Isn’t this weather fantastic?! xxx


      • Yes. The weather is so hot here for March. Cars have ice on the windscreens in the morning. Looking forward to your post :D


  3. I dare you to invite me right now and we’ll see whether I can’t come. Of course I can come….the dare is on…in the next ten seconds…have a lovely day Ralph. Blessed are those who will sleep on top of earthquake fault lines…and fly via Rome!!!!


    • Hi Liz :D The dare is on. You must come as you are my favourite cook !! I’ll show the kitchen staff your posts and tell them I want that & that & that !! :D Thank you so much for the blessing, I will need it ;) Hugs. Ralph xox :D


  4. have a ball, ralph and i’ll be eating olives as i read your posts and think of your travel adventure )


    • Hello Beth :D I hope to have a ball and roll it down the Mount of Olives. I have a sweet tooth so am not a fan of olives, but enjoy yours by all means. I have a few ideas for preparation posts before I leave, so stock up with olives ;) I hope you have a ball as well my friend. Ralph xox :D


  5. Have a great time, Ralph! I know it’s in July, so you’ll have to wait bit! ;-) Unfortunately, I can not accompany you as I am completely pooped from the planning and booking and credit card ordeal. “lol” :-) “lol” Hugs!


    • Hi Resa :D I know it’s 3 months to go, but, for me, it’s worth waiting for. The booking is just a small flavour of what to expect from me in Jerusalem.
      Please. No pooping in my blog ;) hehe
      Big hug to you my friend. Ralph xox :D


  6. What a mess. But – in the end – you will be there to enjoy.
    I don’t mind being in ok or kind of run down hotels. Fancy schmancy would be nice. But – as long as it’s clean & the people are nice & the food is edible – I’m pretty much ok. Besides – the plan is to spend most of the time outside the hotel room anyway – venturing out & about. Right? ;)
    xx Saludos y Abrazos xx


    • Hey RoSy :D Right !! Fancy schmancy is too expensive. I will only be in the hotel to blog, eat and sleep. And with the money I have saved I can enjoy Jerusalem City so much easier. Taxis, souks and cafes, no limit. I hope I can publish a few good posts from the hotel. Have a lovely week my friend. Ralph xox :D


  7. Well done you did it. I am sure you will love it and can tell us a lot of your adventures afterwards. And we want pictures too!


    • Hello Ute my friend :D Yes, I did it. Finally, at last !! I am sure this is the one holiday I will enjoy as much as your visit. I hope to post to you from the Mount of Olives most nights with photos. Ralph xox :D


  8. I’m so excited for you! I wish I could go too :)


  9. Well done, you! We look forward to reports on the preparations, etc.

    (PS Is Jerusalem ready for Ralphie???) oxo


    • Hi Yvonne :D
      Yes Ma’am. I will report as events unfold.
      No. Jerusalem is not ready for me !!
      I see you are going to have a lovely day tomorrow. Have fun. Ralph xox :D


  10. So glad you finally managed to book you holiday, Ralph. :) It sounds like a really exciting trip, and I’m sure your posts won’t be at all boring. :D


    • Hi Sylvia :D
      Oooh ! What a palaver to finalise the booking. I am sure there will be so many more palavers to come. I can’t be boring, can I ? You never are my friend. Ralph xox :D


  11. Does this mean that you’re not coming to California this year???


    • Hi Celeste :D
      Oh no !! I forgot about visiting you !! Oh dear, what to do ? My Jerusalem holiday is ruined now as I’ll be thinking of you all the time. I’ll just have to cancel ……..second thoughts ……no way !!!!! hehe. Ralph xox :D


  12. Thanks for taking us along, pictorially.


  13. That is going to be fun for you :)

    Oh, by the way did you say about something will happen to the places you left. Have you prepared for that ;)


    • Hello YC :D I am sure it will be a fun holiday with the added attraction of something happening. I am prepared for it. I’ll take my wellington boots and a parachute just in case ;) Ralph :D


  14. SerachShiro says:

    What a mess with the booking but I’m happy that you managed finally ! Have a great and fun time there in Jerusalem, it must be wonderful :) !


    • Hi Serach :D Yes, it was a problem booking, BUT, soon I’m going !! It’s time I had some fun out of Spain. Wonderful indeed. Happy Tuesday my friend. Ralph xox :D


  15. No doubt about you will enjoy it a lot… :-)

    Wonder about your travel back home – have you booked it too – or maybe more work waiting – just joking… :-) ;-) 8-)


    • Hi Drake :D ( in stereo and 3D) I do plan to enjoy myself in Jerusalem. I will try to keep away from the tourist areas and hopefully with the help of some locals see some things not usually seen by the normal tourist.
      I DID book a return flight. The same as going but the plane flies backwards to come home ;) Ralph :D


  16. No doubt about you will enjoy it a lot… :-)

    Wonder about your travel back home – have you booked it too – or maybe more work waiting – just joking… :-) ;-) 8-)


  17. What a fabulous trip! I am green with envy Ralph. :)


  18. oh boy is right!! :D have a wonderful time Ralph!


    • Hi Patricia :D Thank you so much. I do hope to have a wonderful time and I am sure to have so many more “oh boy” experiences. Happy Wednesday !! Ralph xox :D


  19. What a dream of a trip! Great photos. I know you’ll have a wonderful time.


    • Hi Mary :D Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I hope my photos will be better than the google ones in this post, but still, they give a flavour of what’s to come :D Hugs. Ralph xox :D


  20. WOW!!! That’s awesome! I’ve never been there and yet so many of my friends have gone to Israel!! Perhaps someday! I usually only go to places where I have friends or family.

    Looking forward to all the photos you’ll be sharing!!

    ♥ carmen


    • WOW!!! OH WOW!!! WOW OH WOW!!! That’s awesome! Carmen is in my blog !! (calm down Ralph. That’s a good boy. *patting self on my head*) ;)
      Hi Carmen :D
      Maybe. Yes, maybe one day you will visit Jerusalem. I hope you will. That would be a post to look forward to :D Ralph xox :D


  21. Nice holiday… Have fun and enjoy…


    • Hi Lumar :D (I don’t like these new WP smileys) Thank you so much. Spot on !! Fun & Enjoy !! Ralph xox :D

      PS (I don’t like these new WP smileys)


  22. Have fun Ralph, love Jerusalem! :)


  23. That sounds really cool, Ralph! I’ve always wanted to go there but haven’t made it yet. I can’t wait to hear about it!
    By coincidence I just got back from Rome yesterday. We actually did one of those cheap “36 hour” flights that had us spending 24 hours in Stockholm on either end, which was great as we were able to explore it a bit on either end of our trip. The night before last, we stayed in a hostel made from a converted 747 (look up Jumbo Stay). I highly recommend it if you ever do fly that way!


    • Hi HD :D Wow. You had a great time !! I’ll have a look at where you stayed. I hear Sweden is really expensive. Ralph xox :D
      Here it is >>>


      • It was SO expensive. Perfect for a short stopover–we got to see it, but didn’t have time to blow too much cash. The city is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. Not as exciting as Jerusalem though, I would imagine! ;)


      • All cities have their own character and you picked a great one by visiting Stockholm :D


  24. Oh you are a delight! Jerusalem is fascinating with so much to visit from history. Be warned, you are going at one of the hottest months of the year…and I mean hot! :)


  25. I wish I had travel money but admire the fact you chose this place. I hope you will ask for prayers for good health everywhere you go. My brother went to here, found that he was sympathetic to Jews and Arabs, alike. It is interesting that he taught a lesson in both of the areas of the land, not being biased in his lessons. He is a professor of special education and was asked to visit, he stayed with both ethnic groups, too. Smiles, Robn


    • Hi Robin :D I am also non-political. I believe that both Israel and Palestine should have their own countries and recognise each other in friendship. Maybe one day !! And maybe one day you will get to visit Jerusalem my friend. Ralph xox :D


  26. Wow! I am envious. So much history and beautiful things to see. Enjoy your trip and I do hope you share a bit of it with us!


    • Hi Carrie-Anne :D Oh I shall definitely publish a few posts while there if the wifi is okay. I hope that you also will manage to see the City. I am staying there for a fortnight so I won’t have to rush around trying to see as much as possible in just a couple of days. Ralph xox :D


  27. What a fabulous trip planned. On my bucket list for future. Look forward to seeing the after photos.


    • Hi Diahann :D Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I hope to live up to your expectations and I hope your bucket list is fulfilled for you. Ralph xox :D


  28. That’s going to be SO fun for you!! Have a blast. I’ll be looking forward to your pictures! :)


  29. Hope you have the time of your life! That is one gorgeous place even with the fault line. Love and hugs, :D


    • Hello Elizabeth :D I hope so too !!! There’s nothing like a magnitude 6 earthquake to get my hotel bed springs squeaking !! ;) <3 <3 Ralph xoxox :D


  30. This looks absolutely amazing, Ralph. I’m glad you got it all booked. What a relief. Have a wonderful time. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures. Love, Amy xoxo


  31. Fantastic! it will be an experience. Can’t wait to hear all about it.


  32. Man if I had the money I would go in a second. I stayed inside the Jaffa Gate, 1st road to the right. My last semester of my masters degree. Ancient biblical geography! AMAZING!


    • Hi Sheri :D Not only beautiful but intelligent !! I’m impressed. I am also impressed that you stayed inside the Jaffa gate ……… was there no room in the inn ? hehe. <3 <3 Ralph xoxox :D


  33. That is great! If I could I would go for sure! Enjoy and blog about it -:)!


  34. Your choice of music is beautiful. It sets the stage for the trip beautifully. What ever happened to not telling anyone when you are going to travel. Make sure that someone is watching your place. I’m sure you will take care of all the details, but I can’t help being a bit of a nag. :) What an amazing trip. I wish my friend Elane and I could go with you, but it is not a close or inexpensive trip for us! I’m going to enjoy your trip immensely. :)


    • Hi Marsha :D I’m not worried about the apartment. It’s on the top floor and the neighbours have rifles ;) hehe. They will be feeding my cats and keeping an eye on the place.
      It would be nice to have company for the trip, but I am hoping to meet up with one fellow blogger while there.
      Big hugs. Ralph xox <3 <3


  35. tazeinmirzasaad says:

    Beautiful place, I went there a long time back, Hugs!


    • Hi Tazien :D I’ve always wanted to go to Jerusalem and you and many others say what a great place it is, which makes me happy that I may have made the right choice in visiting there. Big hug. Ralph xox <3


  36. Hi dear Ralph,
    What an exciting post!! ;-)
    And so hilarious – Malaga via Sweden to Tel Aviv, LOL! An earthquake fault line right through your bedroom, ha ha ha!! Yes, the earth definitely does shake here once in a while… but you’ll survive, don’t worry. :-)


  37. And here’s the original version of the Jerusalem of Gold song:

    HUGS! Heila


  38. Can’t wait to see your journey and hear all about it!! :D This is gonna be fun!


  39. I will be looking forward to reading your posts on your trip! I’ve always wanted to go to Jerusalem! Now I can travel vicariously through you! xoxox ~ Willow


    • Hi Willow :D
      Maybe you will get to Jerusalem one day ….. who knows ?? Hopefully if the wifi speed in the hotel is good I should get some posts off to you. I won’t know until I arrive. 3 months to go !! Ralph xox <3


  40. Yaaay you are traveling! Awesome, can’t wait to read all about it… :D


  41. From the photos it looks like you’re going to have an amazing time. Remember to update everyone afterwards.
    Thank you for visiting my page.


  42. Muita Paz!



  1. […] most of you, my bloggy friends, know, that in a month’s time I will be off on holiday to Jerusalem for a couple of weeks. This is now an uncertainty for a couple of reasons. The main one being that […]


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