Yesterday? Sunday? Just loafing around !!

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Did you just loaf around on Sunday ??


  1. I got tired just looking at those pictures!
    Talk about a work out!
    I bet it was delicious…. Oh the smell of fresh baked bread :)


  2. That looks really fun. I enjoyed the photos. My was a real loafing (not doing much :) ).


  3. looks delicious! :-D that was some productive loafing!


    • Hi Ksenia. It was delicious and as you say, a productive Sunday afternoon with Pedro’s family (my neighbour in the apartment below me). His father and mother live on the hillside a few kilometers from where I live. :D Ralph xox


  4. yourothermotherhere says:

    What a wonderful way to spend time with each other!


  5. Yum!


  6. What fun, Ralph! That was a fantastic slide show! You were right, I totally love it! It is so European. We might make bread here, but cook it in an outdoor oven!!! How wonderful! I wish I could taste it!!! You need to change your tough time sign up above this comment. How can anyone give a guy a tough time when 1) he’s rolling in dough, 2) he’s the salt of the earth, and 3) he works by the sweat of his brow, 4) he’s as gentle and peaceful as a dove. It just doesn’t make sense to give that guy a tough time!!! :) xox Marsha, the FORMER tough time giver.


    • Hi MVBFM. I have changed the wording above the comment box at your request. I am not totally happy with the wording but when I think of something better !!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the slideshow :D
      The day didn’t end there, for on my return I selected 38 photos from 72, resized them and what took the time was writing the captions for each. Creating the slideshow was the easiest part. It took all evening to do, but I think it shows the story of the baking experience. :D
      No more tough guy !! Big hug. Ralph xox


      • That was wonderful – the experience, the slides, the everything! Such great fun! :) No more giving you a tough time. We’re really friends, now. :) xox RVBFM


  7. Ralph I used to have a home in Sicily and we had a wood burning oven in the back also. Sundays we would make pizza and Mondays we would make bread. It is such a beautiful memory that I couldn’t help but get emotional when I watched your Sunday loafing presentation. How fun!


    • When I set up this slideshow I never really thought of the memories it may bring to some people. It’s easy to forget that what we say in our posts are read by people from all over the world and may affect some in ways we can’t imagine. I am so pleased to have brought back happy memories and the fun for you dear Sheri. Take care. Ralph xox


  8. Wow! You’ve been real busy on Sunday! Now I feel I’m too lazy watching all this! So… Where’s my piece? ;)


  9. This looks absolutely fantastic, a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. I can smell the bread from here….. Shame I wasn’t there to have some fun too. Enjoy the bread!


    • I am really looking forward to the time if you ever wish to visit me. I will arrange such great days out for you. Simple but fun. I have two loaves in the kitchen and a jar of Pedro’s dad’s honey to have a midnight feast on. Big hug to my favourite Ute. Ralph xox :D


  10. I didn’t, but I should have. I spent far too much time online, something I normally don’t do on Sundays. Must do better next week.


    • If I was your teacher Carrie I would write “2/10 for lazy Sunday subject. I need to see a great improvement over the coming Sundays. Extra laziness for homework.” ;) Ralph xox


      • Ooh, Type A folks like me don’t like getting that poor of a grade. I will indeed do better next week!


      • ” It’s good to see that you are taking this seriously Carrie, as your grades are looking poor this term. Well done for your renewed uneffort !!” ;)


  11. Oh dear Ralph, should be so beautiful and delicious these homemade breads… And also seems there was a great fun there… Thank you, I enjoyed so much, especially this lovely cat, :) Have a nice day, love, nia


    • Star the rescued kitten has found her permanent spot on the rocking chair by the heater as my other two cats never go on the chair. I am glad that you enjoyed the slideshow dear Nia. Ralph xox :D


  12. Just nice, beautiful report. Thanks, Ralph.


  13. Looks like all that work paid off in the end.
    Who got to eat the egg?


  14. That took me back more than fifty years, eating that heavenly bread for hours and hours while we waited and waited for dinner which finally arrived around eleven o’ clock… washed down with lots of red wine of course


    • As it was a cold day our fried bread and honey was washed down with a hot milk coffee, but I like the wine idea Vanja. Wow. 50 years !! You must have been about, what age ? …… hmmm !! (minus) -20 years old at least ;) Ralph xox :D


      • Spot on Ralph – 21 – sitting by the sea in a fishing village in hotels then… just a friend’s home…
        yours nostalgically Virginia


      • I am so pleased that this post brought back such fond memories Valma. Are you still sampling red wine? ;) xox


  15. It’s look so delicious and yummy, fresh from the oven. Don’t forget to make the one for me :D


    • The bread tasted and smelled lovely compared to the sliced bread I usually buy from my local shop which has an almost negligible smell and taste. I won’t forget to make one for you Yessie. Ralph xox :D


  16. Yummy reminded me of baking bread with my this day I make homemade bread but alas no outdoor oven. You look so sweet mixing and kneading, I forgot how handsome you are until I viewed your slideshow:) God Bless my friend!


    • Hi my dear friend Len. Handsome !! I look now at an old man compared to what I did look like a few years/decades/centuries ago ;) Ralph xox
      Ralph Cyprus 01/01/1971


  17. Oh wow! that looks delish! :)


  18. I can only imagine how good delicious the bread tasted.Your hands got quite a workout and probably your whole body. From the looks of all the pics I think the bread deserved some fresh butter and local honey. If you don’t eat honey you should be Ralph. Much better for you than Sugar.


    • Hi my new friend Yvonne. I must admit to being a sugar addict as I prefer sweet to savoury. I have a large jar of Pedro’s dad’s honey and I should try it instead of sugar. I must have been a humming bird in a previous life ;) Ralph xox


      • YOu are so clever and witty when you write. Please try the honey. It is better flor your body and might even help with the big P. Probably not but it does boost the immune system. How do you just pluck a bird and put it where ever.? ( a punny?)

        Yvonne :-)


      • Hahaha !! :D
        I will take your advice honey ;)


  19. rynnasaryonnah says:

    Oh my goodness that really looks like A LOT of work! So, I’m guessing that must have been the tastiest bread you’ve eaten so far then?

    By the way. I think I need to get my eyes checked. For some reason I read “Ariadne and I pierced each OTHER with a fork.” Haha.


    • It was a lot of work Rynna and Pedro’s mum does this every two or three weeks. Yes, very tasty bread.
      Now about your eyesight. Steb$ £h dunkihivjel. Okay. ;) Ralph xox


  20. I really enjoyed watching the bread making. I would love to make bread with lots of helpers.


    • Hi Gallivanta. I think that was the fun of doing the work by having others to help of all ages. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the slideshow. :D Ralph xox


  21. I emailed this post to my husband, who loves to make bread and has toyed with the idea of building a wood-burning oven. He might just do it if it were as fun as your slide show looks. Friends in knead!


    • ……are friends well bread :D It’s a great idea to have an outside oven if you have a large group of family/friends to help. Good excuse for a party Catherine :D On your own it’s a lot of work. It may be an idea to think of self-sufficiency as the economy may go pear shaped and everything close down. Lots to think about :D


      • My husband made bread today and fried some small pieces in olive oil, as your friends did. They tasted fabulous, especially with garlic salt and a little Parmesan cheese. Thanks for the posting that! Now I just have to restrain myself from eating them all.


      • How fantastic Catherine. It’s such a simple idea yet makes wonderful sweet or savoury snacks. I am so pleased that I posted this now :D


  22. Fantastic effort, Ralph, I can almost smell that bread through my screen. I have the butter all ready and waiting. :D


  23. Ah, you big loaf. What a beautiful day making and breaking bread with friends.
    Is your next boxing match going to be on pay per view TV? 8)


    • Charming !! :D We were lucky Katie to have a fine afternoon between rainstorms and, yes, they are wonderful friends. :D
      The fight is off. Rocky backed down as he knew he had no chance at handbags at 50 yards ;) Ralph xox


  24. That’s ALOT of Bread!! Whoa!! Puts my loaves to shame :( ox


    • Never my friend Tina. I am sure your loaves are wonderful. I have a lot of respect for this family as they are now living in survival mode as the economy has collapsed and there is no work for them here in the mountains of Spain. But they will survive because they have the tools and the knowledge to live a basic but comfortable life without all the modern electrical devices that most of us have.. :D Ralph xox


  25. shiroknowes says:

    What a nice idea to bake bread and also in good company is always fine, have a sweet evening !


    • Making and baking bread this way was an unusual treat for me and I am so pleased to be able to share it with the world. I thank you for your lovely comment Shiro and I do hope that your evening is wonderful as well. Ralph xox :D


      • shiroknowes says:

        Yes I would like to have a chance to make bread in that way, so nice ! I already have a lovely evening, I’m sitting here with a glass of red wine and I have still to send to bed my children…..I think I have to go, enjoy also your evening, friend ! Xoxo


      • Lovely to hear about your evening :D xox


  26. Oh man that looks so good, I want some!!!


  27. Too late Sage it’s in the dog !!! ;) You’ll have to be quicker next time :D Ralph


  28. OOOOOOOOOOO I loooooooved this part of working at the place I ran! I lamented a moment that I cannot even be near to the flour with wheat anymore :) But THEN, I got to do it this way with your slide show and the scents and the feeling of the weight worked into my body from the doing it, flashed right back to me!! yay ty ty ty

    This did not show up in my Reader! ah well, today was a better day for it though, hope is good. That is great exercise for the hands–at least.


    • It’s amazing Elisa how many memories are brought back to other bloggers including yourself by this simple post. I am so pleased that you enjoyed it :D Ralph xox


  29. that was a great slide-show to watch, and how I wish to be able to do that one day. Bread looks delicious makes my mouth water! great story to share :)


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